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They think of their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram as an extension of their very dry, very corporate website, or they view it like a magical chute they drop very boring, heavily branded things down, and consider the job done. What #ContentMarketers Can Learn from Hamburger Helper’s Viral Mix Tape #WatchTheStove Click To Tweet. IR/PR content marketing creative PR going viral hamberger helper's mix tape[By Karen Geier].

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Go Viral in 2020 with Real-Time Media Monitoring

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Stay a step ahead of your competitors in the new year by using lightning-fast media monitoring to go viral. . The post Go Viral in 2020 with Real-Time Media Monitoring appeared first on Critical Mention - Media Monitoring. Media Monitoring Content Marketing Corporate Communications Earned Media Facebook Influencer Marketing Instagram LinkedIn Marketing Media Relations Online News Monitoring Radio Television Twitter YouTube

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4 lessons from @justaconstructionguy campaign’s viral success

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View this post on Instagram. The account then went viral—but users quickly realized that @justaconstructionguy wasn’t a normal account. Buzzfeed reported : The false tweet and narrative about Omar and his Instagram account was then shared across multiple platforms and websites over the past few days, which accounted for much of the account’s huge growth. View this post on Instagram. View this post on Instagram. Instagram?

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How the #CharlieChallenge became a viral phenomenon

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million tweets in the last few weeks of May, and no sign of slowing, the hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge has become a viral sensation. has been tracking how the hashtag went viral on Twitter and on Instagram, spawning Charlie Charlie Challenge accounts like this. The hashtag has experienced viral growth primarily on Twitter and Vine, as teens worldwide take the Charlie "Challenge" and share their results. Instagram and Vine opportunities.

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Going Viral Is Not a Video Strategy

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Unfortunately, hoping to go viral is not a video strategy. Take a look at successful YouTubers and Instagram influencers and you’ll notice one thing very fast: They post a lot of content on a regular schedule. Paid distribution on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms ensures your content will be seen by the right audience. When you’re planning your video strategy, avoid the temptation to rely on the false promise of viral success.

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Viral Math for Loop Designers

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Going from 1,000 views (1 st cycle) to 1,100 new views (2 nd cycle) equals a viral coefficient of 1,1. And anything above 1,0 = viral, wohoo! you get 1,210 (1,100 x viral coefficient) additional views after the 3 rd cycle! Well, look at your cat video now, mighty Viral Loop Designer ! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s examine the inner workings of viral math: Typical Viral Loop Weaknesses. Still hungry for viral success?

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Viral Loops (and the Math Behind Them)

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Let’s do some viral loop math! Going from 1,000 views (1 st cycle) to 1,100 new views (2 nd cycle) equals a viral coefficient of 1,1. And anything above 1,0 = viral, wohoo! you get 1,210 (1,100 x viral coefficient) additional views after the 3 rd cycle! Well, look at your cat video now, mighty Viral Loop Designer ! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s examine the inner workings of viral math: Typical Viral Loop Weaknesses.

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Chuck E. Cheese responds to rumors after viral video

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Cheese was recently sent scrambling after an old urban myth went viral online. View this post on Instagram. The viral rumor also shows that false information is still prevalent across social media platforms—something which YouTube is currently battling. But its virality shows how Dawson, one of the first YouTube stars to gain mainstream recognition, has of late been venturing into more treacherous territory.

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Viral Loops (and the Math Behind Them)

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Let’s do some viral loop math! Going from 1,000 views (1 st cycle) to 1,100 new views (2 nd cycle) equals a viral coefficient of 1,1. And anything above 1,0 = viral, wohoo! you get 1,210 (1,100 x viral coefficient) additional views after the 3 rd cycle! Well, look at your cat video now, mighty Viral Loop Designer ! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s examine the inner workings of viral math: Typical Viral Loop Weaknesses.

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3 PR and marketing alternatives to ‘going viral’

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I first started practicing PR over a decade ago, when clients thought that “going viral” meant getting their product on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”. I barely had time to breathe a sigh of relief and think, “Maybe clients will want to diversify their media goals now” before affordable digital cameras made enabled the masses to create videos with the sole purpose of going viral. We want to go viral!" (If

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Facebook’s 'Riff' app comes pre-packaged with viral recipe

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If we’re learning anything about Hyperlapse (an app that enables users to capture and share time-lapse videos on Instagram), Layout (which lets users make photo collages for Instagram) and other Facebook Creative Labs offerings, it’s that video is becoming a greater priority and the social network can pump out new offerings pretty quickly. Facebook is expanding its mobile app suite, this time with the intriguing video-sharing app called Riff.

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How the Art & Culture app went from dormant to viral: 4 lessons

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Although Google launched the app in 2016, it hadn’t received much traction until a portrait feature was added, proving that the human face and social media are potent ingredients for any organization hoping to go viral. The selfie was extremely popular on Instagram: Got a little artsy?? Here are four lessons for brand managers looking to replicate the Google app’s viral success: 1. Would the app have gone viral matching images of your household furniture?

