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Top Super Bowl 2023 advertisers that dominated the buzz: Who made the cut?

Agility PR Solutions

Super Bowl LVII was the third most watched television program in history with 113 million viewers, according to Nielsen. Advertisers all want to score a touchdown, but many will just settle for field goals.

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Super Bowl LVIII — Record Viewership, the Ads and the Taylor Effect: February Roundup

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

Viewership History is Made CBS’ broadcast of Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday was the most-watched television event in US history, according to Nielsen figures — with 123.4 To put it in perspective, this year’s big game was the most-watched US television broadcast since the moon landing. and Jermaine Dupri.

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Maxim Behar: What will be the television of the future

Maxim Behar

Host: Television has a long history behind it. However, the unstoppable growth of the online video market is tipping the historical balance between TV channels and content creators, who are forced to adapt to changing cultural practices and new modes of distribution. Maxim : It depends on the concept of television.

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Why Tech Is Important To PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

I saw this firsthand at my last agency, where the early adoption of marketing technology for PR helped our team differentiate and win business, as well as during my time at Propel PRM, a SaaS solution that provides a CRM for public relations. For the most part, the PR industry’s slow approach to technology adoption has worked fairly well.

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Should Anyone Advertise Alcohol?

Mindful Marketing

The world’s third largest economy and a leader in culture and industry has uncorked a contest called “Sake Viva” that asks citizens in their 20s and 30s for new ways to make and market alcoholic beverages. I have to admit that alcohol advertising is a difficult issue for me to approach objectively.

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2022 Social Media Trends Pt. 2: Twitter and LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Shift Communications

The importance of social media. Brands today are built on social. In our new blog series, our social specialists analyzed what’s working (and not) on the primary social networks. Here, we review Twitter and LinkedIn marketing strategy. LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. What hasn’t?

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Embracing Inclusion: Empowering People with Disabilities Through Brand Marketing

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

While the United States stands as one of the globe’s most ethnically diverse nations, the world of mass media has often lagged in echoing the true complexion of our nation. Regrettably, advertising and marketing seem to remain a notable instance of this disparity. This divergence has become increasingly apparent in recent years.

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