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5 blogging SEO tips to help increase your readership

Agility PR Solutions

Blogs aren’t going out of style anytime soon, despite what the internet would have you believe. While social media platforms like Instagram and content formats like video are soaring, blogs are still an effective content marketing and communication medium. More importantly, businesses […]. More importantly, businesses […].

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Blogging isn't boring — it's impactful

Axia PR

Blogging helps your business grow SEO and generate leads. What’s the first word you think of when you hear the word blogging? Corporate communications, marketing, public relations and business leaders tend to consider blogging boring and a waste of resources. Search engines love blogging. Is it boring ?

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This Experiment Proves SEO Extends the Reach of a Corporate Blog

Ishmael's Corner

After beating the SEO drum since 2010, it baffles us that the PR industry hasn’t embraced this discipline. Our push to marry SEO and PR picked up steam seven years ago when Google overhauled its search algorithm. Before jumping into the experiment, a few words on the big picture. Google used the Hummingbird.more.

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The 13 Most Popular Blog posts on Sword and the Script in 2022

Sword and the Script

Here’s how the numbers on this blog have added up in 2022: Total blog posts: 46 – down from 51 last year ; Average length: 866 words; Shortest post: 306 words ; Longest post: 2,486 words ; Total words published: 39,852; Unique visitors: 236,756; and. Third-party mentions : 95 (most of which come simply from blogging consistently).

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PR Coverage May have a Bigger Influence on SEO than Links 

Sword and the Script

Media coverage PR earns can drive searches for branded terms which technical SEO experts say is more powerful than even links or keywords. That goodness may just be getting better, according to a presentation by Rob Ousbey of Moz titled, The Evolution of SEO. He’s not the only SEO to believe it. Did you know?

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3 lessons corporate blogs can learn from personal blogs

Communications Conversations

Corporate blogging has never been bigger. According to the annual University of Massachusetts study of how Fortune 500 companies are using social media, a whopping 77% of companies are using a corporate blog. Look through the Fortune 500 companies and their blogs–you’ll definitely see this pattern.

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Why your company needs a business blog

Axia PR

Creating a business blog for your company can help generate leads and improve your SEO Does your company have a business blog? If not, you can easily create one to help increase your company’s SEO presence and generate more leads.