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Four Tips for Landing Brand-Building Local News Coverage

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Landing local news coverage for your brand takes time and perseverance. The post Four Tips for Landing Brand-Building Local News Coverage appeared first on Spin Sucks. You need to be flexible, understand how reporters work and have the right story.

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Black Friday shoppers go mobile—and local

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turned to mobile to not only find the best deals online but also to discover the best deals in-store: Rhode Island and Delaware had the most local shopping search interest (searches that contained “near me,” hours and stores) of any states in the nation.

Social Media and PR – Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly


Start locally. Local media loves to cover stories about local businesses. Those are all topics that interest local media. An accountant can talk about new tax laws and what that means for local businesses.

FIR Podcast #82: The Ridicule Pepsi Generation

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After more than 16 years in television news, Emmy-winner Ike Pigott left to feed his passion for crisis communication. Cross-posted from the FIR Podcast Network. Lionel Menchaca and Ike Pigott join Shel Holtz for this week’s episode, commenting on these stories….

Behind the Headlines With Steve Majors


In this interview, Steve discusses what he learned from working in television news, the skills needed for successful media relations and how to improve your pitching strategy. Specifically, I was a television news producer. You’ve held several positions in television news.

RIP CW6 News - More Will Follow

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There are some experienced, highly talented, television journalists over there who will be counted among the unemployed. Ratings are falling across the board for local news as audiences turn toward social media to learn about breaking stories.

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5 Challenges to Effective Communication


1 television program on TV (“I Love Lucy”) averaged 68 percent of all households watching the show every week. 1 television program on TV (“The Cosby Show”) averaged 38 percent of all households.

As news evolves, PR must be as accountable to the public as it is to its clients

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” Then there’s a recently-released study from the Economist Intelligence Unit that found 71% of business leaders believe their organizations’ responsibility to respect human rights transcends adherence to local laws.

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Using monitoring to help run a grassroots advocacy PR campaign

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The goals can be varied: sometimes a company needs to reach out to a locality to explain the need for something like physically expanding a headquarters that could interrupt the normal course of business and traffic in the surrounding area for an extended period.

Mainstream media’s podcasting successes are no threat to the independent podcaster

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Here in the Bay Area, for example, the local CBS radio affiliate includes a 3-4-minute chat with football legend John Madden each weekday during a morning sports report. I am thoroughly hooked on Invisibilia.

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NFL Crowdsources Videos; Increases Social Media Presence

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Growing up in Utah, we didn’t have a local team so we got to decide on our loyalties. Football, CeeLo Green, national television, social media, crowdsourcing, and you. I love football. I love everything about it. The weather, the game, the stadium…everything.

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How a small foundation used a new TV series to draw attention to its cause

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It’s the second original scripted series from WGN America, giving more credence to the idea that television is undergoing a seismic change, with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and Yahoo producing high-quality original programming. Manhattan is great television.

Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


Buzzfeed , best-known for light list-based content, now runs regular long-form stories about topics such the local economic impact of Spaceport America and the suicide of a corrections officer who reported his colleagues for abuses. Uncertainty about revenue, new publishing models.


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Lending her voice to the Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative is television icon and author Valerie Harper. More than a year later, she’s still hard at work, guest starring on television shows and bravely sharing her cancer experience with millions of Americans.

Eight of the Worst News Release Mistakes

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” I pushed back and we’re writing an OpEd, instead, for one local newspaper. Rather than go about our agenda, we all sat in the employee break room and watched the news unfold on television.

Crisis Communications from An Unlikely Source

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When the storm system that was responsible for these tornadoes started, Birmingham-based meteorologist, James Spann , started using various social networks to supplement his television broadcast and coverage of this life-changing event.

How targeted press efforts boost your brand's bottom line

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local news stations are gaining viewers. While a slot on ABC News or The New York Times is obviously desirable, a mention on your local news station can be just as valuable to a small business in their local community. Your local new station may be what saves your business.

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Why Content Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other

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In broadcast television, you had three choices – ABC, CBS or NBC. Today, are many more options both on the television – and on the web. It was a good pitch. Timely, tailored, and fitting for both the journalist and the publication.

Putting PR on the Table for Minority Students


However, I noticed something concerning in my professors, internship supervisors and the professionals in our local organizations. Ask them what they know about public relations (and be prepared if the answer is only what they’ve seen portrayed on television).

The Present & Future Tech Trends PRs Should Prepare For


For example, the ongoing globalization of the Internet and expansion to more rural audiences is already emerged for organizations with international operations, but barely emerging and not very important for a restaurant that does only local business.

What’s Needed for a Successful Satellite Media Tour


It can be time-consuming to plan media outreach for local and national networks, cable news, podcasts, streaming television, public radio, and social-only video; however, a satellite media tour (SMT) can help.

