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The 2020 Public Affairs Resource List | Business Wire Blog

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And with this attention, the discussion of Public Affairs and Public Policy quickly emerges. More and more consumers are turning their attentions to the role companies play in the local and global society.

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What people think vs. What people think about


The key to public perception, public affairs, and public relations. A lot of effort in public relations and marketing communications goes into influencing what people think, but influencing what people think about is equally, if not more important.


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The “data-led approach” of MHP + Mischief: Q&A with Digital Director, Darika Ahrens


Darika: MHP + Mischief brings together more than 200 strategic communications professionals with expertise spanning areas from consumer and corporate comms to financial PR, health communications, policy and crisis. We recently had a conversation with a public affairs client.

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Can Military Influencers Ethically Use Their Status to Sell Services?


He calls on the Department of Defense to clarify the policies surrounding influencer marketing. Even if military members are selling products in one post, then posing in uniform in another, I, like Matt, understand ethically that the current policies prohibit such actions.

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Behind the Headlines With Connie Partoyan


A lot has changed in that time, especially in how companies, associations and organizations approach public affairs and government affairs. Our history is grounded in public affairs – helping to influence some of the most challenging public policy debates in the country. and in local communities.

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Behind the Headlines With Matt Sutton


Given my background and our legislative successes, I feel like we are in a unique position to expand our public affairs practice. . You’ve worked with a number of public affairs organizations. Is there a difference in how you approach PR for these organizations versus for other brands?

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When The Crisis PR Guy Is The Crisis

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Senate – not an unusual pedigree for a Public Affairs VP. Most companies have a written social media policy, but any executive of Johnston’s rank should be empowered to tweet or post on behalf of the company where news or issues warrant. Make your values clear.

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