Community Management: Quit Herding Cats


If media relations is an arm of public relations, community management is another. A community grows your reach and influence. If those people like you and what you have to say, the community and loyalty grows. But how do you manage that community? These five tips hold the answers: Want to learn more about community management and its role in PR? Best Practices Featured community management public relations

Celebrating International Non-Binary People's Day at Cision


How PR pros can be proactive allies to the non-binary community. US Blog


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What prominent LGBTQ+ PR pros say about reaching the community in Pride and beyond

PR Daily

As Pride month continues to celebrate the lives, bravery and love of LGBTQ+ people across the full spectrums of gender and sexual orientation, PR Daily reached out to a variety of comms pros who are proud members of these communities.

When approaching DE&I, lean on your communities

PR Daily

More leaders are coming into the conversation, and internal DE&I efforts are seeing higher rates of participation in areas including training events and resource groups. Knowing who is in the community and who will participate is crucial for scaling your program.

ESPN staff competes to bring kindness to communities

PR Daily

The initiative celebrated the company’s past and future, all while reaching its collective goal of community service. To do this, ESPN: Created an internal site where employees could log their service.

4 tips for marking International Women’s Day

PR Daily

How is your organization thinking about marking International Women’s Day (IWD) for 2022? How are we supporting women across seas/international waters? Brand messages for International Women’s Day are often focused on awareness. communities),” she says.

5 best practices for thriving digital employee communities

PR Daily

As an internal communicator, you already know how important is to keep employees connected to their teams, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic—but how are you helping them rebuild lost communities during remote work? Keep communities open by default.

A Community Manager’s Toolbox

Shift Communications

Being a community manager may sound like a cool, trendy job filled with fun and creativity. Whether you’re managing a community of thousands or one of 100, you are the eyes and the ears of the company on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Luckily there are some tools and assets out there than can help make a community manager breathe a little easier on a day-to-day basis. As community manager, one of your main tasks is responding and interacting with audiences.

4 ways comms pros can bolster and burnish internal DE&I efforts

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I’ve recently had many conversations with colleagues and peers about how to write about diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in a firm’s internal communications. But working on internal DE&I content always reminds me to prioritize listening.

How to build community during the current global pandemic

PR Daily

This means considering the mental and physical health of their teams, their safety, the economic health and safety of their communities and the survival of the cities they live in. Engage your professional community. Empower your team to support the community.

Community for Career Development: A Look Inside One NAVUG Community Member’s Journey


I’m a member of NAVUG , an online community that is the epitome of Margaret Mead's statement. If you will humor me and enjoy the story I am about to share, you too can build a thriving and successful online community in your sphere of influence. My story is about the power of a thriving online community and my personal success because of that community. Online communities and learning were unleashed to the masses. I joined two communities while at home.

For PR agencies, clients should dictate internal vaccine action

PR Daily

As many businesses weigh internal messages and regulations on COVID-19 vaccines, PR agencies are thinking about their work holistically. If, like MediaSource —a media relations firm in Columbus, Ohio—many of your clients are in health care, how does that affect your internal message?

How to use brand journalism to engage your community

PR Daily

When looking to engage internal audiences and highlight important stories within your organization, having a journalist’s eye can help you find the story gold. You can also bring people together from your online community in person to volunteer as part of a community service day.

Celebrating the PR Profession’s LGBTQ Community


Let’s recognize the power of public relations to shape ideas and forge opinion,” said Galloway, vice president of communications for Wells Fargo Bank and chair of the PRSA 2020 International Conference. “PR

How to speak to the LGBTQ community

PR Daily

Before, traditional PR had virtually no place in the marketing mix to reach gay and lesbian consumers (as other facets of the community - the “BTQA” - were yet to be recognized) for fear of backlash or alienating a mainstream audience. Back then, brands who engaged with the community did so in silos, without using earned or owned media. They have a rich history of celebrating diversity and supporting the community on multiple levels.

The #PRStudChat Community Joins Together for “Ethics – The Heart of Leadership” Twitter Discussion on September 13th

Deirdre Breakenridge

Our community of PR students, educators and pros will join together for a dynamic Twitter chat on “Ethics – The Heart of Leadership.” ” We welcome as our special guest and co-moderator, Kirk Hazlett , APR, Fellow PRSA, who will lead the community conversation on the values and fundamental beliefs that guide our behaviors and decision-making process.

