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4 proactive steps for preserving brand reputation

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RELATED: Showcase your crisis comms work ]. Seventy percent of executives believe consumers would regain trust in a brand after corrective action was taken, compared with just 56% of consumers who said their trust would be restored.

‘MSNBC Mom’ goes viral, Nestle goes vegan (sort of), and brand managers support #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Starbucks reveals why brands should lead with values. Brian Pittman spoke with Cisco’s senior social media and talent brand manager, Carmen Collins, about how to advocate for bigger social media budgets. Brand managers voice support on #WorldMentalHealthDay. The post ‘MSNBC Mom’ goes viral, Nestle goes vegan (sort of), and brand managers support #WorldMentalHealthDay appeared first on PR Daily.

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How To Detect The Risk Of Negative Virality

Melissa Agnes

A common fear when it comes to issue and crisis management is the uncertainty around virality. Nobody wants the unwelcome surprise of having an otherwise seemingly insignificant issue go viral * against their organization. That there is a Crisis Ready TM Formula that can help your team quickly detect the heightened probability of negative virality in real-time. This formula exists and is now a free Crisis Ready TM Resource available to you, here!

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Best Brand Moves During The COVID-19 Pandemic

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

It has also brought out the best in some companies and brands, with accompanying positive PR. Here are my picks for best brand moves so far during the COVID-19 pandemic. It delivered 150 cans of Coors Light, and, of course, the social media coverage went viral. Olive’s plea – and the brand’s response – was even picked up by CNN. My personal favorite move from an organization during this crisis is from the hotel industry.

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Paint Company PR Blunder Offers Lessons on Brand Ambassadors Blog

Piloseno said he wanted to use his account (@tonesterpaints) to show what Sherwin-Williams paints could do and to market the brand to a younger audience. Viral Videos on Paint Mixing. The post Paint Company PR Blunder Offers Lessons on Brand Ambassadors appeared first on

How to Turn Your Brand Crisis into PR Success with Ease


As much as social media followers love to praise your brand, they won’t hesitate to criticize your actions if they have a good reason. One negative comment can attract thousands of tweets and reactions, turning that single comment into a full-blown PR crisis. Thus, it has the potential to bring your marketing and branding strategy to its knees in just a few hours. When a PR crisis hits, confusion, anxiety, and chaos can shake up your organization.

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Consumers are watching how brands act during COVID crisis—here’s how it will shape future loyalty

Agility PR Solutions

Brands and businesses are scrambling to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they’d better also watch the way they conduct their crisis business management—because once the viral dust settles, consumers plan to hold them accountable. The post Consumers are watching how brands act during COVID crisis—here’s how it will shape future loyalty appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations crisis

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Wanted: Talented brand storytellers

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How has content helped you meet your recruitment, brand awareness, crisis recovery or lead generation goals? We’re seeking brand storytellers who know their way around a clickable headline, a viral video or a fleeting social trend. We want to know how you tapped into the way people consume content today and used that to your brand’s advantage. This year’s categories include: Content Marketing for the Purpose of: Brand Awareness.

How Crisis Ready Will Help You Build An Invincible Brand

Melissa Agnes

As you may have heard, Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World , is my new book – and I’m so excited that it’s finally available for you to preorder on Amazon ! When I set out to write Crisis Ready , the last thing I wanted was to write yet another (boring) book on crisis management. Instead, Crisis Ready needed to be a book that people enjoyed reading. Why Crisis Ready matters to you (or why it should).

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What future PR pros want brands to know about DE&I

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On May 31 st , Reformation, a “cool girls” brand said to be sustainable, accountable and ethical , posted on social media pledging its support of the BLM movement and listing donations it made to several organizations. In a post that went viral, former assistant store manager Elle Santiago, who is Black, states that Reformation fostered a culture of systemic racism under the leadership of founder Yael Aflalo, who resigned from her position following the backlash.

