Paid social media dominant during COVID-19

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With audiences stuck at home and looking for digital entertainment, brand managers are turning to social media channels. Social media’s dominance has continued for audiences stuck and home and looking for connection online—and because of the changes many platforms introduced in the last couple of years, paying to play could be a brand manager’s best option to join the conversation. PR Daily: What does the future look like for Facebook Ads and other social media?

How New Google Web Analytics Improve Marketing Measurement, but Not PR Blog

PR and marketing professionals view Google Analytics as a vital tool for examining the results of their campaigns. Although 84% of decision-makers consider cross-platform analytics “critical” or “very important,” only 43% have cross-platform analytics tools implemented.

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10 social media promotion ideas for nonprofits

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Even small not-for-profit organizations can effectively promote their message through social media. On social media. A Newswhip study examined how leading nonprofit organizations succeed in social media and public relations. TED, UNESCO and UNICEF garnered the most earned media coverage. If your nonprofit or its research is cited as authoritative in earned media, more people will become aware of its charity work and its mission.

Brand Engagement on Social Media Has Never Mattered Less

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This means social media posts that include video are granted better reach on the platform. In turn, social media experts have rushed to proclaim brands should be using video to drive better engagement. In fact, engagement on social media has never mattered less for a brand. Because the social sites are depressing brand organic reach – and even if you pay for exposure, the cost is rising. Social Media Sites Discourage External Links.

15 courses to improve your social media knowledge

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Do you know the latest trends and tips to make your messages soar on social media platforms, from Facebook to YouTube? What are your goals for social media in the coming year? . You might want to consider a little extra training to learn the latest trends and tips for bolstering your social media presence. Social media training from Hootsuite Academy. Buffer’s social media webinars on YouTube. Sprout Social’s webinars.

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Today’s Most Important PR Skills – and Needed New Expertise Blog

While writing and relationship-building remain the foundations for work in public relations, PR pros have assumed new responsibilities in SEO, social media and other tasks once considered outside the domain of PR. Far more cited shared media, (38%) and owned media (36%).

Use Your Class to Get a Job in Social Media

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If you are taking a social media class that talks about paid advertising, ask your teacher where you should go to learn more about advertising. If you’re in a research class that briefly brings up social media analytics, find out how you can get more practice with analytics. These tips are designed for anyone who wants to stand out in applications and interviews for social media jobs.

4 rules Grubhub follows to drive social media success

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The company’s senior manager of social media says online marketers must put consumers first, think of each platform and prepare with mobile devices in mind. Social media users are hungry for excellent, captivating content. million followers across Grubhub’s and Seamless’ social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the food-ordering services dish up tasty interactions and keep fans coming back for more.

How to Tap Emotions for PR and Marketing Success Blog

Contrary to what many of us may believe, buying decisions are 80 percent emotional and only 20 percent based on logic, says Susanna Gebauer, a marketing blogger at The Social Ms. Metrics could include social media comments, customer complaints or employee or customer retention.

Getting a READ on social media influencers

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The very best influencers work with brands, advertisers, communicators, and agencies to provide data back to their sponsors. Sometimes this is as simple as implementing additional Google Analytics tracking codes; sometimes this is as complex as lead co-registration or other data exchanges. The post Getting a READ on social media influencers appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin.

15 questions to ask when hiring a social media partner

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How do you know what to look for in a social media management firm? Here’s what you should ask any agency you consider hiring to manage your social channels. Nearly a third of the world uses social media regularly, and 92 percent of marketers claim it’s important to their business. However, many organizations are too busy to focus on bringing social media marketing into the fold; instead they outsource their social media management to outside firms.

Report: Video is crucial for reaching social media audiences

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A study from data analytics firm Talkwalker and Trust Insights reveals YouTube is an essential platform as users seek educational content. Social media habits are changing as users are favoring two things: community and video. More and more social media users are searching for “velvet rope” communities, or forums that are not public facing but offer a specific audience for collaboration, brainstorming and griping. Social media users love video,” Grossman says.

4 ways Tom’s drives consumer success and sales on social media

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‘Put yourself in the fans’ shoes,’ says James Chong, the company’s senior manager of social customer engagement. The company’s online success is in part due to the careful way they’ve used a mixture of compelling content and paid social media ads to deliver their messages to targeted consumers at a time when social media algorithms can easily bury branded posts. Consider these: Focus your social media efforts.

What social media metrics matter most?

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With ongoing algorithm changes, bot cleanups and paid advertising on social media, it can be a challenge to articulate campaign success. For social media managers, it might seem enticing to report on vanity numbers such as “likes,” retweets and impressions to show quick progress and to keep clients happy. However, those numbers can be easily manipulated and hard to re-create, and they can lead to stagnant social media campaigns.

