Promotional Campaigns and Social Media Virality

Ronn Torossian

The post Promotional Campaigns and Social Media Virality appeared first on. Recently, a car dealership from a small town in Minnesota, which was known among the locals for its interesting commercials, ended up receiving some help for its latest TV ad.

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Unlock Your Social Media Potential With Onclusive’s Social Listening


As social media strategy contributors, communications pros know how important it is to keep tabs on trending conversations, stay tuned to what the competition is doing, engage key audiences, and amplify brand visibility through social influencers.


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Why ‘going viral’ is overrated

PR Daily

Digital has screwed up our idea of what it means to go viral. We’re not happy unless we get into the hyper-inflated numbers typical of social media influencers. They didn’t have what it takes to go viral. But is going viral all it’s cracked up to be? Views are nice.

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Social media updates: Instagram scraps square video, Facebook moves towards TikTok-style feeds & TikTok prioritises accessibility


Social media marketing is an ever-changing environment and keeping up with the latest changes and trends is essential, there’s been a lot happening in July! For more interesting articles from us check out these posts: 3D Avatars Launched by Instagram and other social media trends.

How Goodwill has battled viral misinformation for 15 years

PR Daily

Goodwill enlisted allies and gave them the tools they needed to combat the viral misinformation. In 2007, at the dawn of the age of social media, a rumor started circulating about Goodwill Industries. Crisis Communications Social Media

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10 social media blunders you’re probably making

Agility PR Solutions

Social media marketing has the potential to be the most cost-effective form of advertising any business puts together. The post 10 social media blunders you’re probably making appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Analysis Public Relations social media

BeReal: What PR pros should know about the newest hit social media platform

PR Daily

That all sounds like great advice, but it’s often difficult to do so on social media, when you’re faced with photos and videos of influencers’ expensive vacations and a constant barrage of ads and sponsored posts. What would a social media platform without influencers look like?

Calculated risk: Social media strategy in 2021

PR Daily

Kivvit’s Pearl Gabel, social media veteran behind New Jersey’s viral entrée into Twitter, shares her thoughts on what will work in the months ahead. It’s been said annually the past several years: Social media and digital content is more important than ever before.

3 communications lessons from viral ‘Gorilla Glue’ videos

PR Daily

A TikTok user recently captured headlines and dominated social media conversation for an unfortunate incident with the adhesive product. She shared her dilemma on TikTok, where it quickly went viral: @im_d_ollady Stiff where?????

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Top Tips For Small Businesses Considering Social Media Advertising


The value of social media for small businesses is immeasurable. The average social media user spends 2.5 Every good business strategy starts with a plan, and the same goes for social media advertising. Engage with your audience through your social content.

What does "native to the platform" mean for social media postings?

Axia PR

Do you post the same content on every social media platform? It’s the same with social media: You can’t bulk-share the same message across every social media platform you use for your brand. online public relations shared media social media

Capture viral behavior with strange projects


However, some brands are looking at methods to capture the things that appeal to frequent users of social media in a way that grabs their interest and makes the content the center of the story, with the brand name tagging along. When most brands invest in social media, they make the same mistakes often. What #ContentMarketers Can Learn from Hamburger Helper’s Viral Mix Tape #WatchTheStove Click To Tweet. [By Karen Geier].

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The Importance of Social Media in Crisis Management


Social media is an increasingly important element in a successful crisis management approach. With the recent increase in the use of social media in crisis situations, organisations across all sectors need to understand the benefits of incorporating it into their crisis plan.

How a fast-food restaurant and a K-pop star collided for a perfect social media campaign

PR Daily

Small Girls PR, which represents the fast-food restaurant of the same name, recognized the opportunity and jumped into action by creating a social media and in-store campaign to take advantage of the serendipity. PR Social Media

TikTok challenges rev up social media engagement effort

PR Daily

Cisco’s social media audience consists of two personas: current employees and potential candidates. It has a variety of social media strategies to engage both audiences, but wanted to activate its virtual summer interns to become content creators on TikTok in a pilot program.

