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How to Make Your Content Go Viral

Spin Sucks

We have an internal joke when a client or prospect asks us to help them create something viral. Have two guys kick one another in the privates and it’s sure to go viral!” ” The fact of the matter is, you can’t MAKE anything go viral.

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Deconstructing the Most Compelling and Interesting Viral Stories

Spin Sucks

Why do some stories go viral and some don’t? To be successful in content marketing—and to truly have a viral story, video, or element—you must study the masters. The post Deconstructing the Most Compelling and Interesting Viral Stories appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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Capture viral behavior with strange projects


However, some brands are looking at methods to capture the things that appeal to frequent users of social media in a way that grabs their interest and makes the content the center of the story, with the brand name tagging along. Don’t lead with the brand. [By Karen Geier].

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4 Key Elements in Viral Videos


When it comes to producing viral videos for big brands, Stephen Voltz is about as experienced as they come. 4 Rules of Viral Videos by Stephen Voltz This, according to Voltz, was what someone shouldn’t do if they want their video to go viral.

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Viral Marketing: The Hope, Hype and Helplessness

Sword and the Script

It’s every marketer’s dream to go viral, but only a handful will ever experience it. While marketers can do things to set the conditions for going viral, things can’t be made to go viral. At best, viral marketing is usually a gamble with marketing credibility.

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10 proven ways to make content go viral

PR Daily

If you’ve been involved in any sort of marketing exercises over the last five or so years, the word “viral” probably drives you nuts, along with phrases like: “Let’s just post a viral video.”. How can we really make this go viral?”. Just tweet this out and watch it go viral.”.

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The science behind huge viral campaigns

PR Daily

Virality is one of the most fascinating subjects in PR. Viral hits are (usually) not the result of some big brand spending a million dollars to make something popular. Not for lack of trying, because big brands do actually spend millions of dollars to make things go viral.

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21 ways to boost your content's viral potential

PR Daily

Professionals who deal in content, are all chasing the idea of going viral. FREE guide: How to Be a Brand Journalist - Tell compelling stories and take your story directly to your audience. ]. Images will boost your post’s potential for going viral.

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3 lessons from viral content at Ford

PR Daily

It's really all about creating the right kind of content that helps tell your story and helps move the brand forward," Kozleski says. Lesson One about women: They like syrupy, sentimental content on Valentine's Day—images of flowers, chocolates and walks on the beach.

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15 Non-Obvious Business Trends Shaping 2017 (Retail, Consumer, Tech, Marketing, and Media)

The Influential Marketing Blog

Passive Loyalty – The ease of switching from brand to brand continues to empowers consumers –forcing brands to get smarter about earning true loyalty of belief versus loyalty of convenience. Brand Humanity. Brands & Branding. Personal Branding.

Top 10 Digital Branding & Marketing Trends for 2017

Borenstein Group

Here are the Top Digital Branding & Marketing Trends for 2017 to watch for. The probing minds at the Borenstein Group, a Top Washington DC Digital Marketing and Branding Agency, have done the homework for you.

3 PR and marketing alternatives to ‘going viral’

PR Daily

I first started practicing PR over a decade ago, when clients thought that “going viral” meant getting their product on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”. The more brand managers saw these speedily produced videos gaining views, the more they wanted to replicate that success.

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Friday Wrap #120: Vine for audio, hashtags gone bad, Ello goes viral, employees like badges, & more

Holtz Communication + Technology

Ello goes viral —Ello (at ) is the latest in a long line of upstart social networks seeking to provide an ad-free, unmoderated alternative to Facebook. Twitter vs. cookies —Cookies, which let brands track user activity on their websites, don’t work on mobile.

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5 lessons in virality from 'Saturday Night Live'

PR Daily

Many brands seek the recipe that makes content go viral; though there’s not one ingredient in the special sauce that guarantees a hit online, PR and marketing pros can learn a lot from SNL’s success throughout the years. Here are five lessons in virality: 1. Consumers love a good throwback, which is why Jimmy Fallon’s “Saved By the Bell” skit went viral and Coke’s Surge supply sold out in record time when the brand brought it back on Amazon.

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Kohl’s capitalizes on viral ‘Happy Chewbacca’ Facebook video

PR Daily

It’s the simple joys,” now-viral sensation Candice Payne recently said, and Internet users—along with marketers—agree. RELATED: Produce content that boosts lead gen, brand awareness and reputation. Users applauded Kohl’s efforts to embrace the viral ambassador: @Kohls I love this!

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Five Ways to Humanize Your Brand In Social Media

Spin Sucks

In order to maintain relevance in the social world, brands have to interact with their community in a way that is organic and unquestioningly human. This is not easy for everyone, and many brands still don’t get it. Five Ways to Humanize Your Brand. Understand the brand.

What Coke Can Teach McDonald’s About Love

The Influential Marketing Blog

What could be a better brand message than that? It doesn’t work for people and it doesn’t work for brands either. That’s on brand. The sad thing about the campaign is that the idea could have worked amazingly well for another brand.

‘RIPTwitter’ goes viral after users learn of timeline redesign

PR Daily

So much so, the brand’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, chimed in online to quell fears from hundreds of thousands of tweets. Twitter is having a tough time controlling its message.

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The 5 Worst Habits Of Selfish Brands

The Influential Marketing Blog

Do you know a selfish brand? The good news is consumers have more ways than ever to filter these brands out and expose their selfishness as a warning to other consumers. Perhaps the worst brand succumbing to this habit is one that has plenty of money to be able to operate differently.

