How the Canadian Newspaper Industry Can Adapt to Changes

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In March 2017, Postmedia Network, Canada’s largest newspaper company, announced 54 layoffs at the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province newsrooms. Perhaps none have been affected more than print newspapers. Across Canada, newspapers ranging from local dailies to national media are dealing with organizational restructuring, as they layoff long-tenured journalists and make changes to employee contracts and benefits.

These are the local publishers getting engagement in the U.S. and U.K.


We looked back at the local publishers that are seeing significant engagement in two different countries, looking at both the United States and the United Kingdom. . So we decided to analyze the local stories and publishers that are getting the most public interest. The top local U.S.

Local 85

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Local newspaper ‘headline’ goes viral after proofreading error

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Such was the case in Wednesday’s front page of Cambridge News , a local newspaper in the United Kingdom: Hope you’re having a better day than the production editor of the Cambridge News This’ll be featured in newspaper sub-editing courses for years. In an apology to readers, Cambridge News wrote: The headline should have read '£2m for 'sex lair' school' in reference to a story printed on page 11 of today's newspaper.

How to get your news in the local press

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Imagine you’ve got some great news to share with your local area. Whatever the story, never underestimate the power of local news, as it can be a highly successful way to get your brand out there to the people closest to you. At Action PR, we pride ourselves on our ability to get our clients in front of the right audiences, liaising with local press on a daily basis when appropriate. Offering yourself as a local expert can be a great way to build up your profile too.

Local 40

Should you feel ashamed for reading the hard copy newspaper?

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Every so often, I’ll see it in one of my social feeds: That comment or remark from a friend, colleague or industry person taking jabs at the hard copy newspaper and those that read it. I still love my hard copy newspaper. In fact, I would like to flip the popular thinking: Instead of asking “why would I read the daily newspaper? ask yourself: Why AREN’T I reading my daily newspaper? Learn about LOCAL news–you know, that place where you live?

Giving thanks for journalists and local news outlets in a difficult year of news reporting

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Please subscribe to your local news outlets. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

Local 139

Facebook is local media

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Local Facebook pages and groups are replacing local media according to research from Braintree, Essex. By Dan Slee If there’s one thing I can tell you it’s that Facebook groups and pages in a local area are huge. I was talking to someone about the quiet spread of local Facebook groups and pages and how I’d love to carry out research on how big an impact they had, what they were talking about and how much of it was actually accurate.

Local 60

Print newspapers still drive best ad engagement in Canada

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Do newspapers still have ad power? They sure do in the Great White North, according to a new study from News Media Canada, which found that printed newspaper ads engage Canadians more than any other medium, print or digital. Specifically, the community media policy outlet’s 2019 Local Newspapers: Engaged and Connected Report reveals that advertisement engagement for print […].

Print 60

Ricky Gervais is right (and wrong) about the local paper


In Ricky Gervais’s latest TV series, After Life , he’s a writer at a free community newspaper. After several grumpy episodes interviewing local people about their so-called “stories”, Ricky’s character has an epiphany. He says ‘ everybody deserves to be in their local paper’ at least once in their lives. The newspaper scenes are reminiscent of The Office (which I loved), and also reminded me of my time as a journalist at a country newspaper.

Local 105

Social Media Overtakes Print Newspapers as News Source


For the first time, social media has surpassed print newspapers as a news source for Americans, Pew Research Center finds. adults said they often get news from social media, compared to 16 percent from print newspapers. Newspaper circulation has been declining for years, while the portion of Americans who use social media has modestly increased. News websites are the next most common source, followed by radio, social media and print newspapers.

Print 112

John Oliver and the future of newspapers

Media Bullseye

Earlier this month, John Oliver highlighted the plight of newspapers in a 19-minute soliloquy that focused on how important newspapers are—and he also made some fun of the industry’s attempts to address declining subscription rates. As he noted on his show, even though he’s getting the credit for the work, the ideas for the pieces came from local news sources. Buying a newspaper subscription is now an added expense.

Google and Facebook throw money into local news

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Google is launching software to help local news publishers, and Facebook is donating to organizations that support journalism. Many local news outlets are facing an existential crisis. As local newspaper readership continues to wane, there hasn’t been a corresponding internet phenomenon to replace the daily local paper. Local newsrooms saw drastic cuts over the course of a decade. The loss of local news outlets is a big problem for PR pros.

Local 99

How important is local TV to your media relations plan?

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The dominant role of local TV was one of the most significant takeaways from three-city study of local news conducted by Pew Research Center and financed by the John S. The study examined local news climates in three U.S. One of the key findings was that local TV news grabbed the biggest audience share among all types of news media. Nonetheless, local TV news does wield influence.

