The 7 “New” Rules Of Digital PR

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Do you work in digital PR? The difference between digital PR and “traditional” PR is fuzzy, yet worth examining, because it has transformed our profession in so many ways. In some ways PR hasn’t changed that much.

Tech Tool that Makes Digital PR a Breeze

The Proactive Report

FREE WEBINAR ON DIGITAL PR STRATEGY NOVEMBER 9, 2016. I’ve been using my 10-step Digital PR plan for several years now and have long wished for one tool that could do everything needed to implement each step. And, as a small agency, I need it to be affordable too.

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PRCA Digital PR and Communications Report: "Digital PR moves fast"

Stephen Waddington

In the past 12 months digital PR has seen investment in content and paid social media but cuts in SEO and social listening. It’s hard to unpick a clear story from the PRCA’s Annual Digital PR and Communications Report.

How to Leverage Emotions to Boost Digital PR


Fortunately, emotions can be widely used in your digital PR, especially to tell stories that connect with your audience. Here is a list of four unique tips that will help you leverage emotions to boost your digital PR. However, is this enough boost your PR?

A Dummies Guide to Digital PR


In the world of public relations, digital PR refers to the online marketing strategy utilized by businesses to increase their online presence and boost their brand. Digital PR carries any similarities to traditional PR, but in reality represents an opportunity to reach a broader audience- global, in fact- in a way that offline techniques are unable to achieve. Digital PR is a powerful tool capable of boosting a brand’s online presence and visibility.

Finalists named for the 2015 Digital PR & Social Media Awards

PR Daily

Our call went out for inspired work in digital PR and communications and use of social media. We saw the power of digital communications and social media harnessed by imaginative minds. Best Use of Digital & Social Media for. Who Knew: Soap Pads' Digital Debut.

Why SEO Is a Natural Fit for the PR Industry

Ishmael's Corner

We’ve been touting the virtues of SEO in PR strategies since 2010. Our push to integrate SEO and PR accelerated in 2013 when Google revamped its search algorithm with the Hummingbird update. The post Why SEO Is a Natural Fit for the PR Industry appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. PR Tools SEO tool for public relations SEO training The Hoffman Agency Mark Pinsent

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5 tips for avoiding image plagiarism in digital PR

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Memes, public Instagram images, and screenshots of funny things that’ve made it into the media via Facebook are just a few examples of the popular content we see constantly in today’s digital world. Blog PR tips Facebook image plagiarism PR PR agency Social Media The Fat Jew Twitter

How Digital PR Pros Can Cope with Recent Google Search Updates


The PR industry and SEO no longer live in two separate worlds. A strong reason for PR pros to start concentrating more on SEO. In the advanced digital landscape and a mobile-first world, digital PR is already closely integrated with SEO. A case in point is that of Google’s algorithms, which apart from the SEO industry, also have a profound impact on the PR industry. The Digital and PR Evolution.

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Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Digital PR & Social Media Awards finalists

PR Daily

The digital communications and social media industries are always changing. We’re excited to announce PR Daily’s 2018 Digital PR & Social Media Awards finalists. DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY. Digital Product or Service Launch.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2019 Digital PR & Social Media Awards finalists

PR Daily

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and it’s overcrowded with content. The impressive finalists for our Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards checked all the boxes. DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY. Cypress Semiconductor Giveaway Contest, The Hoffman Agency.

Will India See a Rise in Digital PR?

Waxing UnLyrical

It is rightly said that PR and journalism are interdependent. With the ever-increasing competitive eco-system and never-ending client demands, traditional PR is set to face new challenges in India. It’s time for the next big leap in the way PR agencies work in India.

Digital PR spend increases significantly, but still not enough investment in training

Stuart Bruce

The PRCA Digital PR and Communications Report 2016 reveals a sharp rise in digital PR budgets, but continuing concern over the lack of investment in training. It’s the fourth annual Digital PR and Communications report the PRCA has produced.

As Trust Declines, How Are You Helping Clients (or Your Agency) Earn It?

Rock the Status Quo

And isn’t it interesting that it’s a PR agency doing the belittling, when the value of media drives their business? It is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER to focus a large part of PR around building trust. Digital PR And is a declining trust in media real?

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Digital PR pros’ toughest challenges

PR Daily

The agency JBH perfectly summarizes eight of the top challenges that digital PR pros face: 1. PR pros are drowning in data. The public relations profession has never had it easier.

Deadline approaching for PR Daily’s 2015 Digital PR & Social Media Awards

PR Daily

PR Daily wants to recognize how you uniquely and creatively put digital PR and communications and social media to work for your organization. If you wear those hats, then PR Daily’s 2015 Digital PR & Social Media Awards were built for you.

PRCA Digital PR Report 2015 need for more digital PR training and digital PR budgets expected to grow

Stuart Bruce

The Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) has revealed the findings of its Digital PR Report 2015, with insights across the following key areas: In-house budgeting for blogger outreach continues to grow and PR agencies increasingly entrusted with this work.

Finalists Announced for PR Daily’s 2016 Digital PR & Social Media Awards!

PR Daily

We asked for your most inspired work in digital PR communications and the use of social media. Entries poured in, and your work demonstrated an amazing diversity of talent and superb digital PR & social media ideas. Best Digital & Social Media Activity.

Five Critical Trends in Digital PR You Must Act On

Norton's Notes

In September, the PRCA launched a new report into digital trends in the PR industry. Put together after a YouGov study of 228 agency and in-house PR professionals across a wide range of sectors, the results are, for me, both encouraging and worrying. Digital PR Budgets.

Leeds PR Agency Prohibition PR is looking for a PR Executive – is it you?


It’s been an exciting time at Prohibition PR. As you’ve probably figured out, we’re not old fashioned when it comes to PR. While we do ‘the traditional stuff’ very well indeed, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what you would expect from a PR agency.

