4 guidelines for nonprofit communications

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If International Justice Mission —which combats the horrors of modern-day slavery—can avoid being overly heavy-handed, surely you can as well. Reporting and measurement merit heavy investment. When it comes to communications, normally generous nonprofits can be downright stingy. Whether because of shoestring budgets, lack of investment or strategic prioritization, charities tend to treat communications as a back-burner issue.

5 Ways To Raise Your Internal PR Game

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Earlier this week, we made the case for raising your internal PR game. The technological and social changes over the past few years have both made internal communications more important, and also opened up opportunities to revolutionize it. 5 ways to raise internal PR standards. In 2017 McKinsey found that only 17% of companies report investing in some form internal communications technology. Internal comms should be easy on the eyes.

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10 guidelines for launching a global PR strategy

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Americans often see European statements as insufficiently transparent or forthright, whereas European communicators usually view measured responses as more appealing to their constituents. However, executives in some countries might not be keen to talk about internal problems with PR professionals. How did you set up your international PR strategy? Expanding your business to foreign countries can be daunting for any entrepreneur.

A New Era for Measuring Communications Campaigns


We all know it’s important to measure our PR campaigns. However, according to Muck Rack’s 2020 “State of PR Survey,” 64 percent of public relations pros still struggle with quantifiable measurement — a 1 percent improvement from last year’s findings. Surprisingly, MuckRack’s report revealed that more pros reported measurement as a challenge than COVID-19-related issues including losing clients/revenue or placing coverage during this news cycle.

How PR measurement can improve public health

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It claims that “many public health improvement programmes are not measured by whether they are cost effective, or even if they work at all.”. Ironically, for a report about the need to improve measurement, it uses limited metrics by focusing entirely on just one – ‘cost effectiveness’. One way of changing the internal perception of what public relations can deliver is by improving how it is planned, measured and evaluated.

Report: Only 10% have extensive plans for a return to work

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Eight out of 10 respondents say the communication function is “very involved” in communicating internally about COVID-19 and 75% say the CEO is “very involved.”. Safety guidelines (84%), COVID-19 updates (79%) and new organizational procedures/policies are the top three topics shared with employees, according to the survey. We believe employee engagement and internal communications are today’s currency of the realm,” they write.

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10 key questions for gauging employee satisfaction

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For example, most employers think a salary increase is the best way to satisfy employees, but 84% of working professionals in the UK believe that enjoying their jobs is a better measure of career success. Follow these guidelines to ensure your survey is efficient and effective: Keep it anonymous. Email Employee Engagement Internal Communications Measurement Research & Audit The WorkplaceA hefty paycheck is not enough these days to retain talent.

Consumer brands must tap technology to stay relevant post-pandemic

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FREE DOWNLOAD: 2019 Internal Communications Measurement Survey Results ]. But new restrictions on public gatherings and social distancing guidelines left Alice’s Table struggling to figure out how to bring people together. Branding Content Marketing Crisis Communications External Communications Marketing Measurement Media Relations PR Industry Storytelling Visual & Video Communications

Is it time to refresh the Barcelona Principles?

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PR pros report that proving value to leaders remains a key concern, despite almost a decade applying the vaunted measurement guidelines. Measurement has never been more important for PR practitioners. Yet PR pros have been debating the finer points of how to measure their campaigns for over a decade, the foundational text for many being the Barcelona Principles. The idea, he says, was to stop measuring inputs and start looking at outputs. “It’s

The Top PR Challenges and Tips for Overcoming Them

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ROI and proving value The top challenge facing communicators is measuring impact, proving value and demonstrating ROI , according to 50% of respondents. However, in a subsequent question, only about half of respondents “often” or “always” measure their communications efforts. The other half measures their efforts just “sometimes,” (38%) “rarely,” (11%) and even “never” (2%). If you don’t have a system for measurement , create one that captures effort, engagement and outcomes.

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LinkedIn lays off 960 employees, Marriott and Hyatt announce mask requirement, and Walmart to close for Thanksgiving

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MEASURED THOUGHTS . — Marriott International (@MarriottIntl) July 20, 2020. Also: Amazon delays its #PrimeDay, Twitter reveals marketing and engagement opportunities with sports fans, Twitter cracks down on conspiracy theories, and more. Hello, communicators: .

Crucial crisis plan elements, how leaders can stay positive, the secret to sustaining remote work, and more

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anticipate potential risks and scenarios, and establish clear guidelines for social media. The coffee chain is working toward reopening 90% of stores by June 1, but the measures aren’t enough for some employees. COVID-19 Crisis Comms Roundup Crisis Communications Employee Engagement Executive Communication Internal Communications Leadership Communications PR Industry Storytelling The Workplace Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

5 essential steps for communicating in a crisis

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These measures will save time, one of the most precious resources during an unfolding crisis. Give employees guidelines, including a media policy, about what they should and shouldn’t say publicly about the crisis and where they can direct inquiries. COVID-19 Crisis Communications Internal CommunicationsAs turmoil unfolds, your company must show compassion and treat your employees and the public with care and integrity.

