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PRSA 2017–2019 Strategic Plan: “Framework for the Future,”


Grounded in these accomplishments, we build the PRSA 2017–2019 Strategic Plan, “Framework for the Future,” on a strong foundation, and focus on a more strategic future.

Infographic: How Instagram’s popularity offers prime marketing opportunities

PR Daily

billion by 2019. As the number of daily users on Instagram continues to grow, so, too, should your marketing efforts on the influential platform.

Could Disney re-hire James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy?

Mark My Words

The stars were on board, the contracts had been signed, and the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie was scheduled to begin shooting in early 2019. But Disney’s recent firing of director James Gunn has left the franchise somewhat up in the air. PR expert Mark Borkowski says there can often be ways for stars to return to their careers after a scandal – provided the situation is handled well.

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Digital is Driving PR Industry Growth

The Proactive Report

Statista predicts that by 2019 spend on social and digital media will grow to $17 billion in the US alone. Over the past couple of years companies have been spending more of their marketing and communication budgets on digital and social media. 72% of the PR firms polled by the 2015 Holmes Report rated digital and social as one of their top three growth drivers. In 2013 87% of US companies were already using social media marketing. We’re now at 89%.

McDonald’s announces end of plastic straws in the UK and Ireland

PR Daily

McDonald’s recently announced that it was phasing out plastic straws at certain European locations and vowed to remove them in its United Kingdom and Ireland locations by the end of 2019. It’s the last straw—for plastic, that is.

5 PR Myths Debunked

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A new show for 2019 called “Flack” probably won’t clear up any misconceptions; its main character, played by Anna Paquin ( True Blood ), works in celebrity PR.

PR Guide to Executive Speaking Gigs

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Start working on 2019. . It will come as no surprise to those of us in public relations that 205 million people in the U.S. attend conventions, conferences, and trade shows each year.

PR Pros Use Video to Pump Up Campaigns

Flack Me

Some experts predict that by 2019, video will make up 80% of all web traffic. Category: Flack Me Summary: The use of video in the PR world is exploding. Of course, visuals have always played an important role in public relations campaigns, but with the rise of video in marketing, we now see its use increasing like never before in PR. Also, marketers say that video brings the highest ROI

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The Rise and Rise of Online Video

The Proactive Report

What started out as a text-heavy medium is increasingly becoming a visual medium and according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, 80% of all online content will be video by 2019. By Cokey Falkow. The internet has become more than just the new wave.

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6 Ways to Connect With Consumers Using Periscope


With forecasts estimating that video will make up 80 to 90 percent of global consumer traffic by 2019 , live video streaming apps like Periscope are expected to stay in the spotlight.

5 tips to ignite creativity

PR Daily

In 2019, you could update that piece with new guidance. If writing is part of your job, you know the nonstop struggle to produce inspired ideas. Everyone gets stuck. Fortunately, there are loads of ways to spark creativity and generate fresh, compelling article ideas.

7 of the Best Quotes from IMPACT Live 2018 #IMLIVE18

PR 20/20

He noted that by next year (2019), 80% of all content consumed online will be video, and social video already generates 1,200% more shares than text and images.

5 Steps For Live Streaming Video Success


With Cisco predicting that video will account for 80 percent of Internet traffic by 2019, brands shouldn’t have to think twice about incorporating live video streaming into content marketing strategies.

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What the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Means to You

The Hoffman Agency

This new credit only applies for 2018 and 2019. On December 20, 2017, Congress passed the largest piece of tax legislation in many years. It makes dramatic changes for individuals and businesses. But it does not change many of the tax rules that have long been in place.

How to Drive Traffic & Lift Awareness With 8 Types of Content


By 2019, 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic will be consumed by video. Content, content and more content. Brands are investing more time, resources and budget into publishing high-quality content with the goal of attracting, engaging and converting customers throughout the buyer’s journey. According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2017 , the top three inbound marketing priorities are: Growing SEO & Organic Presence. Blog Content Creation.

Adidas pledges to use recycled plastic as WeWork bans meat

PR Daily

CNN Money reported : Adidas said its apparel line for the spring and summer of 2019 will contain around 41% recycled polyester. More organizations are seeking to become environmentally friendly—and hoping to earn PR kudos in return.

San Diego - Taking Back The Chargers Would Be A Bad PR Move

The Stalwart Blog

The paltry attendance at the soccer stadium the Chargers will call home through 2019 is eclipsed only by the poor showing on the field itself.

Video: Essential for Modern PR and Marketing

Solo PR Pro

The latest data shows that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video-based. Written by Michelle Kane. It’s no secret that video is a key tactic for public relations and marketing professionals. How are you using video?

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Academy’s new Oscar category aimed to boost ratings gets backlash instead

PR Daily

On Wednesday, the organization announced a few changes for its 2019 ceremony: Change is coming to the #Oscars. The popular film category will most likely happen at the 2019 Oscars; it’s hard to imagine the Academy announcing this change without intending to implement it as soon as possible.