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Viral by association—some beer-drinkers won’t buy Corona now

Agility PR Solutions

New research from 5W Public Relations showcases how brands can go the wrong kind of viral. As fear of the coronavirus sweeps the nation, one similarly-named beer brand is suffering from sheer name association. The firm’s new survey of American beer drinkers examined their opinions about the popular Mexican beer brand, Corona, as a result of […]. The post Viral by association—some beer-drinkers won’t buy Corona now appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Brand journalism metrics surge during pandemic

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In the midst of this crisis, and in the difficult transition to come, they provide an indispensable service to their organizations and their audiences. No one’s doing this better than the vibrant brand journalism platforms owned and operated by companies across the spectrum. Brand journalists are delivering relevant, timely and insightful stories to their audiences every day. At a time of crisis, people have turned to us.”. Brand Journalism The Consultant is In

What Does Being Crisis Ready Have To Do With Brand Invincibility?

Melissa Agnes

If you follow my work, then you know that helping organizations become crisis ready is not just what I do professionally, but it is one of my biggest passions. The reason I’m so passionate about my work is that being crisis ready provides so much value to an organization and the people it works with and for—value that far exceeds the sole acts of crisis management and crisis preparedness. This is what it means to be crisis ready. How can you become crisis ready?

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TikTok’s growth spurt, Halloween-themed social media posts, and rivals stoking a viral YouTube fundraiser

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The rest of you were split: Twenty-three percent said using terms such as “yet” is never a good look for a brand manager, while 20% said it’s a welcome addition: When is it OK for social media teams to use memes and/or trending slang (such as "yeet?"). PR pros Wendy Hansen and Nadia Worsley, along with communications agency Fig Firm, said it depends on your brand identity and voice, along with whom you’re targeting: The answer is: when it fits your brand.

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Panera’s missed opportunity offers crisis response lessons

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The company cut ties with an employee whose viral TikTok video showed its frozen pasta being warmed in hot water before being served. ” She explained in another follow-up TikTok video that “I was told we had to part ways” due to the original clip going viral beyond any measure. However, this viral moment is a missed opportunity for Panera, especially with its decision to dismiss the employee. The bit of brand journalism led to an app and a video series.

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Facebook considers removing ‘likes,’ Whataburger responds to viral rodent video, and Bugatti sets a record and then shifts gears

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Would a partnership with some influencers help spread the word in a crisis? For a brand obsessed with speed, a few more specifics might have helped set the stage for a more compelling story. Related reading: 6 tips for brand managers shutting down a product or business. 5 new ways to tell your brand story. 25 great tactics for promoting your brand. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ].

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How To Get Ahead Of A Crisis When You’re Already Behind – Invincible Brand Podcast

Melissa Agnes

The YouTube Shooting Crisis: How Mountain View Police Department quickly regained control of the narrative that was going viral against their agency. Captain Chris Hsiung and Katie Nelson, of Mountain View Police Department, join The Invincible Brand Podcast to discuss how they quickly overcame an escalating viral crisis in a way that increased the trust their community and the general public have in their brand.

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Tesla responds to viral video of exploding car with video of its own

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A video—as yet not verified—of one of its Model S electric cars erupting in flames in a Shanghai car park has gone viral, first on Chinese social media and then globally on Twitter. RELATED: Learn how to prepare, defend and promote your organization during a crisis. ]. Your CEO is crucial to your crisis response, so your organization must protect his or her credibility and power. CEOs shouldn’t be distant or detached during a crisis media management incident.

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Chuck E. Cheese responds to rumors after viral video

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Cheese was recently sent scrambling after an old urban myth went viral online. The incident underscores how quickly crises can threaten a brand’s image, no matter how unsubstantiated the information shared. The viral rumor also shows that false information is still prevalent across social media platforms—something which YouTube is currently battling. Cheese responds to rumors after viral video appeared first on PR Daily. Crisis Communications Chuck E.