Amazon, Instacart and other essential workers strike, Disney offers branded face masks, and Deloitte shares crisis recovery tips

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You can also glean the latest insights at PR Daily’s Media Relations and Measurement Virtual Conference , May 14-15. MEASURED THOUGHTS. You can help your internal and external audiences adjust their expectations and views with you by understanding the pillars of trust. It might seem like a risky marketing move, but fun designs could increase adoption of CDC guidelines and help organizations with CSR efforts.

Twitter offers permanent WFH, Kaiser Permanente uses esports to promote mental health, and how consumer behavior hinges on trust

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The social media platform said its workplace measures while staff sheltered in place have been successful, and said that while “opening offices will be [its] decision, when and if [its] employees come back, will be theirs.”. MEASURED THOUGHTS. You can also learn more about these findings during PR Daily’s Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference , May 14-15.

Die! AVEs! Die! Die! Die!

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This week it hasn’t been business as usual because AMEC (the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications) and the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) both announced the death of AVEs (advertising value equivalency). The new guidelines will warn the public about the use of misleading metrics and highlight the role of the CIPR Code of Conduct in raising standards of practice. CIPR measurement group.

3 keys to simple, succinct and clear communication

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How will you know when you’ve succeeded (measurement)? CIPR Inside demonstrates the “what” and “how” of communication measurement. Keep these guidelines in mind: Keep paragraphs under five lines. Annique Simpson is an internal communication pro based in London.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft extend WFH dates, Wendy’s offers online scavenger hunt, and Microsoft seeks more inclusive language

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The organization used Feta, a Newark Liberty International Airport K-9 member, to share tips about wearing masks: View this post on Instagram. Fata, from Newark Liberty International Airport wants to give you some pointers on wearing face coverings. So here’s our handy guide to help based on the @CDCgov social distancing guidelines. ? RELATED: Join us for PR Daily's can't-miss Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference ]. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

6 steps for establishing a strong social media policy during the pandemic

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With the shifting media landscape during this crisis, it’s important for your entire team to have clear guidelines on how to share messages online. Ideally, before you create an account, there should be a social media policy in place, both internal for the employees managing the account, and external so your customers know what is appropriate. RELATED: Join us for PR Daily's can't-miss Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference ].

7 ways the revised Barcelona Principles can fix PR’s past mistakes

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In 2010, roughly 140 PR practitioners from more than 40 countries gathered in Catalonia, Spain for a meeting hosted by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication—the world’s largest trade body representing communications research, measurement and insights. These new voluntary guidelines were to be used for measuring and evaluating communications and PR campaigns. Goal setting and measurement are fundamental.

How To Safeguard Your Digital Reputation

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That’s why all devices must be secure and security measures clearly communicated and enforced. But it’s also important to review your brand’s social media policy, update guidelines on social content, and examine your own social posts. Internal office emails will be shared, deleted posts can be screenshot and saved, and you may not always be muted on that Zoom when you think you are.

Why and how the Barcelona Principles revisions are hurting PR

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Not long ago, Fred Cook , CEO of Golin , floored me on our monthly author Q&A by saying that if it were possible to measure PR, someone would have figured it out by now. There isn't an ironclad way to measure the effectiveness of our programs, and metrics are all over the board. Now the guiding light for the industry's measurement is the Barcelona Principles. From: Importance of Goal Setting and Measurement. From: Media Measurement Requires Quantity and Quality.

3 ways the WHO can fix its PR crisis

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Most notably, the US announced plans to remove itself from the international organization due to perceived bias and alleged misinformation. This was perhaps a miscalculation, as many celebrities who endorsed the messages were often caught behaving in ways contrary to the guidelines.

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8 tips for handling communications during and after Covid-19

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From a communications standpoint, the message should be loud and clear: We have been through an international crisis and here are the extra measures that we are taking to ensure your safety and well-being. Here’s how to makes sure your messages are guided by compassion instead of fear, and a map for getting through this crisis no matter what industry you serve.

Here Are the 6 Facets of Effective PR and Marketing Reporting


If we simply look at pure measurement of just reach, for example, without data analysis of who, what, when, where, and how we reached them – and what the engagement rate is – , it does nothing to inform decisions in the future,” said Don Branch, vice president of strategic marketing for 3M. . Adhere to internal communications guidelines when possible. Consistency in presentation also helps to establish your credibility (internally).”.

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8 often-overlooked steps to take before crisis strikes

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Here are eight easy measures you can take now to ensure you’re ready for any gales and swells that might arise: 1. Each scenario should include an overview of the situation, website content, FAQs for internal and external audiences, talking points for sales, customer letters and company emails.”. Internal and external communications checklists. Contact information for internal legal advisors, outside counsel, contractors, etc.

Crisis 101

5 Brand Elements to Evaluate When Refreshing Your Corporate Image


3.    Institute Brand Guidelines to Navigate your Communications  . Developing brand guidelines will ensure consistency across all marketing channels. Editorial Guidelines: Establish writing standards to ensure consistency across content. Once you have established your brand guidelines, they need to be carried through across all company communications vehicles and owned media : Websites. Internally, get company-wide buy-in before the public announcement.