Why Social Media Platforms and Apps are Crucial to Marketing Your Brands


Now that we’re neck-deep into the age of social media, having a website isn’t even enough anymore. Heck, even having a simple social media page isn’t enough; you need to have multiple social media platforms to reach a wide enough audience, and those platforms need to be managed in such a way that it brings your customers together into a self-sustaining community that your company engages with on the ground level. Social Media Marketing: The Basics.

What’s Your Multi-channel Social Media Strategy?

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Pew Research released an excellent report about social media usage. Take a look at this chart of which social networks people use in combination: In the last column, the green one, take note that the vast majority of users of every other social network also use Facebook. Facebook is the social glue, the starting point, the lowest common denominator of social media. What does this data mean for your social strategy?

8 Misleading Myths About B2B PR in Social Media -- Obliterated!

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Now that social media is no longer the new kid on the block, myths have begun to grow up around it. Today, let’s address these myths and look at the reality of what social media marketing can truly do for your B2B company. Let's Obliterate the Myths Surrounding B2B PR and Social Media. Myth #1: You Can't Measure Results on Social Media. This may have been true in the past when social media was in its infancy, but not anymore!

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Why less is more on social media

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Social media marketing is beneficial for a number of reasons. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that 92 percent of marketers say that social media is important to their business. However, since there are so many ways that you can use social media every day, it’s easy for social media marketing to become unfocused. Instead of benefitting your customers, excessive social media usage can detract from more urgent revenue-generating activities.

Social media is easier than PR

Stuart Bruce

While talking about recruiting I said that I’d always prefer to recruit a PR person as it was easier to teach a PR person social media than it was to teach a social media person PR. The danger of recruiting a social media expert is that you get someone who is brilliant at using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but doesn’t know how to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for real strategic public relations.

Features, Fidelity and Faux Pas of the Social Media Platforms [UML]

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It’s been several years since social media has embarked down a path paved in payment. Social media became a toll road and the price of thruway has spiked during rush hour. To be fair, LinkedIn started with subscriptions and the advertisements came later. And generally, I have a strong affinity for LinkedIn because, it was my first social media account when we were all young and naïve, and more importantly the company does a lot to help veterans find jobs.

8 symptoms of a failing health care social media campaign

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Buying followers is frowned upon in the social media world. Rather, provide value to those in your community including other practices, hospitals, organizations, businesses, local media, and schools. Analytics show significant traffic drops. Marketing in health care is a broad term, encompassing physician relations, advertising, social media, email marketing, etc. Health Care Social Media

State of Social Media 3Q 2017: Facebook Nears $5 ARPU

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Facebook, the largest social network and arguably the largest product ever made for the human race intentionally, released its 3Q 2017 earnings. Facebook stopped publishing its mobile-only user data; we use predictive analytics to estimate the percentage of their mobile and mobile-only users based on the last 7 years of data and their current overall user base. No social network has ever achieved that much revenue per user at scale.

State of Social Media, 3Q 2017: Twitter Restates

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While major media outlets made quite a fuss about the disclosure, it’s so small as to be barely statistically relevant. In the shareholder letter, Twitter stated that not only are advertisers seeing more efficiencies (lower cost of engagement, higher clickthrough rates), but advertising on the platform was easier. Their focus remains on video advertising and streamed video content. Analytics Marketing Public Relations Social Media Twitter

10 social media promotion ideas for nonprofits

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Even small not-for-profit organizations can effectively promote their message through social media. “If On social media. A Newswhip study examined how leading nonprofit organizations succeed in social media and public relations. TED, UNESCO and UNICEF garnered the most earned media coverage. RELATED: Learn how to boost buzz, build brand recognition and engage employees on the hottest social media platforms. ].

Paid Social: Cliff Notes to 3 Social Media Studies

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In either case, I’ve paused to delve into three social media studies or surveys that crossed my screen in recent months and distilled them to the most important findings. These three studies seem to, in part, answer these three questions: How is our brand doing in social media relative to comparable brands? What is the impact of social media engagement on the business? The cliff notes to three recent social media studies follow below.

Understanding social media for B2B and corporate companies


When it comes to social media marketing , many don’t realise the true potential utilising this communications channel for B2B and corporate companies can have. However, whilst channels such as Instagram and Facebook may be synonymous with consumer-facing brands and influencers, the power of social media marketing for B2B brands should not be underestimated. Some pretty impressive social media stats. How can social media impact my business?

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Establishing a [new] Social Media Class: Introducing #FrebergSM

Karen Freberg

The life of a social media professor is both absolutely fabulous, but also challenging to meet the expectations that are being made by both the profession, and universities. I have been teaching the social media class (COMM 333 as it is listed in the course catalog at the University of Louisville) for a few years now. Now, the social media class has an established reputation, and I have been asked – what does the social media professor have that is new?

