10 Top Media Trends for 2021

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For those looking to offer earned media coverage in the coming year, here are some developments you must follow. Media and media relations was no exception. Here are 10 developments all media relations pros should track: 1.

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Importance of Thought Leadership

Ronn Torossian

The digital industry of thought leadership is becoming more and more crowded, with plenty of people turning their attention from social media following towards more valuable characteristics. The post Importance of Thought Leadership appeared first on.


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Trends and Best Practices for Media Relations


In the PR strategies toolbox, the practice of media relations gives PR practitioners an opportunity to distinguish themselves while also giving their organizations an edge over the competition. As earned media, stories placed through media relations efforts are cost-effective.

Should media relations wait during election season?

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Media relations is always challenging—but the 2020 fourth-quarter cycle may doom your client’s coverage. Building relationships with media gatekeepers. RELATED: Join us for our Writing & Content Creation for Communicators Virtual Workshop ].

32 key takeaways from PR Daily’s Media Relations & Measurement Conference

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Speakers from the world of media and PR took the stage in front of an in-person crowd at The Yale Club in Manhattan to share insight into how best to reach the press and know that you’re succeeding. Panel Nuts & Bolts: Secrets of landing better coverage in a fractured media landscape.

How to avoid the media relations summer slump

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It’s hard to get earned media coverage this time of year. It’s that time of year again—the season all media relations professionals dread—summer. It’s not that we’re snowbirds (at least, I’m not) it’s the fact that media relations always takes a hit on placements over the summer.

Announcing Ragan’s 2021 Media Relations Awards finalists

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The finalists in this year’s Media Relations Awards program know how to stand out on the media landscape. Congratulations to this year’s impressive Media Relations Awards finalists. RELATED: Showcase your internal comms work or top workplace ].

Peppercomm, Intel, Haymaker and more honored at Ragan’s Media Relations Awards Gala

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Ragan and PR Daily brought together finalists for an afternoon of virtual camaraderie and networking to honor professionals who had big media-relations wins during the year. When it came to the many media-relations honorees, there was much to be serious about.

How PAN Communications maximizes thought leadership

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Thought leadership” is one of those buzzwords with a high propensity for making eyes roll or glaze over. But, when done right—when it’s underpinned by a smart strategy—thought leadership can be a potent way to boost your company’s industry sway, standing and visibility.

How to Build Thought Leadership

Landis PR

Thought leadership is more than just “blowing your own horn.” An active thought leadership program needs a content calendar that is eminently doable. Related Articles: The Value of Building Thought Leadership , Entrepreneur. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

4 ways to maintain your media relations skills

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Here are some ways to grow your media relations skillset and start earning more coverage. The same idea is true in media relations. To remain at the top of your game, it’s important to be flexible enough to identify and adjust to every media relations opportunity that presents itself. Here are four ways to “stretch” your own media relations muscles: 1. Study your media. Meet with members of the media. Engage on social media.

Media relations is thriving

Stephen Waddington

Media relations remains an important part of the execution of a public relations campaign alongside paid, shared and owned media. Much of the modern public relations business grew up out of media relations and publicity, rooted in storytelling and editorial engagement. The value of earned media lies in independent editorial published at scale. It’s plain daft to deny the role that media relations play within public relations.

Media Relations Keeps Getting Harder; Here are 6 Dynamic Techniques to Adapt

Sword and the Script

75% of PR and comms pros say media relations is getting harder – up 25% over three years; here are some practical techniques for adapting A majority of public relations and communications professionals say media relations keeps getting harder.

Does your media relations strategy have a global reach?

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Submit your global media relations strategy, press tour or thought leadership campaigns to PR Daily’s 2019 Media Relations Awards. The post Does your media relations strategy have a global reach? Marketing Media Relations PR PR Daily Awards media relations awards PR awardsThe final deadline is April 3. appeared first on PR Daily.

Anatomy of a leadership video

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There’s a lot of talk about the need for leadership right now, and not just in political circles. Getting your own organization’s leaders talking—to employees, customers, media and the general public—has moved to the top of communicators’ to-do lists.

How can communicators expand diversity in their thought leadership efforts?

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Thought leadership can be a powerful tool for PR pros to earn media coverage, strengthen their corporate reputation and establish themselves as trusted industry sources. When it comes to thought leadership in the media, what disparities are seen when it comes to race and identity.

