6 strategic tips for next-level real estate PR

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Competing in the real estate industry can feel like an overwhelming thing to do at times. The post 6 strategic tips for next-level real estate PR appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations branding

What real estate can teach marketers about social media

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Real estate in 2016 is a game of marketing, and it’s vital for organizations to engage with potential customers on social media. Real estate often feels like a minefield, where the wrong decision as either a buyer or seller can cost you a significant amount of time and money.

Real estate PR—how to improve your reputation as a landlord

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The post Real estate PR—how to improve your reputation as a landlord appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations brandingIf you plan on managing a rental property (or more than one), you should know that your reputation matters.

10 B2B Companies Who Don’t Waste the Precious Online Real Estate, “About Us.”

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The post 10 B2B Companies Who Don’t Waste the Precious Online Real Estate, “About Us.” Branding Business Communications Digital Storytelling Examples About Us section B2B content B2B storytelling B2B websites business communications storytelling techniques website about usThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Every company website features an “About Us” section.

Prohibition delivers ‘unexpected’ campaign for national estate and lettings agent, Your Move


We have won a major brief from national estate and lettings agent, Your Move , that will see us delivering a digital campaign aimed at engaging with and acquiring ‘unexpected landlords’. Client News estate agents real estate your move

Personal Branding: Always Be Prepared for Your Next Job Opportunity


Instead of polishing up your resume and social skills only after you’ve decided to look for a new job, experts advise that you pay attention to your personal brand year-round. A personal brand is like any other brand. Best Practices Featured brand journalism personal brand

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Brands Bungle Response To Michael Cohen Scandal

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Responding to embarrassing news – in real time. ” Cohen is a New York lawyer with a background in real estate, not regulatory reform or tax policy. Apparently realizing this, Novartis launched into the same real-time updating mode that AT&T adopted.

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Quantitatively Measuring Reputation for your Brand


For most of us, our most important business asset is not proprietary technology, sophisticated equipment or real estate. It’s our brand reputation. Public Relations Measurement Brand Reputation Management

Visual Content and your Brand

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For your brand to penetrate that noise and actually make any meaningful contact with your intended audience, you have to be ahead of the pack these days. VISUAL REAL ESTATE. It seems like brands are already connecting the dots in terms of budget.

Should Your Brand Voice Stay the Same Across Social Channels?

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If you’re curious about brand voice, the first thing you should do is think about Tom Hanks. Like the personality of a human, your brand has to retain some elasticity to appeal to different people in different places. Your brand voice on Facebook. Your brand on Twitter.

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Which brands are scoring big at the World Cup?

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Many companies are looking for opportunities to align their marketing and branding strategies with the global soccer phenomenon. Chinese companies, in particular, are buying more ad time and real estate than ever before to keep up with the trend.

Indy 500 Brands: The Social Media Champs


Real-time social media coverage of the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. First we started off our monitoring with a classic battle of the brands: Honda vs. Chevy. These two big-name car brands are the only ones you’ll see on the Indy 500 race track.

3 essential online monitoring tactics for informed brand building

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The real estate market is hot in Singapore right now, and competition abounds for a firm seeking to connect expatriates and others with the right short- or long-term rental property. What does it say about your brand?

For Father’s Day, brand managers are spotlighting dads

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With Father’s Day looming, brand managers nudge consumers to share their favorite fatherly moments and advice instead of urging them to buy a simple gift or card. The real estate group doesn’t want its customers to give their dads literally nothing on Father’s Day.

Your Story Needs White Space


As marketers, we have to think like script writers, musicians and even real estate agents. Blog Brand Storytelling PR Advice Reimagine PR Storytelling TechniquesHave you ever tried to sell your home? Remember just how much decluttering you had to do?

4 tips for finding a marketing partner

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Partnering with another business and combining your marketing efforts is an inexpensive way to elevate your brand identity, increase your exposure and reach new potential customers. As an example, a real estate agent could partner with a local furniture boutique.

PR Advantages of Pitching Trade Press

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Every B2B tech PR person dreams of the splashy feature that will help make their company brand instantly recognizable. Just as some celebrities are famous for being famous, big-media notoriety can build the ego without building the brand.

Putting the “PR” in Partnership Relations


Our work with client Coldwell Banker Real Estate provides a real world illustration of this opportunity. For its smart home partners, Coldwell Banker has been able to offer speaking and panel opportunities at high level real estate conferences.

Hasbro’s ‘Millennial Monopoly’ sparks backlash online

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Below, the game’s tagline reads: “Forget real estate. So rather than collect cash and real estate, as in traditional versions, players collect experiences such as dining at a vegan bistro or doing a meditation retreat—or simply staying in their parents’ basement.

5 Tips for Getting Into Live Streaming


As the social media giants roll out live video, social media influencers and brands have been the first to embrace the trend. Over fifty people went with me as I narrated a test drive of Ford Motor Company’s 2016 Mustang, and I answered their questions in real time. .