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3 key takeaways from COVID-19 crisis communications

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Be transparent, focus on the facts and be kind to the reporters trying to cover a once-in-a-generation crisis. The most unique aspect of crisis communication during COVID-19 is that it’s a shared experience. When I was a newspaper reporter and covering a crisis, my readers might have been completely unaffected or completely consumed by it. After I shifted to communications, a crisis felt very insular and isolated. COVID-19 Crisis Communications

Analyzing First Responders In Crisis PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A crisis situation presents abundant challenges for public relations and business leaders, not the least of which are the critical first communications. First statements say a lot about what a brand stands for, and they reflect on the quality of its leadership. Five crisis PR first responses. When a passenger’s video of water flooding a Carnival cruise ship hallway went viral on May 3, it spawned thousands of references to Titanic and some sensational news headlines.

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5 lessons in virality from 'Saturday Night Live'

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Many brands seek the recipe that makes content go viral; though there’s not one ingredient in the special sauce that guarantees a hit online, PR and marketing pros can learn a lot from SNL’s success throughout the years. Here are five lessons in virality: 1. Consumers love a good throwback, which is why Jimmy Fallon’s “Saved By the Bell” skit went viral and Coke’s Surge supply sold out in record time when the brand brought it back on Amazon.

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Viral snark over a Peloton ad, McDonald’s enters ‘chicken sandwich wars,’ and Twitter launches data-privacy hub

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However, as one Twitter user pointed out, the backlash caused Peloton to trend and delivered additional video views and media coverage: If you really think the "creepy" Peloton commercial is going to hurt their brand, you probably shouldn't be in marketing. What do you think of the ad and the subsequent viral response? If you succeed, you can have the next viral hit on your hands.

Building Brand Invincibility Requires Conscious Compassion

Melissa Agnes

How compassionately conscious is your brand? Nearly ten years after Dave Carroll’s United Breaks Guitars video series went viral and helped change the landscape of issue and crisis management for brands, Dave joins the Invincible Brand Podcast to discuss the impact of compassion on brands and on an organization’s issue management, crisis management, customer service, and ultimately, its invincibility.

What American Airlines’ crisis response can teach brand managers

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American Airlines seems to have learned—largely from United Airlines’ recent tone-deaf response—what not to do in a crisis. However, the airline’s response stood in stark contrast to United’s initial response to its crisis, the latter having drawn further backlash as many criticized its chief executive’s corporate apology. RELATED: Keep your cool in a crisis with these tips.]. Combine these trends and expect more and more disturbing airline videos to emerge and go viral.

Google limits political ad targeting, Facebook announces brand ‘safety controls,’ and Taco Bell enters the ‘chicken wars’

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More and more fast-food chains are clucking at the chance to get a piece of Popeyes’ continuing viral fame as consumers clamor for chicken sandwiches and beyond. According to a study from MBLM , brands that can tap into consumer emotion outperform national indices like the Fortune 500 and S&P Global. The report breaks down “brand intimacy’ by measuring factors that draw consumers to a brand identity. Learn more about brand intimacy by reading the full report.

The science behind huge viral campaigns

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Virality is one of the most fascinating subjects in PR. Viral hits are (usually) not the result of some big brand spending a million dollars to make something popular. Not for lack of trying, because big brands do actually spend millions of dollars to make things go viral. It came from a small corner of the internet, gained momentum, went viral, and then it just kept going and going.

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Insights from Ragan’s Salary Survey, fashion school makes changes to quell outrage, brands court favor with exclusive items

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The decision came after the school apologized for the incident, which went viral after one of the show’s models refused to wear the accessories, which included exaggerated red lips and large black ears: Disgusting. Brown outlined several additional steps she was taking to address the crisis: I am sending a personal letter of apology on behalf of myself and FIT to model Amy LeFevre for what she experienced at the show.

2017 Crisis Management That (Mostly) Worked

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Armchair PR experts get lots of mileage from critiquing crisis management by major brands and businesses this time of year. But what about the crisis situations that are handled well? It seems almost quaint now, given the explosion of reputation-killing headlines that have followed the brand “scandal.” Most importantly, the brand took full responsibility for the misfire and backed up its words by pulling the ad.

When Designing Controls Around Your Crisis Communications, Don’t Do This!

Melissa Agnes

One of the challenges of communicating effectively in times of viral issue and crisis management is ensuring that your brand’s communications are consistent across every stakeholder group, region and department. Crisis communication is complex, dynamic and critically important to get right. Crisis Communication: Balancing Consistency with Delivery. * The post When Designing Controls Around Your Crisis Communications, Don’t Do This!

