10 Top Media Trends for 2021

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For those looking to offer earned media coverage in the coming year, here are some developments you must follow. Media and media relations was no exception. Here are 10 developments all media relations pros should track: 1.

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Should media relations wait during election season?

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Media relations is always challenging—but the 2020 fourth-quarter cycle may doom your client’s coverage. Building relationships with media gatekeepers. RELATED: Join us for our Writing & Content Creation for Communicators Virtual Workshop ].


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Conquer the “statistic scaries” and optimize data-driven storytelling

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While many writers avoid math at all costs, an ability to parse the data is a crucial storytelling skillset. The post Conquer the “statistic scaries” and optimize data-driven storytelling appeared first on PR Daily.

How storytelling builds trusted relationships

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Margery Kraus, founder and CEO for APCO Worldwide, shares how telling her personal story of leadership inspired by motherhood opened new doors—and offered “authentic vulnerability.”. The post How storytelling builds trusted relationships appeared first on PR Daily.

Anatomy of a leadership video

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There’s a lot of talk about the need for leadership right now, and not just in political circles. Getting your own organization’s leaders talking—to employees, customers, media and the general public—has moved to the top of communicators’ to-do lists.

Ragan survey: Brand storytelling increases in importance

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Brand storytelling has dramatically increased in both importance and volume over the last three months, likely driven by the communications urgency of the pandemic and associated crises of 2020. The survey and an accompanying event were sponsored by 3BL Media and News Direct.

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Bob Woodward: PR and media relations should go old school

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That’s how he defines leadership—a sacred duty for the commander-in-chief, but a top priority for all leaders. Woodward, the investigative journalist who along with colleague Carl Bernstein chronicled the Watergate scandal, shared the lessons he has learned about storytelling, the truth and public trust in a career of covering White House triumphs and travails. RELATED: What does the future of communications look like? You will serve not only your client, but the media.”.

Media relations is thriving

Stephen Waddington

Media relations remains an important part of the execution of a public relations campaign alongside paid, shared and owned media. Much of the modern public relations business grew up out of media relations and publicity, rooted in storytelling and editorial engagement. The value of earned media lies in independent editorial published at scale. It’s plain daft to deny the role that media relations play within public relations.

Why and how to embrace multimedia storytelling

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, why aren’t you using them to get your message essential media coverage? Storytelling is also a growing trend within the communications discipline. In our Future of the PR Pro Report , 73% said storytelling was the No.

Research Indicates PR Pros Believe They Do Get Storytelling

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. I speak at the Mumbrella Conference in Singapore tomorrow, charged with answering the question, “Does PR Get Storytelling?” The post Research Indicates PR Pros Believe They Do Get Storytelling appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

Thousands of brands’ ads found on sites with COVID-19 misinformation, Facebook labels UK climate change posts, and job listing language leads to museum’s leadership change

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Penguins are far from the only animals getting love on the aquarium’s social media feeds. We are ashamed of Newfields’ leadership and of ourselves. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. Where does your organization’s PR pros sit in relation to your marketing colleagues?

Corporate Communications is Taking More PR Work In-House, finds Survey; Media Relations Gets Even Harder

Sword and the Script

This year’s survey polled 223 communications and public relations (PR) professionals. In my assessment, the first and fifth reason are closely related. Media Relations is Hard and Getting Harder. A majority (68%) of PR professionals say media relations is getting harder or much harder. This is up 17% from last year where 51% said media relations was getting harder. It’s harder to know who is media and who isn’t.

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How can data improve your storytelling?

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Unfortunately, a business that prides itself on storytelling and communication may feel threatened by the influx of data-driven PR and marketing methods that leave little room for creativity. Data supports storytelling by bringing credibility to your PR message. Here’s how to add data to your storytelling: 1. According to Edelman’s trust report , 48 percent of consumers do not believe the messages that businesses offer, especially when it comes to paid media.

Breaking Down the Failure of Thought Leadership

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Communicators have picked up the thought leadership religion. With demand for product news similar to Vote-Hillary T-shirts, many have figured out that thought leadership can bring salvation, a door opener to media coverage.Yet, for all the talk about thought leadership, there can be a huge gap between the theory and what happens on the execution.more.

What Does “Storytelling” Mean to You? 105 Answers from Communicators

Sword and the Script

Storytelling is a powerful means of persuasion; it can be both a strategy, as in an overall narrative but it also can be a tactic, like using vignettes; here’s what a recent survey found. The idea of “ storytelling ” was even stranger. I’m a believer in storytelling.

Uber pledges to double Black leadership, Kroger releases COVID-19 comms ‘blueprint,’ and Trader Joe’s addresses ‘racist packaging’

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CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Join Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Board to network and brainstorm with peers, get the latest intelligence and research, and start to strategize for the future of your organization.

8 rules to follow for media relations in 2021

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Experts share their inspiration and advice for finding earned media success in the coming year. So, what will be the key to success for earned media in 2021? I think that brands are looking for a way to cut through in a more meaningful way to get media coverage,” she says. “We

How Does GDPR Impact PR Agencies? Media Relations Under The New European Data Protection Law

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Media Relations Under The New European Data Protection Law appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

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Increasing Your Media Coverage Through Storytelling


29, Matt Charles, APR, presents a webinar titled “ How to Tell Your Organization’s Story to Get Media Coverage.” Whether you serve a large corporation, small nonprofit, major research university or municipal government, at some point your boss has probably said, “We need more media attention. However, the root motivation for seeking that media coverage is usually to increase business outcomes. Remember that effective media relations requires more than just storytelling.

