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In this time of new normal, “virtual” seems to be in our everyday language and learning how to do virtual interviews is crucial if you want to start or continue to be a media expert in your field. Interviewing virtually is different than in person. your interview).

Thinking Critically with Robyn Stevens

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Building a brand community and/or family on social media is now just as important as obtaining an interview in national magazine. Interviews Crisis Management Earned Media Facebook Influencer Marketing Instagram LinkedIn Media Relations Online Television Twitter YouTube


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Will Television Follow Newspapers’ Fate?

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One of the bigger questions that emerged from last week’s Business Insider Ignition conference revolved around whether traditional television will endure the same pain as the newspaper industry has. ” “YouTube’s ad revenue is almost as big as CBS’s ad revenue.” The post Will Television Follow Newspapers’ Fate?

Going Viral Is Not a Video Strategy

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So you post the clip on your company’s new YouTube page. Every minute, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Television networks and movie studios spend millions trying to pull audiences in and they still miss the mark all the time. Take a look at successful YouTubers and Instagram influencers and you’ll notice one thing very fast: They post a lot of content on a regular schedule. Content Marketing video YouTube

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Timeless writing lessons from ‘Sesame Street’

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A 2010 interview with the head writer, Joseph Mazzarino, explains: “There’s no better way for the child to get the concepts we’re giving them than when they’re sitting down with their parents, watching.”.

How to Get Invited Back as a Guest Expert on TV

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You only get one first time at a television station. Every single interview I have done on television I have come early, prepared, and did a great segment for them. It’s very easy to become friends with the people there and that relationship goes a long way in your future career as a guest expert on television. How do you get that first appearance on television? If you're on national television, you'll have the benefit of hair and makeup, which is amazing!

Why and how to use IGTV for content marketing

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IGTV incorporates familiar elements of traditional television, hence the name. As with YouTube, IGTV allows users to upload videos to their own “channel,” where viewers can watch, “like,” comment, and even send videos directly to friends. In short, it gives users one more reason to stick around Instagram, instead of hopping to another social media platform, such as YouTube, to satisfy their hunger for binge-worthy video content.

#Leaders Listen Up: #Millennials Share what Gets their Attention on Social Media

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According to MerchDope , in June of 2019, there were approximately 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. At the same time, people are still watching network and cable television, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. I’ve been speaking with Millennials for the last six months, conducting one-on-one interviews as a part of my FEEL First before you communicate , Millennial passion project. Social media continues to capture time and attention.

Going social saves the Daytime Emmys

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The Daytime Emmy Awards —the annual celebration of television soap operas, morning news programs, afternoon talk shows, and game shows—has been on the ropes. For 2014, the awards didn’t even have a television contract. Thanks to the efforts of MWW —tasked by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to revive the flagging franchise—the awards program succeeded in an online-only format to such a large degree that a TV contract was secured for 2015.

Why and how to use IGTV for content marketing

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IGTV incorporates familiar elements of traditional television, hence the name. As with YouTube, IGTV allows users to upload videos to their own “channel,” where viewers can watch, “like,” comment, and even send videos directly to friends. In short, it gives users one more reason to stick around Instagram, instead of hopping to another social media platform, such as YouTube, to satisfy their hunger for binge-worthy video content.

10 techniques for using IGTV in marketing and PR

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People started calling it the vertical version of YouTube. You can use the opportunity to answer audience questions, review products or interview experts in your industry.

Closing the loop with your media coverage


Did you keep a copy of the news article, or had you already told your connections in advance to watch the television to catch your seven seconds of fame? If you’re the guest at a radio studio, take a photo of yourself behind the mic or with the interviewer. If you’re being interviewed for television, take an image of the camera setting up, and let your stakeholders know you’re working on something which will go to air soon.

PR Secrets For Scoring Great Media Coverage

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

One thing that makes for an excellent PR partnership is the organization’s willingness to share raw information that can be translated into media interviews and stories. For example, a hot topic of late in the ad/tech world is the ire of major advertisers placed next to hate speech on YouTube and other sites. MediaRadar, which tracks advertising across the web, unearthed data showing that YouTube had lost 5% of its advertisers in the wake of the discovery.

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Top PR Takeaways For The Year

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YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of total internet users. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. television networks have created in 30 years. And, just for fun, this interview with Dawn Ostroff, the president of Condé Nast Entertainment, offers cool insights as to how the formidable print company has morphed into a digital media company.

5 Tips to Effectively Engage Generation Zers


In interviewing Gen Zers, ages 13-22, nationwide for my book, “Decoding Gen Z: 101 Lessons Generation Z Will Teach Corporate America, Marketers & Media,” I detail six degrees of Gen Z which reinforce the comment of the MTV chief marketer. They do not read newspapers and magazines or watch traditional television. Instead, they are gravitating to Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram to consume media. Move over newspapers, magazines and television.

A venerated communicator shares hard-won wisdom from a remarkable career

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Make good use of free editing software, too, and take time to gain skills from YouTube tutorials. Do you have the skills to produce an interstate video television interview for your CEO with video B-roll?

Lockdown letter: humanising business and media

Stephen Waddington

Was it really only three years ago that Professor Robert Kelly, an associate professor in political science at Pusan National University, became an internet sensation when his children walked into his study during a live BBC news interview?

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Why Harry and Meghan might be the next Bill and Melinda Gates

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Looking at the headlines after last night’s interview, Meghan and Harry are currently the most famous couple on the planet right now,” says James Herring, CEO of branding consultancy Taylor Herring, whose clients have included the BBC and Disney. The production deals Netflix is signing with the Sussexes, the Clintons and the Obamas are far more significant that people realise,” explains Ed Waller, managing editor of the television industry bible C21.