What Happens When PR and Marketing Mesh


Brand strategy teams set mandates around key messages by creating a boilerplate, message card, branding guidelines and so forth. Many of the insights Riggs discovered were due to his use of PR analytics and measuring the nuts and bolts of PR campaign success. Marketing Goal 4: Measure brand perception more effectively. According to a study conducted by B2B International , only 54 percent of B2B businesses have a program in place for measuring brand perception.

4 offbeat ways to improve your editing

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There are guardrails, guidelines and ground rules, but learning our craft is not like going to tech school to memorize Frigidaire parts. Much of what we do boils down to personal preference, stylistic nitpickery and the measured guidance of the Associated Press. FREE REPORT: Benchmark your internal comms efforts against your peers ]. Consider these inventive tips to help tighten, brighten and enlighten whatever prose is under your nose.

Google Analytics 101 for Hospitals and Healthcare

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Think about what things hospitals measure in terms of marketing. One way to measure this is by returning visitors from social media channels. Examine and measure organic search traffic within your geographic radius. Finally, look at the hospital’s internal Internet range via filtering, especially if the hospital offers free WiFi to patients and families. Maryalicia asked about how you might use Google Analytics for a hospital: What a terrific question.

New Rules That Every PR Person Should Know

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As PR measurement guru Katie Paine puts it, “The people brands are trying to reach simply will ignore everything most companies spew.”. And if the announcement isn’t media worthy to begin with, there’s no reason to do a press release unless it’s for internal marketing, which isn’t a very good reason. Everything is measurable and measured. Both the practice and business of public relations has grown enormously in recent years.

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How to Create a Content Contributor Guide


When you invite internal and external subject matter experts to contribute to your content marketing program, it’s important to have guidelines for them to follow. At Cision, we discuss earned media, identifying and building relationships with influencers, crafting campaigns and monitoring and measuring impact. Guidelines for Submitting. Guidelines for author bios. Provide any other guidelines the contributor might need to know.

Taking control of your corporate branding


Consequently, from a sender's perspective, a natural first step is to set up and incorporate PR guidelines to be used by all global branches within the organization. The same goes for measuring the results of your PR efforts. This in turn helps with choosing the standards for measuring and reporting on the return on investment (ROI) of your PR practices. Establishing global PR guidelines is of vital importance to corporate branding.

3 often-overlooked steps to take before crisis strikes

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Here are three easy measures you can take now to ensure you’re ready for any gales and swells that might arise: 1. A commonly overlooked risk-mitigation step is educating staff about internal rules for social media use, says Ronald Gilliam, the manager of internal digital platforms at S&P Global. These guidelines will help you respond more quickly,” Gilliam says, “but they’ll also allow your audience to more easily understand important information.”.

WarnerMedia?s specific plan to support Black Lives Matter, Facebook labels state-controlled media, and NYT apologizes over op-ed

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MEASURED THOUGHTS. Along with its $1 million donation to the Equal Justice Initiative and Center for Policing Equity, the ride-hailing company commited to “hold everyone who uses Uber” accountable to their community guidelines, which don’t tolerate racism, discrimination or harassment. Are you talking more about mental health and wellness right now with internal and external audiences?

5 crucial steps for a dynamic rebranding

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For the answers, survey the following: Key internal stakeholders. Another step involves collaborating on a positioning statement: an internal doctrine identifying your organization's target audience, frame of reference, points of differentiation and value. Though those are concise (ideally one sentence), it's important to measure the impact of each word so you can articulate and justify its inclusion to the organization at large.

How Adidas' newsrooms create five great pieces of content a week

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Tactical content innovation' is Adidas' marketing super power: It measures the effect of its newsrooms around the globe. Marketers in those hubs are internal DJs "on the decks," independently spinning the brand against cultural shifts without having to wait for approval. A new emphasis on measuring newsroom content at Adidas. Let's tell a story but understand why we're telling that story and measure it accordingly.".

Guideposts for aligning your legal strategy and crisis response

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For PR pros looking to convince lawyers and leadership teams, it’s helpful to rely on certain guidelines. When companies drill down on chronology, garner facts, measure liability, and identify adversaries and allies early in the high-profile litigation or crisis process, they enable their teams to assess the cost and value of assets, both real and goodwill. When looking to find middle ground between legal safety and authentic messaging, apply these rules to organize your efforts.

Industry Consolidation Continues Among PR Vendors; PR Tech Sum: Onclusive, SocialChorus, Teletrax, iQ Media, Agility PR Solutions

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Onclusive is developing new ways to measure PR including attribution. According to a press release, channel management: “Allows team and frontline managers, outside of the internal communications team, to create and post rich content – including videos, images, links, articles and notes – within approval guidelines….For It simply does not have the contacts, but international ratings have given it a boost and the technology can’t distinguish the difference.

Owned Content: Calculating Success

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How can all of this be measured and analyzed? With this information, creators of owned content – like SHIFT blog authors – have clear guidelines for developing a successful post. Intern. Owned content. From blog posts to white papers, most companies create some form of owned content but not all are utilizing it to its fullest potential – or even know how it performs on its own.