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Is Your Press Release or Media Pitch Guilty of Information Overload?

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Add to that the onslaught of news and other content coming in through your news apps, email newsletters, social media streams, your work and personal email communications, and RSS reader — and you have fatigue from information overload! What is information overload? It can also contribute to burnout and information anxiety.

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What Journalists Want: How to Write Better Press Releases


We’re still employing the “inverted pyramid” of the printing press to compose them, we’re still using them as corporate equivalent of vanity plates for our websites, and we’re still sending them to journalists’ inboxes with a deep, self-serving hope they will magically turn into detailed coverage of our companies.

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Insights Into the Role of Communicators at the U.S. Department of Defense


By Roddy Rasti, Karl Feld, Victoria Leoni and Lee Hill for the Defense Information School, a component of the Defense Media Activity. We recently completed 21 focus groups and in-depth interviews with graduates of the Defense Information School’s Mass Communication Foundations (MCF) course. military operating environments.

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5 Benefits of Media Relations

Landis PR

For example, if a trusted blogger writes that this product is really great – do you believe that writer or the marketing-speak on a company’s website? Targeting audiences PR pros have access to audience statistics on almost any media outlet – digital/print/broadcast/social media/influencers. Where you are communicates who you are.

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Out-of-Work Writing Talent Means Huge Opportunity for Brands

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Nonmedia companies, who in some cases had robust print custom magazines, began to lay off portions of their content teams. In many cases, the freelancers “used” to be staff, but now only write when there is overflow (which there usually isn’t at a time like this). In it, you’ll find both staff and freelancers.

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Can Print Still Flourish in The Age of Digital? An Interview with Star Tribune Magazine’s Sue Campbell


Has digital media – from Huffington Post , Google News and BuzzFeed to Kindle e-books, Twitter and (God help us) more than 8 million blogs – finally vanquished Print? Recent headlines provide brutal evidence: Condé Nast announced last December it was shutting down the print version of Self magazine to go online-only. Long Live Print”!

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How To Submit Contributed Stories To Fast Company And Tips On Getting Published

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We appreciate lively, polished writing that balances research or news with fun and memorable anecdotes or examples that help illustrate your point of view. Contributed articles run online; the print edition is almost exclusively written by staff or professional journalists who contribute regularly to the magazine.

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