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Customer Service Is The “New” PR

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The best PR agency in the world can’t hold a candle to employees who are empowered to do the right thing. Good PR and great customer service have never been more intertwined. A business can spend millions on brand reputation and community service.

26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

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There’s something in here for every discipline of marketing – be it strategy, PR, content marketing, SEO, digital, social media, customer marketing, and so much more. 3) Emotional connection with customers. “I 5) Alignment of marketing and customer success. “A

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Report: The best (and worst) brand reputations

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According to Virgin CEO Richard Branson, “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.”. It’s tough to sum up the importance of brand reputation in a single quote, but this comes close. On the “worst reputation” side, here are the top (or bottom) 10, in ascending order: 10.

The Top PR Threats To Your Company’s Reputation

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In today’s volatile media and social environment, brand reputation is fragile. But when it comes to most types of reputation crises, they are decidedly unwelcome. According to the World Economic Forum , more than twenty-five percent of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its brand reputation. So how should brands prepare for an unknown, uncontrollable event that could impugn its reputation? How To Spot The Most Dangerous Reputation Threats.

United changes course on employee ‘lottery’ after backlash

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Fierce criticism caused United Airlines to put the brakes on a lottery system meant to replace its current employee bonus program. The core4 program Kirby referenced is designed to make employees at United a more caring lot as they carry out their daily duties at the airline.

Branding Basics: Measure Your Way to a Better Reputation

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Put more simply, branding is the way in which companies produce a feeling in their customers –a reaction, intuition. Unlike intuition, though, branding can and must be quantified, measured and adapted to consumer preferences. Are your efforts aimed at attracting new customers?

Businesses close for global climate protests, Facebook’s new ad formats, and major brand communicators offer storytelling lessons

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Good morning PR pros: Employees are making headlines around the world as young people are walking off the job to protest climate change. Other major companies are promising change, but employees say the changes don’t go far enough. Study: Employees want more employer-offered retraining.

South Dakota meth PSA goes viral, Chick-fil-A drops donors after LGBTQ protests, and 72% of consumers switch to competitors after bad service

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Though Chick-fil-A’s messaging is on point with its brand voice and vision, it remains to be seen whether consumers will take this as a welcoming move or merely clucking to attract attention. or “How can we use the concept of privilege to protect our reputation?”.

Study: How social media buzz affects your brand's image

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A single customer mishap can quickly grow into a PR nightmare. The bottom line is this: Customer service matters more than ever, and new research from Corra proves it. The study reveals shows which online platforms customers use to complain: 1.

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Businesses Should Fight Back Against Online Attacks

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Social media and online reviews bring an incredible new level of accountability to the customer service equation. They let her know that they weren’t going to be bullied and that her treatment of not only Delta employees, but the airline’s other customers, was inappropriate.

How to create a culture abuzz with internal fans and advocates

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How would you like to improve your marketing reach, revenue and reputation? Engaged employees have a vested interest in your organization’s success. A positive employee attitude can engage your customers as well. The benefits of enlisting your employees can be substantial.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

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Just like how Aaron talked about how the BBC can see what stories work we can analyse how people consume and share our content. The motion was “You don’t need compliance rules when your employees have social media.” Doing right by your employees.

5 lessons from America's most hated companies

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It takes a lot to make consumers hate you, but many large companies did admirably at it last year. The long-term effects from unchanged mistakes, however, can lead to even more expense for PR and marketing pros who have to deal with the monetary and reputational costs involved.

How to identify and counter bogus online reviews

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Consumers put great stock in endorsements and in damning assessments of products and services, but some such writeups are completely fake. Online reviews sway consumers—but many of them are fabricated. Others give customers incentives to write fake reviews.

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7 Aretha Franklin quotations to inspire PR pros

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Employees often are the largest sources of interesting stories about your brand. Consumers on social media offer a plethora of feedback, including what they love (and despise) about your products and services.

Putting the public in public relations: PR is everyone’s job

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Almost any consumer-facing company has had an unhappy customer or two (or more), but the difference between pre-social media and post-social media is the amount of attention any one interaction can have. The link between front-line employees and PR is customer service.

5 ways internal content can boost your brand

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In the race to continually spit out content that consumers are interested in, brand managers can—and often do—make use of effective internal communication efforts to enhance external content marketing and PR campaigns. Unifying PR, marketing and customer service efforts.

The 20 Responsibilities of PR and What They Entail


The flipside of earned media is owned media: publishing content on brand-owned channels such as a customer-facing blog, Medium publication, and the like. Internal communicators must be savvy enough to turn dry content like company policies into info employees actually want to read.

6 reasons to invest in organic reach on social media

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Social media is a customer care channel. What’s sometimes overlooked is that they serve another role that is equally as important: customer service. It’s essential to have the right people in place when using social as a customer service channel.

Organizations remember Kobe Bryant, internet brims with rising ad spending, and Amazon workers speak out

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As more brand managers focus on digital ads and campaigns, most of these efforts are focused on consumers’ smaller screens. Amazon employees speak out on climate change. The blog post was published through Amazon’s advocacy group, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice.

