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The Influencer Marketing Measurement Enigma


Public relations has always been a challenge to measure. However, now that public relations is overlapping with marketing, you’d think demonstrating a return on investment (ROI) would be getting easier. If there’s anything marketing has a lot of, then it’s metrics. However, EMV baselines fluctuate like the stock market.

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Newsjacking: How Brands Can Use Current Events To Make News

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Newsjacking is a powerful tactic for marketing and public relations. SOCi’s Threads Launch Commentary When Instagram unveiled “Threads,” Meta’s equivalent to Twitter, it created a social media frenzy. The news shed light on possible hurdles in the network’s advertising approach.

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Survey shows people follow brands on social media to stay informed about new products and services

Sword and the Script

Contrary to conventional wisdom, 68% of people follow brands on social media to stay informed but they do it quietly and want it without all the buzzwords; 51% say the most memorable brands on social media do one simple thing: Respond A new report by Sprout Social offers further evidence of how social media is evolving.

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Why Social Media Platforms and Apps are Crucial to Marketing Your Brands


Now that we’re neck-deep into the age of social media, having a website isn’t even enough anymore. Yes, social media is that crucial to surviving our Facebook-posting, Instagram-storying, Live Tweeting, TikToking world. billion people are active social media users , and not having access to it is lethal to your business.

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Frank Strong on Next Steps in Social Media Marketing

Flack's Revenge

I have been writing about issues challenging social media and digital communications, and speaking with thought leaders on the topic. In this installment, I interview Frank Strong, Founder & President of Sword & Script Media, LLC. Frank Strong, Founder & President, Sword & Script Media.

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Social Media Advertising – Spotlight on Facebook


Despite the fact that there’s been multiple new and improved social media platforms created in recent years, Facebook still continues to be the most popular site. Each month, social media advertising continues to change and develop. There are over 2.7 There are over 2.7

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Onclusive Clips #6 – Campaign Optimization – The Power of PR Analytics


Campaign Optimization – The Power of PR Analytics The continued rise of social media has given consumers an open platform to freely discuss brands and customer experiences. These conversations can also spur traditional media and cause a spike in brand mentions.

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