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TikTok’s growth spurt, Halloween-themed social media posts, and rivals stoking a viral YouTube fundraiser

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Considering that 66% of TikTok’s users are under 30, it’s an especially important social media platform to check out, alongside Instagram and Snapchat. The post TikTok’s growth spurt, Halloween-themed social media posts, and rivals stoking a viral YouTube fundraiser appeared first on PR Daily. Also: NCAA buckles on athlete earnings rule, recruiting employees with grant money, a #MeToo version of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside,’ and more.

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‘RIPTwitter’ goes viral after users learn of timeline redesign

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Twitter’s growth has stalled in favor of rival social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Twitter is having a tough time controlling its message. So much so, the brand’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, chimed in online to quell fears from hundreds of thousands of tweets. Rumors have been swirling for weeks that the struggling social platform would be moving from its traditional reverse-chronological ordered timeline to a more Facebook-style algorithm.

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Facebook considers removing ‘likes,’ Whataburger responds to viral rodent video, and Bugatti sets a record and then shifts gears

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The social media company has previewed this change on Instagram, but it hasn’t revealed the results of the trial nor made the new system live for Facebook users—yet. Facebook declined to share results from the Instagram Like hiding tests, its exact motives, or any schedule for starting testing. Related reading: As Instagram mulls concealing ‘likes,’ marketers must rethink their approaches. Facebook changes its metrics for posts; Instagram enlarges photos.

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Dillard’s apologizes after breastfeeding mom’s post goes viral

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RELATED: Attend the Big 5 social media boot camp, with presentations on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. To accommodate consumers, many department stores have established policies that permit women to breastfeed anywhere inside their establishments. Despite that, every couple of months there’s another story of a woman who is told she cannot breastfeed in one of these department stores.

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YouTube, Instagram increase filtering for user content

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Instagram is also trying to curb user behavior that crosses the line of decency for some users. Starting today, Instagram is making it harder to find such content. I think it's important for the community right now to be more aware," Instagram's Emily Cain told National Geographic. Though Instagram's gesture doesn't seem like it'll be much of a deterrent, Koenen believes that it will stop folks that don't mean harm and just don't know better. "If

Instagram overhauls analytics and business profiles

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Digital marketers love data—and will soon have more of it to track in their Instagram feeds. A spokesperson for Instagram said that although the function is being tested in some users’ feeds now, a platform-wide rollout “is coming to Instagram in a few months.”. To help brand managers increase their organizations’ presences and promote awareness, Instagram developers are testing three new profile features. Instagram is dubbing its analytics tool “Insights.”

3 viral video tips for PR pros: Lessons from AARP and Coca-Cola

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Register for PR Daily’s July 29 PR University webinar “Create Emmy-quality videos: Win audiences on Instagram, YouTube, Periscope and inside your organization. ” TJ Cooney (AARP Studios) and three-time Emmy winner Lisa Lubin will share advanced video production and distribution techniques in the July 29 University webinar, “Create Emmy-quality videos: Win audiences on Instagram, YouTube, Periscope and inside your organization

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Away blames CEO’s departure on ‘Twitter mob,’ Yamaha warns against ‘playing Ghosn,’ and Instagram cracks down on photoshopped images

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Social media users’ reactions can spread viral vitrol, forcing leaders and other individuals off social media as they recover. Instagram cracks down on photoshopped posts. Interesting seeing this pop up for the first time when scrolling the main Instagram feed.

3 lessons from Fiji’s Golden Globes win

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The company hired models to display its product on the red carpet, but a creative twist, dubbed #FijiWaterGirl, became a viral sensation. And even on a night full of big stars, sentimental speeches and viral moments, the only other hashtag that earned more impressions during the Globes than #FijiWaterGirl was the #GoldenGlobes hashtag itself. Here are three takeaways from the recent viral sensation: 1. View this post on Instagram.

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Victoria’s Secret CMO retires after transgender hire, Google employee memo goes viral, and Coke stands firm on same-sex ads

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Good morning, PR pros: A Google employee’s memo is going viral within the company, racking up more than 10,000 views by fellow staffers since it was published last week. Times have changed, because Victoria’s Secret recently hired 22-year-old transgender model Valentina Sampaio: View this post on Instagram. How many hashtags is too many for your Instagram post?

Google employees to WFH until July 2021, Target to close for Thanksgiving, and social media channels remove viral video for misinformation

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Also: Many consumers won’t feel comfortable traveling for nearly another year, Instagram attempts to lure TikTok creators to its new service, a social media pun, and more. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter removed a viral video published by Breitbart News that shows a group from America’s Frontline Doctors making claims about COVID-19 in front of the U.S. The Instagram overtures to creators are the latest in a continuing back-and-forth between the two social-media giants.

5 ways to post Instagram content your followers love

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One of the platforms that I’ve found most effective for building a brand and getting your message out there is Instagram. Instagram Has Finally Made Toggling Between Accounts a Thing. Chavez says, “I’ve spent five to eight hours a day for the past two years on Instagram and have learned a lot about what makes pages grow big and content go viral.”. Either way, make sure your Instagram account covers a subject that you can speak about passionately—or intelligently.