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11 ways PR pros can get their stories on air

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If you want to know how to successfully pitch stories to television and radio reporters and editors, there is no better way than to go right to the source. The key for local news is how to tell a story differently than anyone else.

How to Combat the Fake News Frenzy in B2B PR

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Asked what specific sources they trusted for news, 72% chose close friends, family, and personal contacts followed, in order of preference, by national radio, local radio, community sites or online forums, and financial institutions.

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Branding rules for social media managers

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How can marketers measure the impact of their social campaigns concurrently with other digital channels or even traditional channels like television? How a brand is perceived online has a lot to do with its presence on various social media platforms.

The State of the News Media 2015


Local television is seeing an uptick in viewership, particularly around the evening news. Early evening and local morning news viewership is also up for a second year in a row. One of my favorite annual reports is the Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media 2015.

Delivering Continuous Impact with Communications: A Director’s Journey

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Ten years ago, I got my first taste when researching television journalists and learning about their specific beats (we called them beats then). Have the local news anchor in my personal contacts? I’ve loved communications from the moment I set foot in the industry.

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Honoring The Heroes Among Us – How the Orlando PR Community Responded to the Pulse Nightclub Shooting


As the morning of June 12 unfolded, I struggled with the decision – as a parent – to switch on the television. I don’t think I’ll ever forget where I was or when I heard about the Pulse nightclub shooting.

FIR #46: There’s no escaping Donald Trump

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After more than 16 years in television news, Emmy-winner Ike Pigott left to feed his passion for crisis communication. Cross-posted from the FIR Podcast Network.

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Digital journalism is alive but is digital PR?

Norton's Notes

The BBC plans to spend £8m on hiring extra specialist editors and correspondents, local political reporters and city correspondents; with the remaining £4m going into social and mobile news, data journalism, online analysis and enhancing News Labs.

Is your client an idiot?

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A PR firm convinces a local television station’s news department to do a segment on its client. Every week, there are thousands of television segments filmed and articles written that don’t air or aren’t published as scheduled. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Probably.

A personal branding no-no: How one exec’s ‘PR skills’ landed him in jail

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Go and visit your local mosque, have some tea and get rid of all the hate you have inside you. When handling a crisis, the line between what’s right and wrong isn’t often blurred. In the days that followed the deadly attacks in Belgium’s capital on Tuesday, much of the world was in shock.

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Digital Ethnography for PR, Part 4: Example Study

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On the premises, we see comparatively few people talking about local occurrences, other than local bands and festivals. If our shop had televisions, we could ensure they were tuned to a less distracting channel, such as the weather.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Jen Novotny

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She is smart, she is funny, and she likes the same television shows I do. While my parents build engines for local racers, I’ve attended my share of professional (NASCAR and NHRA) events. By Gini Dietrich. I met Jen Novotny right here in these very comments.

5 journalism predictions for 2017 from Nieman’s Lab

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Editor’s note: Television news producers and newspapers’ online editors figured out the value of live video some time ago. PR professionals must help journalists build and shape communities through local stories and news coverage.

The Top 50 #GoldenGlobes Social Influencers on Twitter


American television host and actor. Local. Television Critic for The Hollywood Reporter. “I Child of television. What a night! Leo took home the award for best actor, Rocky got a standing ovation, Taraji P. Henson celebrated her win with cookies and social personalities tweeted with a fury. We created the Top 50 #GoldenGlobes Social Influencers list using Cision’s Influencer Search.

When a panic attack strikes you on national TV

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Dr. Benjamin Habib of Melbourne's Latrobe University appeared on live television to discuss North Korea's rocket launch. There's no rule that says you have to go on television, at least not right away.

Qualify Hard; Close Easy: Leads in Unscripted Marketing Links

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So I turned to a local repair shop to see what could be done. Content, Local Search and Leads. But that’s not how this local business gets most of its leads, according to the owner George Roberts.

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Friday Wrap #155: Melcrum merges, Google flags sites, Twitter tests GIF library, war rooms fade

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The takeaway: Watching a movie 15 seconds at a time may seem silly, but when YouTube was new, who ever imagined a whole universe of stars would emerge by creating short videos that never, ever found their way to television?

A week of spin can’t save Top Gear from ratings slip

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This still made the BBC Two show the most watched television of the evening- but this figure was a long way off the Clarkson-May-Hammond finale. The old team were plucked out of relative obscurity: Clarkson was a hack for regional and trade press, James May was a sub-editor for Autocar magazine and Richard Hammond worked in BBC local radio.

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How to Plan a Satellite Media Tour That Amplifies Your Earned Media Strategy

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When you open up your earned media strategy, you’ll find a mix of print, television, radio, digital and other channels. SMTs are an effective and efficient tool for cultivating relationships with a combination of television, radio, bloggers, websites and other media types.

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