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Guest Post: How Twitter Became My Platform of Choice

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Wendy Glavin, Founder and CEO of Wendy Glavin Agency. Several years ago, I was hired to market mobile apps and coding for Digital Pomegrante, a software entrepreneur in New York City, and LiveCode, a software platform based in Scotland.

How to Write a Press Release That Converts


Generating and distributing your brand’s vital news is an important part of how you stay relevant in the minds of the media and your wider customer base. But a press release can do so much more than simply tell someone about your company.

Nassar Sentenced to 60 Years

Ronn Torossian

He spent most of his adult career treating the elite athletes of the US Olympic Gymnastics team, now it appears physician Larry Nassar will spend the rest of his life in prison.

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Watch For These Red Flags When Hiring A PR Firm

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

As brands set plans and budgets for 2018, engaging a public relations firm may be at the top of the list. Finding the right agency partner can begin with an online search to narrow the field to a short list of agencies invited to share capabilities.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

#PRStudChat December Announcement: How to Motivate Students in the Classroom & in the New Year

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As we wrap up another college semester and head toward the New Year, educators will reflect on Fall 2017, evaluating their classroom activities, interactions with students and what methods of teaching were the most favorable.

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Boyega Star on The Rise With Last Jedi

Ronn Torossian

When he was cast as the renegade Storm Trooper “Finn” in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, John Boyega was a relative stranger to movie fans. Now, as one of the next generation of Star Wars heroes, his “Finn” is playing alongside timeless characters like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

Top PR Takeaways For The Year

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Each December public relations agencies spend time crafting pitches and byline articles capturing clients’ takeaways for their particular industry.

Top 5 Digital Skills to Learn in 2018

The Proactive Report

It’s that time of year when predictions and suggestions are made for the new year. Forbes made a list of the digital skills they see as the most important and TEKSystems polled 250 CMOs to find out what they’re looking for in 2018.

Why Transparency Is the Key to Building Brand Loyalty


Transparency is key when it comes to successful marketing. A 2016 study from Label Insight reveals that nearly 40 percent of consumers will switch to a brand that is more transparent, and 56 percent of people say additional product information inspires more trust in a brand.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

15 superb blogs and websites for PR pros to follow

PR Daily

Staying apprised of industry trends can seem daunting. Consider this: What’s on your to-do list today? Measuring the performance of your latest campaign? Writing and customizing pitches? Updating your media lists? Repurposing content?

20 Insightful PR and Marketing Predictions for 2018

Sword and the Script

The most interesting part about predictions is they are an intersection of analysis and aspiration. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say our own predictions are influenced by where things are today – and where we’d like things to go.

Diagnose your unconscious bias in a bid to tackle diversity

Stephen Waddington

Challenging your own personal bias is the first step to tackling diversity. By Sarah Stimson. #1 1 Why is addressing diversity in public relations so important? There are a number of reasons.

Welcome to The New Cision® Blog


You may have noticed that a few things have changed around here. Today, we launched the new optimized version of our blog with the goal of better serving you — our readers.

How influencer and content marketing will shape PR in 2018

PR Daily

The power that content and influential social media users wield isn’t new—but tapping into it will take new tricks. Both strategies continue to dominate, as PR pros looking to make a splash in 2018 look for the next big thing.

How Golin’s Bridge is connecting brands to the new future of PR


We talk to Golin about how its Bridge network is paving the way for a social-friendly future. In the shifting digital landscape, no area of media has remained untouched. For PR professionals, public relations has evolved from pitching legacy newspapers to reaching audiences more directly. PR professionals need to be more inventive than ever. The […]. The post How Golin’s Bridge is connecting brands to the new future of PR appeared first on NewsWhip.

12 Ideas for Maintaining an Invigorating Professional Life in 2018


Do you feel stuck in your current job? If so, then here’s a quick list of 12 ideas for 2018 to help you stay invigorated in your professional life. Update your LinkedIn profile and résumé.

How Top PR Pros Track Down the Best B2B Influencers


You’re trying to pitch a story about an innovative new product aimed at financial services companies. You check the key publications — and discover half of them have ceased to exist. You look on social media, but it’s not crystal-clear who has an independent voice.

