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PR Tactics To Differentiate Your Brand

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

told the story of the troubled relationship between the founders of Reddit, their departure from the company and eventual triumphant return. It’s a riveting story, and is part of a recently published book about Reddit – that itself being another tactic for differentiation. Last month, Inc. Write the book on it.

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Content analysis tool BuzzSumo adds journalist database for SMBs [PR tech sum no. 48]

Sword and the Script

The classic BuzzSumo tool will also allow you to analyze the reporter’s activity such as: Number of articles created on topic; Total engagement of articles on topic; Recency of published content; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit engagement; and Number of links driven. Cision made a similar proclamation in June.

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3 key areas companies are missing when it comes to social listening

Communications Conversations

You can only listen to so much given privacy settings and the way Facebook is set up. What about Reddit? This is a great place to start except for a couple key facts. First, Facebook is a closed social media environment, so I’m not sure how effective any listening effort is there. The channel where trends are started.

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The Ugly Side of Social Media Sharing

Waxing UnLyrical

.” Susan’s friend then shared it to her personal Facebook page with the privacy setting “friends only.” ” 3) Without asking or anyone else knowing, Susan’s friend’s boyfriend saw the picture, thought it was funny, uploaded it to Imgur, and posted it to Reddit. No harm intended.

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Is the golden era of news now?

The Stalwart Blog

The piece predicts big trends we'll be experiencing throughout the next 10 years answering questions such as local vs. global news, the purpose of news, impact of technology, privacy and personalization. Alexis Ohanian, founder and executive chairman of Reddit.

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What is Predictive Media Intelligence?


We combine and provide relevant discussion across social media, so any story’s arc can be seen alongside the latest Reddit discussion about it, the hottest YouTube takes, and the most engaged Twitter commentary. Predictive engagement data becomes even more useful for reporters and communicators when combined with other information.

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How Emerging Social Networks are Applying Economic Models to Attention and Content

Where the Fishermen Ain't

Charles , a former Reddit employee who was originally hired to figure out Reddit's cryptocurrency strategy. It turns out that Reddit didn't need a cryptocurrency strategy as much as it perhaps thought it did, so out went Charles and the DATT concept was born. . Today, I'll offer three such ideas. . .

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