Why Nadiya Hussain’s Great British Baking Show Win Was So Emotional

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” The crux of her speech, to which you can listen on YouTube, was that no longer would she set boundaries around what she could accomplish. This reflected a new attitude towards her mental health issues which she opened about further as she appeared more and more in interviews. She has gone on to become the most famous and successful GBBS winner to date, thanks to her many television appearances and prolific output of cookbooks, children’s books, and novels.

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Corbyn and the PewDiePie effect

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On his Youtube channel Kjellberg posts videos of himself playing games to a background commentary of signature screeches and jokes that make Jackass look like commedia dell’arte. Kjellberg has been courted by broadcasters but, as is pointed out in an interview, television would be “just another promotional channel for his online work.” The vulnerability of this model is that it depends on the continued accumulation of new fans in an increasingly crowded Youtube space.

4 ways PR pros can take advantage of TV appearances

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Getting on television isn’t a public relations tool reserved for big companies and celebrities. The great majority of PR work related to a television appearance actually takes place after the interview is done,” says. Before the segment or interview airs, share the news that you will be on the news. If it’s already on the station’s site, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo as well.

9 Content Snacks from the Story of Content Marketing

Sword and the Script

It does so through a who’s who list of interviews and case studies from brands big and small. Blendtech is another example, where an engineering company that initially didn’t believe in marketing, started a series of 145 “Will it Blend” YouTube videos that have earned a half-billion views. The best way to excel at content marketing is to “be the story.” ” That’s according to the new documentary by the Content Marketing Institute : The Story of Content.

London Fashion Week goes digital and gender-neutral, business leaders weigh recession, and Getty Mueum’s Animal Crossing strategy

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In an era of low-budget Zoom television performances from stars’ living rooms, leave it to Prince to bring a fully staged spectacle into America’s living rooms. “It’s He pulled it off again: Being the biggest thing on national television when nobody else can get on.

Can PR pros capitalize on the podcasting craze?

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If you have a client who wants to get in front of hundreds of thousands of successful business owners, then the SharkPrenuer podcast, hosted by Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, would be a great place to book an interview. At 60,000 and growing, there are sure to be quite a few podcasts that are just right for your client, and it’s easier to book your client on a top-rated podcast than on a top-rated network television show. There are no easy wins in PR.

9 Twitter users who PR pros and marketers should follow

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Some of them are making millions from posting pictures online and uploading vlogs to YouTube, and others are using social media as a major strategy to scaling venture-backed startups. His videos, which originally were posted on Vine and now span over Instagram, YouTube, Musically and other platforms, have gained over 4 billion views combined.

Twitter and Snapchat embrace video content with partnerships and ads

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a Formula 1 deal: The @f1 account will stream a live post-race show (sorry, no live races) with both key interviews and panel discussions with luminaries like Nico Rosberg. Based on early reactions, the move is a smart business decision for the platform, which has been struggling to keep up with competitors Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. television advertising budget. Its increasing efforts to create shows with online influencers may also chip away at YouTube's.

The Top 50 #GoldenGlobes Social Influencers on Twitter


American television host and actor. Television Critic for The Hollywood Reporter. “I Child of television. YouTube archaeologist. Celebrity Interviewer, Style Expert, TV Host/Producer. What a night! Leo took home the award for best actor, Rocky got a standing ovation, Taraji P. Henson celebrated her win with cookies and social personalities tweeted with a fury. We created the Top 50 #GoldenGlobes Social Influencers list using Cision’s Influencer Search.

9 PR lessons from ‘Best Picture’ Oscar nominees

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That way, you can appropriately prepare a spokesperson going into that interview and they won’t be blindsided by any unexpected questions or topics. In PR, if you have a strong message, you can similarly adapt it in order to reach audiences through a variety of channels—whether it’s through a blog post, YouTube video or other means. From creating original content for a guest post to field producing a live television segment, PR pros should be prepared to perform a variety of roles.

4 reasons why your video failed—and how to fix it next time

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The person you were interviewing was funny and thought-provoking and even got a little emotional on camera. In television, we look at the first seven minutes. YouTube is full of how-to tutorials for better production value from people like Peter McKinnon. The actual video , with a snappy headline and text description, captioned within YouTube or Facebook’s captioning function, all search-optimized, right down to the file name. .

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On becoming a PRIA Fellow


Tinkering’ with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in the early days of corporate social media, and placing South Australia onto those channels; teaching myself about social media platforms and learning from others in Adelaide via a Twitter meet-up network called SocAdl. Operating from a laptop on my dining table, eventually landing media gigs as a social media commentator including a weekly spot on ABC radio (for two years) and regular television appearances.

Public Relations Tips: Grow to New Heights Fast in 2020

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Television and radio’s quick ads made it fall from favor for a few decades. Giving an interview about how you won the town’s barbecue competition. When the podcast or interview is published, you get free publicity.

Why public relations must wake up to wearables

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This year—partly thanks to the refrigerators that sent out their own spam emails, television sets sending unauthorised data into the cloud and smart LED bulbs leaking passwords as well as light—the conversation around wearable and connected devices has gained some traction. They hadn’t heard of YouTube, still had to use a dial-up connection to get their emails and thought the idea of a smartphone both improbable and laughable.

Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


From creating an online course to video marketing, webinar recording, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, new content creation (including eBooks, guides and cheat sheets) and email marketing, Amy is going to reveal what works (and what doesn’t) once and for all. Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner helps your business navigate the social jungle with success stories and expert interviews from leading social media marketing pros.