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Addressing Cybersecurity Concerns With Your Consumer Technology

Ronn Torossian

Consumer technology companies have become a necessary part of daily life. They have revolutionized communication, work, and entertainment. What ͏is consumer͏ technology? However, this rapid growth has raised cybersecurity concerns. These innovations create new entry points for potential threats.

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PR Strategies For Disruptive Technologies

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and others are constantly reshaping various industries. The challenge that any new technology faces is explaining the full implications of its tech once unleashed. As disruptive technologies aim to overturn the status quo, they often challenge entrenched systems.


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4 Ways Technology Boosts The Retail Experience (And Retail PR)

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

While many customers still haven’t fully bought into chatbots as a real way to improve the shopping experience, the addition of smarter and better technology stands a good chance to change their minds in the near future. The post 4 Ways Technology Boosts The Retail Experience (And Retail PR) appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

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Crenshaw Communications Joins Digital Marketing Agency Mod Op

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

That’s the question I heard from clients, friends, and PR colleagues when I told them that Crenshaw Communications, the PR firm I founded in 2009, had become part of Mod Op, a leading digital marketing and communications agency. As a PR team that serves high-growth technology clients, so do we. “What’s a Mod Op?”

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What Consumers Are Saying About ESG – And What That Means for Your Business

In pursuit of identifying where such trends are today, 3BL Media and TriplePundit partnered with the research technology firm Glow to survey 3,648 U.S. Download the key findings for insights on how to advance your company’s ESG programs and effectively communicate with your customers to build trust.

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Embracing technology for more powerful integrated communications: Tips and best practices

Agility PR Solutions

An essential component of achieving brand coherence and aligning communication efforts with business goals is the implementation of an integrated communication strategy. Adopting a strategic approach can help to ensure uniformity across all channels while taking into account the intricacies of reaching target audiences.

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Future of Corporate Communications study finds CCOs investing more in technology

Stuart Bruce

The Edelman 2023 Future of Corporate Communications survey found that half of respondents see themselves as strategic advisers to or partners to their company’s leadership … © Stuart Bruce - Future of Corporate Communications study finds CCOs investing more in technology was first published on Stuart Bruce's Stuart Bruce the PR Futurist (..)

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