10 B2B Companies Who Don’t Waste the Precious Online Real Estate, “About Us.”

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'Modern Family' ad placement emphasizes storytelling

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The show’s often bumbling father, Phil Dunphy, has always been employed as a real estate agent on the show, but last week he came out as a “Realtor.”. Watch this space for Phil Dunphy’s Real Estate #Philsosophies , coming soon. We are real people helping real individuals and providing them with a part of the American dream,” the rep told Associated Press. ABC’s “Modern Family” may have redefined the modern product placement.

The key to Snapchat is storytelling & intimacy

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When you’re watching a video or looking at a photo, it takes over all the real estate on your smartphone screen. Storytelling - a “story” may only be one snap, but typically it’s a series of video snaps following your friend, celebrity or brand that day.

Your Story Needs White Space


As marketers, we have to think like script writers, musicians and even real estate agents. Blog Brand Storytelling PR Advice Reimagine PR Storytelling TechniquesHave you ever tried to sell your home? Remember just how much decluttering you had to do?

PR Poised to Become the Digital Leader

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It seems that instead of being bombarded with ads, the public prefers good storytelling accompanied y great visuals – and most PR teams are very skilled at providing this kind of content.

Social Buttons for Sale, Misguided Measurement and Telling Stories is Hard

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It caused me to wonder if the Journal sold this real estate, perhaps with some type of payment model tied to usage. The same could be said of bringing a storytelling dimension to business communications and avoiding the dreaded “B” word.

New England Patriots Forget to Run SEO Play for Deflategate Microsite

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Most people aren’t going to search on the “Wells Report,” and certainly no one is going to be searching for “context” on this topic, wasting this valuable real estate. As for the storytelling in the microsite, I will give it this.

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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RELATED: Weave storytelling into every corporate communication, and craft copy that captures your brand voice. ]. Senior account manager – real estate PR—Lynn Hazan & Associates (Illinois). The quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup begins tonight. When the puck drops, many will drop what they’re doing to tune in to the National Hockey League’s 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

6 ways to tell better visual stories on Instagram

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You must master the intricacies of the visual platform, the social media consultant, speaker and Instagram expert says in a Ragan Training video, “Advanced Visual Storytelling on Instagram.”. Editor's note: This story is taken from Ragan Communications' distance-learning portal Ragan Training.

Six Things PR Can Learn From “The Big Short”

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“The Big Short,” the brilliant and entertaining “economics lesson” on the real estate collapse that brought down the U.S. Few of us may be able to get that kind of star power, but creative analogies are a strong storytelling technique.

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5 ways you can craft pitches to pique journalists' interest

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RELATED: Get the newest advances in PR measurement, media relations and PR storytelling at PR Daily World in NYC. Let's say you work for a real estate brokerage and want to speak about the demand for office space in a certain market.

We Had a Fire


And these crazy kids: Frank Goodrich and Taylor Meredith , the best real estate agents in the universe, helped us make design decisions as did our oh-so-talented designer friend Heather Martin. We had a fire: . We didn’t talk too much about it or post it on social media sites.

10 Public Relations Tactics That Will Make You a Startup Rockstar

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Modern tactics like PR storytelling and using boutique PR firms can help. Implement PR Storytelling. Storytelling has the power to connect you to your audience on an emotional level. Storytelling begins even before you choose your pitch topic.

3 ways to make your LinkedIn profile shine

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Though the social media platform started as the darling of recruiters, it’s evolved into something much more, blending the attributes of social media with storytelling (content creation) and what amounts to a news service. They definitely intend to scale both original and curated storytelling.

Repairing the broken PR agency review process

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The word “storyteller” now dominates the communications vernacular. Does the agency waste this valuable real estate using only its name, or is there an SEO strategy in play?

The PR Agency Review Process is Broken

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The word “storyteller” now dominates the communications vernacular. Does the agency waste this valuable real estate using only its name, or is there an SEO strategy in play?

9 ways to up your Twitter game

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Here are some Twitter tips and trends you should be aware of, says Miller, who will speak at Ragan's Social Media & Storytelling Summit at Facebook in July. We should be using every single inch of real estate in the photos that we post to capture the eyeballs in the timeline.".

The Web is Not Flat

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Real estate agents could show listings to prospects without visiting it physically. 360 storytelling. It took us a while, but we eventually figured it out: The Earth is round, and we shouldn’t worry about falling off the edge.

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What Goes in a Great Media Kit


love to see what real people have created. Sharing the work of real people who have created or accomplished something using your product is also an amazing opportunity to do some community building. I get to sit on both sides of the media kit divide. I develop them for clients.

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ABCs of pitching success

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Eliminate hard returns between “Hi Reporter Jane” and the crux of your pitch, so that you are taking advantage of prime email real estate. A.wordsmith , a boutique PR firm specializing in brand storytelling for B2B and consumer organizations.

Research Shows Journalists Want More Multimedia from PR Pros

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Whether it’s video, photos or interactive graphics, more visual storytelling can give people deeper insights into a subject. With print becoming less important to audiences, telling stories in more visual ways is critical – and public relations professionals can help.

Don’t Quit Facebook Yet

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Last week, Facebook announced that beginning in January of 2015, it will be cracking down on purely promotional content coming from brands; with limited real estate in the News Feed, Facebook realizes that people want meaningful content, not sales-y product pushing.

PR Agency Best Practices for Common Content Roadblocks

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Inspired storytelling and strong visuals can help today’s agencies start conversations, interest media and hook new customers for their clients. When working with clients to create engaging content, PR agencies must navigate a number of personal, emotional and habitual obstacles.

Announcing the finalists for the 2014 Social Media Awards

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Best Storytelling with Photography. CBRE, CBRE & Instagram: Creating Brand Elasticity and Upending the Commercial Real Estate Industry. We asked to see your best social media skills: contests/games, hash tags, videos, Facebook and more.