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5 crisis communications lessons from horror movies

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What doesn’t kill your employees makes your company stronger, right? Dancing around a few ethical boundaries here and there, or twisting the law will eventually catch up to you. Silence does not bode well in a crisis, either.

PR using owned media for modernised crisis communications rebuttal

Stuart Bruce

Amazon is the latest big company to use modernised crisis communications to rebut attacks in mainstream media. Historically, crisis communicators only had two levers to pull. corporate communications Crisis Communications public relations

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Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce speaking at the IATA Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age conference. (c) This morning I gave a keynote at the global ‘Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age’ conference in Istanbul. We’ll look at ethics and governance.

Shake Shack returns $10M loan, P&G embraces marketing during COVID-19, and grocery employees get asked to wear masks

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Hello, communicators: Actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have partnered with Nocking Point Wines and Battle Creek Vineyards to launch “Quarantine Wine”—a drink in which 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

TrendKite’s Comprehensive Guide to Crisis Communications


" Sound like the crisis strategy you know you should have in place? Maybe your team hasn't run through it in a while or discussed the chain of command for approving messaging around a crisis during a holiday when people are harder to reach. Communicate as necessary.

TrendKite’s Comprehensive Guide to Crisis Communications


" Sound like the crisis strategy you know you should have in place? Maybe your team hasn't run through it in a while or discussed the chain of command for approving messaging around a crisis during a holiday when people are harder to reach. Communicate as necessary.

How your comms can mitigate disinformation

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Yet, each serves to undermine trust, erode communication channels, and significantly disrupt our democracy, communities, economy and places of work. A long, complex list of behavioral, political, economic, communication and media issues impact the formation and proliferation of disinformation.

Ethics 147

Aflac’s comms senior VP: ‘Communicators need to be the calm in the chaos’

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Here’s how Catherine Hernandez-Blades is steering her organization through the current crisis. Since the coronavirus crisis hit with full force in early March, Aflac’s communications department has produced more than 200 pieces of communications for internal and external stakeholders.

The robots have arrived in ethics

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And second, what should you do as a communications professional if they do misbehave? The algorithms can also learn ‘backwards’ – for example, once it sees that an exchange between two young adults ends in one sending the other a sexually explicit message, it looks back at the cadence of communication to learn the pattern that lead to the explicit content and help prevent this in future, removing the harm before it occurs. Handling a crisis in AI.

Essential Rules for Preventing a PR Crisis


The modern-day news cycle means that industry stories don’t stay under wraps for long, and for many brands, it is only a matter of time before they find themselves dealing with one form of PR crisis or another. With the right preparation and planning, there are a number of ways to minimize the likelihood that your brand will be forced to tackle a PR crisis head-on. Perhaps the most important rule of thumb in preventing a PR crisis is to be transparent from the very beginning.

J&J offers to settle in Ohio, consumers question leaders’ ethics, and how TikTok fills a specific niche

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Good morning, PR pros: In a bellwether case in the opioid crisis, Johnson & Johnson has reached a potential deal with Cuyahoga and Summit counties in Ohio. How should communicators talk about opioid treatment?

Ethics 110

How communicators can change their organization’s objectives

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However, it’s just a footnote in the decades-long battle communicators have been fighting to address the complexity of the American economy. Your main constituencies are your employees, your customers and your products.”. The communicator’s role.

Health care communicatiors scramble to address COVID-19 case in California; Disney, Coca-Cola, JetBlue and more respond to outbreak; and Smithsonian releases 2.8M images

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In this case, we are dedicated to providing the best care possible for this patient and continuing to protect the health of our employees who care for them. Health care communicators can follow the messaging examples above to focus on setting the record straight and calming people’s minds.

Travel 152

Companies walk a fine line when execs are ousted for ethics violations

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The prevailing crisis response in the #MeToo era is straightforward: Remove the liability. Several companies have ousted their CEO or other high-profile leaders due to “code of ethics violations,” veiled language that indicates a potential crisis for the company’s brand.

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Regaining Public Trust After a Crisis


Before talking about building trust after a crisis, let’s at least mention the need to build trust with your clients and customers on an ongoing basis. Nature of the Crisis. The reason for the crisis will make a difference on how your proceed as well as what to do early on and later.

Richard Edelman on trust in 2020: ‘Make it happen’

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The CEO shared insights into his agency’s annual Trust Barometer for a room full of executives and communicators in Chicago. Edelman says the “to do” part of the question is tied to competence, and the “right thing” part points to ethical conduct.

Ethics 118

PR crises that have defined 2019

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There are four months left in 2019, but it already feels like we’ve witnessed a year’s worth of scandal and crisis. Have a crisis communications plan. Boeing and the 737 Max crisis. Crisis Communications Media Relations PR Industry Social Media Storytelling

Your Executives’ Reputations Impact Your Brand, Whether You Like It or Not

Melissa Agnes

And in a crisis, especially a crisis that questions the ethics of either the personal or the professional brand, this reality gets amplified. What’s wrong with this crisis management approach? Image credit: GaudiLab/

3 takeaways from Cannes Lions any PR or marketing pro can apply

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Here are three insights from the festival that any communicator can implement, regardless of organization’s size, budget or industry: Diversity and inclusion efforts aren’t engagement or sales tricks. Don’t forget that your community also includes your employees.

Snickers gobbles up a world record, Delta staff bonuses earn kudos, and Edelman reports consumer trust at all-time low

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Edelman’s 2020 Trust Barometer revealed that consumers’ trust of organizations is at an all-time low: None of the institutions measured was considered both “competent” and “ethical.”. That lack of trust extends from consumers’ to employees’ fears.

