From Writing Quotes to Media Relations Insights to Combating Disinformation to Enhancing the Reader Experience: Business Wire’s Top 10 Blog Posts of Q2 2021 | Business Wire Blog

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public relations media relationsThe reader experience dominated our popular blog posts for the second quarter of 2021. Insights and takeaways featured industry experts, a deep dive into how the pandemic affected the journalism industry, and tips on enhancing your press releases.

How to avoid the media relations summer slump

PR Daily

It’s hard to get earned media coverage this time of year. It’s that time of year again—the season all media relations professionals dread—summer. It’s not that we’re snowbirds (at least, I’m not) it’s the fact that media relations always takes a hit on placements over the summer.


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Should media relations wait during election season?

PR Daily

Media relations is always challenging—but the 2020 fourth-quarter cycle may doom your client’s coverage. Building relationships with media gatekeepers. RELATED: Join us for our Writing & Content Creation for Communicators Virtual Workshop ].

5 ways the COVID-19 pandemic is changing media relations

PR Daily

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of media is never easy. In the midst of this, the media landscape continues to evolve. Prior to COVID, unless your clients lived in a major media market, chances of regular national TV appearances were slim.

6 tips for better media relations during COVID-19

PR Daily

Media relations has become a pivotal part of communications during COVID-19. So how can we ensure that the information we are putting out there rises above the noise on social media and provides real value to readers and our audience? Are they actively writing at the moment?

4 ways OKCupid handles media relations during COVID-19

PR Daily

Finding stories in your data can lead to big earned media wins. Those numbers—along with the stories behind them—can create an attractive story for a journalist, netting your organization media coverage despite headlines being dominated by COVID-19 news and information.

Earned Media vs. Media Relations [PR Tech Sum]

Sword and the Script

Summary of monthly PR tech news: Critical Mention adds a media database; Talkwalker acquires Nielson Social; Watch out for fine print in media monitoring contracts As a term, earned media made a big splash in search trends in late 2004 or early 2005…and then interest waned.

4 ways to maintain your media relations skills

PR Daily

Here are some ways to grow your media relations skillset and start earning more coverage. The same idea is true in media relations. To remain at the top of your game, it’s important to be flexible enough to identify and adjust to every media relations opportunity that presents itself. Here are four ways to “stretch” your own media relations muscles: 1. Study your media. Meet with members of the media. Engage on social media.

Media Relations Dos And Don’ts For Holiday PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Tying media relations activities to key calendar milestones is a time-honored PR tactic, because it works. From Labor Day to New Year’s Eve, fall holidays probably offer the best occasions for media coverage, but the approach needs to be relevant, respectful, and creative. Dos and don’ts for holiday media pitching. Commercializing a serious holiday should be avoided, and it pays to consider the current news environment when planning a specific media pitch.

Media Relations in 2020


A couple of decades ago, the word “media” had a much more limited meaning than it possesses today. A couple of decades ago, media relations meant keeping in touch on a regular basis with the assignment editor of the local TV station and the city editor of the newspaper. In today’s world of social media, media relations is so much broader. And then there are special groups on various social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Making Media Relations Connections

Shift Communications

As an AE who’s day-to-day consists of securing media coverage and building relationships with reporters, sitting 10 feet away from these “celebrities” reminded me that they are just like everyone else! Here are some ways how to build great media relations with relevant press: Check out Recent Coverage. Doing so can help us ensure we picked the right target from our media list and that our pitches are tweaked to address their specific interests.

Media Relations Shrinks as a Public Relations Service; Cliff Notes to 3 Industry Reports

Sword and the Script

Studies find media relations isn’t the top PR service anymore; PR weakness on technical skills; execs are key to shaping corporate social positions Several interesting reports on the PR industry were published earlier in 2020 but got lost in the blur that unfolded since.

How to Write a Pitch That Will Actually Get Read

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

This means that a public relations team’s challenge is to create a winning pitch that stands out. It’s also helpful to reference a recent article or a social media post by the reporter if it’s relevant.

How to explain media relations value to clients

PR Daily

Media relations is a crucial component of the PR pro’s role. Coupled with all the other communications tools at your disposal, from social media to advertising, the right media placement can create the magic recipe for a content strategy. “At At its core, a media placement’s innate value is that it gives credibility to the subject that is being written or talked about,” says Judy Lee, vice president of media relations at Mitchell Communications Group. “In

Media relations is thriving

Stephen Waddington

Media relations remains an important part of the execution of a public relations campaign alongside paid, shared and owned media. Much of the modern public relations business grew up out of media relations and publicity, rooted in storytelling and editorial engagement. The value of earned media lies in independent editorial published at scale. It’s plain daft to deny the role that media relations play within public relations.

