Infographic: When to post on social media

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Your social media content will get more eyeballs depending on when upload your post. This infographic from CoSchedule breaks down each of the top social media platforms with the best times and days of the week to post. To see all the best times for your content to run , read the full infographic. Want the latest information and best practices for social media and digital content?

How to Succeed in Personal Branding on Social Media

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Social media is like a blank canvas for both personal and work life. There's no doubt that there's an important place for personal branding on social media. But before we get into the ins and outs of personal branding with social media, let's look at why personal branding is important in the first place. As they follow you on social media, check out your content, and see how you engage with others, they begin to know and trust you.


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Personal Branding: How to Grow Your Social Media Audience

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With billions of active users, social media has incredible power to fuel your personal branding strategy. But a lot of that power depends on the size of your social media audience. Let's look at how you can grow your audience effectively and make the most of your social media for branding. You may have begun a social media and branding strategy. Growing your audience on social media is not impossible. B2B Social Media

10 Steps to Managing a PR or Social Media Crisis

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And considering 80% of customers use social media to engage with a brand during a crisis, not… Read More >>>. PR & Comms Crisis Management Infographic Planning & StrategyNearly one in four brands don't have a set crisis communication plan in place.

Crisis 113

11 tips on social media and health care marketing

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This infographic is a reminder for experienced professionals—and serves as a solid primer for newcomers to the industry. The post 11 tips on social media and health care marketing appeared first on PR Daily. Health Care Infographics Marketing Social MediaCommunicators increasingly are being encouraged to dig deep into data analytics, video and storytelling. Here’s a reminder that basics must be applied as well.

Infographic: Social media rules for managing a crisis

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How your brand presents itself on social media has only grown in importance during this global pandemic and lockdown. How are you changing your social media strategy during this crisis? Social media channels are crucial tools for modern communicators and while your instinct might be to pull back on you social media activity, offering relevant and comforting messages to your audience right now could be extremely valuable for your organization in the long run.

Infographic: Social media etiquette for brand managers

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Your social media audience is carefully watching your every move. They expect their favorite brands to be thoughtful, even inspiring on their social media channels. put together a list of social media users’ least-favorite behaviors. . To see the full list of behaviors that will shrink your social media following, read the full infographic. The post Infographic: Social media etiquette for brand managers appeared first on PR Daily.

Infographic: Why social media marketing is essential

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If social media isn’t a core part of your strategy, you’ll be left to play catch up. According to an infographic from Three Girls Media , which cites Hubspot data, over half of brand managers that have used social media as part of their strategy for at least two years say it’s boosted revenue. Social media also helps brands stand out on the crowded digital landscape. Social media is perfect for this. Marketing Social Media

Infographic: Tips for creating social media conversations

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With the way social media platforms have changed their algorithms, it’s more important than ever for marketers to prioritize creating online community. Engagement with your content has become an essential goal for social media managers, whether that’s soliciting comments or trying to create communities that share your content. This infographic from Red Website Design offers 14 ways you can start a conversation online.

Infographic: Your social media video cheat sheet

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What does your audience want from video content on each of the major social media platforms? This infographic can help guide your strategy. Some audiences are more likely to use one platform than another—which means each social media site has a unique user base with specific wants. Content marketers and social media managers must know what content will be the right fit for their audience—and for the platform that audience uses.

Infographic: Social media stats to inform your next move

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Social media is an ever more important tool for PR pros and marketers. This infographic from Status Brew compiles the latest user data, highlighting platforms that enjoy consistently favorable results. Key insights include: On average, a person spends 135 minutes on social media a day. To learn more about how social media can deliver your message to a diverse audience, read the full infographic.

Infographic: The 5 P’s of social media marketing

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Social media platforms can help your organization reach new audiences and engage current consumers on a daily basis. Is your social media strategy getting the job done? Social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter offer countless opportunities for brand managers to win new fans and develop trust with consumers. RELATED: We're recognizing the brightest minds in digital marketing and social media. ].

Infographic: Why your social media team must invest in video

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RELATED: Boost your employee communications, PR and social media prowess at Microsoft HQ ]. This infographic from Infographic Design Team shares statistics that prove the power of video on social media and offers best practices for achieving success. For more reasons to make video a central pillar of your content strategy—and tips for successful implementation—check out the full infographic.

Infographic: 8 tips for better customer service on social media

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How are you interacting with your consumers on social media channels? This infographic shares some rules of the road for keeping things polite and professional. A poor customer experience can quickly blow up, and social media exacerbates the problem with algorithms that prioritize outrage. However, savvy communications can help create systems where social media disputes are minimized. For more tips, see the full infographic.

