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How Public Relations Is Like High School


As a PR professional, I am constantly educating those around me that do not work in the industry about what public relations is and does. Even those who work in other facets of marketing often can not describe PR with confidence.

3 Simple Ways to Make Your PR Campaign More Effective

B2B PR Sense

You've just launched a huge initiative and garnered some great press! Now what? Do you leave the rest up to the media, and the whims of your audience? As much as you want your press to be evergreen, it won't reach immortality without a little (really, a lot) of strategic planning.

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Rhetoric vs Story: The Art of Persuasion


I’m sure at some point in your life, you were the victim of an unfortunate infomercial.

Behind the Headlines With Jeff Monford


Why does your organization matter? If you can’t answer that question, your audience won’t understand your organization’s value.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

PR’s Future: What Will The Next 10 Years Bring?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

It seems there’s no end to the conversation over how public relations will change in the coming years. Predictions, warnings, and optimistic expectations about the future of PR and communications abound.

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How to Build a Strong Corporate Culture

Ronn Torossian

Many business leaders believe that a strong organizational culture is crucial for their business’ success , yet structuring and managing a system of shared values is much easier said than done. In a world of rapid change, corporate culture isn’t static. It is continuously evolving and requires a strategy that considers how people within organizations think, feel, and behave.

3 Areas to Measure to Establish Thought Leadership


Your audience is skeptical of your brand. They want to know that you are honest, trustworthy and reliable before they do business with you. But your communication alone won’t always convince them your brand can deliver on its promises. So how can you build trust and gain credibility in your industry?

Perfecting Your PR Messaging

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Crafting the right messaging for public relations is like laying a strong foundation for a solid PR program. Whether your brand is strictly B2B or consumer, it’s worth spending the time to make sure core messages are bulletproof, easy to understand, and translatable in any format.

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How to Develop a Strong and Practical Crisis Management Governance Model

Melissa Agnes

Your crisis management governance model serves as one of the foundational elements of your entire crisis management program. It defines everything from the structure, roles and responsibilities of your crisis team, straight through to your internal escalation process.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

5 social media tools that journalists use

PR Daily

Journalists often are the first to break stories and distribute their content online. If you ask any top journalist, you’ll probably find that Twitter is an important part of their news-breaking arsenal.

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Even More Social Media Experts Weigh In with Top-Notch Advice


Last month, I talked to six professionals who use social media marketing to further their brands. You got some insightful tips on how to go beyond the basics of social media, and since so many people gave such useful advice, I needed to write round two! Find Industry Influencers.

How To Be Resilient When You Are A Woman in Digital

Social PR Chat

When option A does not work, then you have to kick the sh*it out of option B. That’s the sage advice Facebook’s COO (and one of the most inspiring, respected woman in digital) Sheryl Sandberg gave to the UC Berkeley graduating class of 2016 in a moving speech from the heart.

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Fragments, Social Media & Channels; Unscripted Marketing Links

Sword and the Script

Ask any PR or marketing pro with digital chops how a dynamic web has changed marketing communications and the answers are liable to boil down to ease, speed, volume and accessibility. These are all reasonable answers, but there’s one more that’s quite telling and it has to do with channels.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

How digital PR can turn the tide for startups

PR Daily

Startup culture is confounding. The instant startup owners think they’re out of the woods, they realize there’s still a long way to go. In such a scenario, anything that aids business success would be welcome. Digital PR can be such an aid.

How The Los Angeles Times Decides Which Stories Have Star Power


Media professionals cannot sit around waiting for pitches if they expect to have an impact on their audiences. The velocity of the newsroom has sped up and with so many publishing options and communication platforms, it shows no sign of slowing down. So how can communication professionals keep up?

Video Learnings: The Value of Pre-Production

The Stalwart Blog

Ever heard of the five P’s? No, not those fundamentals you learned in marketing class , but these: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. I’ve found that those five words can be applicable to pretty much anything in life.

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How to Use Your B2B Blog to Promote Your Press

B2B PR Sense

Lately, on the B2B PR Sense Blog, I've talked about how to extend the life of your B2B PR Campaign. Most recently, I detailed how to optimize your own press. Now, let's extend that concept a little further and talk about how your blog is a useful tool in promoting your press.

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13 PR truths—how many do you believe?

PR Daily

To stay relevant, PR pros must evolve and address new challenges and developments. The profession requires an ongoing adoption of new tools and understanding, strategies and perspectives.

5 Challenges to Effective Communication


We had a dinner party a few nights ago, and when talking about the entertainer Drake, our neighbors had a curious response: “Who’s Drake?”

An Intern’s Guide to Guerrilla PR

Shift Communications

Working in public relations, especially consumer PR, will give you the opportunity to participate in a lot of hands-on, guerrilla PR activities.

The Follower Contract

Doctor Spin

Why do people follow other people? Most businesses aren’t paying much attention to the why question. Instead, they focus more on the how — how do I get people to follow?

3 essential online monitoring tactics for informed brand building

PR Daily

The real estate market is hot in Singapore right now, and competition abounds for a firm seeking to connect expatriates and others with the right short- or long-term rental property. So, it’s essential that Michał Nowak, owner of , stay apprised of changes in the marketplace.

The Difference Between Normal & Delightful Content


What makes one article, image, video or podcast delightful and another fall flat? While it often seems like some mysterious touch of divine inspiration separates the two, the answer is actually pretty simple. Delightful content is content that knows its audience.

SEO and Discoverability: Similar, But Not the Same (+ 5 Tips for Content Discoverability)

Beyond PR

A major part of the content marketing role is optimizing and getting traffic to your blog posts, white papers, press releases, articles, videos, and other assets that drive leads into the sales funnel. Two terms that are frequently seen together, SEO and discoverability, can sometimes confuse people.

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The Power of One Very Happy Customer

Doctor Spin

This article originally appeared on Idea Hunt. In my day job, I help companies of all sizes to reach greater audiences and get those audiences buzzing. With limited resources, new ventures must focus their marketing efforts.

Millennials flood LinkedIn, keying on personal branding

PR Daily

Recent LinkedIn data. show that millennial marketers are taking the platform by storm. Globally, the predominantly “twentysomething” generation—which LinkedIn defines as born between 1980 and the early 2000s—makes up 38 percent of its user base. Two million users hold marketing roles, and 1.2

3 Ways You’re Measuring Social ROI Wrong


Social media makes up 10.7 percent of marketing budgets. Yet, many brands don’t know how to measure their social ROI. Do you? If you’re unable to map your social efforts back to the bottom line, your likes, favorites and shares will never be taken seriously.

Hashtag Campaigns and Other Advocacy-Building Tips for Nonprofits

Beyond PR

Today, I’m rocking one sock at work. And not just because of my long-running trials finding the matching one. It’s because I support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and they found a way to get me involved.

What’s the Difference Between PR and Marketing?


Before the rise of digital marketing and content distribution, the jobs of marketers and PR professionals were usually quite distinct.

Kohl’s capitalizes on viral ‘Happy Chewbacca’ Facebook video

PR Daily

It seems that money can buy happiness. “It’s It’s the simple joys,” now-viral sensation Candice Payne recently said, and Internet users—along with marketers—agree. On Thursday, Payne recorded a Facebook Live video that captured viewers’ attention in a massive way.

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3 Steps to Analyzing Your PR Measurement Data


Data is essential to successful public relations now and in the future, but 53 percent of professionals still find measurement to be their biggest skills gap. Will you adapt to the evolving landscape or let competitors lead the way?