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How to Write High-Quality Press Release Content


Generating and distributing your brand’s vital news is an important part of how you stay relevant in the minds of the media and your wider customer base. But a press release can do so much more than simply tell someone about your company.

PR Expanded Guest Post: My Experience as an Intern

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Rosaria Robidoux, Intern, Pure Performance Communications. Every internship is different. Different location, different department, different field. Within these internships there are five things every intern learns in different ways.

Corporate Ghosting: Can We Bust It?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Have you been ghosted lately? Don’t laugh… if you’re a PR agency or other service business, chances are it has happened to you. I don’t mean that thing where a friend or dating partner suddenly stops returning all texts or calls.

This Is How PR Influencers Think You Should Be Using Data


We consider it one of our missions to help strip away the fear PR and communications strategists feel when their executives or clients ask for proof that what they’re doing is working.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

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Welcome to Our New CEO


By Christine Perkett Recently, we announced that we hired a new CEO, Russell Mix. I am truly excited to have him at the helm, as we look to take SeeDepth to the next level. While we have had success with brands and agencies who understand the importance of deeper analytics, we see a whole new world of measurement possibilities – those that most in the industry aren’t even talking about.

Agency 100

The Big Data Opportunity for Communicators


Maximize the Impact of Your Earned Media Programs with Data-Driven Insights. Big data is behind many of the greatest technological breakthroughs of the 21st Century. Data transforms industries by uncovering new opportunities and enabling data-driven decision making, leading to better outcomes.

Blue Apron Struggling to Find its Niche

Ron Torossian

In the beginning, it hit the market with great promise. The Blue Apron meal kit delivery service was lauded by urban professionals who didn’t have time to get out to the store, busy moms who had other priorities, and seniors who weren’t getting around as well as they used to.

How to “Play Ball” with the Media

Business Wire

When Business Wire’s Florida team had the innovative idea to host a baseball themed media luncheon, they didn’t know just how effective the exercise would be for all those in attendance.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

4 ways to boost your storytelling magic

PR Daily

They were immediately hooked, recounting racist incidents they had faced. Chen had engaged their attention, she says, but the emotion was all wrong. She was connecting but not inspiring. She retired the stories about Australia. We all know that storytelling carries power in communications.

Top 10 Syndicated TV Shows on Twitter


Are you following your favorite talk shows on social? If not, you are in luck because this week we highlight the top syndicated TV shows on Twitter, ranked by number of followers. Follower counts were pulled on August 18, 2017 and will change over time. The Ellen DeGeneres Show — 71,826,456.

#FakeNews: Why We Click It, How to Stop

HMA Public Relations

You can’t go a day without someone bringing up fake news. So earlier this week, Abbie attended the SPJ Phoenix event on the subject in order to understand it better. Click below for more]. The post #FakeNews: Why We Click It, How to Stop appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

Approaching Teaching Social Media In the New Academic Year

Karen Freberg

It’s that time of year where we are all coming together to start the new semester off with classes and of course, updating all of the materials we want to cover during the course of the semester.

How to Identify the Influencers You Need to Engage

You need to understand who your community is and what makes them tick. You need to identify your “tribe” -- those who are immersed in your subject and have a following.

5 techniques to power up your marketing copy

PR Daily

Advertising and marketing work best when messages are easy to understand. Still, if you’re marketing or selling something more complex than soap or beer, you might struggle to get your message across. Here are five things to try as you write your own copy: 1. Write directly to your reader.

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17 more Minnesota-based Instagram influencers to watch

Communications Conversations

A few weeks ago, I shared a post featuring 10 local Minneapolis influencers I’d be connecting with if I were a Minnesota-based brand. As a result of that post, I heard from a number of people with influencers to add to such a list.