Infographic: How much time we spend on social media

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This infographic offers vital insights. How much time do you spend on social media? This infographic from Famemass offers insights into how users use their social media apps and what topics keep them engaged. The infographic lists a few key topics for keeping people engaged: Staying up to date on the latest news. To see more about how consumers use social media platforms, consult the full infographic.

Infographic: Trends that are shaping the social media landscape

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To thrive in the social media ecosystem, you must stay ahead of the tactics that are dominating the digital realm. RELATED: We're recognizing the brightest minds in digital marketing and social media. ]. Digital Marketing Philippines shares the tactics, strategies and content that brand managers should know and implement into their marketing strategies in this infographic. Use social listening tools to generate more leads.

Infographic: Are marketers fibbing about social media video efforts?

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Marketers talk a big game when it comes to social media video. According to Animoto ’s “ State of Social Video Trends Report ,” the simple answer is no. RELATED: Join us at Disney World for our Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications. ]. It compiled its findings of disparity between what marketers say about social media video and what they are actually doing, along with tips for success in this infographic.

Video 128

Infographic: Do’s and don’ts for social media marketers

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With social media, that risk is compounded exponentially. For any team looking to engage a social media audience, there are some basic rules of the road: Be polite; avoid politics; respond quickly; be human. However, even the most experienced social media team can run afoul of the online mob. This infographic offers some basic do’s and don’ts for communicators who want to engage on social media. Social media is a two-way street.

Adjusting your social media messaging during a global pandemic

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While we are social distancing physically, we are virtually more connected than ever. It comes as no surprise that social networking platforms have reported all-time high usage as some of their features like live video are the closest thing we have to face-to-face communication. Take to social media to make a difference. Surgeon General understands the power of social media, asking social influencers to share the importance of social distancing.

Infographic: Your social media marketing checklist

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Not every social media task has to be done every day—but regular upkeep can be the difference between success and wasting your money. It’s imperative for social media marketers and brand managers to stay organized and keep track of their social media output. RELATED: Join us at Disney World for our Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications. ]. Are you doing enough to keep your social media strategy on track?

Infographic: Social media marketers say Facebook offers best ROI

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How are you investing in social media for the coming year? Many communicators are putting together their annual budgets, and some teams are pushing for more spending on social media content and promotions. However, many marketers say Facebook is the best investment of their limited social media budget. . This infographic from Sharekit offers data and statistics to guide your planning and budgeting for the coming year. Social Media

Infographic: Common mistakes to avoid in your social media strategy

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Social media is becoming a bigger part of most marketers’ lives as they try to reach new customers and develop consumer trust. With whopping user figures and new, powerful messaging tools introduced all the time, social media offers exciting opportunities for any organization. RELATED: Boost your employee communications, PR and social media prowess at Microsoft HQ ]. The list includes these gaffes: You try to take advantage of every social media platform.

Infographic: 50 social media stats to inform your next campaign

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Are you unsure about which social media site is the best investment for your organization? See this infographic for a snapshot of their particular strengths. That means it’s essential to pick the right social media platform. Social media is labor- and capital-intensive. This infographic from Dustin Stout offers insights on the user populations of the major platforms and what kinds of posts perform well on each site.

Infographic: 15 guaranteed ways to repel your social media audience

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Social media is a crucial channel for communicators in a changing media landscape. However, a social media channel is only as valuable as the time you invest in it. This infographic from Inklyo details 15 missteps that can undermine your social media strategy. To see all the blunders that could undo your social media campaign, read the full infographic. Infographics Marketing Social Media social media infographic

Infographic: Tips for writing a great social media bio

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What belongs in your social media bio? . This infographic from Zoho offers handy rules to follow when creating a social media bio. To see all the suggestions for making your bio leap off the screen, see the full infographic. The post Infographic: Tips for writing a great social media bio appeared first on PR Daily. Infographics Social Media

Infographic: Content trends for social media in 2020

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What kinds of content are most likely to make an impact on social media platforms in 2020? With changing algorithms and shortening attention spans, it is crucial to invest wisely on social media content. You have very little time to set yourself apart on social media platforms, so savvy communicators will take advantage of every opportunity. This infographic from MicroCreatives looks at the types of social media content that will be in demand in 2020.

Infographic: Top social media trends, by the numbers

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What’s next for influencer marketing, and just how important is ‘social listening’? Social media is always changing, and that means marketers must continually research the latest trends to make sure their investment reaps ample benefits. In 2019, that means investing in influencer marketing and social media monitoring. Top insights include: More than half (53%) of sales people want help in understanding social media selling.

