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ICON 2023 Q&A: Delta’s Gina Laughlin on an ‘Employees First’ Approach to Internal Comms


Laughlin, a former PRSSA president, is vice president of global employee communications for Delta Air Lines. During ICON, she talked with PRsay about Delta’s employee-first approach to internal communications and the challenges of reaching deskless employees. We use an employee-led approach to internal comms at Delta.

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The 6-Step Guide to Creating a Thought Leadership Content Program

Contently - Strategy

Any organization can deliver thought leadership content if it has a system for generating ideas and a process for turning them into engaging assets. Half of C-suite executives say they leverage thought leadership to make purchasing decisions in tough economic times. What is thought leadership?


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How The Right PR Makes Better Business Deals

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Some executives are reluctant to share their end game, due to the unpredictability of market conditions or because they don’t want employees to be unsettled. A good PR plan communicates business leadership. We wrapped the campaign in a thought leadership banner carried by the CEO, in contrast to competitive banking institutions.

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Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover: Lessons for Leaders

Reputation Us

Whether or not Musk succeeds remains to be seen, but behind those headlines is a mission-oriented strategy, a performance initiative, and a customer plan that bank and credit union leaders should learn from. His leadership decisions have spilled even more. Then Twitter’s fate will depend on employee performance.

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A Guide to Pride Without Pandering


And we have a new President and new leadership in Congress. LGBTQ people are voters, employees, family members and consumers. It’s not your LGBTQ employees’ job to be the sole voice representing your company, and not all LGBTQ employees are able or interested in speaking out for you. We expect more now, and in the future.

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Conveying PR’s Value Requires a Different Form of Accounting


In my case, it was as a PR writer of thought leadership articles. A sustained program of communications that builds goodwill for the company among its key constituencies is like saving money in a bank. A few months ago, I sent my résumé to an agency that specializes in polishing clients’ work histories for prospective employers.

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Joyful Workplaces: The Surprising Edge Happiness Gives to Your Business

Stern + Associates

Organizational leaders are increasingly recognizing that employee happiness is an important goal,” says Elizabeth Dunn, Ph.D., An Enduring Organizational Resource: Social Connections at Work According to Dunn, one of the main keys to unlocking employee happiness is to build a sense of connection with colleagues.

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