PR People: Stop Being Bad at Stuff and Read This

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This entry by Nick Balkin, guest poster. Editor''s Note: Nick Balkin''s Twitter is located at @ nickbalkin. An earlier version of this post had the wrong username. Apologies for the confusion. Face it: you went into PR because you wanted to be a superstar.

Basic Training - Preparing for the Road to a Public Relations Career

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I love it when I receive questions from young inquiring minds. And normally it is folks just getting started in the public relations field. Never did I expect to see a question from an energetic person in high school who is anxious for success in our industry.

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The Sky's the Limit. What do you want to do!

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One of the advantages of the public relations field is that there are many components that allow you to generalize or specialize not unlike the medical field. I just received an inquiry from a student pondering the question of "what to do."

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When You Have Lemons, Make Lemonade

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I recently heard from a young pro about a career predicament that likely occurs far too often. The job was not as advertised. Here is what this young pro had to say: "I need advice on which direction to go with my career. I graduated in 2008 BA in PR and four internships.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Mission Impossible? Migrating to a Career in Public Relations

PR Job Coach

Here is another guest blog of mine on Lindsay Olson''s site on migrating from a career in journalism to one in public relations. link] Being a public relations job coach, I am constantly advising folks about how best to manage and architect their growth as public relations professionals.

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Pay it Back, Pay it Forward – A Moral Imperative - The Do's of Career Search Help

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This is a guest blog that I penned for [link] , the blog site for search executive Lindsay Olson of Paradigm Staffing [link]. The blog is repeated here to convey the urgency of helping reduce unemployment by raising awareness of those who are gainfully employed to the plight of those who are not.

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Believe In Yourself; But Believe In Trends More

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We''re all looking for something to take us to a better place-workwise, that is. How do we do that? Follow trends. When you’ve got one example, it’s a “noticeable situation.” When you’ve got two examples, it’s a fact. And when you’ve got three examples—welcome to a trend.

The Blind? Deaf? Or Just Dumb Pitch

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Bloggers send more than a few emails asking to be removed from a media list, we also send emails to PR people to tell them why a pitch doesn’t work for their blog – and perhaps what might work in the future. I rarely receive a response from these notes – which is unfortunate and yet telling.

The REAL Difference Between Journalists & Bloggers

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One of the more frequent questions asked of the Bad Pitch blog is “what’s the difference between pitching journalists and bloggers?” We used to assume that the main difference was that pitching bloggers requires hyper-customization.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Five Crucial Tips for the Perfect Pitch Letter

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Pitch letters might be the most effective tool in your arsenal that you’re not using effectively.

Adult Diapers “No Joke” Pitch

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You know it: Market caps are messy! But why did Kate Ennis attempt to prove it without any real facts when writing to BusinessWeek to try and get them to write about the growth business of incontinence?

A look at your personality: Try being one person

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In her book, " am*B H*ous ," Debra Condren says career-oriented women have to fight to get any work-life balance. Women, she claims, are constantly fighting to maintain separate personal and professional lives. Women feel there has to be a sweet spot!

The Interview Brief: A Bad Pitch How-To

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The pitch worked. The interview’s scheduled. Now the real work begins. We could arguably start “The Bad Interview Blog” with all the gaffes that can occur in this critical phase of media relations.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Three Ways to Suck Less in 2010

Bad Pitch Blog

If you worked during this holiday week.thanks for closing out the decade with us. As the Bad Pitch blog heads into its 5th year of existence, we’re jazzed about 2010. So we’ll be brief. Here are three ways to suck less in 2010.

Technology Changes, People Don’t

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After five years client side, it only took me a couple of weeks back in agency world to see how much had changed and how much hadn''t. Instead of detailing what I mean by the above passive-aggressive statement, I’d much rather remind our readers to not be blinded by "The Shiny New."

Good Pitch: Sound Content Nets Podcast Placement

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Our latest good pitch comes from Tamara Gruber with Red Giant Consulting (alas, no relation to Macgruber , we checked). Her pitch is to some discerning, fellow PR colleagues – Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson of the For Immediate Release podcast.

