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Internal Communications, Sunday Style

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Because churches have one of the most complex internal communications challenges of any organization. At the church I attend—admittedly a large church— internal communications must flow through many different people including: Pastoral staff. by Clay Morgan Time for a little church.

How to Cultivate Internal Change Champions

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Though leaders take responsibility for and implement new standards , internal change needs support from within to be successful. Calling All Internal Change Champions You may have read about how employees are assigned to roles as change champions.

The case for internal communications

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Internal communications as a narrowly defined function and approach is dead.” ” According to a report from O’Dwyer , Adams noted that the all-staff email at BBC is “possibly the most loathed of all internal communication.”

Attracting Talent with an Internal Web Academy

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Piktochart, the tech startup found an innovative way to grow its own pool of talented people while building the local ecosystem. The post Attracting Talent with an Internal Web Academy appeared first on Spin Sucks. Great talent is hard to find, for all companies in different industries.

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Beyond Your Borders: How to Work with Non-Local Clients

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Working with clients in your local area is a satisfying and viable way to run your independent consultancy. It can deepen your sense of community, reduce your need to travel and allow you to dominate your local market. However, as a solo you are not restricted to working local.

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From classroom to boardroom – crisis management lessons from the auto industry

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As a result, crisis communication becomes international” That’s what interested me, because although such major disasters are relatively rare, it is now possible for a single social media update (Tweet, photograph or video) to cause a global crisis for any organisation.

The not-so-secret way brands are creating podcasts (without exhausting internal resources)

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What you DO find is a bunch of tech companies/startups ( Slack , Basecamp ), a very small number of Fortune 500 companies ( General Mills , locally), and a few others that have globbed onto a trend I see accelerating in the months and years ahead.

#measurePR Recap (July 2015): Internal Communications

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The July edition of #measurePR focused on an area most PR pros don’t often think about: internal communications. Here’s some of what we talked about: On best practices for internal communications and the measurement thereof: A2 Measure the right things, not just the easy-to-measure ones. To engage/motivate your internal community, you need to understand the ‘state of the union.’ Come up with a internal communications plan for potential employers.

4 Things We Can Learn from PR Practitioners in Africa


Make friends with local influencers. For this reason, South African professionals in particular have become adept at making friends with local influencers. In rural parts of Africa, local influencers are often the village chiefs.

Real-Time Translation Software: Will it Change Marketing?

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You need people with local knowledge and cultural capital in any overseas market you intend to reach out to, but synchronizing international campaigns and maintaining a consistent brand voice requires frequent and easy communications.

Planning Your Virtual Business to be a Success

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Hiring the right virtual team members in different areas also allows a company to better capture local market share. Business Planning entrepreneur how to work with virtual teams internal communications Trello virtual business virtual company

Who talks to (and about) colleagues like that?

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One would hope that a similar consciousness of respect is at the heart of most corporate communications functions , particularly when companies are large enough to commit resources not just to HR but also staff (or a team) dedicated to internal communications.

Empowering and Encouraging Women Leaders – Why This Is Needed Right Now

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Today is the International Day of the Girl , the one day out of the year where we are reminded that it is important to empower girls from a young age to find their passion, and to find their voices. Corporate Communications HerVoice International Day of the Girl Women Leaders

How to build better relations with employees

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Personally I feel the tendency to state that public relations practice (including internal communications) is better today than in the past is a mistake as much earlier wisdom seems to have not only been lost, but denied by this stance.

Applauding the community at the Fringe

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For example, the local small- to medium-sized theatres and site-specific locations operating as this year’s 28 Fringe venues. Audiences took full advantage of the wealth of local, national and international theatre and dance.”

PRoust Questionnaire: Helen Slater

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Although, if she’s really honest it started right back when she began in event management in the dark ages, totally inexperienced, organising a fashion parade for around 700 people for the local kindergarten fundraiser.

Ask Yourself These 10 Questions to Determine If Your Social Policy Needs Updating


If employees are attending an event together, participating in a company-sponsored function, or volunteering for a nonprofit, are they encouraged to take photos and video that can be shared on social (external or internal) channels? Internal Communication Social Strategy

Updating the Generic/Specific Theory of International Public Relations: More Factors to Consider When Practicing in New Markets


In my book published this week, I add two new dimensions to this theory: social expectations and local influencers. Social Expectations: Local peoples’ expectations of organizations differ dramatically in countries and cultures throughout the world. International.

Leadership and Corporate Accountability

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In a London conference on inclusive capitalism last week, both Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, and Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, were sharply critical of the sector.

Global Social Media for Local Social Good


s international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations, for bringing its TN 2020 conference to Chicago. Global Social Media for Local Social Good. On June 24, 2010, Social Media Club Chicago met up with attendees in town for TN2020, an international summit hosted by the British Council. Social Media Club [SMC] is a worldwide organization, with local chapters, that serves as connecting organization for anyone interested in social media.

