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Tech startups, Want to Go Big? Get PR Help, for the Love of God

Flack's Revenge

When giving advice, it generally helps to have real credentials, such as professional experience in a field.

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What To Look For When Engaging a Crisis Management Professional

Melissa Agnes

When you hire a crisis management professional or firm, whether prior to or during a crisis, expectations of both parties need to be clear. Surprises are not something you want to experience while managing a crisis, the crisis will present you with enough of those on its own!

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PRStudChat & PR20Chat Kick off the Busy Season With a “Back to School #PRToolkit” Twitter Chat on Sept. 9th

PR Expanded

Where did the summer go? It’s September, which, for most, marks the busy season. Vacation is over and our students, educators and pros are either back in the classroom or busy at work. On September 9 th at 8:30 p.m. ET, the #PRStudChat and #PR20Chat communities will gather for a joint Twitter chat discussion on finding the most effective resources to include in a “Back to School #PRToolkit.”.

Four Big Secrets Digital Agencies Don’t Tell: Part 1 of 4

Rock the Status Quo

The more I work with digital agencies, the more I’m noticing a few trends in common across all of them. While they want to be a full service digital agency, they tend to excel at one thing, not everything. Some are repackaging services under new labels and jargon, but what they deliver hasn’t changed. They are frantically trying to hire, but can’t find the right combination of skills. Knowing this, most still aren’t training the talent they already have in-house.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Who needs a Strategy? Just Schmooze us Please

Flack's Revenge

I wrote in my post that Hate Spin?… … that we get the news stories, and hence PR, that we want. But do we sometimes want more spin than we get? This thought occurred to me regarding a story that was hot in the news over the Labor Day weekend.

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What’s in Your Fall 2014 Communications Toolkit?

PR Expanded

It’s the end of the summer and fall marks the busy season for professionals, as well as PR educators and students who are back in school. Gearing up for a productive fall means having the most efficient tools in your PR and communications toolbox.

Fighting the Price War can be Costly

Ronn Torossian

When you can’t compete on quality or product, you find yourself in a difficult position. Sure, there’s always service and price, but, when you have at least one major competitor in exactly the same boat, someone is bound to make the “wrong” choice. Ronn Torossian says that’s exactly where T-Mobile and [.]. The post Fighting the Price War can be Costly appeared first on Ronn Torossian 5WPR CEO Blog - 5W Public Relations PR Agency. Brand PR Consumer Products PR PR Agency Ronn Torossian price war

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Companies Still Embracing a Command-and-control Model for Social Media

Ishmael's Corner

Like Mr. Quixote swinging at windmills, companies continue to go down the futile path of trying to control social media. A couple years ago I wrote a post advocating for the Piggly Wiggly approach to social media.

How To Deal With Negative Reviews: Five Things to Consider

Melissa Agnes

If you’re a business owner in 2014, it’s doubtful that you’ve not been affected by online reviews – whether positively, negatively, or both.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Off Script #9: Steveology on PR, Content and Net Neutrality

Sword and the Script

A few years ago, I met him out on the social media trail. How it happened, I can’t quite recall, but over time, we just sort of took to each other.

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Malaysia Airlines Catches Heat For “Bucket List” Contest

The Stalwart Blog

TIME recently shared Malaysia Airlines Asked for Travelers’ “Bucket Lists” in Ill-Advised Contest and my immediate thoughts were: How many people reviewed and approved this idea before the contest launched?

Never-before-seen Footage from “The Graduate”: Mr. McGuire Talking to Dustin Hoffman About Content

Ishmael's Corner

Everyone has the content religion. If you toil under the marketing umbrella, your updated job description likely includes the word “content.”. And publications ranging from BuzzFeed to Fortune to BusinessInsider have created business units to address — that’s right — developing content for companies.

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#CrisisRoundup of Awesome Links: Week of September 1, 2014

Melissa Agnes

Welcome to this week’s #CrisisRoundup! Summer has officially come to an end and it’s back to routine and business as usual… and I’m thrilled!

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Media interview tips: How to prepare for TV, radio and print media interviews

Public Relations Sydney

When you’re asked to be interviewed in the media , it’s important to know that each medium – radio, TV and print – have specific requirements you should understand before the interview.

What’s the best Instagram reposting app?

Communications Conversations

What are the two biggest challenges for brands just starting with Instagram? Find compelling visuals worth sharing that aren’t overly brand-focused. Building a community within the platform from scratch. Am I right?

Roetzer to Present at Content Marketing World, INBOUND

PR 20/20

The PR 20/20 team will be attending and speaking at Content Marketing World (Sept. 8 – 11) in Cleveland and INBOUND (Sept. 15 – 18) in Boston. Content Marketing World. On Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 2:30 p.m.,

TCIP #013 – Spin Sucks with Gini Dietrich

Melissa Agnes

Welcome to episode #013 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Gini Dietrich. Gini Dietrich is a passionate communications professional who has just launched a new book called “Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age” Spin does suck and I had a blast discussing this and how to best manage your online reputation with Gini in this week’s episode of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast.

