Top 10 Guidelines For Social Media Participation

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Below are guidelines that we drafted a while ago, refreshed for use for anyone who finds their way to them here on our blog. Feel free to repurpose and substitute your company name below and tweak as you see fit to fit your company’s guidelines. These guidelines apply to (COMPANY) employees or contractors who create or contribute to blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds, or any other kind of Social Media.

4 guidelines for nonprofit communications

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If International Justice Mission —which combats the horrors of modern-day slavery—can avoid being overly heavy-handed, surely you can as well. When it comes to communications, normally generous nonprofits can be downright stingy. Whether because of shoestring budgets, lack of investment or strategic prioritization, charities tend to treat communications as a back-burner issue. Social media, marketing, PR, writing and editing are viewed as luxuries—not essentials. That’s a shame.

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3 guidelines to keep crises at bay

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Changing an internal title and role is an easy way to showcase your commitment to addressing the issue. Companies and communicators should be obsessed with crisis preparation. Most businesses have a generic crisis plan or approach outlined, though some pickles are impossible to predict. It’s hard to imagine that Procter & Gamble envisioned a phenomenon of teenagers ingesting laundry detergent sweeping the nation.

5 Ways To Raise Your Internal PR Game

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Earlier this week, we made the case for raising your internal PR game. The technological and social changes over the past few years have both made internal communications more important, and also opened up opportunities to revolutionize it. 5 ways to raise internal PR standards. In 2017 McKinsey found that only 17% of companies report investing in some form internal communications technology. Internal comms should be easy on the eyes.

10 guidelines for launching a global PR strategy

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However, executives in some countries might not be keen to talk about internal problems with PR professionals. How did you set up your international PR strategy? Expanding your business to foreign countries can be daunting for any entrepreneur. There are so many hoops to jump through: new distributors, legal requirements, different marketing channels, new competitors to monitor. Crossing borders also often entails appealing to different sensibilities, worldviews and cultures.

PR Expanded Guest Post: My Experience as an Intern

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A Guest Post By Rosaria Robidoux, Intern, Pure Performance Communications. Within these internships there are five things every intern learns in different ways. When Deirdre asked if I would be interested in writing a post to discuss my experience as an intern, I immediately began talking to my friends who also have internships and started my brainstorming. There are times where I feel overwhelmed, but, what intern doesn’t feel overwhelmed at some point in time?

Uber’s international troubles cut deep

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The European Commission has just published guidelines that support such services.”. A Paris court smacked Uber with a $1.1 million fine for illegally operating UberPOP from February 2014 to July 2015. Two executives were compelled to testify and will also face fines. The hefty fine is another step in Uber’s battle with cities over its “right to operate” without specially licensed drivers. In December 2014, taxi drivers blocked major highways in Paris in protest of the double standard.

Why and how to craft an internal comms crisis plan

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The protocol for an internal crisis might look a lot different from one that affects customers or stockholders. Give employees guidelines on how to communicate. When something unexpected happens at an organization, its leaders rush to calm customers. They send out strategic emails, work closely with PR and legal teams, and do all they can to mitigate the crisis—but are company leaders doing enough to communicate with employees?

3 Strategies for Overcoming the Internal Struggle of Crisis Ready Resistance

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When a conversation starts, following your guidelines is the key. Gaining internal buy-in from the right people to implement a crisis ready culture can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. In my book, Crisis Ready–Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World , I address this internal struggle by providing three strategic approaches that continue to work for me, when helping my clients acquire full consensus. Image: cvm | Shutterstock.

Lessons from Cannes on Communicating Ideas

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Surrounded by crystal waters, a sea of yachts and the lingering aroma of freshly baked bread, I never anticipated entering an intellectual coliseum during my time at the International Cannes Film Festival in France. It was in this war zone of hopeful aspirations and crushed dreams that I began to see the thread that not only connects these international filmmakers, but also communicators everywhere.

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6 ways your organization can transcend politics and help get out the vote

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If you’re considering civic engagement efforts, or are in the midst of programming, or are on the fence, use the following guidelines to help your campaign maintain the integrity of your company values and transcend political affiliations.

Don’t Go It Internally: 5 Reasons Your Business Should Team Up With a PR Agency

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Not to mention, PR agencies are drastically underutilized when creating internal sales pitches, marketing collateral or campaign objectives. Integrate your PR team into your internal team, I would be willing to bet you won’t regret it. Even just tracking all the different publications, their editorial guidelines and publishing timelines can be a daunting task for one person.

Is your company prepared to talk about hate speech?

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A thorough social media policy is a guideline for how they should conduct themselves on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other apps. Say something internally too. Here are some tips for addressing social media, racial justice, employee conduct and more.

Why and how to set editorial guidelines for your blog

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It’s worth taking the time to create (or borrow) the one thing that makes all future planning and collaboration a bit easier: editorial guidelines. Guidelines keep posts consistent in style and tone, cut down editing time and lead to better content overall. Editorial guidelines generally include standards for style and grammar, but for a blog you should include elements specific to digital content, such as key phrases and images. Guidelines for length.

