Infographic: Do you know your SEO ABCs?

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That means you have to give a fig about search engine optimization (SEO)—and learn at least the fundamentals. This infographic from Digital Meal offers basic terms that every marketer and communications pro should know. The post Infographic: Do you know your SEO ABCs?

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Infographic: Have you checked all your SEO boxes?

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For the uninitiated, SEO can be confusing, but this checklist will help you stay on top of all the necessary steps. . If increasing an organization’s visibility and reach is your goal, that means improving your online search engine optimization (SEO).

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PR Trends: How to Empower Your PR with SEO

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Today we're going to focus on one trend that works quite well with digital public relations , yet is often neglected -- SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of improving traffic to your website content through such search engines as Google or Bing. Infographics.

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Infographic: Technical and SEO mistakes that plague websites

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Many websites fall down on the job on SEO without even knowing it. Of course, offering quality, detailed content is crucial for SEO, too—but not all sites deliver. It analyzes 1300 e-commerce websites and shares 80 common mishaps in this infographic.

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Infographic: 19 tips for getting better SEO with images

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Google image search accounts for 21% of search volume, according to an infographic from SEO Sherpa. The infographic goes on to explain how you can format and tag your images so they help you get more traffic to your website.

3 ways to drive better SEO results for any website

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That’s where great content and a solid SEO strategy come into play. The domain authority score is based on things like page speed, overall SEO performance, quality content, backlinks and more. 5 tips for improving website SEO.

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Infographic: 20 ways to boost your SEO performance

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of helping elevate your website to the top of the results page for key search terms. The best tactics for SEO are always changing to keep up with the latest industry trends. Infographics Marketing marketing infographic SEO

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Infographic: How to build links to improve your SEO

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Links are crucial for building your SEO results. This infographic from Spiralytics offers ways you can build links to improve your SEO. To learn more about transforming your website into a link magnet, read the full infographic.

Infographic: SEO stats to guide your campaigns in 2020

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What do you need to know about SEO for next year’s campaigns? Many organizations say SEO will be even more important going forward than it was in past years. The company asked respondents to rank tactics for building better SEO outcomes.

Infographic: How to bolster your SEO performance on Google

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This infographic from DCI shares tips on how to improve your SEO ranking and ensure Google values your contribution to the world wide web. To get the big picture on how you can improve your SEO performance on Google’s platform, see the full infographic.

Surviving Penguin and Panda Attacks: SEO Basics

Shift Communications

On Friday, October 17, Google released it’s third Penguin update to it’s search algorithm chock full of new penalties and created some additional rules of thumb for creating content on the web that you want to rank well within Google’s search results with a few SEO basics.

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Infographic: Don’t be fooled by these SEO myths

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created an infographic. It includes: Myth: Reaching the top of a search results page means no more SEO work is necessary. Truth: You must continually work to improve SEO if you want to maintain a high ranking. Myth: Linking to other pages on your website won’t help SEO.

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Infographic: Why you should care about local SEO

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This infographic. To learn more about how to draw nearby consumers to your website and how your efforts can improve your business, see the full infographic below Word-of-mouth still happens, but now it’s online.

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3 Link Building Strategies For Improving Off-Page SEO (Infographic)

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Peggs is the founder of Marccx Media , a digital marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). But if you want to take your brand’s exposure up a notch, you must focus on building an effective off-page SEO strategy.

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Content Marketing and SEO: How to Craft the Best PR Campaigns

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But in reality, content marketing and SEO have a good deal to bring to the table when it comes to PR. What content marketing and SEO tactics should you use in your next PR campaign? With that in mind, let's look at how you can strengthen your PR strategy with content marketing and SEO.

5 elements to a powerful SEO strategy

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SEO best practices change so frequently that whatever you learn in this post could be obsolete in six months—and become relevant again in a year. Specifically, you’ll want to be sure you have these elements of your SEO game covered: 1.

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Infographic: Content marketing trends to watch this year

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This infographic from Grazitti Interactive shows ways your organization can jump on these industry movements. Important ways to create content with SEO in mind. To see all of Grazitti Interactive’s ideas, read the full infographic. Content Marketing Infographics

A marketers’ guide to local SEO

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One of the biggest misconceptions among small business owners and brand managers of similar organizations is that creating an SEO strategy is a difficult, time-consuming undertaking. Earlier this year, we showed readers 16 steps to ramp up your rankings in local SEO.

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40 pervasive SEO blunders

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They don’t fully reveal the rules of the game, and, as anyone who follows SEO knows, Google’s guidelines are quite fluid. MarketingProfs posted an infographic that lists 40 common SEO mistakes, along with descriptions of how bad each bugaboo is for your website.

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5 steps for generating backlinks using infographics

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Google loves backlink traffic, and consumers love infographics. Infographics are one of the best tools for backlink generation. Here’s a step-by-step guide to backlink generation using infographics; Step 1: Content creation. Step 2: Publishing the infographic.

Are You Harming Your B2B PR with These 8 Deadly SEO Mistakes?