Bob Woodward: PR and media relations should go old school

PR Daily

The tools we use to analyze information, such as digital and social media, have evolved, but powerful figures, including President Richard Nixon, have long attacked the press and other revered institutions. “A RELATED: What does the future of communications look like? Woodward also offered thoughts about our new media climate. Self-importance can undermine your message, whether you write for a newspaper or for a major corporation. “We Media Relations PR PR Industry

Be Relevant: 21 Media Relations Insights From 3 Surveys Polling 3,000+ Journalists [UML]

Sword and the Script

Of all the media relations insights the best one is this: be relevant. The vast majority of media relations hinges on relevancy. The UML is an occasion roundup of three related ideas that have been vetted, wrapped in insight, and presented here for your perusal. >>>

Survey 116

7 deadly media relations sins

PR Daily

Though the two communication-industry professions are often seen at odds with one another, potential rifts are made bigger by common, yet deadly, media relations sins. Falls Festival organisers didn’t give media site access & then criticised the media for getting story details wrong?! You will also profoundly annoy reporters by telling them how to write or edit their articles. Free guide: 10 ways to improve your writing today.

Blogger Outreach Versus Media Relations: What Marketers Need To Know


While independent bloggers often have lower audience reach than legacy media, their communities are typically more involved. Given the significance of blogs in the online media landscape, brand marketers simply can’t afford to ignore them. The media outlet pays the journalists. Legacy media professionals (editors, reporters, columnists, etc.) Journalists have editors overseeing their work, correcting their typos or awkward language and often writing their headlines.

A common sense approach to media relations

HMA Public Relations

In addition to being a part of the HMA team for 15 years, over the past decade I’ve made a hobby of freelance writing. The post A common sense approach to media relations appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Media Relations clips Common Sense Google mediaWhile it […].

Why and how you should keep working on media relations

PR Daily

Is there still value in cultivating media relations? Given the rise of social media and digital marketing—combined with the demise of newspapers, massive staff cuts at traditional media outlets and the repeated bashing of journalism—some have proclaimed the “death of media relations.”. Not so, savvy PR veterans say, asserting instead that media relations has evolved. Social media networking. Owned media.

Multimedia: The Future of Media Relations Blog

Despite the disastrous demise of newspapers, PR pros can still achieve stellar media placements by offering multimedia content. Multimedia content also helps busy reporters and editors quickly understand media pitches and content, increasing chances of obtaining media coverage.

How Should You Change Your Media Relations Approach in the New Journalism Landscape?


In 2020, there are fewer media outlets than ever and seemingly higher standards for stories, so it isn’t a secret that getting media coverage was already becoming more difficult before the pandemic. PR Training journalism Media Relations Media Training reporters

This is How the Sorry State of Media Relations Ends

Sword and the Script

The Sorry State of Media Relations. Mr. Pearlstein is a long-time reporter and editor turned professor says he was looking to write about “well-run company.” He found Clorox appealing because it has won some awards recently and he was “intrigued by the challenge of writing about a company in a ‘boring’ industry like consumer-packaged goods rather than tech or finance.”. How to Generate Media Referenceable B2B Customers with a Blog.

How to Use Twitter in Media Relations

The Proactive Report

The Internet has changed the way we connect and communicate – not just with one another, but also with the media. Writing a press release and posting it on the wire doesn’t get your media coverage anymore. Journalists are very active in social media and Twitter in particular. This is a marvelous opportunity to connect with them online and discover what they’re writing about or looking for. Monitoring Media Lists.

9 steps to improve your PR writing

PR Daily

Much has changed about the PR industry, but writing still remains an essential tool for communicators. Writing remains one of the basic skills of every successful PR officer. While it is true that media relations have to go beyond simple press releases , this feature still represents a cornerstone of the PR role. According to the report, over 90 percent of journalists and influencers still prefer email pitches as the source of business-related information.

6 ways to solidify your media relations

PR Daily

How can we improve media relations? Read what they write—not just posted pieces, but their social media feeds and personal blog, as well. They will try the product we’re bragging about, vet the experts we’re offering (or seek their own), research the CEO’s background and look at the company’s social media reviews. RELATED: Join us at Microsoft, and learn tactics and strategies to conquer all your biggest communications challenges. ].

Earned Media: 3 PR Studies Quantifying the Impact of Media Relations on Sales [UML]

Sword and the Script

On the other hand, measuring some PR activities, like earned media , is far more challenging than other forms of marketing and communications. 1) Earned media is sales enablement. A tech PR firm recently published a study that showed promising effects media relations can have on the sales cycle for B2B marketing organizations. Here are some of the statistics that stood out for me: Web traffic originating from media coverage outperforms other sources.