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Brand Warfare as Counterinsurgency

Spin Sucks

Imagine taking the US Military Field Manual for Counterinsurgency , putting it into Google Translate and converting it into brand speak. The result would be Brand Resilience: Managing Risk and Recovery in a High Speed World by Jonathan R. Think about it; Are you protecting your brand?

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Tips for brands handling death on social media

The Stalwart Blog

These two articles caught my attention throughout the last 24 hours: Mashable "Brands awkwardly try to pay tribute to Prince". Adweek "Brands post tributes to Prince, but struggle to make them Heartfelt and Not Promotional".

Why Brands Should Stop Idolizing Oreo’s Social Media Strategy

The Influential Marketing Blog

If you happened to visit Oreo on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter today, you would see what seems like another piece of social media brilliance from the brand: #OreoLab. Even if you do happen to have that one hit that goes viral, what will you do with all the attention.

Content marketing and brand journalism best practices

PR Daily

Want to boost your brand’s reputation and turn your organization into an authoritative industry voice? You need content marketing and brand journalism. Reach millions of people searching for viral video content.

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4 Ways Influencers Support Brands in Real Time


When events occur or trending topics arise, your brand needs to act quickly. But in real time, there are so many voices joining the conversation, it’s easy for your brand’s to get drowned out. Influencers can advocate for your brand and gain your audience’s trust on your behalf.

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Big Brands: Content Marketing isn’t a Campaign, It’s a Culture

Sword and the Script

Content marketing is the new branding. Four Brands that are Becoming Content Publishers. When I traced the source, it stunned me to find my employer’s blog listed right alongside powerhouse consumer brands. 6 Keys to Content Marketing for Big Brands. by Frank Strong.

5 ways brand managers can employ word-of-mouth marketing

PR Daily

Historically, word-of-mouth marketing wasn’t easy for brand managers to control, making it hard to measure. It relies on brand marketers connecting with customers and customers connecting with their friends, so analysis became difficult across potential digital and in-person points of contact.

Brand Strength and the Political Media War

Mark My Words

The Guardian’s Data Blog recently compared Russell Brand’s reach with that of the newspaper attempting to discredit him, The Sun. They did : in the form of a viral hashtag that has seen The Sun ridiculed for the premise of its campaign, #TheSunLogic.

Hellman’s mayonnaise goes viral after Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweet

PR Daily

Junior’s recent tweet sparked an especially profound national conversation about sandwich choices and put the spotlight on one popular brand of mayonnaise. In product marketing, having the right spokesperson can go a long way.

3 visual marketing tips for brand managers

PR Daily

It’s getting harder to attract and engage audiences on social media—because of the vast number of brand managers flooding social media channels with lackluster content. Attract millions to your brand with powerful visuals and new tools. ”

What American Airlines’ crisis response can teach brand managers

PR Daily

Combine these trends and expect more and more disturbing airline videos to emerge and go viral. There are a few lessons that brand managers working for airlines—along with any PR or marketing pro looking to improve relationships—can learn from American Airlines’ response and similar crises.

Transform Your Brand Into an Icon with Visual Consistency

Beyond PR

It’s no secret that a great brand is built over time (in the case of some brands, centuries). Every decision a brand makes builds on the success that came before. When communicating your message across any medium, look for opportunities to reinforce your brand story.

Legal Rules for Creating Flash Mobs and Performances

Spin Sucks

Were he alive today, Freud undoubtedly would add a third: Viros (the drive to create viral videos). No matter the ROI of viral video is notoriously unpredictable and ephemeral, even if the video is a hit. Do you have any cautionary tales about the legal pitfalls of viral video gone bad?

3 viral video tips for PR pros: Lessons from AARP and Coca-Cola

PR Daily

Avoid excessive branding. Most media sites and many blogs won’t post your video if it’s heavily branded. “It’s He adds this twist: “Consider leaving your brand or company name out of your script or video entirely.”.

7 Reasons GE Is The Most Strategic Brand In Social Media

The Influential Marketing Blog

Yet it is easy to underappreciate the brands who take a long term view. The smartest brand in social media today is General Electric. Humanize the brand. ( #instawalk + #springbreakit ). GE has both – and that makes them the most strategic brand on social media today.

Can Social Media Influencers Replace Your PR Agency?

Spin Sucks

The Secret to Viral Content. Influence Social Media brand image management can social media influencers replace pr? It’s a controversial question to ask, can social media influencers truly replace your PR agency?

3 Brands That Aced Real-Time Opportunities


With so many voices speaking to your audience, what can your brand do to stand out from the crowd? Here are three brands that identified a real-time event, successfully leveraged it at the right time with the right approach and reaped the benefits of leading a conversation: KitKat.



Chief marketing officers are in love with the idea of breaking a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® event record and having their brands bask in the seemingly viral eruption of TV, radio, print and online buzz that comes from that honor. Media Relations Brand Strategy Event Marketing

Strange Korean Video Trends, How Fabergé Sells Luxury and Ikea’s Unexpected Ecommerce Experiment | Non-Obvious Insights #31

The Influential Marketing Blog

The move is a smart one for the brand, and the results will be worth watching for anyone interested in the future of retail and consumer experiences. Brands & Branding. Viral Marketing

Why organizational values are crucial to branding efforts

PR Daily

Brand managers today face big challenges when it comes to social issues. A boycott hashtag with your brand’s name attached appears on social media, and the news goes viral. That might seem unfair, but this is the world we live in, and all brand reps should beware.

Why brand managers shouldn’t delete tweets

PR Daily

Dear brand manager on Twitter, I get it. They'll love it so much that they'll retweet it, and then we'll go viral. In my opinion, it's what brands should be providing followers on Twitter. The brand manager for @england is hardly the first or the last to do this.

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