Infographic: How to combine email and social media efforts

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Email has better conversion rate than social media—but social media channels can help expand your email list. Social media can help with that. This infographic from Payfort suggests five ways to use social media to drive consumers to your email list. Use content snippets from your newsletter for social media posts. The post Infographic: How to combine email and social media efforts appeared first on PR Daily.

Infographic: Facebook leads all social media with 68% of U.S. adults

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These stats can guide your social media strategy. Social media is always changing—but some industry facts are starting to become industry institutions. . Yet the company continues to hold a robust market share over other social media platforms. Cisco’s social media team has seen great results using Twitter to create a community from its customer base of live-event attendees. FREE GUIDE: 6 steps to crafting an internal social media plan ].

How to build your social media content calendar

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How often should you post content to your social media channels, and what should that content look like? PR pros agree that social media is vital to their work. Your social media channels are a crucial part of your content distribution strategy and an important way to stay connected to your consumer base. It starts with a social media editorial calendar. Gone are the days of free social media successes.

Infographic: How to optimize your social media images

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Are your social media followers seeing what you want them to see? Images and visual marketing are incredibly important elements of social media messaging. So, what makes a good social media image? RELATED: We're recognizing the brightest minds in digital marketing and social media. ]. This infographic from Buffer offers guidelines for evaluating your social media images and how to ensure they have the desired effect.

How to Use Content Marketing for PR and Social Media Success

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The value of content marketing for PR and social media has become a slam dunk when it comes to digital marketing. We are talking about a rich digital identity that make your brand stand out, such as a regular blog, social media presence, and search engine optimization. Knowing the crucial role of digital marketing, it's essential to maintain your digital marketing and social media channels. 4 Ways to Use Content Marketing for PR and Social Media.

Infographic: How should you size images for social media platforms?

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Few things bring the social media scroll screeching to a halt quicker than a compelling image. Every social media platform has different needs when it comes to uploading images. To help keep images crisp and eyeballs on your brand in social media feeds, Constant Contact created this handy infographic , with ideal image sizes and dimensions for top digital platforms. The post Infographic: How should you size images for social media platforms?

7 ideas for social media posts

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Here are some ideas for social media missives to stay connected with your followers. What are some of the proven, time-tested social media ideas that can help build engagement? Create infographics. Infographics are liked and shared on social media platforms 3 times more than any other type of post. When presented with an infographic, people are able to understand, appreciate and take action with ease.

Infographic: 30 ways Instagram stands out from other social media

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This infographic from Famemass details 30 Instagram statistics that every communicator should consider when planning for the future of social media marketing. RELATED: Boost your employee communications, PR and social media prowess at Microsoft HQ ]. To see all the ways you can improve your Instagram content, read the full infographic. The post Infographic: 30 ways Instagram stands out from other social media appeared first on PR Daily.

Infographic: 8 social media posts your organization must avoid

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Social media can reach big audiences, but it comes with risks. How much do you plan to invest in social media this year? Some mistakes can be worse than having no social media presence at all. RELATED: Join us at Disney World for our Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications. ]. This infographic from Red Web Design shares some key errors that brand managers and social media teams should be sure to avoid.

Infographic: A cheat sheet for social media image size in 2020

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It’s hard to keep it all straight, so you can use this cheat sheet to help you in your social media efforts. The infographic is from Constant Contact. Platforms that the infographic covers include: Facebook. To see the full list of image sizes, read the full infographic. The post Infographic: A cheat sheet for social media image size in 2020 appeared first on PR Daily. Infographics Social Media

Infographic: The best times to schedule your social media post

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Consider this infographic to learn when readers are most likely to visit your channels. How can you make the most of your social media efforts? However, each social platform utilizes different algorithms. brands and their social media activities. Based on their research, you should post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on these days and times to the get most of every social media post. Marketing Social Media

Handling Social Media Complainers

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They’re unavoidable on social media and most of us quake in fear at the thought of handling them wrong. I came across this absolutely wonderful infographic yesterday that explains different types of complainers and how best to handle them. Customer service is a HUGE component of social media, but does it apply to public relations? Complainers jump on social media, because it brings audience to their voice. Social media is real-time.

Infographic: How Journalists Use Social Media in 2016


As Cision’s 2016 Global Social Journalism Study notes, email continues to not only be the most common form of contact between journalists and PR professionals, it’s also the most preferred. Turn to social media instead, which was a close second to email as the most preferred form of contact between journalists and PR professionals. So master your email pitching skills, but continue to hone your understanding of how journalists use social media.