NASCAR alters stance on guns, GM workers strike, and Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy

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On Sunday, the maker of OxyContin and other pharmaceuticals filed for Chapter 11 protection to shield itself from more than 2,600 federal and state lawsuits regarding the company’s role in the opioid crisis. Related reading: 5 common missteps in crisis communication. PR crisis?

9 PR blunders of 2018

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Here are the more memorable examples: [FREE GUIDE: 3 helpful tips for your crisis comms prep ]. Eagle-eyed editor Robby Brumberg has a bone to pick with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Now the university’s accreditation is under review for alleged ethical issues.

Facebook launches ‘Privacy Checkup,’ most agencies offer social media services, and Starbucks closes 2,000 stores in China

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Why you should care: As Facebook and other social media platforms grapple with data-sharing regulations and privacy concerns, PR and marketing pros should adjust their strategies now to make sure that data-gathering methods along with their use are both legal and ethical.

Mattel’s gender-neutral dolls celebrate inclusivity, seniors stereotyped in ads, and eBay and WeWork execs depart

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As PR and marketing pros fight to attract consumers’ attention, what tactics do you consider underhanded or ethically shady? CEO departures in 2019, according to Challenger, more than at the same point in 2008 when the economy was embroiled in the financial crisis. PR crisis?

Ethics 104

Wendy’s drags McDonald’s in breakfast rollout, key elements of public trust, and Barnes & Noble’s Black History Month misfire

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When it comes to building your reputation, is it more important to exhibit competence or ethics? Can yours be a company that is really good at what it does and still hold public trust without also touting ethical behavior on the environment, employment and comensation and other issues?

Consumers question PR pros’ integrity, United courts Gen Z with discounts, and KFC offers a ‘date’ with the Colonel

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Communicators who want to join the conversation should approach the anniversary with emotional intelligence and deference to the loss and sacrifice of the victims and their survivors, as well as first responders. FREE REPORT: Communicators’ struggles, strengths and successes ].

Walmart KOs violent-video displays but keeps guns, Uber spins bad financials, and blackface at Belgium’s Africa Museum draws ire

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We take responsibility for this lapse in judgment, and are working on an ethical action plan for upcoming events so that this will not happen in the future. RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ]. 5 common change communication blunders.

Defuse a crisis in 9 steps

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If your operations are solid, you have a responsive customer service team, and you run things ethically, the rest will sort itself out. Reputation management requires communication. Prevent an issue from becoming a crisis. An employee could. Communicate the story.

Crisis 171

Apple takes swipe at Google and others with privacy-themed billboard

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RELATED: Create a culture that inspires fearless employee innovation every day. ]. Its employees do show up to observe the competition. However, some aren’t ready to give Apple the ethical high ground. Crisis Communications PR Apple

Snapchat’s redesign keys on UX, Mobile World Congress is canceled, and how one’s economic assessment skews by party

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Why you should care: Expect additional crisis responses from organizations that have locations in China or are handling large amounts of travelers. According to Edelman’s 2020 Trust Barometer , more than 80% of employees are worried about losing their jobs.

WeWork IPO debacle dings JP Morgan, Nike’s digital strategy pays dividends, and CEOs who speak out get a reputation boost

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When sharing news about a leadership change, how can communicators frame the move to preserve trust and bolster stakeholder confidence? Learn to manage your risks, and don’t rely on regulators to sort out any ethical dilemma on the other side. How to lead employees through a PR crisis.

Wayfair donates to Red Cross amid internal protest over detention camps

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Employees were upset that the furniture company was supplying border facilities housing migrant children. The border crisis has become a PR issue for Boston-based furniture company Wayfair. The company seeking to buy the furniture said employee reactions were misguided.

Bell Pottinger’s Abominable Non-Apology Letter

Doctor Spin

Instead, they’re essentially blaming the angry social media mob, accusing them of unfairly attacking their employees. As soon as we were made aware that we had been misled and that work was being done which goes against the very core of our ethical policies, we acted immediately.”

Maximising resilience of health and well-being assets in crisis situations

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The following is the result of our subsequent shared musings concerning the impact of crisis situations on the health and well-being of public relations practitioners. Trouble is, if you haven’t experienced a crisis you have no idea how exhausting it is when you start your plan.

Stuck in the middle


Focusing on internal communications allows me to help my organization and clients build their brands. If our employees aren’t sold on our brand promise, how can they deliver it to customers and guests? This is where employee communications professionals can get stuck in the middle.

7 Lessons That Ryan Lochte’s Olympic Crisis Can Teach PR Pros


But oh, lordy – we as communications and marketing professionals can receive a master class in what NOT to do during a crisis from Lochte’s self-immolation at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The lesson for communicators? “If

Why and how communicators must protect their brands from ‘techlash’

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Technology’s increasing presence in the marketplace has more and more consumers voicing ethical concerns and posing tough questions about those companies’ stands on key issues. FREE GUIDE: 7 ways to get honest feedback from employee surveys ].

Brand 124

Evolving Roles and Responsibilities in Public Relations

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We were able to identify 6 management oriented roles associated with social media (social listening and analytics, online media relations, policy maker, employee recruiter, internal social media manager, and policing) and the specific duties those roles involve.

Why legal trouble is just the tip of the iceberg

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Balancing the two can be the difference between a reputational crisis and a smooth outcome. FREE GUIDE: 3 helpful tips for your crisis comms prep ]. As a hypothetical, you fire an employee for poor performance. But it is largely legal, though not always ethical.

Future of PR: 2020 edition

Stephen Waddington

Tackling fake news and disinformation: an ethical issue that strikes at the heart of practice 6. Vuelio named this blog the best PR and communications blog in 2019. It is firmly on the agenda of industry bodies and progressive organisations are talking steps to address it for employees.

Ethics 123