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Media Advisory vs. a Press Release: What’s the Difference?

PR Fuel

The PR industry is anticipated to grow to a worth of $134 billion worldwide by 2027. There’s no denying the power of the press, especially when it comes to press releases. A press release is a powerful marketing tool capable of making a big. Read More The post Media Advisory vs. a Press Release: What’s the Difference?

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7 tips for developing influencer marketing campaigns for fashion brands

Agility PR Solutions

According to estimates, fashion influencer marketing could grow at a 36 percent CAGR between 2020 and 2027. Fashion is flourishing when it comes to influencer marketing. Although fashion brands have been using influencer marketing for years, the strategies for marketing are changing.

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Using PR to promote NFTs: Best practices and approaches

Agility PR Solutions

billion in 2027, as indicated in a report by Markets and Markets. As the world of digital assets continues to evolve, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a hot topic in recent years. In fact, the NFT market is set to grow from 3 billion in 2022 and reach 13.6

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Rich Media And Social Media Are Essential For Hospitality Industry Marketing

The Hoyt Organization

In 2021, over 4 billion people used social media and this number is projected to rise to 6 billion by 2027. Communication has changed tremendously in the last decade and it will continue to grow in the future. Social media has become an integral part of daily life for both people and businesses. The hospitality […].

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2023 PR Opportunities For Ad Tech Brands

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Retail networks are growing exponentially and per GroupM, retail media already represents 11% of global ad spending and will grow 60% by 2027. Retail media (explainer here ) is more than one of this year’s hottest buzzwords: it’s the next big advertising channel.

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July tech news round up

PR in High Definition

Meanwhile, the UK decided to remove Huawei’s role in the UK’s 5G network by 2027 causing quite the stir. YouTube joined the wave of those taking action by banning Klu Klux Klan leader, David Duke, and other US far right users for the hateful content they produce along with suspending 25,000 channels for violating hate speech policies.

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Distraction as a media relations tactic

Stephen Waddington

The BBC licence fee deal is guaranteed beyond the life of the next Parliament to 2027. "You have to ask yourself whether that approach to funding a media company still makes sense in the long term given the way that other organisations manage to fund themselves,” said Mr Johnston.