At ServiceNow, every communicator is a storyteller

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Lest you doubt the importance of storytelling at the cloud computing company ServiceNow , a staffing priority gives away the game. Every member of the communication team is a storyteller, says Emily Russel, head of the employee communications and engagement team. Storytelling is woven through all the company’s communications, both internal and external. The heart of everything we do is around storytelling,” Russel says. “It’s Empathy as a storytelling tool.

Survey: Measurement, storytelling cited as top weaknesses

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A wide range of communicators—from public relations pros to human resources specialists—perceive measurement as their major Achilles’ heel. A majority of internal communicators, PR professionals, social media specialists and human resources communicators placed “Measuring the impact of your role” at the top. By contrast, speechwriters and media relations professionals listed “telling interesting stories about boring topics” as their top concern. Public relations.

How content marketing offers a foundation for your PR strategy

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Your blog and other thought leadership efforts are the building blocks for getting your leaders noticed by important trade press, as well as national outlets. Use blogs as proof of thought leadership. The definition of “thought leadership” has gotten muddled by overuse.

Monday Roundup: Measuring Storytelling

Waxing UnLyrical

Every PR pro knows the importance of storytelling. Here are some tips on getting started measuring your storytelling efforts. Why: “And as any good PR pro knows, storytelling is also key to a successful campaign—yet it’s only half of the equation. 3 Ways to Measure the Results of a Business Storytelling Project. Do you want more loyal customers, more engaged employees, increased sales, improved leadership, better performing teams, and the like?”

Why communicators must be responsible for getting the information they need

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RELATED: Join us for the AP Stylebook Webinar ]. Leadership Communications Marketing Media Relations PR Industry Storytelling

How Data-Driven Storytelling Drives PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

No one should underestimate the power of data for storytelling. What we call a “data bureau” – the ongoing release of fresh and relevant information as part of a B2B PR program – can generate strong media interest in the absence of hard news. Yet it can yield real insights for inclusion in a thought leadership program for key executives. Data-driven stories support truth in media. In other words, data-driven storytelling produces leads.

Bicom’s Adrien Reynolds uses kindness as a superpower

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RELATED: Would you like to speak at a Ragan event? ]. A Day in the Life Leadership Communications Media Relations StorytellingIn these difficult times, a little love and understanding goes a long way, according to this senior account director.

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The complete Clubhouse guide: 8 steps to tap into social audio

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RELATED: Join us for our Social Media for Communicators Virtual Workshop ]. Similarly, social media mangers may have the skills to create amazing posts. Try it for six months as part of your emerging media plan.”.

How marketing tied to environmental activism results in ‘greenwashing’

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Executive Communication Leadership Communications Media Relations PR Industry Storytelling Visual & Video CommunicationsHere are some pitfalls to avoid when highlighting your commitment to the environment this Earth Day.

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Post-pandemic, communicators must integrate the online and offline experiences

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RELATED: Discover best practices in measurement, data and strategies to boost brand awareness ]. Content Marketing Leadership Communications Marketing Media Relations PR Industry Storytelling Visual & Video Communications

How are brands defining employee experience in core values statements?

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RELATED: Discover best practices in measurement, data and strategies to boost brand awareness ]. Managers are the bridge between leadership’s vision and the hard realities of the front line,” explains Gallup.

Clubhouse provides a fresh new venue for social media meltdowns

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With a new social media platform comes opportunity—and also risk. For this reason, the hot new invitation-only audio app Clubhouse is likely to quickly become fertile ground for future social media meltdowns. RELATED: Join us for Ragan's Storytelling in Disruptive Times Webinar ].

3 tips to help your in-house PR team succeed

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RELATED: Discover best practices in measurement, data and strategies to boost brand awareness ]. Let’s start with media monitoring. Paid media monitoring tools will surface a lot more coverage and will search a broader range of sources than any cluster of free services.

5 ways PR pros can support Black influencers in 2021

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The Black influencer community has taken the matter into its own hands by using social media platforms to highlight how its white counterparts are paid more for posting the same branded content. RELATED: Join us for our Clubhouse for Communicators Webinar ].

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Does the PR industry have an image problem?

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Mark: Do I think public relations has an image problem? Tina: Well, I do agree that public relations suffers from a bit of a PR problem, but I think the hyperbole piece is a bit of hyperbole. RELATED: Ragan will honor the top women in wellness and HR ].

Report: How 10 brands succeeded—and failed—to respond to Black Lives Matter

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that a majority of American consumers want brands to take a stand on racial justice—and more than sharing vanity images and messages of support on social media, but take action to address the blight of racism in U.S. This report is brought to you by Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Board.

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How the Trevor Project and PHM are reaching LGBTQ youth with social video

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For one PR and media group, the crisis demanded action. Publicis Health Media (PHM) saw an opportunity to partner with the Trevor Project to work with media groups to provide resources to LGBTQ youth where they are—online. “It

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Power Digital Marketing’s Sara Brooks: ‘You must continue to evolve’

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RELATED: Ragan's Media Relations Awards will recognize the best campaigns and initiatives. When the pandemic hit, we were all tossed a major curveball and quickly knew we had to figure out a new way of engaging with the media and representing our clients to drive value.

Experts advise careful, coordinated response to Chauvin trial verdict

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RELATED: Join us for PR Daily's can't-miss Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference ]. At a time when trust in core institutions like government, academia and the news media is waning, stakeholders are hungry for business and nonprofit leaders to step up.”.

5 ways to foster creativity in your PR and marketing team

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Encourage your team to read case studies, to follow smart and creative people on social media and to read the newspapers daily and share best practice with each other. RELATED: Join us for Ragan's How to Compete for Attention in the Election News Cycle Webinar ].

How the pandemic has revealed a need for new comms skills

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RELATED: Learn how to shoot videos that move audiences on any channel ]. Empathetic leadership has never been more valuable to the teams you lead each day.”. Is social media part of your role?