Twitter mourns Mr. Peanut, Coca-Cola won’t give up plastic, and Hallmark Channel chief steps down

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Also: Microsoft data breach exposes 250 million customer support records, Apple remains Fortune’s most-admired company, podcasting pitfalls to avoid, and more. “Business won’t be in business if we don’t accommodate consumers,” she said.

PR lessons from the social media hoax targeting Starbucks

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An Atlanta-area Starbucks closed after it received phone threats and the parent company was unable to convince some that a social media post claiming to be from a disgruntled Starbucks employee was a hoax. Starbucks’ response was intended to reassure its customers and the public at large.

New Rules That Every PR Person Should Know

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A PR agency employee starting in the business today will be creating programs, telling stories, and reporting to clients in ways very different from just a few years ago, in part due to the rise of digital technology and the blurring of lines between paid, earned, and owned media.

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4 rules Grubhub follows to drive social media success

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The company’s senior manager of social media says online marketers must put consumers first, think of each platform and prepare with mobile devices in mind. These interactions shape consumers’ experience with your brand. Think like a consumer.

7 Signs Your Company Is Ready To Step Up Its PR

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These early arrangements can include a junior in-house employee or possibly a “shared” situation where the PR function is wedged into marketing or even customer service. At a certain point, most small businesses outgrow their first forays into public relations.

4 Ways PR Creates Brand Attachment

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Some customers are initially attracted to certain brands because they like their ad message. Others are loyal because of a good experience with product quality or customer service. But the storytelling should go beyond the founders and employees.

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An Uber bot blunder and a Chase ‘motivational’ gaffe yield key lessons

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In Uber’s case, a loophole in the code for its customer service reply bot allowed a Twitter user to trick the program into posting a racial slur. For Chase, a human user tried to jump on a hashtag trend, but instead offended some customers. Develop your brand’s reputation.

What American Airlines’ crisis response can teach brand managers

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An employee comes into the frame and the male passenger says, “You do that to me and I'll knock you flat.” The employee repeats, “Hit me,” and the passenger says, “I'll knock you out.” The captain pulls the employee away. Focus on reputation management.

More on PR2020: social media activism, internal comms resurgence, storytelling and professionalism

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Any gap between a product or service and the public’s expectation will become a conversation on social media. The book holds up almost ten years on because most organisations are lousy at using social media to listen to their customers.

5 ways brand managers can avoid a social media crisis

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Occasionally, it seems like digital consumers can take offense to anything: For every action, there''s an equal and opposite reaction. Depending on the brand, employee coverage across social media profiles doesn’t have to be extensive.

4 tips to prepare for and mitigate a crisis

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It could come in the form of a manufacturing mistake, security breach, contaminated food item, rogue employee or—as we’ve seen in the news more frequently in recent months—an executive-level misdeed. Prioritize employee, not customer, communications.

Delta rolls out diversity training for flight crews

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As airline crews increasingly are facing tension-filled interactions with passengers, Delta is working to ensure they don’t damage its reputation. We also must remain committed more than ever to the safety of our customers and our crew members.

How Airlines Like Delta Hold Parents Hostage

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The airlines are counting on it, indeed, I’d contend airlines, including Delta, prey on such emotions to separate a few more dollars from the consumer wallet. CSR #customer. American Airlines too has earned a reputation for targeting parents. Airline customer must be regulated.

6 reasons to invest in organic reach on social media

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Social media is a customer care channel. What’s sometimes overlooked is that they serve another role that is equally as important: customer service. Over the past few years, consumers with service issues have become comfortable with using social media as a way to reach brands.

6 tips for monitoring and managing online reviews

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Online customer reviews can make or break an organization, even a relatively large one. Seventy percent of consumers trust online reviews, an increase of 15 percent over four years. Many organizations simply fail to delegate responsibility for growing and managing customer reviews.

Innovation or stagnation: Are brands losing their individuality?

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It can be crucial to the initial and continuing success of a business, but also crippling if you don’t commit to it and give consumers exactly what they want. But some of these actually have a very minimal effect on the relationship between the brand and consumer. Innovation.

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20 key responsibilities for today’s PR pro

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The flipside of earned media is owned media: publishing content on brand-owned channels such as a customer-facing blog, Medium publication and the like. Internal communicators must turn dry content such as company policies into messages that employees want to read.

Why Do-It-Yourself Public Relations Is An Urban Legend


For a PR pro, publicity is just one small part of managing a company’s reputation. Sharing the pros and cons of holding regular town hall meetings with employees, or. If you don’t get back to them when you say you will, arrive unprepared for an interview or make claims you can’t substantiate, reputable journalists are unlikely to take your call a second time. Media relations is time consuming.

15 Up-and-Coming PR and Social Media Marketers to Watch

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She is well versed in customer service and thrives on building relationships — online and in person — while accomplishing a variety of demanding business goals. Last week, I shared my news that I’ll be teaching social media at the University of St. Thomas.

British Airways botches an external email, Southwest gate crew scores goodwill, and Target gains a Disney presence

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Also: How social media teams can help their PR counterparts, YouTube and Apple Music offer curated playlists, and AT&T scrambles as 20,000 employees strike. The Southeast contract covers fewer than 8 percent of our employees. Adopting a defensive tone won’t soften consumers’ anger.