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The Importance of the ADA, Internally and Externally


Internal Benefits Accessibility and inclusion are essential for a company’s external reputation. But they also have significant internal benefits. This fosters a sense of community, loyalty, and engagement. Not to mention that nearly 70% of customers are willing to make a second purchase from such brands.

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From Solo PR Pro to Agency and Back Again

Solo PR Pro

Identifying the Catalyst for Change There are external and internal factors that can be the catalyst for the shift from bigger business to a true Solo PR. Get support for every season of your business by joining the Solo PR Pro community ! Redefine Your Brand : As you shift focus, revisit what your solo brand stands for.

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PR Agency Life: What to Expect

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

Once upon a time, many moons ago, I worked at a large PR agency as part of the consumer technology team. PR agency life can be gratifying and exciting, just as it can be fast-paced and stress-inducing. I didn’t get into the public relations and communications industry through a traditional career route.

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Celebrating the PR Profession’s LGBTQ Community


“Let’s recognize the power of public relations to shape ideas and forge opinion,” said Galloway, vice president of communications for Wells Fargo Bank and chair of the PRSA 2020 International Conference. “PR He is currently working in an Argentinean PR agency. You can connect with him on LinkedIn. Photo credit: sasirin pamai.

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The 22 Responsibilities of PR and What They Entail


Companies often hire specialized agencies on a project basis to assist with specific repositioning or market research. Internal Communications Internal communications are crucial in determining how things are accomplished in any organization. How do you know what’s working?

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PR Agencies Need To Be More Diverse And Inclusive. Here’s How To Start

Remote PR Jobs

public relations industry, they make up only 30% of agency C-suite executives. For example, last September, after HP conducted a one-year media audit of its agency partners, CEO Antonio Lucio publicly admonished Edelman, ranked as the top public relations agency in the world, for lacking racial diversity and inclusion.

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Setting Up Shop at The Hoffman Agency in London

The Hoffman Agency

After tilts in content writing, branding and marketing, I was thrilled when Hoffman invited me into the London office as a Spring intern. Hoffman’s community of like-minded PR whizzes and tech enthusiasts are there for me to lean on as I learn the ropes — and not just those I share the London office with. Or looking around, I suppose.

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