Distraction as a media relations tactic

Stephen Waddington

The BBC licence fee deal is guaranteed beyond the life of the next Parliament to 2027. A story from the North of England about an attempt to move the news agenda on from a negative story for the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party.

How to add inspiration and future trends to your 2018 comms plan

PR in High Definition

So, what are the crazy trends predicted to become lifestyle norms by 2027? So, here are four more seemingly-ludicrous trends that will be quite normal activity by 2027, and how these trends can these be woven into your 2018 campaign. In 2027, our houses could include virtual projections, or we could be holidaying from the comfort of our own living room. In 2007 ‘Silent Discos’ were the next big thing. Really?

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Conference Recap: Judith Harrison on the Urgent Need to Diversify the PR Profession


By 2027, just nine years from now, the majority of the 18- to 29-year-old cohort will be, too. Judith Harrison was blunt with her assessment on the state of diversity and inclusion in public relations, calling it dire. “I’ve

A call for a public inquiry into the impact of media and tech on democracy

Stephen Waddington

The BBC licence fee deal is guaranteed beyond the life of the next Parliament to 2027. We need a concerted effort to clean up political campaigning following the 2019 General Election campaign. Truth matters in a democracy. It’s a fundamental constituent of trust.

Championing Inbound Marketing: 4 Lessons from Organizational Change Agents

PR 20/20

In fact, research from Innosight estimates that 75% of today’s corporations on the S&P 500 index will be replaced by 2027. Unlike the traditional marketplace, modern corporations cannot survive on brand and historical relevancy alone.

embracing automation

PR Daily

This is expected to grow to 86 million by 2027 so that freelancers will be the majority of the American workforce. Automation. Automation, the replacement of human work with human-made technology, has been happening ever since we invented tools.