Critical Mention Launches Media Contact Database, Expands Earned Media Suite

Critical Mention

The product launch is one of the company’s most significant since its founding in 2002 and will allow customers to leverage a powerful Earned Media Suite when combined with Critical Mention’s TV, Radio, Social Media and Online News Monitoring.

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How Media Contact Database Strengthens Critical Mention’s Earned Media Suite

Critical Mention

Media Contact Database Analytics Corporate Communications Earned Media Facebook Influencer Marketing International Licensed Content Media Relations Online News Monitoring Print Radio Technology Television Twitter YouTube

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Why and How to Switch Media Monitoring Platforms

Critical Mention

During the vetting process, ask potential providers to show you how to track TV, radio, online news, licensed print and social media in one tool—the proof is in the pudding.

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Critical Mention CEO Don Yount Named to PRWeek’s List of Most Influential People

Critical Mention

The additions of Facebook and YouTube as social sources in the Critical Mention platform. “I Critical Mention offers real-time media monitoring, intelligence and analytics for broadcast television, radio, online news and social media.

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Thinking Critically with Robyn Stevens

Critical Mention

I also remind clients it isn’t always about the number of viewers or subscribers but being in the correct outlets can that lead to keynote speaking engagements and becoming a regular TV and/or print contributor or having your own TV talk show.

Using Tech Tools for Maximum PR Coverage

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Meltwater tracks from 275,000 online news sources and has partnerships for print and broadcast monitoring. Furthermore, it can track social media coverage as well, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and over 300 million blogs. Radio Guest List.

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Closing the loop with your media coverage


If you’re the guest at a radio studio, take a photo of yourself behind the mic or with the interviewer. You may: Be able to reshare the story if that media outlet has already produced it online – eg, retweeting a journalist’s tweet, linking to an online story, or embedding a YouTube clip. I’ll end with one more useful tip: Occasionally, you may be disappointed if your newspaper print story doesn’t subsequently appear in the newspaper’s online version.

Why Advertising Isn’t Dead


Taking advantage of both of these factors, companies like Procter & Gamble began to sponsor radio dramas and comedy shows — even threading the use of branded products directly into the storylines of some of the shows. Radio supplanted print, television eroded radio, and the Internet has changed the foundation of how we consume all forms of media. In the 1970s, the soaps moved mainly from radio to television.

Be on TV

PR for Anyone

I also invite you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel where I cover all things related to how to get publicity. The videos are short, easily digestible and give you lots of tips to be on TV and/or in print or radio/podcasts. Want to be on tv?

The evolving media consumption habits of Gen Z–and what they mean for communicators

Communications Conversations

Gen Z watches a LOT of video–most of it on YouTube. According to recent research, 93 percent of Gen Z’ers visit YouTube at least once a week. For my kids, YouTube IS the internet. For Gen Z, video IS YouTube. For previous generations (even Millennials), video has meant a combo of network TV/cable + YouTube + streaming. For Gen Z, it’s more like YouTube (by a mile) + streaming + cable (and no network TV).

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Lockdown letter: humanising business and media

Stephen Waddington

If this happened in 2020 it wouldn’t attract a murmur of attention let alone become an international news story and clock up 40 million YouTube views. Joe Wickes, The Body Coach , runs exercise sessions on YouTube each morning for his two million subscribers.

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Cisco, Maxwell PR, Alibaba Group lead the way among Digital Marketing Awards winners

PR Daily

Alibaba Group’s digital team had a prodigious year: Its Twitter following has mushroomed from 3,000 to 164,000, and business is bustling on LinkedIn (776,000+ followers), Facebook (305,000+ followers), YouTube (96,000+ subscribers) and Instagram (86,000 followers).

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What is Media Monitoring and Why Does it Matter?

Beyond PR

The same was true for watching hours of TV news or listening to shows on the radio. A comprehensive view of your brand can only be achieved by continuously scanning for mentions across all channels where your audience might engage, including: Print – traditional printed news, such as newspapers and magazines. Social Media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Broadcast – television and radio.