Announcing PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards finalists

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The work from PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards finalists checked all the boxes. Today, we’re excited to announce PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards finalists. Global Media Relations Campaign. Carbon Engineering, Yulu Public Relations and Carbon Engineering. Johnson & Johnson Health for Humanity, Porter Novelli with Johnson & Johnson, Natalia Salomao, Global Corporate Media Relations at Johnson & Johnson.

The Snowball Effect of Thought Leadership – and How to Get Started

Garrett Public Relations

This got me thinking about snowballs, or more to the point, the snowball effect of thought leadership. The post The Snowball Effect of Thought Leadership – and How to Get Started appeared first on PR Consultant Garrett Public Relations Columbus/Worthington OH. Winter is upon us. We got a little snow here this week. Maybe you did, too. With PR efforts, sometimes one small win can lead to more wins. Let me give you an example. The Evolution of a […].

Bob Woodward: PR and media relations should go old school

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That’s how he defines leadership—a sacred duty for the commander-in-chief, but a top priority for all leaders. The tools we use to analyze information, such as digital and social media, have evolved, but powerful figures, including President Richard Nixon, have long attacked the press and other revered institutions. “A Many pros will never work in the White House—yet the Executive Branch is an example for many top bosses and often sets the tone for leadership.

There’s still time to enter PR Daily’s 2019 Media Relations Awards

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Categories include crisis management, thought leadership, cause marketing, media pitch and more. The post There’s still time to enter PR Daily’s 2019 Media Relations Awards appeared first on PR Daily. Crisis Communications Media Relations PR PR Daily Awards media relations awards PR awardsComplete your entry by the extended deadline on April 24.

Hertz responds to viral customer complaint, how PR pros report metrics to leadership, and Hulu pulls Astroworld documentary after backlash

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Providing them with clarity on the communication channels they can engage with to escalate issues as they arise may can ensure that an issue is mitigated and solved before it escalates to the point where a letter is shared on social media. Announcing the PR Daily Leadership Network.

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6 Things Your PR Agency Can Do Beyond Media Relations

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Those seeking public relations services often pigeonhole it into media relations. Here are just a few: High-level media training. Many a CEO has declined to make time for a media prep session on the grounds that “no one knows the company better than I do” or “I don’t want to sound ‘canned,'” only to falter in an important interview. The best media training sessions train the entire team, starting at the top.

PR Daily announces leadership network for career development and connections

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PR Daily is launching a unique peer-to-peer networking council for external communicators: The PR Daily Leadership Network. The PR Daily Leadership Network provides the answers but also encourages members to question the status quo and push for positive change.”. RELATED: Join us Nov.

Corporate Communications is Taking More PR Work In-House, finds Survey; Media Relations Gets Even Harder

Sword and the Script

This year’s survey polled 223 communications and public relations (PR) professionals. In my assessment, the first and fifth reason are closely related. Media Relations is Hard and Getting Harder. A majority (68%) of PR professionals say media relations is getting harder or much harder. This is up 17% from last year where 51% said media relations was getting harder. It’s harder to know who is media and who isn’t.

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Thought Leadership Actually Requires Thought and Leadership

Sword and the Script

Suffice to say, those editors know what’s best for their news site, but if we put the relationship between PR and media aside, I don’t think who puts pen to paper is the precise issue here. See these related posts: Marketing Strategy: The Looming Knowledge Crisis. Why Content Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other. It’s like asking someone to come in and write a thought-leadership piece and then have no thoughts to offer.”.

Why ‘thought leadership’ is a buzzword PR pros should retire

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The term is meaningless without the true leadership behind it. In the case of the phrase “thought leadership,” though, it gets tricky. No matter how much you proclaim the happy end of “thought leadership” as meaningless jargon, thought leadership is an essential part of many communications plans. When used correctly, thought leadership is exactly what it says on the tin. RELATED: Deliver powerful leadership messaging in a digital landscape ].

3 ways Yanis Varoufakis failed with media relations

PR Matters

I’m delighted that PR Daily published my opinion piece on Yanis Varoufakis, the problems of his leadership and questionable management of his reputation while Minister of Finance for the Government of Greece. To read it, just click on the PR Daily logo below

Announcing the finalists for the 2015 Media Relations Awards

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We asked to see your plans, pitches and earned media coverage. You displayed your hard work and imagination again and again in the categories of integrated marketing communications, issue and cause advocacy campaigns, press events/media tours, use of video and many more. Next, they will study the finalists’ entries again and name the winners of the 2015 Media Relations Awards. Best Global Media Relations: Eastwick, Zuora Takes the Subscription Economy Mainstream.

