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The pros and cons of using AI tools for PR and media relations

Agility PR Solutions

They’re using artificial intelligence to personalize marketing campaigns. They’re using AI-powered tools to write job descriptions. What use cases can […] The post The pros and cons of using AI tools for PR and media relations appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Take any industry as an example.

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Hacking AI in PR: using AI tools to write a press release

Wadds Inc.

How to experiment with the use of AI tools in your agency or communication team workflow. The launch of artificial intelligence (AI) tools based around the GPT-3 dataset has polarised opinion in professional services. The threat are copyright and ethical issues that arise from the use of AI tools.

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What you need to know to write a client case study that counts

Agility PR Solutions

In public relations and marketing, client case studies are a powerful tool. They’re a critical way for PR agencies and brands to demonstrate their value in a specific way that readers can grasp.

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How to win at email marketing: An advanced guide to writing for results

Agility PR Solutions

Email marketing has become an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to connect with their target customers, build strong relationships and drive ROI. But mastering the art of using email marketing techniques is no easy task.

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Top AI Tools for PR and Marketing Pros

Landis PR

Generative AI tools can help with tasks such as brainstorming, copywriting, research, planning, and automating routine and time-consuming projects. ChatGPT In November of 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT , now the most well-known generative AI tool. Fortunately, numerous resources are available to help you write an excellent prompt.

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Content analysis tool BuzzSumo adds journalist database for SMBs [PR tech sum no. 48]

Sword and the Script

I’ve been writing this monthly column about PR technology companies for nearly five years – and I’m still continuously reminded that while these companies make software for communicators, they are not typically communication experts. PR Newswire teamed up with AKA Partners , a “video-first marketing communications” agency.

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Learn 10 Content Writing Strategies of Successful Writers (in 2020)


Writing simple website posts is easy, but crafting high-quality content is totally different. Content creation has become one of the most powerful promotion tools worldwide, but it can’t make a big impact on the target audience if you don’t plan and execute it properly.

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