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3 Ways to Expand Your Reach Within the Hispanic Community


In addition to this, the term “Hispanic” incorporates a very large group of people with varying cultures and lifestyles, and it’s important to understand the individual, unique subgroups within the community as a whole. For instance, big cities tend to have larger Hispanic communities, which affects the volume and type of media consumption.

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Pinterest or Instagram for Pharmaceutical Marketing? Spoiler: It’s Both.


Yes, it’s true that you’re a busy pharmaceutical communications exec: Why would you add another online channel to your already-loaded pharma marketing toolkit ? Pinterest and Instagram have distinct purposes and applications, so a better question is: Why would you limit your reach and capabilities by choosing one over the other?


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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Shift Communications

Here’s the case for why you, a savvy marketer/social media manager, should add Pinterest to your company’s online presence. Pinterest = Plenty of People with Purchasing Power. Pinterest just surpassed 100 million users , Pinterest reports, which is a major milestone for the company. Community is Key. Awesome APIs.

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Five Important Social Media Trends to know about this month


From platforms continuing to enhance e-commerce features, to stricter community guidelines – here are the latest updates in the world of social media. Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok launch mental health initiatives. To read last months post, click here. . YouTube is axing the public dislike count .

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Four social media channels most communicators overlook

Communications Conversations

Overlooked social network #2: Pinterest. 1 in 2 millennials use Pinterest every day. Why Pinterest? First and foremost, the long tail–pins are forever and that means long-term engagement and traffic from Pinterest. Second, Pinterest definitely influences purchase decisions. Finally, Pinterest drives traffic.

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The sit-down restaurant chains making headlines in 2023


Much of this coverage came from local publications, but interestingly only one of the top pieces of local coverage was based in the Pennsylvania area, showing that local stories can resonate even outside of the communities they directly affect if they have a common, recognizable theme. engagements on Facebook and Twitter.

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Social Media Advertising – Moving Away From ‘The Big Three’


However, it’s important to not underestimate the power of using other platforms such as Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn. Here we’ll help you get up to speed with how you can utilise LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok for advertising purposes to help you consider if they could be a better fit for your objectives.