Breaking Down the Failure of Thought Leadership

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Communicators have picked up the thought leadership religion. With demand for product news similar to Vote-Hillary T-shirts, many have figured out that thought leadership can bring salvation, a door opener to media coverage.Yet, for all the talk about thought leadership, there can be a huge gap between the theory and what happens on the execution.more.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Media Relations Awards finalists

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In today’s rapidly changing media industry landscape, communicators have to adjust and adapt on the run. We’re excited to announce PR Daily’s 2018 Media Relations Awards finalists. Motivating the Modern Millennial Homebuyer with Relatable Insights, Bank of America, Bank of America in partnership with Burson-Marsteller. Beyond Ad Trade: Elevating The Trade Desk as a Key Player in the Media and Tech Ecosystem, 5W Public Relations and The Trade Desk.

Do you create top-notch media relations campaigns?

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Too often, great ideas go by the wayside due to minimal media coverage. However, your creative approach put you on their radar, resulting in outstanding media coverage and unbelievable business results. The launch of the 2018 Media Relations Awards allows us to showcase your talent and reward you for your amazing results. Categories include: Best Social Media Campaign. Best Thought Leadership Campaign. Best Use of New Media Platform.

How Does GDPR Impact PR Agencies? Media Relations Under The New European Data Protection Law

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Media Relations Under The New European Data Protection Law appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

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3 ways Yanis Varoufakis failed with media relations

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Ineffective leadership. Then, when he did meet with them, they found his leadership—or lack thereof—unacceptable. Varoufakis is a hog for the limelight, and seems to have no professional understanding about what should be kept private when engaging with members of the news media. If the measure of success in media relations and professional relationships is to strengthen one’s reputation, Varoufakis failed miserably. Destructive leadership traits.

Media Relations Is Not Dead Nor Is It Dying

Waxing UnLyrical

My public relations career began with media relations. Although I’d never recommend someone go through the “boot camp” experience I had, it did teach me how to secure media opportunities quickly and make them stick. As you can imagine, I’m a big proponent of media relations. I’ve also seen great opportunities come to fruition without tangible results beyond media impressions. Media relations can be tough. Guest Post by Kate Finley.

Thousands of brands’ ads found on sites with COVID-19 misinformation, Facebook labels UK climate change posts, and job listing language leads to museum’s leadership change

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Penguins are far from the only animals getting love on the aquarium’s social media feeds. We are ashamed of Newfields’ leadership and of ourselves. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. Where does your organization’s PR pros sit in relation to your marketing colleagues?

B2B Marketing: When You Finally Achieve Thought Leadership, Don’t Let it Slip Away

Sword and the Script

True thought leadership is hard to achieve, not because it’s hard, but because some in B2B just can’t get out of their own way. It was the center of its content marketing, media relations and social media efforts. drove ~50% media coverage (and a boatload of backlinks).

B2B 100

UNC responds to tenure controversy, a third of business travelers to stay home for 2021, and Gates Foundation details leadership plans

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The Washington Post reports: In a statement issued through her attorneys, Hannah-Jones said Tuesday that she could not work at UNC’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media. “I Gates Foundation explains restructuring plans for future leadership.

Thoughts on Promoting Thought Leadership

Reputation Us

Many blogs focus on media relations through the lens of news releases. There’s another powerful tool in the PR toolbox — Thought Leadership. But, what is thought leadership and who constitutes being a leader of thought? Here are three quick tips to get your thought leadership marketing in motion. Start with building a list of categories or topics you anticipate the public and/or media having interest in. Media opportunities come and go fast.

Why The New York Times Shouldn’t Always Be Your Media Relations Target


So I wasn’t surprised when I was fielding questions about media relations at a so-called “Ask the Expert” session that this query came up: “Bottom line, how do I get my client in The New York Times ?”. And being strategic about choosing media targets goes like this: “What outlets will likely achieve the most influence on our key audiences given the amount of resources we have for outreach?”. Get more media pitching knowledge from Michael here. I hear it all the time.

3 Media Relations Tips for When Top-Tier Publications Seem Out of Reach


Trade media, on the other hand, is targeted to a specific industry, profession, trade or business. Because trade media editors and journalists are typically subject-matter experts in their respective fields, articles tend to go into deeper detail than those in larger publications. You can share whole episodes to social media, clip individual soundbites and create images of quotes. PR Training client service Media Relations Social Media[link].