#MediaMonday – Bethany Blundell

HMA Public Relations

Bethany Blundell, a reporter for the Maricopa Monitor, has the #MediaMonday spotlight today! She is new to Arizona and is loving every minute of it! Click below for more]. The post #MediaMonday – Bethany Blundell appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

Re-consenting Mailchimp lists ahead of GDPR

PR in High Definition

Like all marketers – and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – we’re keenly aware of a ticking clock right now. Yes, the GDPR countdown clock is ticking increasingly loudly. One thing we’ve been struggling with until today was our Mailchimp list.

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How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

Insights from expert marketing and communications pros who are doing it today.

Blueprint for social media success

PR Daily

Managing multiple social media accounts can be a time-consuming nightmare. If only there were a cheat sheet for navigating and mastering each platform’s subtleties. Alas, the good people at MarketingProfs have shared an infographic that plots a course to success on six popular networks.

PR Rock Stars: Metre’s Zachary Spanton

Communications Conversations

As many of you know, I’m a Winona State University grad. And while I have certain loyalties to the U of M, and my Kansas Jayhawks, I bleed purple and I’ll always think of Winona State as my college home.

8 Tips to Start a Strong Media Relations Day

Shift Communications

Media relations is often the bread and butter of any PR program, and at SHIFT we pride ourselves on being some of the best trend spotters and pitch and content developers in the industry.

Why everyone can step into the spotlight and be a spokesperson

Public Relations Sydney

As a business leader and entrepreneur, I’ve always tried to highlight the importance of stepping into the spotlight and becoming a spokesperson. In PR, it is essential that a brand, both personal and company brand, has a spokesperson to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

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Revenue Generating News Releases: How to Optimize Strategy and Improve ROI

Achieve better results with targeted news release distribution.

4 ways personalization can power your marketing efforts

PR Daily

Personalizing offerings and messaging presents an incredible opportunity for brand managers to more effectively engage with consumers.

Game of Thrones Grammar Lesson

HMA Public Relations

The best recurring joke in the hit series, Game of Thrones, is about grammar - go figure! And Alison, self-proclaimed GOT and grammar nerd, couldn't be more tickled by this. Click below for more]. The post Game of Thrones Grammar Lesson appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

#measurePR Recap (July 2017): How Major Media Measures Content

Waxing UnLyrical

In July, #measurePR discussed how major media outlets measure their content initiatives. We welcomed two high profile editors: Jon Gelberg of Inc. Media and Dave Griner of AdWeek. Here’s some of what we talked about: On whether a perfect content strategy exists: A2: No!

CEOs Must Be Stewards of Integrity and Inclusion

Return on Reputation

The events in Charlottesville have revealed an emboldened, vocal and violent minority of angry white men determined to Make America HATE again and protect the institution of racism.

Is it time to get more aggressive with your content marketing?

PR Daily

Content marketing is essential in business today. Now that both audiences and commerce are online, it’s crucial that you produce engaging, high-quality digital content to attract those audiences to your site. That content should include.

Lessons to help you land the PR job of your dreams

The Hoffman Agency

By Mark Pinsent, Managing Director, Europe, The Hoffman Agency. Over the past few months I’ve been doing a fair bit of recruitment here at Hoffman Europe. I’ve seen a lot of potential candidates. Some have impressed (two so much they now have jobs here), others less so.

B2B Content Marketing: 12 Master Tips That You Need to Know

B2B PR Sense

Only 37% of B2B marketers have a documented B2B content marketing strategy ! Maybe that's you. Do you see why it's important to have a documented strategy, but just don't know where to begin? Or perhaps you doubt that it can work for your company. So why should you have a documented strategy?

B2B 72

Hacking Marketing: 15 Proven Quick Wins and Campaign Concepts for Startups

PR 20/20

Picture this: A B2B SaaS company with $2 million in funding and aggressive growth goals is struggling to meet lead-generation targets. The marketing team is consistently blogging, distributing content across their social networks, and producing high-quality premium content pieces monthly.

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Facebook launches fundraiser feature for users’ birthdays

PR Daily

Birthdays on Facebook are about to get more meaningful. What used to be an all-but-empty act of well-wishing can now become a reason to support a cause or nonprofit organization.