Perception, Reality, and Public Relations

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What’s really in that liquid that’s seeping into the local water supply? (My My first media call at one company was from a local reporter wanting to know if we were still dumping gunk into the stream behind one of our facilities…We weren’t. If we’re serious, though, about our roles as the conduit between the internal “us” and the external “them,” we have to find a satisfactory middle ground that fosters understanding.

Using Social Media For Sustainability: WiserEarth Does It, And Well

Waxing UnLyrical

WiserEarth (which runs the Wiser platform) is a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization, under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. In addition, Wiser also conducts local meet-ups around the world. WiserLocal is a local face-to-face gathering, supporting collaboration across sectors working towards social change. The social network, as most of us think of it, is nothing more than the likes of Facebook or Orkut, among others.


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A Search for Identity … Whither Public Relations?

Waxing UnLyrical

After all, when I was a public affairs intern working for the US Army a million years ago, a remarkable piece of technology appeared that made it possible to transmit the written word via a telephone line to remote and exotic locales. Guest post by Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA. I stumbled into the field of public relations some 40-plus years ago so … The obvious … and first … response is “a lot.”

Conference Recap: Reaching Rural Americans, Preventing Social Media Crises and Using the PESO Model


Here are some highlights from three professional development sessions at the PRSA 2017 International Conference in Boston on Oct. Haworth recommends attending town gatherings and interacting with local elected officials, regardless of their political beliefs. This type of planning includes making sure that your team is communicating well internally, too. “If If something is a problem internally, then it could explode externally,” said Emerick.

Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

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At the same time, local newspapers are financially struggling, laying off reporters, or closing entirely. Ylisela and Mark Ragan, founder of Chicago-based Ragan Communications , started to teach the concept of brand journalism in 2012.

Caine’s Arcade: How Powerful Storytelling Can Make a Difference


On the designated date, Mullick organized the surprise party while George, Caine’s dad, distracted the youngster with a visit to their local pizza joint. In April 2012, Mullick released Caines’s Arcade, an 11-minute video telling the story of Caine, his cardboard arcade and the flash mob. He also addressed the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. Stories—and storytelling—are powerful.

Is PR To Blame When Apathy Reigns? Part 2


I can watch countless real world atrocities on dozens of international news outlets, then switch to Netflix to take in the graphic, fictional exploits of Spartacus, Dexter, or Hannibal. In the places where your organization works, profile the local people at their best, having fun, going to work, and engaged in cultural activities. Can PR & Communications Solve Societal Apathy? Written by Everett Martin. Note: Part One of this post can be found here.

8 symptoms of a failing health care social media campaign

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Rather, provide value to those in your community including other practices, hospitals, organizations, businesses, local media, and schools. Is your Yelp page showing no reviews since 2012? FREE GUIDE: 6 steps to crafting an internal social media plan ]. Innovative healthcare marketing takes time, creativity, and dedication—and recognition of the potential missteps along the way.

Rebranding takeaways from Jamba’s name change

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When asked about the company’s decision, Jamba’s President Geoff Henry responded, “The idea was around healthy living starts locally, so we’re taking that same ideology and methodology into the brand today.”. A study conducted by Eurominor International found that in 2012, Americans were purchasing nearly four billion gallons of juice. Many big brands have been playing with their monikers in hopes of better describing their mission and vision for the future.

Industry Consolidation Continues Among PR Vendors; PR Tech Sum: Onclusive, SocialChorus, Teletrax, iQ Media, Agility PR Solutions

Sword and the Script

million in venture capital, in four rounds of funding since 2012, according to Crunchbase. According to a press release, channel management: “Allows team and frontline managers, outside of the internal communications team, to create and post rich content – including videos, images, links, articles and notes – within approval guidelines….For There isn’t a whole lot of coverage about PR technology.

20 of the Coolest Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2020

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You'll connect with an incredible community of experts and uncover tactical advice from industry-leading practitioners in the vast world of SEO, mobile, conversion optimization, local search, and more.”. As you’ll see from the 2019 agenda , this one goes deep on SEO, diving into topics like link building and local ranking opportunities. Marketing conferences have shaped my top team memories.

The Results Are In! 2015 Solo PR Pro Compensation Survey Insights Report

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The top predictors of hourly rate are total PR experience , local client base (geographic limitation associated with a lower rate), larger typical client size , and Solo PR PRO Premium membership. Other polls put the number even lower, with a 2012 Right Management survey finding only 35% of workers in the U.S. Local client base (versus regional, national or international) – local client base associated with lower rate. Limitations of local client base.

4 nonprofit PR lessons from #GivingTuesday

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was created in 2012 by both the United Nations Foundation and New York-based 92Y to kick off a season of donations and other charitable giving. Isles are at Toys R Us doing some holiday shopping for toys to deliver to kids at local hospitals. Mid-size nonprofit organizations raised about $29 for every 1,000 emails sent, and international groups raised roughly $59 per 1,000 emails sent.

17 people who should have been on MN AdFed’s 32 Under 32 List

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As the company continues to expand internationally, Kayla’s role communicating to audiences around the world is growing right along with it. In addition to external communications, Kristen also oversees internal communications with People Incorporated’s 700+ employees at several locations in the Twin Cities metro area. A 2012 cinema and TV arts grad of Cal State Northridge, she spent several years in development and producing in L.A.