‘RIPTwitter’ goes viral after users learn of timeline redesign

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So much so, the brand’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, chimed in online to quell fears from hundreds of thousands of tweets. RELATED: Keep your cool in a crisis with these 13 tips. Twitter is having a tough time controlling its message. Rumors have been swirling for weeks that the struggling social platform would be moving from its traditional reverse-chronological ordered timeline to a more Facebook-style algorithm.

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The 5 Phases of Becoming Crisis Ready

Melissa Agnes

Becoming crisis ready is a process. Fortunately, there’s a method to this process that can take any organization, of any size, type, and industry, from their current level of crisis readiness, straight through to building an invincible brand—which, as you know, is the ultimate benefit of being crisis ready. Order Crisis Ready for you and your team at the link above. The Crisis Ready Model. Do you conduct regular crisis management exercises?

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McKinsey apologizes for role in opioid crisis, Redbox launches streaming service, and Google’s Year in Search

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Also: Universal Orlando Resorts pokes fun at an old tweet, Home Depot’s quest to reunite toy with toddler goes viral, Twitter users ridicule Apple’s AirPods Max, and more. It’s also a reminder to show off your human side to potential customers and increase brand loyalty.

Why brand managers shouldn’t delete tweets

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Dear brand manager on Twitter, I get it. They'll love it so much that they'll retweet it, and then we'll go viral. In my opinion, it's what brands should be providing followers on Twitter. The brand manager for @england is hardly the first or the last to do this. There's a laundry list of brand managers who have made a mistake on Twitter, deleted the tweet and then brought even more negative attention because of the action.

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7 Ways To Crisis-Proof Your Brand

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

What’s the cost of a brand crisis? As video of United Airlines passenger Dr. David Dao being violently dragged from his seat went viral, the media – and a global audience of prospective customers – were horrified. United’s reputation storm came just days after brand Pepsi weathered a different kind of eruption. All three are large brands with the resources to come back from a negative situation. Appoint a crisis response leader.

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Ocean Spray skates into viral TikTok trend, Microsoft and Wells Fargo defend DE&I commitments, and Petco stops selling ‘shock’ collars

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Here are today’s top stories: Ocean Spray skates into viral TikTok trend. The company gifted popular TikTok creator Nathan Apodaca a cranberry-red truck filled with bottles of its Cran-Raspberry juice after his video went viral. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

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3 visual marketing tips for brand managers

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It’s getting harder to attract and engage audiences on social media—because of the vast number of brand managers flooding social media channels with lackluster content. Attract millions to your brand with powerful visuals and new tools. ” They can also inspire creative responses with the potential to go viral. Audiences appreciate brands that loosen up and will reward you by watching.”. Attract millions to your brand with powerful visuals and new tools

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Victoria’s Secret CMO retires after transgender hire, Google employee memo goes viral, and Coke stands firm on same-sex ads

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Good morning, PR pros: A Google employee’s memo is going viral within the company, racking up more than 10,000 views by fellow staffers since it was published last week. How can you better engage your employees to avoid a PR crisis? Report: All kinds of diversity are essential to brand reputation. The post Victoria’s Secret CMO retires after transgender hire, Google employee memo goes viral, and Coke stands firm on same-sex ads appeared first on PR Daily.

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Who should be on your crisis response team?

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This is a crucial question for every company to consider, yet as crisis communication expert Gerard Braud recently shared with Ragan, far too many wait until the firestorm hits before determining who should do what. There are too many corporate leaders who think they’ll just figure it out whenever the crisis happens,” Braud says. They’ll put money into revenue-producing initiatives, but they’re in denial when it comes to things that could damage the brand long-term.”.

Google employees to WFH until July 2021, Target to close for Thanksgiving, and social media channels remove viral video for misinformation

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YouTube, Facebook and Twitter removed a viral video published by Breitbart News that shows a group from America’s Frontline Doctors making claims about COVID-19 in front of the U.S. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

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