Ethics 224

Southwest Air’s intern Twitter thread: Brilliant or brutal social media marketing?

Communications Conversations

In case you missed it, last week Southwest Air turned the keys over to the social media intern on Twitter. It’s the Social Media Intern. Of course, the marketing community was all over this. In fact, this thread by Morning Brew’s Jack Appleby claims that 50 marketers in a recent Twitter chat thought the tweet thread was a complete joke, and irreparabaly harmed the social media industry by insinuating social media interns are completely inept.

What are the key skillsets for internal communicators in 2021 and beyond? 6 comms pros share their views

PR Daily

Those personal relationships from communicator to elected official are required to cut through the noise in the media, in our communities, and in our break rooms to keep all ambassadors informed and our businesses moving forward.”.

5 tips for building strong social media communities during difficult times

PR Daily

During these difficult times, more people are appreciating the value of real community, not just the number of likes on a post. To build stronger social media communities, try these five tips: 1. Your efforts can go a long way toward building a loyal community.

3 Ways to Expand Your Reach Within the Hispanic Community


In addition to this, the term “Hispanic” incorporates a very large group of people with varying cultures and lifestyles, and it’s important to understand the individual, unique subgroups within the community as a whole. Even something as simple as geographic location plays an essential role in the importance and relevance of sending press releases to certain areas, especially when considering the Hispanic community.

Join the #PRStudChat Community for a State of Healthcare Communications Twitter Chat on February 17th

Deirdre Breakenridge

ET, the #PRStudChat community will participate in a Twitter chat discussion focused the state of healthcare communications. Dana Lewis created and moderates #hcsm, the international healthcare & social media community on Twitter that meets Sunday nights at 8pm CT. Why not build a community to help students across the country, and even the globe, learn from the experience and perspective of industry professionals… A community where everyone can learn and grow together.

Guide for International Students: How to Use Media for Studying Abroad

Deirdre Breakenridge

Having the intention to move abroad is only the beginning for international students. I want to introduce five steps for an international student to go studying abroad from my perspective: Step 1: Get inspired to go abroad. In there, even if you don’t follow traveling communities, you’ll notice that there are a lot of communities (publics) that share quotes of famous people along with pictures from different countries.

Study 157

Simple steps everyone can take to begin engaging the black community

PR Daily

As interests surge on how best to engage the black community today and over the long-term, we offer these helpful strategies as a starting point for connecting with the culture. Simply ask someone in the community for ideas. Make it more than a moment—make it a movement.

Behind-The-Scenes: The Life of a Summer Intern

Deirdre Breakenridge

With the new school year fast approaching, interns are beginning to reflect on their experiences this summer. As a summer intern at Atlantic Health, I have gained a great deal of knowledge that I believe will be useful to me at college, and ultimately, throughout life. Please join the #PRStudChat community on August 16, at 8:30 P.M., ET, for “behind-the-scenes” look at the life of a summer intern.

5 ways Microsoft boosts engagement and internal culture

PR Daily

Unite through internally viral video. Just about every organization these days is embracing the need to boost employee engagement and internal culture. The post 5 ways Microsoft boosts engagement and internal culture appeared first on PR Daily. Know your values.

Five Observations Gained from Starting an Online Community

Waxing UnLyrical

In October of last year, I launched an online community called Agree, Disagree, or Qualify. Building an online community doesn’t happen overnight. Discussion builds communities. The community builds upon itself by testing claims and commenting on those claims. The more discourse that takes place, the more others engage and the larger the community becomes. Communities co-create their own culture. Photo: Provided by ADQ Community.

Monday Roundup: Internal Communications

Waxing UnLyrical

It’s impossible to communicate your brand’s value and mission to the general public without first communicating it well internally. So how can you gain cohesiveness in your organization through internal communications? The new ‘ABCs’ of Internal Communication: 3 steps to becoming a business communicator. The case for internal communications. Building Your Business With Internal Collaboration. Measuring employee engagement in internal communication.

How Trinity Health’s ‘It Starts Here’ campaign is boosting vaccine awareness in underserved communities

PR Daily

Hospitals and health care institutions have a crucial role to play in this struggle to get as many shots into arms as possible, though misinformation, skepticism, mistrust and inequalities remain major barriers to overcome—especially in communities of color.