Evolving Humanitarian Aid

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I sat for an hour this week with David Miliband, former foreign secretary in the British Labour Government and now the president of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). We need to deal people into their local economy. Featured Image by International Rescue Committee.

How To Tell A (PR) Client They’re Wrong

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But he hired us a month later, and although the branding didn’t change as much as we would have liked, we reached a compromise and helped him achieve a successful launch in a local market.

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Guest Post: PR in the U.S. is as Heterogeneous as Europe

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As someone who’s seen Deirdre on stage in London, I know that her appeal and reach is truly international. Save stereotypes about West Coasters being more internationally-minded and Southerners taking a more relaxed approach, the European PR folk I’ve spoken to tend to view the U.S.

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The Guru With Ovaries: Be A GLORYHOUND


The guts I’m talking about don’t have anything to do with internal body parts or violin strings, or tennis rackets and fishing lines. He also gets pelted with rocks and garbage by the local toughs.

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10 Easy Ways to Leverage Press Coverage


Here are 10 easy ways to maximize new press using your own internal resources: 1. This tactic can be especially effective for garnering local press (Think: Local company earns coveted spot on prestigious Inc. Circulate internally.

Behind the Headlines With Alan VanderMolen


Alan VanderMolen, president of international and WE+ at WE Communications, says you need to understand how to reach people in different markets to successfully communicate on a global scale. You recently joined WE Communications as president, International and WE+.

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Translated Keywords In URLs for International SEO

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What is the importance of translating keywords in a url for international SEO? International SEO Question Overview. I'm asking a question about the importance of translating keywords in a URL for international SEO around the web. I am wondering if usability and also localization are important factors in deciding whether to use keywords in the URL you are targeting?  in single-language SEO, but unfamiliar when it comes to international.

PR as a Force for Good

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Team Up 4 Health is a program initiated in Bell County, Kentucky by our client Humana , a healthcare company offering insurance and wellness products in conjunction with Microclinic International , a global health and development nonprofit, and the Bell County Health Department.

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Behind the Headlines With Monique LeNoir


UNCF is a fast-paced organization with a lot of moving parts, local offices and internal divisions. What are some of the differences in building a communication strategy on a national level compared to a local level? The thing that gets me up in the morning is…my internal clock.

Here’s how to bring your customers to life for your employees who never see them

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Focusing internal communications on employee engagement and the employee experience will not move the customer experience (CX) needle without also communicating with employees about customers. Duplicate the forums in multiple locations with local customers.

6 Awesome Examples of How To Leverage Corporate History in Brand Storytelling


Tasked with chronicling the GNP Company history and Helgeson family legacy, we dove deeply into the company’s archives, along with memorabilia from Helgeson family members and local historical societies. Corporate Communications Brand Strategy Content Curation Internal Communications

5 Ways to Reach New Audiences Through Tech Innovations


Over the past couple of years, autonomous agents have been introduced as the main user interface in airports such as Dubai International Airport , Dulles International Airport , and Logan International Airport. Located in Toronto, he is currently the senior search marketer at Expedia Canada , the leading travel booking platform for flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and local activities.

Content discovery: The new Holy Grail of PR and marketing

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Go” for their destination city, the Four Seasons property in that city would accept collaboration invitations and local staff would pin material about nearby adventures awaiting them.

Global PR: what PR professionals need to know in a shrinking world

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Internal communications can also be complex. Providing external PR and communications services for global companies is complex—but so is providing the internal communications for global companies. A recent post on Media Bullseye examined skills needed for the modern PR pro.

Is Social Media Helping or Hurting the Women’s Movement?


Hashtag feminism was in full force last week in the lead-up to International Women’s Day. We also saw legislators take up the cause, using International Women’s Day to launch new campaigns to end violence against women. Feminism is all the rage these days.

Guest Post: The PR Generalist vs. The Industry Specialist

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In that case, your journey might lead you towards a job in internal communications working for a corporation where you promote the company’s various products, services and experts. Many local chapters have working groups for new and young professionals.

6 Tips for Writing Press Releases People Care About

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It’s also important at this stage to consider the internal stakeholders your press release will serve. However, that internal excitement doesn’t always guarantee an equally strong response from external audiences. How much “local flair” should I include?

A communicator’s guide to mitigating the risk of greenwashing

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The codes of ethics of most national and international PR and communication associations make it clear when it comes to members’ obligations to ethical practices, maintaining integrity and accuracy, and not knowingly, intentionally or recklessly communicating false or misleading information.

PR rising in Africa rising

Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce speaking on digital and social media in PR at the World Conference on PR in Emerging Economies at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Local independent PR agencies, some of which operate across several African markets.

How to manage a global PR team with effectiveness


International growth and team diversity can pose unique challenges, such as cultural and communication differences. Take to time to understand what your team members need to succeed – not just locally, but globally. [By Jason Mollica].