Local 131

Newspaper SOS: Why print publications are in desperate need of PR

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In my last newsroom, working for Ohio’s largest newspaper, I didn’t have my own desk. Imagine my surprise when I reported for work in public relations, having leaped from the unfolding train wreck that is newspaper journalism after 30 rewarding years. Why newspapers' problem is PR's problem. I stopped responding because there were only so many ways to say, “I’m sorry, the newspaper you remember is not here anymore.”.

Print 131

How an underground high school newspaper led to a 10+ year blog

Communications Conversations

Last Saturday, there was a wonderful article in the Variety section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune about groups of kids who had started neighborhood newspapers during the pandemic. First, we need more local journalism–whether it’s professional or not.

The Chicago Sun-Times’s Strategy May Save Newspapers

The Stalwart Blog

Regardless of your political leanings, this strategy of "don't be everything to everyone" could stand as a model for other newspapers to follow. . While understandable, this strategy will only accelerate the demise of newspapers. This approach is also playing out well in certain cities with hyper local or niche outlets. I read a piece recently about plans to bring the famed Windy City tabloid back to prominence by its new owners.

Newspaper Licensing Agency beaten to a pulp by PRCA and Meltwater

Stuart Bruce

Today the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled in favour of the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) and Meltwater in their five-year battle with the UK’s Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA). “We are utterly delighted that the CJEU has accepted all of our arguments against the NLA, which represents eight national newspapers,” said PRCA director-general Francis Ingham.

Federal funding for Miami and Flint comes amid locals’ criticism

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Several newspapers published this photo: Elected officials turned to Twitter to share their frustrations, too: Flint families have had poison in their H2O for 2 years. There are congratulatory posts and plenty of criticism for Congress. Much of the condemnation comes from public health leaders. They have been working to stem the spread of Zika in greater Miami, while officials in and around Flint, Michigan, have tried to help that city’s residents with their lead-tainted water.

Local 95

Man Bites Dog: Newspapers Outlive Themselves, Blissful Ignorance Becomes Artform

Bad Pitch Blog

Heck, the trombone player for our local Philharmonic just started a blog that The Times even wrote about. 2001 blogs HTML New York Times Op-Ed Slow Death of Newspapers Trombones Willful Ignorance News came last week that the Old Grey Lady is starting an Instant Op-Ed feature online. This new technology will "allow the paper''s Web site to post immediate expert viewpoints on breaking news," said Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal. Thank you, New York Times.

PR 101: Five Tips for Pitching USA Today


Getting coverage in the most widely circulated newspaper in the country is no easy feat, but the powerful reach of USA Today makes it a highly desirable target for PR professionals. USA Today occupies a unique space in the exclusive club of top tier national newspapers. Can you make a case for something local or regional being indicative of a major trend with nationwide impact? Think beyond your client, your company and your industry to the average national newspaper reader.

PR 101: How to Pitch The New York Times


There is no other newspaper like The New York Times. It’s The Newspaper of Record, The Grey Lady, and a journalism institution. If there’s one newspaper subscription to have as a useful pitching resource, it’s The New York Times. How can this story be original, relevant, impactful and indicative of a national (or local) trend? Best Practices Featured newspapers pitching The New York Times

Inside the Mind of a Daily Newspaper Business Editor: Q&A With Thom Kupper of the Star Tribune


If you’re a corporate communications or public relations executive in Minnesota, the status of our state’s largest newspaper – the Minneapolis-based Star Tribune , with more than 250 editors and reporters – is always of intense interest. Paul Business Journal , Twin Cities Business’ e-briefcase, and even Huffington Post have eroded the value of the daily newspaper at 425 Portland Avenue? There’s a challenge because we have to put out 7 newspapers a week.

More Americans trust media than they did last year—and most trust local news 

Agility PR Solutions

There’s good news for journalists: three-quarters of Americans trust their local TV news and local newspapers. The post More Americans trust media than they did last year—and most trust local news appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Local 83

The State of the News Media 2015


The legacy news industry – traditional newspapers and magazines – have made little progress securing digital ad revenue. Local television is seeing an uptick in viewership, particularly around the evening news. Early evening and local morning news viewership is also up for a second year in a row. It appears more consumers are tuning in to get their news via TV, which is promising for the local news business.

What the news media landscape could look like in 10 years

The Stalwart Blog

I believe Apple TV will end the local affiliate business model and finish off the newspaper industry Tell me if you agree.

