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Famous writers and the sports they played

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Inspired by the Olympics and the daily displays of athleticism and achievement, I began wondering what sports (if any) some of my favorite authors played. Swinging, playing hoops, seesawing, archery and bowls and nine pins were the “acceptable” sports and were the ones she most likely would have played. It was occasionally painful as you took a nosedive down into the sand, but on the whole it was an easy sport and great fun,” she said.

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Entertainment & Sports Section New Member Spotlight


What we like to remind everybody that we are a very young sport. It went from being a spectacle to being a sport. Mikolich is the Founder of npm | pr ( ) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Entertainment and Sports Section 2016 Chair. PR Specialization interview public relations Sport UFCIsabelle McLemore – Senior Director, Global Corporate Communications, UFC. What was your PR experience prior to working at UFC?

5 common media interview myths

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Pulling off an effortless media interview is harder than it looks. Although news anchors and hosts can make broadcast appearances appear easy to do, there are several myths when it comes to media interviews. An interview is the same as giving a speech. It’s often said that giving an interview is comparable to giving a speech in front of a large crowd. In a media interview, the reporter controls the questions.

Playing the Game: 4 Tips for Building a Career in Sports PR


During my 35 years in sports public relations, I’ve met many people, from college students to mid-career executives, who aspire to build a career like mine because of their passion for the game. However, a love of sports alone is only the price of entry. An undergraduate anthropology major at University of Pennsylvania, I didn’t actively consider a career in public relations until I was fortunate enough to secure an internship at NBC Sports in New York after my sophomore year.

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DraftKings, FanDuel respond to reports of fantasy-sports scandal

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An alleged insider-trading scandal is drawing attention to fantasy sports—and the industry’s lack of regulations. A DraftKings employee won $350,000 on competitor fantasy-sports website FanDuel. It is absolutely akin to insider trading," a Becker & Poliakoff sports and gambling lawyer, Daniel Wallach told CNBC. "It On Tuesday, the companies added an update to the joint statement, saying they were barring employees from entering fantasy-sports competitions for money.

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8 Questions with Syracuse University’s Sports Legend, Michael Veley

Critical Mention

To say Michael Veley embodies sports is an understatement. Falk Center for Sport Management spanning more than two decades is, in a word, impressive. In this fascinating discussion, we chatted with Michael about his tips for breaking into sports marketing/PR, what it’s like to plan a national championship celebration in two days and the creative way he handled public outcry to a bold move he made. Passion and an insatiable appetite for sports; 2. By Robin Gelfenbien.

The Top 10 Sports Stars on Social Media – and Who You Should Be Following


There’s no doubt that the impact of social media on the sporting industry has been huge, with sponsors clambering to strike a deal with the latest hot property from all sporting professions. But how influential are these sporting heroes? You may need to use the translator function on Barcelona alumni, Andreas Iniesta’s Twitter account, but that doesn’t stop the Spanish midfielder from becoming one of the most followed sports stars on social media.

How to Hand-Hold Your Clients Through Perfect Live Media Interviews

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The interview! What are the most common issues seen with media interviews and, as PR pros, how can we avoid them? Key messages should get away from the old style bullet points with ad libs #prprochat — Gerard Braud (@gbraud) February 5, 2015 It’s important to not let clients get too confident, no matter how many times they have done interviews in the past. Always, always, always run through preparation basics for every single media interview. Your pitch worked!

Jab, Jab, Left Hook: Media Interview Preparation Ronda Rousey Style


I first noticed Rousey in the spring when she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated along with the headline, “the world’s most dominant athlete.” It wasn’t until I read her recently released autobiography, My Fight/Your Fight, that I learned more about her and her instincts inside and outside the cage (including her approach to media interview preparation ). Ronda Rousey Trains for Media Interviews the Same Way She Tackles A Fight.