Social Media Marketing for Complete Beginners


Social media is the perfect way to build exposure for your brand and increase traffic to your website, but how do you do that? Is a real photo, not a stock photo. Most social media platforms give you the opportunity to visually communicate your brand message.

The Barbara Corcoran Report: Her Best PR Trump Cards

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Entrepreneurs wondering if PR is worth the effort may have a whole new respect for the power of the press thanks to real estate icon Barbara Corcoran. The Times made Barbara Corcoran the “go to girl for real estate” when she put out “The Corcoran Report” by churning out statistics.

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How to Beat the Competition by ‘Spying’ on Social Media


Social media has become a centerpiece for brands’ reputations. Customer service departments have had to shift their strategies, while HR departments have started to turn employees into brand advocates. Now, your brand must think on a global scale.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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8z Real Estate. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate. Cause marketing and brand initiatives director—National 4-H Council (Maryland). Director, brand strategy—Cengage (Michigan). Workplace culture is about more than flashy amenities.

How marketers can widen their reach on LinkedIn

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If you want to increase your LinkedIn exposure and better market your brand, get in the habit of asking for recommendations. Recommendations take up a huge chunk of real estate on LinkedIn’s app. RELATED: Produce content that boosts lead gen, brand awareness and reputation.

PR 101: How to Pitch Fashion Bloggers


It is no secret that fashion blogs have become lucrative real estate for PR professionals. Fashion bloggers prefer a more personalized pitch that allows them to understand that you have paid attention to who they are, what their voice is and why your brand fits their audience.

How To Transform Your Brand’s Online Newsroom Into a Media Magnet


When your brand is mapping its media outreach strategy, it’s easy to get hung up on the usual suspects: public relations, paid advertising, social media and content marketing.

4 alternatives to an edgy messaging campaign

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However, not every brand feels comfortable with the associated risk. Sure, they didn’t achieve the level of success you wanted, but they didn’t adversely affect the brand’s integrity, either. Other branded content introduces products to potential buyers, and so on.

'Modern Family' ad placement emphasizes storytelling

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The show’s often bumbling father, Phil Dunphy, has always been employed as a real estate agent on the show, but last week he came out as a “Realtor.”. RELATED: Produce content that boosts lead gen, brand awareness and reputation. Watch this space for Phil Dunphy’s Real Estate #Philsosophies , coming soon. One of the organization’s reps told Associated Press that Burrell’s character was the ideal everyman to represent the brand. “We

9 ways to polish your LinkedIn profile

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Children, friends and animals are not recommended—unless that’s part of your personal brand. Don’t waste this prime real estate by regurgitating what’s already in your profile.

Pitching 101: How to Pitch a Holiday Gift Guide Blogger


It’s no secret that the holiday guide pages are the most coveted PR real estate of the year, and even though it’s only the beginning of summer, the time to organize your holiday gift guide campaign starts now. And, please send links to the brand’s page.

6 ways to tell better visual stories on Instagram

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Instagram is all about pretty pictures, and that means you must have high-quality images that create brand awareness. Herman cites Chobani as a company posting strong, cohesive pictures that convey a consistent brand presence. Rule of thirds. Lighting. Gallery cohesiveness.

B2B Lead Generation Best Practices: 6 PR Methods You Need to Know

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Lead generation is the goal of every brand. After all, a key part of public relations is building your brand awareness and credibility. As his or her exposure to your brand increases so does the person's trust in your expertise.

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What about Snapchat? Part 1 of 2

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To give some context, let’s look at the 2015 social network awareness among all ages: We see Facebook, of course, with almost total brand awareness; Twitter and Instagram follow closely behind.

Is Your Corporate Website Still the Right Place to Designate as Your Crisis Communications Home Base?

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With the growing use of social media to follow brands, rather than navigating to the brand’s corporate website, should your corporate website still be used as your crisis communications home base?

The Boldest PR Moves of 2018

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Some brands spoke out in response to crises, while others may have created crises by speaking out. As one journalist cynically put it , WeWork is “a real estate business trying to look like a tech startup.”

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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It summarizes the position: The Coordinator, Content Strategy for the Foundry will join an agile and fast-paced cross-departmental team that conceives and manages native campaigns for a wide range of advertisers across all of Meredith’s brands. Brand content manager—Apple (California).

Behind the Headlines With Anthony Bianco


Anthony Bianco, executive vice president and general manager at República, says brands need to invest in each component of communication to ensure success. Considering the sheer volume of content flooding our senses at any given time, brands can’t afford missed opportunities.

Tips for pricing corporate video work

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Audiences will judge your client’s brand or business based on your video’s quality of messaging and production value. When you want to buy a home, you meet with a real estate professional and you give them the information they need to help you meet your goals.

A PR pro's guide to link building

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You go to work every day and build authority and excitement around brands. You leverage opportunities with relationships you already have to benefit the brands you represent. These links can have a profound result on how the brand appears on search engine results.