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Sephora Data-Privacy Penalties Sound Alarm for Marketers


Marketers are taking notice of California’s data-privacy laws after cosmetics retailer Sephora agreed last month to pay $1.2 million in penalties for alleged violations involving its targeted-advertising practices. For further reading: Using Data Ethically to Inform PR Strategies ( Strategies & Tactics , September 2022).

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How to balance the importance of data privacy and personalization in 2023

Agility PR Solutions

Big Data has created an information ecosystem in which advertisers use personal data to show consumers specific, targeted, and personalized ads online. It’s common […] The post How to balance the importance of data privacy and personalization in 2023 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Bits, Bytes and the Ethics of Data


Data science, once the domain of math geeks and academics, has moved from windowless basements to the top floors of organizations. If content is king, then data is the emperor. In fact, the explosive growth of data science, which employs algorithms and scientific methods to extract insights from data, may be part of the problem.

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Goodbye Third-Party Cookies, Hello Content Marketing

Contently - Strategy

They’re one of the main avenues by which advertisers build personalized profiles about potential customers. In reality, third-party cookies and resulting targeted ads can feel like an invasion of privacy—or even be perceived as downright creepy.

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Consumers say they want more control over personal data and transparency from brands

Agility PR Solutions

With continued legislation being introduced, most recently the American Data Protection and Privacy Act, CMOs, advertisers, security and compliance teams, as well as C-level executives are being further pressed to justify the use of personal information in line with consumer expectations.

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Cutting The Jargon In Ad Tech PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

If our goal is to create a collaborative environment whereby brands, agencies, publishers, and data partners can ultimately reach consumers with positive ad experiences, why have we made it so complicated? . This would allow for targeting based on interests, rather than a user’s personal identifying data. Is Connected TV (CTV) ATV?

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Reaching Your Audience: Which Online Marketing and Advertising Tactics Actually Work?


These marketing tactics are a part of the browsing experience, which has developed from being almost exclusively one-sided to becoming a proposed exchange of personal data and content. . Privacy Concerns. The debate about the Internet and privacy continues to be a concern for many Americans. Would You Rather? We learned: .