My Bet Is On Fantasy Sports

Flatiron Communications

Ad Age reports that these unregulated gambling fantasy sports sites have an eight-figure marketing spend weighed heavily no doubt to capitalize on the start of the football, hockey and basketball seasons, let alone the beginning of the Major League Baseball playoffs: “Tired of watching those two Masshole Pats bros hopping around like House of Pain in that ubiquitous DraftKings spot? Get used to them, because there appears to be no end in sight for the fantasy sports onslaught.”

Victoria’s Secret exec apologizes after interview gaffe

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Ed Razek, chief marketing officer of L Brands (Victoria’s Secret’s parent company), apologized for comments he made during an interview with Vogue. The interview, published hours before Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, sparked immediate backlash. After the interview went up, Razek. In the interview, a PR executive defended Victoria’s Secret moves to be diverse.

Noel Edmonds boasted about driving his sports car at 186mph while NAKED at 4.30am

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In a 2006 interview with lads’ mag Loaded, Noel revealed how he had woke up one morning and decided to take his Ford GT40 out for a spin in his birthday suit. He said: “I thought I’d take it out for a breather, the poor thing was stuck in its stable and needed exercise. “I remember arriving at a roundabout horrendously fast, I almost didn’t stop.”

4 tips to score and excel in a sports PR career

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Millions of people aspire to a career in sports because of their passion for athletics. That’s a valid motivation, but a love of sports is only one facet of the game. If you’re hoping to cultivate a career in sports public relations, or in virtually any communications function in the field of athletics, remember these four things: 1. To deliver irreplaceable value to your client partners, you must develop a thorough understanding of all aspects of a sport.

Fem-vertising Interview with Marketing-to-Women Expert Dori Molitor


For example, why doesn’t the Always brand deepen their #LikeAGirl mission through partnerships with women’s sports foundations to actionably show young girls that they are just as capable of participating in sports as men? Interviews Brand Strategy

Adapting Strategies for Effective Storytelling in the Social Media Era


For those who work in sports and entertainment PR, there are many areas of our practices we should be evaluating from how we pitch media in the social media era, to crafting captivating press releases, packaging media stories and effectively communicating our messages to the right audiences in real time. Currently, I’m the Public Relations Director for adidas America, working across all brand categories in both Sport and Style.

Hashtags, VR and Winnie the Pooh: Watching the 2018 Winter Olympics as a Communicator


PRsay talked with Hanna Bolte, APR — co-chair of PRSA’s Entertainment and Sports Communications Section — about NBC’s VR feature, her favorite commercials, and how Olympic athletes can maintain their brand equity long after the closing ceremonies. I think VR works with these enormous sporting events in that it helps bring a unique experience to the fore. This is their job interview for future sponsorships and opportunities.

Media Interview Tips From Top Journalists

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Because we spend time preparing clients for meetings with journalists, PR people tend to study media interviews from the perspective of the person getting questions. But during this crazy political primary season, interview-watching is a spectator sport, usually starring Donald Trump. In each case, the journalist managed to break through the candidate’s bluster and catch him off-guard, revealing more than most previous interviews put together.

My Take on Take Your Child to Work Day

Critical Mention

Amriel: Play with kids, watch sports, listen to music and explore the outdoors. Blog Content Interviews Marketing Productivity TrendsHello! My name is Ava and I am in 5th grade. Yesterday I came to my dad’s work for “Take Your Child to Work” day. I met a few people and asked them questions about their jobs and how they help the company. Critical Mention is a media search engine, kind of like Google.

4 PR Lessons From Comedy via Seinfeld and Stern

Flack's Revenge

I was in a Seinfeld state of mind, having just watched (and loved) his new Netflix special Jerry before Seinfeld ; and was thrilled to hear him being interviewed by Howard Stern on Sirius radio. Below I share snippets from the interview, and takeaways for PR: Dress the Part (Stage the Set). Howard and Robin complimented Jerry on his sport jacket – part of the comedian’s standup uniform. Branding In the News Interviews Marketing PR Public Relations

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Thinking Critically With Ava: My Take on Take Your Child to Work Day

Critical Mention

Amriel: Play with kids, watch sports, listen to music and explore the outdoors. InterviewsHello! My name is Ava and I am in 5th grade. Yesterday I came to my dad’s work for “Take Your Child to Work” day. I met a few people and asked them questions about their jobs and how they help the company. Critical Mention is a media search engine, kind of like Google. It takes a lot of smart people to run the company and here are a few of their stories. Q: What’s your favorite color?