4 ways to create an exceptional employee experience

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Follow these guidelines to provide a superior, seamless user experience for your workforce. If UX is about enchanting your customers to create a connection with your brand, we have a huge opportunity in HR to optimize the journeys for our employees if we apply UX principles, and enchant employees as our internal customers. In the business world, personas refer to customers, whereas in organizational terms, personas are your internal customers—your employees.

Report: Only 10% have extensive plans for a return to work

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Eight out of 10 respondents say the communication function is “very involved” in communicating internally about COVID-19 and 75% say the CEO is “very involved.”. Safety guidelines (84%), COVID-19 updates (79%) and new organizational procedures/policies are the top three topics shared with employees, according to the survey. We believe employee engagement and internal communications are today’s currency of the realm,” they write.

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LinkedIn lays off 960 employees, Marriott and Hyatt announce mask requirement, and Walmart to close for Thanksgiving

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— Marriott International (@MarriottIntl) July 20, 2020. Also: Amazon delays its #PrimeDay, Twitter reveals marketing and engagement opportunities with sports fans, Twitter cracks down on conspiracy theories, and more. Hello, communicators: .

10 key questions for gauging employee satisfaction

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Follow these guidelines to ensure your survey is efficient and effective: Keep it anonymous. Email Employee Engagement Internal Communications Measurement Research & Audit The WorkplaceA hefty paycheck is not enough these days to retain talent. Regular surveys provide valuable feedback for enhancing workplace culture, career growth opportunities and other key factors. Employee satisfaction is crucial, but the path to improving it isn’t always straightforward.

Word to the Wise: Critical/Crucial/Key/Vital

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As a general guideline, if a condition or circumstance has an element of danger, then it can be described as “critical;” if something is crucial, it’s important. Branding Communications Tools Feeling Tipsy Internal Communication Legal PR Best Practices Public Relations Read word to the wise Business communications internal communications LT Public Relations marketing public relations tipsWhen is “important” important enough to be critical, crucial, vital or key?

Crucial crisis plan elements, how leaders can stay positive, the secret to sustaining remote work, and more

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anticipate potential risks and scenarios, and establish clear guidelines for social media. COVID-19 Crisis Comms Roundup Crisis Communications Employee Engagement Executive Communication Internal Communications Leadership Communications PR Industry Storytelling The Workplace Visual & Video Communications Writing & EditingHere’s a roundup of the week’s crisis communication news for communicators.

5 essential steps for communicating in a crisis

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Give employees guidelines, including a media policy, about what they should and shouldn’t say publicly about the crisis and where they can direct inquiries. COVID-19 Crisis Communications Internal CommunicationsAs turmoil unfolds, your company must show compassion and treat your employees and the public with care and integrity. You’ll earn a loyal workforce and enhanced brand reputation. Three months ago, daily life in the United States changed dramatically.

5 essentials for delivering a sharp team presentation

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Here are some guidelines: Each speaker should work off the same template. Executive Communication Internal Communications Visual & Video CommunicationsGetting every contributor on board is crucial, of course. Then the fun starts: brainstorming, assigning roles and harmonizing your visuals. There’s a lot to do, but the result is worth it. A great team presentation gets its strength from the sum of its parts and how they fit into one unifying theme.

3 employees who can harm your brand

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RELATED: Join is for our Role of Internal Communications in Building an Innovative Work Culture Conference. ]. She halves the font size cited in the guidelines. Tasked with creating an important presentation for an all-hands meeting, the Quirky Improver decides that the layout will feel less authoritarian if he breaks the specified brand guideline grid with a new, “carefree” color palette. If there aren’t up-to-date brand guidelines, now is the time to create them.

Amazon, Instacart and other essential workers strike, Disney offers branded face masks, and Deloitte shares crisis recovery tips

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You can help your internal and external audiences adjust their expectations and views with you by understanding the pillars of trust. It might seem like a risky marketing move, but fun designs could increase adoption of CDC guidelines and help organizations with CSR efforts. Also: Communicators shine in an ROI musical, Reddit puts the brakes on group chat feature, join our Twitter #RaganChat with special guest from OKCupid, and more.

Learning the Hoffman Way

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By Chauncey Rasmussen, Intern. My time as an intern at The Hoffman Agency has been a fantastic experience! I feel that as a design intern, the PR experience I gained is a huge asset, and has helped me to grow as a designer.

Twitter offers permanent WFH, Kaiser Permanente uses esports to promote mental health, and how consumer behavior hinges on trust

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Organizations across industries are starting to reopen with social distancing and other guidelines in place, while countries and states plan to open again. Branding Content Marketing COVID-19 Crisis Communications Daily Scoop Executive Communication External Communications Internal Communications Leadership Communications Marketing Media Relations PR PR Industry Research Social Media Storytelling The Workplace Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

CAPP Publishes Recommendations for Telehealth

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Guidelines about the proper use of tools for certain specialties and certain conditions, and general best practices for issues including eye contact and lighting, are important for improving the quality and safety of telehealth. Involving providers from a variety of specialties is the best way to ensure that such guidelines are comprehensive and informative.