Don't Get Cute With Naming

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By Guest Blogger Susan E. Jacobsen I recently came across a blog with relatively decent content, but with just the oddest of names -- Outhouse General Counsel. I had a hard time taking what the blogger wrote seriously because I kept getting caught up in the blog/company name.

Fast Five Links: Me Write Pretty One Day

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Here are some quick links to help you with your pitching efforts -- they all focus on writing. Don’t read into that though. 1) One Word One Word.com One word, sixty seconds. It’s a great creative exercise to keep your writing chops honed and your brain thinking.

Know Yourself, Be Yourself for Better Pitches

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Last week, I had the blind luck to present right before Artie Isaac at SummitUp. If you don’t know Artie, you should. Artie Isaac co-founded SpeakerSite and the Young Isaac Agency.

Chris Brogan on Better Blogger Pitches

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Earlier this week one half of The Bad Pitch Blog kicked off SummitUp -- an event packed with great content, including presentations from Bob Garfield and Chris Brogan. The Bad Pitch Blog took advantage of this quality time to ask a few folks about how to improve the pitch.

Creativity Is What We Need Every Day

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Creativity is almost impossible to define. According to consumer-insight researchers at Lucid Incorporated, every person recognizes he or she has it, but its meaning varies widely.

Jumping Off the Branding Bandwagon

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During the past decade everyone seemed to be—or pretended to be—in the business of branding. The majority of ad agencies, PR firms, Hollywood agents, management consultants, and even many focus group participants, jumped on the got-to-brand bandwagon with glee and abandon.

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Damn It, Let's Get Those Metrics Going!

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Nielsen Media Research says they are measuring ratings for TV shows “regardless of the platform on which it is viewed.”

"It was just on the web site, not in print."

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I''ve heard the headline of this post from clients and colleagues in the past. You probably have too. Sure nothing can compare to actually holding the fruit of your labor. But if a client is (still) questioning the value of online placement vs. print placement, you should show them this video.

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Top 4 Ways Twitter Can Improve Your Pitches

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A little bird tells me that Twitter can reinforce habits that, in turn, can improve our media relations efforts. 1)Brevity. More effective writing translates into a lower word count. Hey, even this post was going to be a top 5 list. 140 characters force you to be on topic.

The Axed Hack's Guide to Flacking: Are Journalists Meant For PR?

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I''ll get right to the point: PR is not the dark side any more. As a reporter for a plethora of publications in the hard-to-remember ''80s, I do recall titters from my colleagues when I defected to PR. I had to make more money and I couldn''t cope with holier-than-thou editors. I''d written for USA Today , New York Daily News , New York Times , Crain''s NY , Editor & Publisher , Us. and all I got was a T-shirt that said, "Someone read my article."

Michael Jackson’s Dead: Now Comes the Mainstream Media’s Death

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Tough media week for superstar Michael Jackson. Imagine, your death being announced by TMZ. Horrors! Actually, I adore TMZ. It’s the one program and site that makes me laugh all the time. A lot of tabloids can learn from it. They should stop yelling at us.

MTV Editor Gets a (Bad) "Pitch in a Box"

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“I think that I shall never see, a media kit that doesn’t kill a tree.” With apologies to Joyce Kilmer , we were gearing down from Earth Day festivities when Tamar, a senior editor of MTV.com and the managing editor of the MTV Buzzworthy blog , dropped us a line.

The Bad Casual Pitch: What You *Never* Want To Be Caught Doing

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PR people can be really bad at their jobs. That’s the simple truth. But sometimes they are so horrible that they make us all look bad. At BPB we get a lot of crapitches (my word) sent for our edification and bewilderment.

Mind Your Electronic Manners, or as Spike said: Do the right thing

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Are your email messages news or nuisance? Now that so many people are struggling to manage a daily stream of everything , you need to be sensitive to anything that could inconvenience them or cause them extra work. Here are some tips from PR people about etiquette.

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WORST PITCH IN THE WORLD! (apologies to Keith Olbermann)

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Last August, I received what can only be classified as the worst pitch (and dumbest idea) (and most greedy letter) that I have ever gotten. And this time, unlike the ones you guys forward to Kevin and me, it came directly TO me.