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Letter from Middlesbrough: 13 lessons from Mary Meeker’s 2019 report

Stephen Waddington

2 Popular platforms The most popular platforms by daily usage are Facebook (30%), YouTube (27%), WhatsApp (25%), WeChat (23%) and Instagram (19%). Instagram and YouTube are growing fastest, up from 13% and 22% in 2017 respectively. Radio is under indexed (12% vs 8%) and print is over indexed (3% vs 7%). #4 63% of US adults actively try and limit usage leading Apple, Google, Facebook and YouTube to launch time tracking features. #8

How to Use Dynamic Listening to Reach New Customers


Whether your business needs revolve around online, print, television and radio broadcast, or social channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Cision® Communications Cloud will ensure the impactful conversations that affect your brand and industry will never fall through the cracks. With the media landscape evolving at the speed of technology, communicators need to be able to listen dynamically to their audiences across multiple media channels.

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Behind the Headlines With Jody Fisher


He began as a radio reporter before transitioning to PR in 1999. I led the PR team that worked on the arrival of the Space Shuttle Enterprise to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York — a huge story, on its own — and the final campaign clip report was spread over several successive PDFs and a single printed report used nearly 10 reams of paper packed into enormous binders.

Borrowing Trust: The Surprising New Marketing Role of Citizen Influencers


In an era where paid advertising access to consumers on television, radio, and print is drying up, influence marketing may become a primary source of consumer connection. Disney dropped its alignment with YouTube sensation PewDiePie over content deemed to be pro-Nazi. This post is an excerpt from the e-book, Listen: 5 Social Audiences Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore. .

Using PR to Successfully Promote Your Next Big Event


Once you have all your promotional content in place, invest the time in engaging with every level of media, from traditional print and TV journalists, to radio, web, and social media opinion makers. This should include influential bloggers and YouTube personalities as well. Good events don’t just happen. They require intensive planning and a successful public relations promotion to get the word out, create interest, and compel action.

3 keys to reaching black millennials

PR Daily

This is often far less expensive than traditional print and television advertising. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the most common social media sites, with strong black membership across all age ranges. Black millennials are also avid radio listeners, favoring hip-hop formats. As a generation with plenty of buying power, millennials are immensely diverse.

Insights into impulse purchases, Twitter’s new reply filters, and ‘Royal Sussex’ Instagram bombshell rattles the Palace

PR Daily

Also: YouTube influencer shares tips to quell health care ‘misinformation,’ CollegeHumor lays off almost all its staff, and more. Why it matters: Print publications are among many struggling to survive in an increasingly cluttered digital media landscape.



Chief marketing officers are in love with the idea of breaking a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® event record and having their brands bask in the seemingly viral eruption of TV, radio, print and online buzz that comes from that honor. The 3,010-pound scoop of strawberry ice cream generated 769 TV, radio and other media mentions for $1.7

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Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


And get this: according to Edison Research , people who listen to audio listen to podcasts almost as much as they listen to the radio. Besides the wealth of knowledge it can provide us on a daily basis, we can also use it to reach our audiences: 67 percent of podcast listeners don’t mind sponsorship messages and occasionally find them useful, compare to 6 percent of TV or radio listeners. Digital multimedia has evolved yet again.

J&J to pay $527M in opioid damages, Popeyes’ Twitter spat creates viral win, and KFC tests plant-based ‘chicken’

PR Daily

Juul reputation’s up in smoke, kid-focused videos get 3X the YouTube views, and many PR pros are introverts. One source, Apex Marketing Group, estimated Popeyes earned $23 million in equivalent ad value across digital, print, social, TV and radio in just 11 days since Aug. Also: Facebook floats a messaging app to enhance Instagram, a peek inside Starbucks’ branding and design, and how opinions are changing among consumer demographics.

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Retrevo’s Good ‘n Plenty Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

We knew whatever Retrevo did on the PR front had to compete in the crowded space of tech-related news pitches, ideas, and stories, which are often dominated by companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Amazon. Tech, The San Francisco Chronicle, VentureBeat, Men''s Fitness,CNET, Mashable, PlayBoy Radio and many more. Good Organic Stories Trump Re-Prints. Jennifer Jacobson knows no fear. Or at least, her Twitter avatar leads us to believe that’s the case.