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Report: Brands’ posts to Instagram outnumber those to Facebook

PR Daily

Another TechInsider source estimates that 62 percent of the 12-to-17 age group will be on Instagram by the end of 2019, and L2’s study predicts Instagram will capture nearly 34 percent of Internet users by 2019, eclipsing Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr by more than 10 percent.

5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Video Marketing Strategy


Even though video will account for 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2019, some businesses are still hesitant to use this powerful content marketing tool.

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Trend: The over-investment in social media tools and technology

Communications Conversations

I’d be curious to hear what those in these seats are doing/plan to do in 2019. I’ve seen a number of articles recently that have focused on a growing–and increasingly troublesome–trend in our industry: Our complete over-reliance on tools and technology.

How to Create a Content Contributor Guide


In fact, Cisco predicts that consumer internet video traffic will surpass 80 percent by 2019. When you invite internal and external subject matter experts to contribute to your content marketing program, it’s important to have guidelines for them to follow.

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Facebook has historic stock drop in wake of scandal

PR Daily

Looking beyond 2018, we anticipate that total expense growth will exceed revenue growth in 2019.”. Even social media behemoth Facebook isn’t impervious to a PR crisis.

SXSW Recap: PR takeaways from this year’s event

Media Bullseye

This awards category is expected to expand at the 2019 event, but this year, only three prizes were given out. Every year, people from all branches of media and technology, including musicians, actors, marketers, and programmers, gather in Austin for South by Southwest (SXSW).

Starbucks vows to ditch straws by 2020

PR Daily

In June, McDonald’s announced that it was ditching plastic straws at certain locations in Europe , vowing to remove them from all its restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland by the end of 2019. Starbucks is going strawless in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

Volkswagen settles in multi-billion deal

PR Daily

The settlement requires Volkswagen to ensure that 85 percent of the cars in question are fixed or off the road by July 2019. When it comes to repairing a damaged reputation, Volkswagen has a long road ahead.

Miss America waves goodbye to swimsuits and evening gowns

PR Daily

Swimsuit will be eliminated for “The 2019 Miss America Competition”. Miss America has a new look: inclusivity.

Creating “Ungoogleable” learning experiences in and out of the classroom: Reflections from Adobe’s Creative Campus in Lehi

Karen Freberg

and 2) see if you can get to a Creative Campus event next year in 2019. Adobe is one of my favorite brands hands down. No question at all about this – it’s not just the great resources and software programs they offer, but it’s the people.

The 4-Step Plan to Build a Better Ambassador Program

Beyond PR

Because of these trends, MediaKix estimates that total influencer marketing spend will grow to $5 billion-$10 billion by 2020, with the Instagram market alone set to hit $2 billion by 2019. Influencer and brand ambassador marketing used to be an untapped land of opportunity.

6 rising social media trends that PR pros should watch

PR Daily

If you don’t feel the urgency yet, just know that, by 2019, video will account for 80 percent of all consumer traffic. With a new year comes new changes, new goals and new trends; as the great Ernest Hemingway wrote, “It occurs first very slowly, then all at once.”.

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4 ways e-commerce marketers can make a splash

PR Daily

billion in 2019, and more than $4.8 Shopping online is the new black. Statistica reported. that e-commerce sales totaled roughly $2.3 billion last year and is on course to reach more than $3.5 billion in 2021.

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A PR Perspective on How the Huffington Post changed Digital Journalism

Mora Communications

She was set to stay on as editor in chief through 2019, but when the funding came through for her new venture, she thought it best to put her focus there and announced she was moving on.

A PR Perspective on How the Huffington Post changed Digital Journalism

Mora Communications

She was set to stay on as editor in chief through 2019, but when the funding came through for her new venture, she thought it best to put her focus there and announced she was moving on.

Use these video tactics to market your health insurance offerings

PR Daily

By 2019, 80 percent of all Internet traffic will be devoted to video. Adweek has proclaimed online video the “future of content marketing.”

Facebook announces live-streaming for brands

PR Daily

Cisco reported that roughly 80 percent of the world’s Internet consumption will be video by 2019. Brand managers can be part of the live-streaming trend without leaving Facebook.

5 tips for producing great video

PR Daily

The research says it would take one person more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2019. A new report from Cisco offers a glimpse into the future of content marketing and video.

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Study: Only 57 percent of PR websites are mobile-friendly

PR Daily

Those numbers will continue to rise as organizations spend more on mobile marketing: The report projects they will spend nearly twice as much on mobile advertising in 2019 as they will in 2016, accounting for 70 percent of all digital advertising.

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In bid to boost marketing offerings, Snapchat pilots an ad platform

PR Daily

billion in 2019, as more and more brand managers seek to pinpoint specific consumer groups. Reaching younger consumers through Snapchat might become much easier.

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