Study 131

5 tips for summer media relations success

PR Daily

With many reporters on vacation, your media outreach can take even longer than usual—especially with July Fourth around the corner. RELATED: Think like a journalist to get your story covered at our PR Writing Conference. If you’re making a tech-related announcement, for example, give yourself time it so it doesn’t coincide with a holiday. If your news involves a holiday-related trend, deliver your pitch a week or two before the holiday. Garrett Public Relations.

Are the days of media relations coming to an end?

PR Daily

The sorry state of media relations. Mr. Pearlstein, a long-time reporter and editor turned professor, says he was looking to write about a “well-run company.” He found Clorox appealing because it had won some awards recently, and he was “intrigued by the challenge of writing about a company in a ‘boring’ industry like consumer-packaged goods rather than tech or finance.”. Media relations ends; content marketing begins.

The Importance of Empathy in Media Relations


I thought a lot about “leveraging” my media lists or my relationships with journalists to convince them to cover my story ideas. You don’t just learn a template for writing a good pitch email. I think the best kind of media relations, and the most effective kind of media relations (long term), is the kind where you actually explain everything you’re doing out loud, right to your media contacts, and they keep coming back for more.

10 dating techniques to improve your media relations

PR Daily

There is a common misconception among business owners that media relations means writing a news release and sending it to 1,000 journalists, and suddenly they're all writing about you. It takes a lot of time and energy to conduct media relations well. RELATED: Understand newsjacking and learn how to make it work for your content when you download this free guide. ]. If you think about media relations like dating, you'll have better luck.

How you can use cyberstalking to bolster your media relations

PR Daily

From the pointlessness of discovering what that loser ex-boyfriend is doing these days to the slyness of tracking a competitor’s every move, no one outmaneuvers you in finding information on social media channels. It’s time to put that evil superpower to good media relations use. We asked a few industry experts to explain how cyberstalking can generate sterling media coverage for your clients: Step One: Compile, then whittle your media list.

15 Steps To Successful Press Release Writing

Landis PR

A public relations professional’s bread and butter. Every public relations practitioner has experience writing press releases, but how many fall into the trap of being a bit too formulaic? In public relations, our number one goal is to earn coverage for our clients.

How to write a better résumé

PR Daily

RELATED: Our Communicators of the Year and Rising Star Awards will showcase the best individual communicators and teams. ]. Provide links to relevant social media profiles, online portfolios and websites that showcase your talents. The post How to write a better résumé appeared first on PR Daily. Marketing Media Relations Writing & EditingUse a readable font, remove irrelevant jobs from high school, and delete all that mindless jargon.

What AirPods and FAA Regulations Have to Do With Media Relations


I’m writing this on a plane to North Carolina. Your messaging could be right next to them, but they’ll never notice it unless you identify and target the third parties they are already engaged with, whether those are traditional media or somebody else’s “owned” content. Get some of your content picked up by the media outlets they subscribe to. Neither will earning coverage in the same media outlets you always have. PR Training digital media Media Relations Pitching

Media Relations: Proven Ways to Get More Out of It

Sword and the Script

My media relations and outreach efforts had secured an interview with CNBC for a technology client and the reporter had flown in to conduct it in person. Proven to get More Out of Media Relations. That was the outcome good media relations pitching earned. A PR pro that takes copious notes can easily take what was not reported and transform it into blog posts, contributed article, or even a different media pitch. Pitch media upstream.

How to write blogs humans want to read

PR Daily

Just start writing (or recording). The first thing you want to do is sit down and write. If you have a topic in mind, just write (or record, depending on your format). It can be overwhelming to think about everything that comes after the writing part. Write in active voice. We all tend to write in passive voice. It’s because we write like we speak. If you need help with active versus passive, the Purdue Online Writing Lab can help.

What online matchmaking and media relations have in common

PR Daily

He was talking about his “approach” to communication on OkCupid and my PR mind couldn’t help but make parallels between the approach one takes to online dating and the approach for media relations. How does that relate back to media relations? One of first things a PR practitioner should consider is what media goal to set for your client. Try relating back to something they just wrote and get the conversation going that way.

Tried and True Media Relations Best Practices [UML]

Sword and the Script

It’s one of my media relations best practices, which is the theme for this week’s Unscripted Marketing links. In fact, he writes that “Steve Jobs read and personally approved every press release.” Don’t dilute your social media accounts with off-subject messaging. Writing for the SHIFT Communications blog , Amanda Munroe calls out one of the most significant trends in media relations – fewer reporters with broader beats.