Digital is Driving PR Industry Growth

The Proactive Report

Over the past couple of years companies have been spending more of their marketing and communication budgets on digital and social media. 72% of the PR firms polled by the 2015 Holmes Report rated digital and social as one of their top three growth drivers. Statista predicts that by 2019 spend on social and digital media will grow to $17 billion in the US alone. 28% of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing (Gartner).

Four Big Secrets Digital Agencies Don’t Tell: Part 2 of 4

Rock the Status Quo

Earlier this month, I introduced four truisms that many digital agencies aren’t telling their clients and prospects. While they want to be a full service digital agency, they tend to excel at one thing, not everything. It’s time to be more nimble as agencies and talk about our gaps so we can more easily FIX them. Many, many agencies are touting themselves as digital agencies when the truth is that they excel at one digital skill.

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How Digital PR Pros Can Cope with Recent Google Search Updates

Beyond PR

The PR industry and SEO no longer live in two separate worlds. A strong reason for PR pros to start concentrating more on SEO. In the advanced digital landscape and a mobile-first world, digital PR is already closely integrated with SEO.

Three Digital Marketing Strategies for the Ages


There’s no doubt about it: in the modern marketplace, a major part of every firm’s marketing strategy is going to be its approach to digital. But when it comes to planning a digital marketing campaign, the ever-evolving online landscape can be quickly overwhelming.

Digital journalism is alive but is digital PR?

Norton's Notes

Today the BBC announced that it is cutting almost 500 jobs but reinvesting in a further 195 posts to back what it calls ‘digital journalism’. So I think we can safely say that digital journalism is where the BBC believes the future of that industry is headed.

4 ways PR agencies can better match with clients

PR Daily

We often divide life into complementary components, and for PR agency pros, the world of client relations is no different. I wore both agency and client hats, and have since fully transitioned from PR agency owner to client. PR client management. PR Daily.

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9 reasons why business owners don't hire PR agencies

PR Daily

It’s a question that many organizations’ chiefs and business owners ask when looking at PR and branding goals. Here are nine reasons people give that justify not enlisting PR agencies for communications efforts, along with counterarguments to consider: 1. PR agencies do.

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Why this PR agency owner despises press releases

PR Daily

When I was looking to leave the TV business and start working at a public relations firm, so many wouldn't hire me because I didn't have any PR agency experience. AWARDS: Did you use social in an innovative way to accomplish PR goals? Enter the Digital PR & Social Awards.

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7 PR Tips For Digital Reputation Management

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Whether for a brand or an individual, most good PR people spend their time helping internal or external clients create a positive perception among key audiences or building a specific kind of reputation in the marketplace. Maximize your digital footprint.

Is Integrated Communications the Holy Grail or Just Cheap Talk?

PR News

appeared first on PR News Blog. Communications Crisis Management Digital PR Internal Communication Measurement Media Relations PR Insiders PR News Blogger Network Research Social Media Staffing and Management Water Cooler agencies budgeting crisis management future of PR integrated communications marketing omnichannel platinum pr PR

New PR Skills Needed to Fill Talent Gap

The Proactive Report

The Holmes Global Communication Report 2016 revealed that in-house execs and agency leaders agree that talent is the top challenge for PR today. Most disturbing is the omission of the need for PR talent to have visual content skills.

Is it your turn to take the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Personal PR

In honor of those whose lives have been affected by #ALS, Jaffe , the legal industry’s leading full service marketing and PR agency, has accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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PR Poised to Become the Digital Leader

The Proactive Report

A recent article in AdAge reports that ” the emergence of skippable, blockable, opt-out-able advertising, not to mention ever-more integrated campaigns, means PR can suddenly demand more than a supporting role—and maybe even take center stage.”

6 Areas of Digital Marketing & PR Transformation

The Proactive Report

” That sounds remarkably like Digital PR. And note that the first five goals for content are all PR goals. If these are the six areas companies need to focus on to achieve digital transformation, it’s no wonder that PR is in demand.

Eight Ideas to Unlearn this Summer: A Communicator’s Checklist

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The post Eight Ideas to Unlearn this Summer: A Communicator’s Checklist appeared first on PR News Blog. Crisis Management Digital PR General Internal Communication Media Relations Media Training Social Media Staffing and Management agencies clients customer service Internal Communications media relations Millennials professional development social mediaSand between your tanned toes and the relaxing sound of waves hitting the shore.

The Often-Overlooked PR Gold Mine: Online Public Speaking

Rock the Status Quo

It’s easy to fall into the habit of looking for the more traditional PR placements – press release pick-ups, bylines, guest blog posts… But public relations opportunities aren’t limited to editorial. Digital PR Public Relations podcasts speaking webinars

8 steps to perfect your filming for PR video interviews

PR in High Definition

This is the second in a two part series, where I provide tips on how to get the most out of a PR video interview. The post 8 steps to perfect your filming for PR video interviews appeared first on Firefly Communications.

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Innovation or stagnation: Are brands losing their individuality?

PR in High Definition

Blog Hollie Abbott News Social media Traditional PR brand engagement branding brands digital communications digital PR engagement Facebook Firefly communications individuality influencer marketing innovation marketing online PR PR Social Media tech PR agency

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Big Changes Ahead in the PR Industry

The Proactive Report

If you’re studying PR, or you’re working in the industry, the recent study from USC Annenberg should be by your bedside. The report covers the disruption of the PR industry, what’s changing, what talent is needed in the new model of PR, and where the industry is headed.

5 Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy

The Proactive Report

” Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge, There is a positive side to the findings of this report – in house marketers and agencies are moving towards strategies that integrate SEO, SEM, social media and content marketing. Get the Digital PR Tips News letter.