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7 tips for speedier, more pragmatic writing

PR Daily

Writers who wait for the perfect words are doomed to a dreary purgatory of half-finished work. If you’re keen to become an efficient writing machine instead of a dithering nitpicker, Enchanting Marketing has an infographic for you.

No more inflated numbers. Make 2018 the year your PR measurement got real

The Resolution Blog

“The CEO wants to know who saw that killer piece of coverage on the Mail Online last month” You remember back ‘that piece was great, it was on the homepage! No problem’, you think. But then you realise….The The Mail doesn’t release that kind of data and your PR tool only provides unique users.

10 Pain Points PR Pros Will Face in 2018

PR News

It’s traditional to look to the New Year with hope and optimism. As a result, this post, which highlights difficulties communicators will face in 2018, might not be the most pleasant read. On the other hand, we easily can turn this exercise on its head and say, dripping with optimism, “These are issues communicators most… Continued. The post 10 Pain Points PR Pros Will Face in 2018 appeared first on PR News Blog. Media Relations PR News Blogger Network

Happy little Vege-stunts


Can you hear the Down Under lyrics being rewritten? “He He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite ice cream …”. Vegemite’s marketing and PR team must be pleased with the spike in brand mentions since it began sharing a story yesterday about a Vegemite icy pole.

How to avoid boring your audience

PR Daily

The first rule of many professions is: Do no harm. For content marketers, the first rule is: Do not—under any circumstances—bore your audience. This rule can be applied to any medium—blog posts, podcasts, video, etc.—that that a business may use to educate its audience, and by proxy, market itself.

Public Speaking Myths

HMA Public Relations

In a recent Forbes post, author and lecturer Ken Sterling debunks three myths about public speaking. Can you guess which three they are? Click below for more]. The post Public Speaking Myths appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

PR and Marketing Cannot Stand Stagnation. Focus on Developing New Skills!


Found your dream job? Great! But when was the last time you had the chance to learn something new? Experts say that developing own competencies is one of the best investments you can make. What skill or competence would you like to improve or learn in 2018?

Earned Media Outperforms Paid in Demand Gen

The Proactive Report

According to a recent Demand Gen study B2B marketers are looking for new ways to drive demand, increase brand awareness and bring more prospective customers into the funnel. Earned media is growing more and more appealing to these companies, as the price of paid efforts increases.

Influencer marketing lessons from a 6-year-old YouTube star

PR Daily

Influencer marketing is a huge, young phenomenon—in more ways than one. Many were gobsmacked to learn that a 6-year-old kid named Ryan has made Forbes’ list by reviewing toys in YouTube videos.

Do you need paid media?

Shift Communications

A recent marketing discussion on Facebook surfaced the criticism that paid media, in a world of earned, owned, and paid, should be unnecessary, that if you do amazing and awesome work in earned and shared media, paid wouldn’t need to be part of the mix.

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10 Things To Do For Your Business

Solo PR Pro

You have often heard it said that it’s important to not only work in your business but on your business. However, this can be easier said than done for busy communications professionals.

5 Most Loved Social PR Chat Articles of the Year

Social PR Chat

Read the most loved Social PR Chat articles on everything from VR/AR to smartphone addition to best courses to find your way. As 2017 comes to a close, Social PR Chat realizes it’s been a marketing whirlwind. So many shiny new social media objects to keep track of.

Tech, telecoms take disparate stands on scuttling of net neutrality

PR Daily

It may have been the turning point for online business; others say it’s not that big a deal. In a 3-2 vote along party lines, the Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to overturn net neutrality protections instituted during the Obama administration.

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8 questions to ask before starting your first corporate podcast

Communications Conversations

It seems like everyone is talking about podcasting right now. Clients are asking about it. Friends are promoting them (on Instagram, no less). And, people are listening. Oh, are people listening. According to Edison Research, 40 percent of Americans 12+ have ever listened to a podcast.

How To Create More Exposure For Earned Media With Tweetstorms

Karwoski & Courage

Hot on the heels of its doubling of character limits from 140 to 280 for tweets, Twitter has introduced a new "tweetstorm" feature. One of the benefits the new tweetstorm button offers is the ability to generate more exposure for your earned media coverage.