How ‘granfluencers’ are shaking up social media representation and influencer marketing

PR Daily

Here’s what the trend means for the PR industry and social media managers. spend 15 hours online every week and largely believe that social media improves their lives. Content Marketing Marketing PR Industry Social Media Storytelling Visual & Video Communications

10 spellbinding examples of social media storytelling

PR Daily

Telling vivid, compelling stories on social media is a great way to increase engagement, brand affinity and sales. When social media first hit the scene, many companies viewed it as just another advertising outlet. Google bundled some of those stories into heartwarming social media posts that remind us that not all the news is bad. BarkBox rarely features its products in social media posts. Social Media Storytelling

Are You Really Listening on Social Media?


Simply “being” on social media isn’t always enough. Sure, you can attract followers and engage with them, but if you’re not monitoring what people are saying about your brand — and then taking action based on what they’re saying — social media won’t do you a whole lot of good. When I say “listening,” what I mean is monitoring mentions of your brand across all social networks, whether you have a presence on them or not.

7 hints to help create viral content

PR Daily

All content marketers are hoping to have that rare success where your creation is shared again and again on social media. You want more of them to recommend it to their friends and social media followers. If you manage to bring viral attention towards a specific piece of content, you’ll instantly boost the awareness. How exactly do you create viral content? For long-form content to go viral, it has to be perfectly formatted.

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The latest social media updates: LinkedIn changes it algorithm to tackle ‘engagement baiting’ and Instagram introduces a new story format


It’s vital to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape, as trends come and go and platforms are constantly evolving, to ensure business success. Here’s a round-up of what’s changed throughout May and key trends to keep on top of across various social channels.

What I learned about “going viral” on LinkedIn last week

Communications Conversations

Last week I had my first experience with a post of mine “going viral” on LinkedIn. And, usually, the goal for me is to get on the radar of people who have responsibility over social and digital marketing at midsized and large companies in the US.

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How to Go Viral on Social Media with These 8 Simple but Effective Tips


There’s no guarantee your content will go viral. But at least, these time-tested practices can enhance the chances of creating viral content and help your brand get recognition and wider reach. The post How to Go Viral on Social Media with These 8 Simple but Effective Tips appeared first on Prowly Magazine. Social Media PR social media

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How to Go Viral on Social Media with These 8 Simple but Effective Tips


There’s no guarantee your content will go viral. But at least, these time-tested practices can enhance the chances of creating viral content and help your brand get recognition and wider reach. The post How to Go Viral on Social Media with These 8 Simple but Effective Tips appeared first on Prowly Magazine. Social Media PR social media

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Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age

HMA Public Relations

It seems not a day goes by that a viral video is making the news. Abbie gives her expert insight on how to handle crisis communications in the social media age. The post Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Crisis Communications Featured PR and HMA PR Social Media Abbie S. Fink HMA Public Relations public relations crisis Viral Video

IW Group’s social media campaign help change perception of Asian Americans amid pandemic

PR Daily

Its campaign shared influencers’ and community leaders’ personal stories across social media. The results earned them a win in the Social Media Campaign category of Ragan’s PR Daily Awards. Social Media Storytelling Winning Campaigns

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Report: Consumers want to be entertained on social media

PR Daily

A new study from Sprout Social reveals that PR has a lot to offer online campaigns, including understanding the target audience, content generation, brand visibility and more. How invested is your organization in social media strategy? Most communicators interact on social media as part of their ongoing PR and marketing efforts, but a new study from Sprout Social suggests most organizations have room to grow.

10 social media promotion ideas for nonprofits

PR Daily

Even small not-for-profit organizations can effectively promote their message through social media. On social media. A Newswhip study examined how leading nonprofit organizations succeed in social media and public relations. TED, UNESCO and UNICEF garnered the most earned media coverage. If your nonprofit or its research is cited as authoritative in earned media, more people will become aware of its charity work and its mission.

TikTok’s growth spurt, Halloween-themed social media posts, and rivals stoking a viral YouTube fundraiser

PR Daily

That insight, among others, was revealed in the Social Media Trends for 2020 report by HubSpot and Talkwalker. Considering that 66% of TikTok’s users are under 30, it’s an especially important social media platform to check out, alongside Instagram and Snapchat. SOCIAL BUZZ. The post TikTok’s growth spurt, Halloween-themed social media posts, and rivals stoking a viral YouTube fundraiser appeared first on PR Daily.