8 worst practices in international PR

PR Daily

A quarter-century later, more is at stake and international terrains are even harder to traverse. That makes sense, but when corporate HQ exercises strict control and approval over every overseas action, bureaucracy handicaps the international PR effort. Conducting international PR long distance. Companies should work to become an asset to the community and the local economy. As more and more companies’ communications go global, more and more pitfalls emerge.

Brands Must Show They Understand and Respect the LGBTQ Community, PRSA Webinar Panelists Say


Featuring some of the country’s leading LGBTQ communications professionals, the event covered how PR practitioners can engage with and support the LGBTQ community. It is not enough to just speak up for one marginalized community on one topic,” he said. “We

Applauding the community at the Fringe

PR Conversations

It’s understood that the play’s the thing; however, it was the vibrant community found around each performance that proved an unexpected volunteer adventure at The Toronto Fringe festival 2015. Boom (as she calls herself) promised a fun and rewarding experience, with a fierce declaration about how much volunteers were valued as stakeholders within the Fringe community. The social Fringe community.

Why Internal Communications Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy


By including internal employee communications as a significant component of marketing and branding efforts, and putting a dedicated team behind it, companies transform employees into brand advocates — employees who truly believe in the organization and can speak accurately on behalf of the brand. By connecting employees to the company’s core message — and inspiring a belief in the organization’s mission — internal communicators will help create purpose-driven employees.

Maxim Behar Appointed as International Fellow of PRCA

Maxim Behar

The globally renowned PR expert Maxim Behar has been designated International Fellow of the world’s largest professional PR body - Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA).

‘The whole person’: Internal publication tells employee stories

PR Daily

Though digital communication has finished off some internal magazines, others have found new life, as organizations move from stodgy corporate promotions to people pieces. Published for decades, in recent years it has transitioned from a collection of short, business-related stories to more of a consumer publication, says Amanda Jo Deppe, senior director of internal communications and community programs. Employee Engagement Internal Communications Print Publications

PRSA 2016 International Conference: Be Aggressive, Be Audacious, Be Bold


The PRSA 2016 International Conference in Indianapolis brought together some of today’s top thought leaders in the field of communication– and then some. “As PR pros, look for #influencers who will be your fan…Think of how that voice is going to sound to your community.” “Focus on building a community among the #influencers. Best Practices Events Featured PRSA International Conference public relations strategy

Bring your internal communication to life with this Office 365 tool

PR Daily

This powerful tool can boost collaboration and ignite internal conversation—but it does you little good if it goes untouched. Learn simple, budget-friendly, proven tactics for using this internal hub to transform your communications by attending Ragan’s free webinar, The “Yammer Reality Check,” streaming live on March 20 from 1–2:15 p.m. Discover your internal Yammer ambassadors and inspire them to get others on board. Employee Engagement Internal Communications Yammer

6 ways internal communicators can spark employee development and growth in 2021

PR Daily

It also gives employees feelings of significance, community, and value. Learn what tactics and tools you’ll need to thrive this year at our 2021 Internal Communications and Culture Next Practices Conference.

Chats with Chip: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

Media Bullseye

The most recent episode of Chats with Chip featured a conversation about internal communications and measurement with Ryan Williams , a partner with Tekara Effectiveness. Ryan, who has 20 years of experience in this field, illuminated trends, difficulties, and advantages of formulating a regular plan to measure and implement internal communication tactics. Despite the positives of internal communications strategies, Ryan recognizes the difficulties.

International Perspectives From PRSA’s Global Affairs Committee


We asked him how recent events have influenced international perceptions of the United States and its brands, and how the COVID-19 crisis has affected global communications. PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta committed $400 million over five years to “to lift up Black communities and increase Black representation at PepsiCo.”. We have long been trying to understand the international perceptions of America. Thought Leadership Global Affairs international public relations

10 Takeaways From PRSA’s 2018 International Conference


Austin, Texas, was the backdrop for PRSA’s International Conference this past week. When you take one community that loves one brand and another community that loves another brand, and create unique experiences that both communities can celebrate, that’s the holy grail.” — Jonathan Mildenhall , CEO, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand. Thought Leadership PRSA International Conference