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7 Digital PR and Marketing Tends for 2023

The Proactive Report

Download the full PDF version of the infographic here . Adding data visualizations , infographics, images, and videos to your text not only makes it more interesting and attractive, but it can help your message to be absorbed better too. Craft every piece of content with SEO in mind. 2023 is right around the corner.

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The Simple Truth Behind Measuring Content Effectiveness

Rock the Status Quo

It’s free, and it’s the single most effective way to measure effectiveness of any content you create, assuming the goal is either to (1) drive traffic to your website, or (2) drive traffic to your website. You also know that most paid SEO tracking systems pull in Google Analytics data. How can you do this? GOOGLE ANALYTICS.


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SEO for Content Strategists: Creating a Content Calendar That’s Built to Rank

PR 20/20

This post will help you lay the groundwork for an effective content calendar rooted in SEO strategy. Related Read: How to Update Your SEO-Based Content Strategies for RankBrain. You can use something as simple as Keyword Planner , or dive into your internal SEO tools. Related Read: Content-Based SEO for Blogging.

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Top 5 Digital Skills to Learn in 2018

The Proactive Report

If you are not already using analytics to measure your PR and content activities, it must be top of your list for 2018. If you dont know what to measure read this transcript of the #MeasurePR chat. Design: An awful lot of content today is visual – photography, original images, social media images and infographics.

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7 Things You Need to Do After Publishing New Content

Contently - Strategy

Once you hit the “Publish” button, you need to get your content where it needs to go, share it with your audience, and ultimately measure your results. The right workflows for content help measure performance accurately and inform key stakeholders of its progress. Launch your measurement plan.

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The main mistakes of brand newsrooms and how to avoid them


Many PR teams operate something like this: a list of media contacts is kept in an old Excel file, press releases are written in Word, there’s a folder somewhere on the server with the company’s logos and brand images, and impact is measured through Google Analytics. Leaving SEO to Marketing. In short, it’s a mess.

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45 Marketing and PR Statistics that Recap the Year We Had in 2020

Sword and the Script

PR takes on content and SEO duties. “PR In a survey of 3,700 global marcomm professionals, a new report from Talkwalker finds that the majority of respondents consider content marketing (77%), influencer marketing (67%) and link building for SEO (56%) to be within their purview.”. Source: PR Measurement ). SimilarWeb) (48%).

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