Thinking Critically with Robyn Stevens

Critical Mention

Building a brand community and/or family on social media is now just as important as obtaining an interview in national magazine. During her leisure time, she loves to watch her favorite sports teams and explore new restaurants with friends and family. Interviews Crisis Management Earned Media Facebook Influencer Marketing Instagram LinkedIn Media Relations Online Television Twitter YouTube

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Creativity, Stupid Talking Head (CNBC) Tricks and Achieving Greatness

Ishmael's Corner

Check out this CNBC interview with the head of IDA Ireland around the seven-minute mark when CNBC’s Joe Kernan appears absolutely gobsmacked that Ireland uses Euros, not British sterling (pounds) as its currency. I often think how lucky I was to land in Silicon Valley in 1981, attracted by the natural beauty, weather and sports teams. Uncategorized CNBC interview IDA Ireland creativity storytelling what makes greatness The grab bag returns.

Peyton Manning: This Bud’s For Me!

Flatiron Communications

As branded sports sponsorships go, there is no more powerful spotlight than an overt plug during the Super Bowl telecast. First, I should remind you just how valued a split second of national TV airtime can be to a sports marketer. The Super Bowl telecast is the granddaddy of all sporting events from a marketer’s vantage point. So how does one calculate the ROI for Budweiser after Peyton Manning cited the brand, after family, but before God, in his post-game interview.

10 Podcasts PR Pros Should Listen To

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

They interview experts on gender, tell stories about their own experiences, and give lots of practical advice to help women succeed in spite of the obstacles.This is a must listen for all women in comms and PR! . This weekly podcast features in-depth interviews with smart marketers from all walks of life. During the shutdown Erika Nardini, the CEO of Barstool Sports, started a podcast from her perspective as a CEO of one of the fastest-growing sports publishers.

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The Top Ten Weight Lifting Blogs

Norton's Notes

Sports Scientist Dr Michael Hartman is rapidly becoming a recognised expert in Human Performance. Bloggers Social Media Sports bloggers Blogging Tips With the end of the year quickly approaching I know we are all out wining and dining in the PR industry but come January everyone will be hitting the gym again and what better way to get ready for the new year than learning how to train with weights properly.

Five Reasons Why B2B PR Works

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In my time working with top B2C brands, admittedly a golden age of consumer marketing, the PR budget often included sexy elements like big sports sponsorships or deals with celebrity endorsers who were sometimes available for media interviews.

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Athletes’ endorsements may carry more risk than reward

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NFL star Antonio Brown is the most recent celebrity endorser athlete accused of “unsportsmanlike conduct,” as is reported in a Sports Illustrated article. There are obvious reasons to avoid using sports stars as publicity generators: Prowess on the sports fields cannot prevent past or present misbehavior from being reported on. During interviews, reporters will concentrate on the athlete’s achievements, often not even mentioning the product being hawked. .

4 ways to network during COVID-19

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Conduct informational interviews. Sports agent Yulin adds that you should also ask a lot of “curious, authentic” questions during the interview. If you write about the interview or post it on social media, make sure to tag the person and promote the insights shared.