What the GateHouse/Gannett deal means for PR pros

PR Daily

newspaper chains are fusing as one media powerhouse, in hopes of bolstering an industry in decline. Still, it probably won’t mean better coverage for your local news story. The newspaper market hasn’t recovered—but a mega-deal might help some local papers stay afloat. The two biggest newspaper companies in the U.S.—Gannett Gannett publishes USA Today, in addition to many well-known local newspapers. Build your local SEO. The top two U.S.

What recent media layoffs mean for the future of public relations

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Dozens of local journalists at Gannett newspapers across the country. More than 1,000 journalists lost their jobs recently as Verizon Media, BuzzFeed and Gannett announced deep cuts to their newsrooms. HuffPost’s entire Opinion section. The national desk at BuzzFeed. It’s a blow to journalism and a shame for the reporters who lost […]. The post What recent media layoffs mean for the future of public relations appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Lib Dems in owned media manipulation

Stephen Waddington

Fake local newspapers The most blatant example of media manipulation by the Lib Dems is campaign leaflets that look like local newspapers. The Libs Dems are playing a dirty disinformation game with the oldest form of political campaign media.

10 Top Media Trends for 2021

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On a local level it was—and will remain—easier, as outlets have to produce a lot of content with ever-dwindling staffs and are relying increasingly on outside sources to provide that content. Local news is challenged. The model for local news is changing.

Media 163

#MediaMonday – Ellen O’Brien

HMA Public Relations

Ellen grew up reading local newspapers and magazines and recently graduated from the Walter Cronkite School at ASU. Happy #MediaMonday! Today's feature comes from Ellen O'brien, a reporter and photographer with Jewish News.

What would Dear Abby say? 5 tips for advising clients in the age of coronavirus

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When I was in middle and high school (long before social media), I looked forward to reading the Dear Abby and Ann Landers advice columns in the local newspaper.

13 stories about the future of news

Stephen Waddington

Local news is most valued but is on life support. Consumption of printed newspapers has fallen as lockdowns undermine physical distribution. But in both these countries a significant minority are now taking out more than one subscription, often adding a local or specialist publication.

Remote lawmaking changes the game for public affairs pros

PR Daily

With some lawmakers now voting remotely due to COVID-19 measures, even greater attention must be paid to local media outlets. With congressional leaders fulfilling many key duties from home, Bonjean says, local media markets are going to see a rise in influence.

Newsprint in pain as COVID-19 bites, so what’s next?

Stephen Waddington

Newspaper circulation during the COVID-19 crisis has been hit by as much as a third by newsagents closing and a reduction in footfall on the high street, across travel hubs and in supermarkets. There are similar stories unfolding at local newspaper companies JPI Media and Newsquest.

Study: Journalists a top source for providing accurate news

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In the 2019 IPR Disinformation in Society study, local newspapers (62%) and local broadcast news (62%) fared well for perceptions of trustworthiness of the media and the ability to provide accurate news and information. Unfortunately, the overall decline of local newspapers and cuts to journalism have created “news deserts.”. Particularly affected are small and mid-sized communities, where local newspapers are likely the only source of journalism.

Study 131

What is PR?

PR Warrior

PR people spend most of their time trying to get the name of their client (or employer if they operate in-house for an organisation) into newspapers or magazines, or on radio or television. Or, they may be local councillors, government or business leaders, or members of a community group or industry body if they’re somehow integral to the successful running of your business or organisation. What the heck is PR?

Radio 248

4 trends in journalism and what they mean for the PR industry

Communications Conversations

With the majority of newspapers now having paywalls (and more trade pubs every day), the reach of that story you just got placed is extremely limited. Trend #4: Local news has a capital shortage. Impact: This comes to no surprise to anyone who follows local news.

Bad News About Ink: an open letter to clients

Bad Pitch Blog

Unfortunately, the great unwashed aren’t typically profiled in their local Business section, and aren’t flipping those pages and most people get their dose of news, fastidiously-checked headlines, and gobs of entertainment online. The problem is that because everyone is migrating to the ''Net, ole print –notably newspapers– is fast going way of the dodo as advertisers flock to the place they can get real traction.

How Kane Communications Group’s James Burnett finds peace during WFH

PR Daily

As local newspapers continue to fade for lack of readership and advertisers, a door is opened for every diligent business with the resources to be its own newsroom and tell its own stories. Working from home can be pleasant—if your office is a quiet backyard space.

Groups 137

Depressed and depressing: the state of UK news media

Stephen Waddington

News media in pain Newspaper brands continue to suffer as readers shift from print to digital. Popular newspaper brands have suffered double digit falls in print circulation with the Daily Star (-18%), Daily Mirror (-13%), and Daily Express (-12%) hardest hit. The local and regional sector that has been hit hardest with the net closure of 245 local news titles in the last 13 years according to Press Gazette research.

Print 110