When Tragedy Strikes in Sports – Making the Right Call with Your PR Plan


Rocking the airways and news channels from all of the local media outlets in Miami to ESPN Sports Center and every outlet in between, stories spread like wildfire on September 25 th about the tragic death of the Miami Marlins’ 24-year-old pitcher Jose Fernandez with an outpouring of messages and mourning on twitter from fellow MLB players, sports reporters, the MLB and MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players Association), fans and even those who never ever knew Fernandez (including myself).

Brand story management for museum communication teams


A study in 2012 showed that the amount of professional journalists has declined over the past five years. In Prezly, grouping of contacts happens with ‘tags’ Some examples of tags that can give museums to their stakeholders: art press , tourism , local or international. What are the challenges of museum communication teams? And how can a modern software solution help?

PR Rock Stars: American Academy of Neurology’s Leah Johnson

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She started as an administrative assistant in 2012. The team is full of experts that act as an internal agency to our staff clients. At the AAN, we have an internal “coffees and case studies” meeting to discuss highlights from campaigns in which we have tried new and innovative techniques. Our goal is to not only award the scholarships but also to connect all applicants with local corporations, agencies, and non-profits that are looking for smart, ambitious interns.

How to Get On in New Communications: Be Nice


Stuart is an international PR adviser, speaker, trainer, and blogger. For me, as a local government employee, there are clear political boundaries. “The rationale quickly bore fruit: an international platform to build and test my professional and personal reputation and value (add) to the evolving public relations-distinct profession, as well as to grow and build (international) relationships with like-minded individuals.

Taking the collective temperature of Italian females in PR

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A necessity to acquire proficiency in technical tools—ones previously unused (perhaps unknown) to public relations practitioners—has caused PR women (and men) to cooperate and work with IT and analytics staff; for example, to work together to develop internal communications systems. Possessing at least some basic technical skills has become essential as we work towards maintaining informed, relevant and positive relationships with various stakeholders, both internally and externally.

The transition from media to PR: Four former journalists talk about the surprises, struggles and wins

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KSTP-TV told me in August of 2012 that they weren’t renewing my contract and they would give me a year to find another job. Yet I don’t think the PR-Journalist relationship is over–especially at the local level. Media conglomerates are eating up local news outlets. ” The amount of internal planning, which I’m thankful for. The public relations and internal communications team at Life Time is amazing.

Entertainment & Sports Section New Member Spotlight


Coming out of college I came across an opportunity as a communications intern at Tennis Canada. Using local resources is huge. Isabelle McLemore – Senior Director, Global Corporate Communications, UFC. What was your PR experience prior to working at UFC? I was very lucky and fortunate that my internship turned into a full-time position. I spent a couple years as a coordinator with Tennis Canada, and then was fortunate to have something open up at the WTA.

Maximising resilience of health and well-being assets in crisis situations

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One of the problems for me, though, with this focus is that it is almost entirely on individuals’ ability to adapt and their ‘internal local of control’ Public relations seems to reflect a largely individualistic perspective with little attention on systemic or structural factors and forces. It also raised and led to long term issues around the keeping of pets, warning systems (this was long before the internet) and other internal processes.

Uber, Sony crises emphasize PR's role in defining values

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When an unbalanced gunman with a long history with local police took hostages in a Sydney cafe, Uber could have taken some steps toward rebuilding its already-sullied reputation by offering free rides to people who needed to get out of areas being evacuated. Back in 2012 at the World Public Relations Forum, the 800 delegates endorsed the Melbourne Mandate , which the Global Alliance describes as "a call to action of new areas of value for public relations and communications management."

Do ‘Unorthodox’ Social Networks Have Marketing Value?


WhatsApp is being used by thousands of local small businesses in other parts of the world. It may not be social media in the strictest terms, but with more than 26,000 reviews being posted every minute Yelp marketing is indispensable for your brick-and-mortar business if the international review behemoth is present in your country. Your business should be on Yelp if you have a physical store and/or are a local business. Moosa Hemani is an SEO consultatnt at

The Ultimate Guide to Social PR Strategy: A Blueprint for Success

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And by issue, I mean print them out once they’d finally been approved… … Run them down to the local copy shop – which had been duly alerted that a job was coming their way – to get them copied, Z-folded and stuffed… … Run them back to the office to crank the franking machine on HUNDREDS of these little buggers, and then… … Run down to the post office to drop them off.

How To Create An Editorial Strategy for Your Blog: Part Two


The statements above are most-likely internal statements that guide and ground employees around a common purpose. Image Credit: “ The Carnival Audience 2012 ” by Martin Terber / Flickr Creative Commons). This doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the highway and hit a local coffee shop to bang out a post when you’re just in the mood to write – your content categories support real-time content as well.

How To Create An Editorial Strategy for Your Blog: Part Two


The statements above are most-likely internal statements that guide and ground employees around a common purpose. Image Credit: “ The Carnival Audience 2012 ” by Martin Terber / Flickr Creative Commons). This doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the highway and hit a local coffee shop to bang out a post when you’re just in the mood to write – your content categories support real-time content as well.