Masters In Marketing: Wendy Marx, Marx Communications

Mindful Marketing

For our latest Masters in Marketing interview, we talked with Wendy Marx, an award-winning public relations and marketing communications executive who helps B2B companies and executives become well-known brands. I look at both as my form of therapy — a chance to completely lose yourself in the moment and become one with the sport. Marketing Leader Interviews Marketing Masters masters in marketing PR Boutiques International™ (PRBI) PR thought leader PRBI Wendy Marx

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Masters in Marketing: Jeff Drew, fama PR

Mindful Marketing

At the same time, we feel we have some of the leading perks in the business – no set vacation schedule, free tickets to concerts and sporting events, ability to work remotely, free lunches, and more. (3) Marketing Leader Interviews Boston PR firm fama PR marketing leader PR agency PR insights Tech PRBy Seedepth. Throughout his career, Jeff Drew has led communications programs for a variety of public and privately-held high-technology, healthcare and public policy organizations.

4 writing lessons from Deadspin

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Amid an internet lousy with anodyne sports blogs, Deadspin stood out like a sore, mangled thumb (or middle finger, more like). After a now infamous “stick to sports” diktat from its corporate overlords, the entire editorial staff quit , leaving the website a voiceless, flavorless husk. Nobody read Deadspin for sports scores or recaps. Don’t stick to ‘sports.’ Don’t just “stick to sports.”

ICON Recap: During Pandemic, the Best Leaders Have Been Bold, Clear and Human


Other sports leagues soon followed suit. In interviews, experts often default to the lingo they use in their day-to-day roles, forgetting that they’re speaking to a broader audience.

The Statistics, Effectiveness and Politics of Super Bowl Commercials [UML]

Sword and the Script

The advertisements during this sports event do command a lot of attention, but is it worth the $5 million in marketing spend – not including the cost of production – for a 30-second spot? Paul Talbot , a contributing writer for Forbes, interviewed Satya Menon of Kantar, for a piece titled, Here’s What Research Reveals About 12 Years Of Super Bowl Ads. 3) Should brands mix sports and politics? Does that mean brands should mix sports and politics too?

Crisis lessons from MLB and the Astros

PR Daily

However, his words sparked outrage from many MLB players and even from iconic athletes in other sports. Listen I know I don’t play baseball but I am in Sports and I know if someone cheated me out of winning the title and I found out about it I would be F*^king irate! Literally the ball( ) is in your court(or should I say field) and you need to fix this for the sake of Sports! For the news media, one-on-one interviews with local and national media are critical,” she continues.

To stream games, NBA execs turn to virtual reality

PR Daily

NBA Digital is teaming up with NextVR to bring what the NBA calls, “The first regular schedule of live games delivered in VR by a professional sports league.”. Sports leagues were some of the earliest adopters of HDTV. Outside of the sports world, several brands have started to experiment with the technology. Earlier this year, The Verge published a 360-degree VR interview with First Lady Michelle Obama that garnered more than 400,000 views.

Words and phrases PR spokespeople should avoid

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Here are some words and phrases you should weed out of your interviews and speeches: ‘Humbled’ Sports stars, politicians and film stars appear particularly fond of the term. ‘Pleased to announce’ This is another one of those expressions found in bad press releases which sometimes makes their way into media interviews. Again, there is the issue of the word making the interview sound scripted—but it is also completely pointless.

6 storytelling lessons from the ‘NBA Bubble’

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Consider these insights from a rookie player as he invites fans to look at life inside of the isolation zone at Walt Disney World and the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. Use this advice to add visual interest to executive interviews—always at risk of falling into the “talking heads” trap.

PR Rock Stars: Minnesota Timberwolves’ and Lynx’s Kirsten Wenker

Communications Conversations

Working for an amateur or professional sports team has always been a dream of mine. This is what led me, in some ways, to interview our Rock Star today: Kirsten Wenker. How and why did you get into sports PR after a number of years on the agency side? I actually started my career in sports, so in a way this is a return. What’s the one big trend that’s really impacting communications in the sports world right now?

PR Takeaways From The Eclipse

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

This is where some targeted media training right before interviews is highly recommended. We also commend brands who prepped tips for watching and photographing, and experts giving smart interviews on the subject. These kind of interviews are often “gateway PR” to a profile or other more prominent piece down the road. We have learned from experience to vet all experts before you go to pitch them for broadcast or other interviews.

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