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This AI is ‘Taylor’ Made for Media Relations; PRophet Adds Generative AI to PR Software

Sword and the Script

In 2010, he sold his agency to an advertising holdings company for an estimated $10-$15 million. You can also have it re-write it several times over if you wish. In addition to writing your release, Taylor will also write social media updates based on the text and tone you’ve selected.

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Meet the Media: Vince Bond, Reporter at Automotive News

Bianchi Biz Blog

Every part of the industry has had to recalibrate and figure out how to design, build, sell and advertise vehicles in this new environment. I put an advertising spin on this topic and wrote a piece about how dealers and advertising agencies are depicting mask usage in their ads. The biggest thing for me is timeliness.


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PR Measurement: An Integrated Approach

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

An integrated approach includes all aspects of communications — public relations, marketing, social media, advertising — for a 360-degree view of the planning and measurement process. Source ] The communication industry may always struggle with who does what, especially when it comes to marketing/advertising and PR.

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Spotlight on a Solo PR Pro: Meet Mary Deming Barber, APR, Fellow PRSA

Solo PR Pro

Then in fall 2010, Mary took a six week leave from her business to serve as a volunteer senior communication specialist on Senator Lisa Murkowski’s historic write-in campaign, for which she received a PRSA Silver Anvil Award. She started The Barber Group when she had two little boys and wanted more freedom and balance.

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The Extra Mile PR Strategy: Wow Your Customers

Doctor Spin

Write a white paper or research report on a topic related to your industry. Write a guest blog post for a popular industry publication or website. PR Resource: How To Write a 1-Page Strategy Keep it clean. David should leverage the surprise element and not advertise his advantage beforehand. Kaplan Publishing. Spector, R.

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What Compels People to Share Your Content?

Waxing UnLyrical

Facebook insists it has the answer: write better content. In his research on viral advertising videos , he found that a very small percentage of advertising videos (0.1%) actually go “viral.” Sufficed to say that as dry as I write, I probably won’t be going viral anytime soon. Why we share.

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An “Interview” with ChatGPT: What is Public Relations? How Has PR Changed? Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Comms Pros?

Sword and the Script

Marketing efforts often involve paid advertising, and the goal is to reach as many people as possible in order to increase sales. ChatGPT seems to miss emerging themes if there isn’t a wide body of writing already on a topic. Some may see irony in an AI system that writes reasonably well suggesting writing is a top skill.

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