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So how do you stand out from the crowd and go from SEO wannabe to SEO master? SEO errors you can make. This, combined with your growing knowledge of SEO, will help win you a prime spot on any search results page. And it's another SEO tactic many ignore.

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Infographic: Your Google My Business checklist

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You know you want to rank for local SEO and that your Google business profile is important, but you’re not sure where to start. This infographic from Brafton shares the essential steps every organization should take to make sure they are discoverable to local patrons and would-be customers. .

Link-Building Explained: Play Offense in the Game of SEO (Infographic)

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When it comes to link-building services for SEO, it’s critical that we educate our prospects and clients. Many webmasters started practicing SEO before Google’s recent algorithm updates. Luckily, white-hat link-building still offers real SEO value.

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Infographic: How to amplify your content’s power

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According to this infographic from Review 42, only one in five marketers say they know the best way to run a content marketing campaign. High-quality content is a part of all marketing efforts, whether you are working on SEO, PPC or social media efforts.

Infographic: How to create content that produces results

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This infographic from Spiralytics offers tips for creating content that serves a clear purpose. SEO-focused content should include high-quality links. To learn more about how to create content that suits your specific goals, read the full infographic.

How PR and SEO are coming together

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The following infographic takes you through some of the keys to making this happen. The Cline Group sees the PR/SEO integration as a seven-step process: Set goals and key performance indicators. Learn it all at our Visual Communications and Infographics conference. ].

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Infographic: 10 ideas for stellar marketing videos

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It can be exhausting to create all the content for a robust social media presence, much less staying on top of SEO. This infographic from Yeah Local offers tried-and-true topics to get your video efforts started.

Infographic: 7 common blog errors to avoid

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Blog content is essential for building SEO, developing your reputation within the industry and educating new customers. This infographic from Who is Hosting This argues that burning out your writing staff to maintain a breakneck publishing schedule might be shortsighted.

How PR pros can conquer SEO strategies in 2018

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MyTasker’s infographic outlines several useful tactics to get more buzz for your brand on search engines and elsewhere online: 1. Securing relevant links to your website is an important SEO strategy, but as with your content, make sure each link request is relevant.

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Infographic: How to create content that will last

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It’s great when your blog post, video or infographic gains rapid recognition online, but you’ll achieve sustained success if it isn’t solely focused on a fleeting topic. Check out the full infographic for more ways to craft content that will grab readers immediately and for days to come.

Infographic: Digital channels that deliver the highest ROI

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Email marketing is alive and well, but don’t skimp on SEO or forget to make paid search a priority. Insights include: Seventy-three percent of marketers say SEO provides medium to excellent ROI. Check out the full infographic for guidance.

Infographic: 21 writing tips to add juice to your content

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Brand managers keep churning out content seeking better SEO and more sales leads, but lackluster efforts will produce meager results. This infographic from Manage Inbound offers 21 tips on improving your owned media so readers will click on and share your insights.

Infographic: The formula for a perfect explainer video

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By addressing that need with an explainer video, you can help increase your SEO and establish your organization as an industry leader. This infographic from Breadnbeyond offers templates for different types of videos and insights for crafting a winning script.

5 keys to effective infographic storytelling

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Infographics are a powerful storytelling tool. But an infographic doesn’t magically appear. Decide what the infographic should accomplish. An infographic geared toward a specialized audience—for example, engineers or accountants—can use esoteric text and arcane charts.

Infographic: 24 tips for building a better website

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To know your website is maximizing its reach, you have to know something about design, coding, SEO and so much more. This infographic from Vertical Response offers suggestions to help you optimize your website and boost SEO. Infographics Websites

SEO for Content Strategists: Creating a Content Calendar That’s Built to Rank

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This post will help you lay the groundwork for an effective content calendar rooted in SEO strategy. Related Read: How to Update Your SEO-Based Content Strategies for RankBrain. You can use something as simple as Keyword Planner , or dive into your internal SEO tools. Search SE

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Infographic: What can help your content sizzle this year?

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Crafting quality, original content is a great way to drive website traffic, boost SEO, establish yourself as an authority and build trust at a time when a premium is places on brand authenticity. The post Infographic: What can help your content sizzle this year?

Modern SEO Cheat Sheet for PR Pros [Infographic]

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In recent years, Google has made a number of important updates to its algorithm that impact many aspects of PR and marketing (not just Search Engine Optimization, or SEO). Did you know distributing press releases via a wire service no longer positively impacts SEO, and in some cases can have a negative effect? Even for PR pros well-versed in SEO tactics, the constant changes can be dizzying.

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Starbucks’ plan for ‘new normal,’ Layoffs at Boeing, Lyft and Norwegian Cruise Line, and SEO tips during COVID-19

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PageTraffic’s infographic reveals several searches that are up, including fitness and exercise equipment (162%) and videos and video game rentals (41%)—along with searches that have declined, such as personal trainers (down 51%) and amusement parks (down 44%): Image courtesy of PageTraffic.

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How to master the ABCs of SEO

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SEO is a skill that must be learned, honed and evolved as these search engine algorithms become smarter. So, what if you’re a beginning student of SEO? To help you along this journey, check out the infographic below from Red Square SEO

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