Why Do-It-Yourself Public Relations Is An Urban Legend


If you search the phrase do-it-yourself public relations ,? Google returns over 27 million results. Blog posts addressing the subject offer loads of encouragement, with titles like “Everything you need to know about public relations to do-it-yourself,” “7 steps to better do-it-yourself PR”? and “DIY PR: 13 things you must do.” ” Do-it-yourself PR may sound enticing to you. a good way to save a few dollars.

Your Social Media Policy & the Nude Celebrity Photo Scandal

Bad Pitch Blog

You''re thinking, "come on.this is headline bait. How can these two topics be even remotely connected?" This Venn diagram depicting Internet privacy (created by Dave Hoffman ) is our answer. No, you and your fellow employees are not celebrities.

10 tips for effective press releases in the digital age

Maine PR Maven

Reports of the premature death of press releases have been overly exaggerated. I was with a travel writer friend a couple weeks ago, and she was lamenting the fact that she hardly ever receives real press releases from tourism destinations any more.

The Recipe

Mark My Words

Identify the goal. Capitalise on every channel. Hook celebrity. Keep it simple… And fun! Make it immediate. Consider the power of viral multiplication. Allow participants to feel good. Ensure its not really worthy.). Indulge the emotional connection. Sit back and watch it grow. It doesn’t matter if it’s not new. Kudos! Mark My Words brand social viral idea multiplication kudos capitalise indulge participants identify goal grow

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From Unknown to Expert: How to Use PR and Social Media to Become a Recognised Expert

Public Relations Sydney

Are you a therapist or mental health professional who wants to find more clients and grow your profile? De-mystifying PR and social media is an effective and powerful way to accomplish this and position yourself as a recognised expert.



Chief marketing officers are in love with the idea of breaking a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® event record and having their brands bask in the seemingly viral eruption of TV, radio, print and online buzz that comes from that honor.

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Talking Points Podcast: Why are Marketers so Hung up on Real-Time Marketing?

Communications Conversations

In this week’s edition of the Talking Points Podcast, Kevin Hunt and I talk about why marketers are so hung up on real-time marketing (no really, why are they?), the campaign-based natures of many digital marketing efforts (hello Barbie!), and many brands’ rush to use Instagram’s new Hyperlapse tool this last week. SHOW NOTES – September 4, 2014. “The campaign approach to content–and how it’s killing brands (you can thank Barbie)” [link].

Social Sharing Feeds Our Appetite for News

David PR Group

A few years ago when traveling to meet a client, a story about his business was published in the local newspaper that very morning. Because we had placed the story, I proudly asked my client if he had seen the morning paper. He handed me a faxed copy of the article—not an original. I was taken aback.

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Data: a PR #protip

Bad Pitch Blog

Early in my career, I''d declare I''m part of the creative class, in part, because of my dislike for math. Today, I still wouldn''t trade my career for anything. But I''ve learned to love math. The silos between art and science dissolved long ago.

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Meet + Tweet: 15 (More) Pros to Follow


Make the most of your day off by connecting with some of the industry’s brightest minds (While you’re at it, don’t forget to sign up for our e-newsletter, A fresh AP[PR]OACH , to get a new Meet + Tweet suggestion sent to your inbox every Wednesday): @ aerocles : Agency pro. Brand hacker. Columnist.

Sex+Tech=Boffo News

Flatiron Communications

Who hasn’t heard about the hacker(s) who leaked private photos of some well-known female celebrities? It produced breathless Labor Day weekend coverage from virtually every influential news organization.

Yorkshire’s most romantic hotel–OX Pasture Hall

Norton's Notes

Last weekend I was kindly invited to Ox Pasture Hall to sample the hotel and see what I thought about it and the surrounding area.

10 Tips to Keep Your Mood and Confidence High

Solo PR Pro

One of the many benefits of the solo lifestyle is having the ability to create and control your own work environment. There’s no Debbie Downer or Toxic Tom at the water cooler to derail your happiness! However, that benefit also means that we’re responsible for our own moods.

The Difference Between PR and Media Relations + Other Links You Might Have Missed (The Weekly Cocktail)


Like a good cocktail, this mix of news — hand-crafted by Team Geben — will enlighten, inspire and educate. Cheers and happy reading! . 30 Little-Known Features of the Social Media Sites You Use Every Day. Instagram’s #Hyperlapse Racks Up 119k Posts in First Week. 25 Ways to Tighten Your Writing. Why Public Relations and Media Relations Don’t Mean the Same Thing Anymore. The Dangers of Cause Marketing. Want to Go Viral? It’ll Take a Lot More Work Than You Think.