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5 ways social media has reshaped the PR industry

PR Daily

If you are a PR pro, you spend a lot of time on social media. With a global usership in the billions, social media has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. From changing the way people consume their news to contributing to the rise of the citizen journalist, social media has forced PR pros and reporters to adapt or perish. Social media is immediate and noisy. That’s just one of many social networks.

Don’t make these marketing blunders on social media

PR Daily

The smallest of factors could mean the difference between a viral post and a dead tweet. Even experienced social media marketers make mistakes, so it pays to review common blunders. Are you guilty of any of these social media marketing sins? That depends on your brand, industry and the size of your social media following. Too much promotional content can be a huge turnoff on social media and elsewhere. Marketing Social Media

7 relatable and hilarious ‘Onion’ headlines about social media

PR Daily

Ryan Shattuck, former senior social media manager for The Onion , revealed that of roughly 1,200 headlines submitted, only 60 end up within the publication—a 5% acceptance rate that’s below Harvard’s 5.4%

Huffington Goes Viral with Data Science – You can Too

Flack's Revenge

My recent posts have explored how publishers are working with social platforms to expand audience and adapt story telling formats (see Publishers & Platforms In a Relationship , and Platforms as Publishers: 6 Key Takeaways for Brands ). They reported the experiences of social teams and editors at some of the largest broadcast, print daily and native web outlets. Their efforts have propelled merely popular stories into through-the-roof viral successes.

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What Goes in a Social Media Promotion Plan?


So I like to think that this same situation occurs—on a much less extreme level—anytime you’re promoting on social media without a plan. In order to navigate the world of social media, you’ve got to have a solid plan in place. Bonus: Get started today by downloading this free social media promotion plan worksheet. 1: What do you hope to achieve with social media? I have a fun idea.

Hertz responds to viral customer complaint, how PR pros report metrics to leadership, and Hulu pulls Astroworld documentary after backlash

PR Daily

Here are today’s top stories: Hertz responds to viral customer complaint on Twitter. The post Hertz responds to viral customer complaint, how PR pros report metrics to leadership, and Hulu pulls Astroworld documentary after backlash appeared first on PR Daily.

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Learn from Walmart: 4 social media governance best practices to reduce your risk of “going viral” in a bad way

Communications Conversations

You may have missed it, but Walmart’s social media team got itself in a bit of hot water last week when someone inadvertently tweeted a personal opinion from the corporate Walmart handle. Because many companies simply don’t have good social media governance guidelines in place. Companies (especially big, publicly-traded orgs) should be a LOT more careful when it comes to their social media governance.

3 brands that use social media snark effectively (and deliciously)

PR Daily

Do you dream of dishing snark on your social media channels? What does it take to stand out on social media? Today, people are becoming more and more wary of inauthentic brands and content on social media. Looking at recent social media trends , it’s clear that brand managers who are clearly winning in terms of engagement and publicity are the ones that show off their personality. Marketing Social Media

What goes viral on Facebook? April 2018 analysis


We look at the data to see what types of websites saw the most engagement on Facebook in April 2018, and contrast that with the stories that tend to go viral on the platform. The post What goes viral on Facebook? Communications & PR Digital Journalism April 2018 Facebook analysis social media analytics Social Media Data

Social media lessons from BarkBox’s campaign for the NFL’s big game

PR Daily

The team behind a dog’s perspective on the NFL championship shares how they approached their social media strategy and lessons to be learned for jumping on the next big cultural moment. Advice for others on social media right now? .

Listen, Then Speak: 10 Quotes on Social Media Listening


Ninety percent of brands have a presence on social media, but only 37 percent are listening closely to what their audiences are saying. You can easily steer your brand towards success by implementing social media listening. Each influencer will explore how to tune into key audiences to strengthen your brand’s reputation, cultivate stronger relationships on social and prosper from past challenges. Want more clues on how to kickstart social media listening?

Why these experts think going viral is overrated

PR Daily

We’d all love to wake up to thousands of notifications and new followers on social media—the result of a tweet or video going viral overnight. Here are just a few reasons from the experts at the Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications : It’s about quality, not quantity. Your viral tweet could quickly be forgotten for a cute animal video. Marketing PR Social Media

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