Why you should reduce your reliance on social media

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If your content strategy revolves around a social media channel or channels, you’re at the mercy of the next algorithm change. Social media trends are just that—trends. If you host your content primarily on one social media channel, you’re screwed when your target audience moves on. FREE DOWNLOAD: How reporters use social media in their jobs ]. You get better analytics. at a significantly higher rate than social media anyway.

How to Set Up a B2B Facebook Advertising Campaign

The Hoffman Agency

At Hoffman we’re increasingly executing integrated communications campaigns that roll earned, owned and paid media into a single client budget to reach B2B audiences. Since this was the first time we had advertised to this audience, we structured our campaign in two parts.

State of Social Media 2Q 2015: Twitter Users Plateau

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The 140 character social network released its Q2 2015 earnings. This has caused quite a bit of consternation in the mainstream media; terms such as “turnaround” and comparisons to MySpace, Friendster, and Bebo have been alleged. Look in your web analytics at Twitter’s traffic over a multi-year period. First, expect advertising revenue and options to continue improving. Marketing Social Media Twitter

Social Media Trends and How to Harness Them for Your Business


With social media now a well established tool for businesses, and a huge part of day-to-day life for most people, it is more important than ever to ensure your business or brand maintains a presence, keeps up to date with all current trends and utilises them to your advantage. Over the last few years, many brands have used this simple but effective method of creating social brand ambassadors with current employees. There’s no hiding place in the age of social media.

State of Social Media Q4 2015: Twitter Users Decline For First Time Ever

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The 140 character social network released its Q4 2015 earnings. The growth story is the headline: for the first time in recent memory, a major publicly traded social network experienced negative monthly average user growth, quarter-over-quarter: As shown above by the green bars, growth fell to -0.65%, or 2 million users. Dorsey also announced integration work continues on Twitter’s integration into the Double-click ad network, for increased access to advertisers.

PR metrics and analytics: 10 trends to watch in 2019

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More PR pros will apply web analytics to track conversions. They’ll hold their influencer marketing programs to the same measurement standards as their other media investments. More companies will turn to social media measurement to determine the value of both paid and non-paid influencer marketing programs. The latest version of Apple’s podcast app offers more powerful analytics. Inadequate measurement has long plagued public relations.

How To Use Google Analytics for Same-Day Content Promotion

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One of the top questions in social media marketing (and content marketing in general) is, how do you know what content is worth promoting? It’s certainly possible, using predictive analytics, to get a rough sense of what might work and what might not work, but few companies have access to that much technology and expertise. Instead, most marketers look back at their analytics at the end of the week, month, or quarter. Open up Google Analytics.

Metrics in Crisis Comms, Marketing and Social Media [UML]

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There are media disruptions, and there are media crises,” according to Ashley Deibert , vice president of marketing for IQ Media. In a piece for Ragan’s PR Daily – 3 ways media metrics can help you handle PR crises – she draws a distinction between “a snarky comment” and bona fide media crisis that “threaten to compromise an organization’s credibility.”. Some of the monitoring tools designed around social media, provide storage for just a few months of data.

4 tips to boost reach with social media ads

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At the same time, the “big three” social media networks have updated their algorithms in ways that have caused organic visibility for content to plummet. Given this flood of competing social media content, yours will be DOA without paid promotion. Here are four tips to regain lost reach and amplify your content using social media ads: 1. Be selective—buy social media ads for only your best posts. The volume of online content is overwhelming.

Get Analytical with Twitter’s Activity Dashboard

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What is the ROI of social media? Twitter’s ( @twitter ) new analytics feature is certainly a step in the right direction. In July, Twitter launched its Tweet activity dashboard exclusively to a few advertisers and verified users. Social Analytics Nearly 90% of marketers want to know the answer to that question.

5 top social media trends to watch in 2017

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Social media is always changing. Facebook Messenger enables brands to advertise within it. RELATED: The 2017 Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communicators at Disney World. ]. Through partnerships with point-of-sale systems such as Square and Marketo, Facebook can provide analytics of how views of Facebook content and ads lead to purchases and store visits. This ties nicely into the SoLoMo trend (social, local, mobile).

8 symptoms of a failing health care social media campaign

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Buying followers is frowned upon in the social media world. Rather, provide value to those in your community including other practices, hospitals, organizations, businesses, local media, and schools. FREE GUIDE: 6 steps to crafting an internal social media plan ]. Analytics show significant traffic drops. Marketing in health care is a broad term, encompassing physician relations, advertising, social media, email marketing, etc.

How to Make Smart Marketing Decisions Based on the Right Analytics


But actually, if you tighten your scope, pay attention to only the information that helps you achieve your marketing goals and then make moves based on what you’re seeing, analytics and data can be your best friend! First, Decide What the “Right” Analytics Are. For others, it’s social media follows, shares and likes. You need to look at the analytics and tweak your current and/or future campaigns accordingly. Best Practices Featured analytics measurement