Google clamps down on political debate at work

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On Friday, Google issued new workplace guidelines that ordered its staff to refrain from insulting one another, from making misleading comments about the company and from “disrupting the workday to have a raging debate over politics or the latest news story.”. Our primary responsibility is to do the work we’ve each been hired to do, not to spend working time on debates about non-work topics,” the guidelines read.

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Crisis Communications for Coronavirus & COVID-19


Many of our clients have already reached out for assistance in navigating internal and external communication strategies both in preparation for potential COVID impact, or in response to an incident. Develop relevant internal & external messaging pre-crisis and templates for post-crisis. Outline a digital communications plan comprehensive of best practices and guidelines. Crisis PR Team Internal Process needed for: Engaging Media during Crisis. Internal Protocol.

6 steps for establishing a strong social media policy during the pandemic

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With the shifting media landscape during this crisis, it’s important for your entire team to have clear guidelines on how to share messages online. Ideally, before you create an account, there should be a social media policy in place, both internal for the employees managing the account, and external so your customers know what is appropriate. Additionally, guidelines should be in place for anything that is off-limits, such as clients who don’t want to be named publicly.

Infographic: How to have productive workplace arguments

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offers guidelines for how to have a healthy disagreement with your colleagues. Infographics Internal CommunicationsYou won’t always agree with pivotal decisions at your organization, but how you react to disagreements can either promote or undermine future collaboration. For communicators, it’s important to know how to have a helpful argument with your colleagues.

Ragan Training makes it easy to offer new ideas

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Covering everything from tech platforms to linguistic guidelines, Ragan Training has you covered when you face your biggest challenges. Internal communications. Answering the call for a fresh approach can be as simple as a yearly subscription. It’s hard to keep your tactics fresh. You stride into your regular Monday meeting, and a restless energy pervades the room. The numbers are down, and everyone seems to have aged overnight.

3 keys to simple, succinct and clear communication

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Keep these guidelines in mind: Keep paragraphs under five lines. Annique Simpson is an internal communication pro based in London. As word counts grow, your readers’ concentration and comprehension will slow. Try these tips to keep content nice and tidy.

Ask Yourself These 10 Questions to Determine If Your Social Policy Needs Updating


Like many companies and organizations, they had a Code of Conduct, but it didn’t provide specific social media guidelines. If employees are attending an event together, participating in a company-sponsored function, or volunteering for a nonprofit, are they encouraged to take photos and video that can be shared on social (external or internal) channels? Internal Communication Social Strategy

Ragan Training makes it easy to offer new ideas

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Covering everything from tech platforms to linguistic guidelines, Ragan Training has you covered when you face your biggest challenges. Internal communications. It’s hard to keep your tactics fresh. You stride into your regular Monday meeting, and a restless energy pervades the room. The numbers are down, and everyone seems to have aged overnight. Your team is in a slump; upper management wants to try a “new approach.” You know you have to innovate, and the spotlight is on you.

How Communicators Can Help Inform the Public During the COVID-19 Crisis


What follows are basic guidelines and resources that PRSA members can use to initiate and support factual conversations in your community and with your internal and external audiences. Crisis situations impact businesses, industries, associations and organizations of all sizes. While the circumstances surrounding a crisis vary greatly, there are general best practices PR professionals should be prepared to deploy.

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Why and how marketers should help build employee brand engagement

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For employee brand engagement, marketers must focus internally to influence how their organizations train, communicate with and motivate employees to align their daily work with the organization’s purpose. After all, how can an organization establish positive impressions for external audiences if internal audiences don’t embody positive, accurate perceptions of that brand? RELATED: Prove you're among the world's finest internal communicators ].

3 practices for public health communicators

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In addition to effectively disseminating information to the public, they have to be mindful of messaging guidelines within the workplace and beyond. Internal communication strategies. At a conference on communications in public health administration, Dragan Cuzulan said, “Without effective internal and external communication, there is no effective public administration that would in the best way respond to the citizens’ needs.”.

How To Safeguard Your Digital Reputation

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But it’s also important to review your brand’s social media policy, update guidelines on social content, and examine your own social posts. Internal office emails will be shared, deleted posts can be screenshot and saved, and you may not always be muted on that Zoom when you think you are. The foundation of a good public relations campaign is reputation management, and it’s important now.

Here Are the 6 Facets of Effective PR and Marketing Reporting


Adhere to internal communications guidelines when possible. Not every company size requires internal communications guidelines, but a broad framework of preferred fonts, deck templates, and the like can help streamline information consumption so your teammates’ brains can focus on the content, not the flair. Consistency in presentation also helps to establish your credibility (internally).”.

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