Marketers respond to #WorldRecordEgg with humor and pleas for attention

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As the viral Instagram post made waves online, many organizations hoped to capture a fraction of that attention. An egg carries the title for the most-liked post on Instagram, and social media marketers are scrambling to jump on the bandwagon. million Instagram “likes”: View this post on Instagram. Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. View this post on Instagram.

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Insights into impulse purchases, Twitter’s new reply filters, and ‘Royal Sussex’ Instagram bombshell rattles the Palace

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million “likes” on Instagram and dominated news headlines, reads in part: After many months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution.

Many fooled by Instagram hoax, Spicer joins ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and LinkedIn shares coveted skills

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Here are today’s top stories: Instagram privacy hoax hooks big fish. The hoax message announced that Instagram was changing its rules “tomorrow” and to stop the social media platform from using your content, you had to repost the notice. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry also shared it on Twitter and Instagram, but later deleted it. I think the most surprising thing about celebs falling for this isn’t that they don’t know how Instagram works (who does!)

4 Powerful Examples of Earned Media in 2020

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The roller skate industry saw a similar spike because of videos going viral of skaters on Twitter and other top social media sites. Media Monitoring Content Marketing Corporate Communications Crisis Management Earned Media Facebook Influencer Marketing Instagram LinkedIn Online Online News Monitoring Television Twitter YouTube

You Should Really be Using Instagram Stories in Your Marketing Mix

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Generally speaking, marketers tend to focus on high-quality images and videos, alongside posts that have the potential to go viral. The Stories feature implemented by social networks like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram represents a great communication channel for businesses, particularly suited to those which already post high-quality images and videos across their social media channels. Why is Instagram Stories Feature Important? Guest post by Alex Slichnyi.

Instagram fights bullies, Blue Bell’s viral mess, and the top reason consumers unfollow brands

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Here are today’s top stories: Instagram targets bullies with platform changes. Why it matters: You can use the Restrict tool to combat trolls targeting brand accounts and executives’ Instagram presences (if they have them). Related reading: Instagram offers feature to recover accounts from hackers. Infographic: How to feature your organization in Instagram Stories. 6 ways to tell better visual stories on Instagram. Blue Bell faces viral challenge meltdown.

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DoorDash lags on data breach disclosure, Instagram users seen declining, and the wealth-gap problem for communicators

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After Carson King’s sign for beer money went viral, the Iowa resident decided to continue raising money for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. According to a new report from Trust Insights and Talkwalker , industry experts expect user growth for platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Discord, but forecast downturns for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more. Is Instagram in danger of losing its coveted status as a top-flight social media platform?

Buzzfeed study challenges viral content myths

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PR pros are often told to abide by certain “rules” if they want to see their organization’s content go viral. A recent study from Fractl examines content from BuzzFeed —a vaunted platform for viral content—to determine which forces (supernatural or not) had the greatest influence on a post’s garnering of shares. “We Influential images and viral content. RELATED: Get the scoop on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram developments at Facebook headquarters.

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7 Lessons Every Marketer Can Learn From The CrossFit Instagram Crisis


and Pepsi’s “ Black Lives Matter’’ TV ad bungle with Kendall Jenner – it would be easy to miss one of the smaller yet most portentous PR crisis of this year: The CrossFit Gym Member-Shaming Instagram Fail. To sum up : the owner of a CrossFit Gym in North Carolina post ed sexualized images of his female customers ’ bodies on Instagram this past January , add ing degrading captions and emojis ridiculing their body parts.

Marketing as a Bona Fide Profit Center

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The “tastes” are not free, but the Instagram photos are priceless. Marketing marketing strategy viral marketing The party room rivals any I’ve seen in the local area. It comes with four slides, a handful of forts, some bridges, a climbing wall, several swings – and enough space for a whole bunch of kids and one heck of a birthday party. It’ll cost parents about $200 on to reserve the room for a birthday party on a weekend, though it’s less expensive on a weekday.

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Optimizing your op-ed, Instagram eyes TikTok-like videos, and Canada’s PM apologizes for ‘brownface’ photo

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After being left out of the viral tiff between Chick-fil-A and Popeyes over fried chicken sandwich offerings, KFC has now thrown its hat in the ring with a bona fide artery clogger. Instagram working on TikTok-like features. Social Media Today wrote : …this week, reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong has found that Instagram is once again replicating a competitor’s features, this time with TikTok in the firing line.

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Instagram offers ‘Product Launch’ stickers, Credit Suisse’s COO departs over spying scandal, and how communicators will use email in 2020

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What are the most-used emoji on Instagram? Instagram offers new ‘Product Launch’ sticker. Instagram will introduce new ways to help creators and brand managers share information about new products. Why you should care: As Instagram introduces tools and optimizes its offerings for a shopping experience, the platform will play an increasingly important part in the buyer’s journey. Related reading: Infographic: A guide to Instagram marketing.

J&J to pay $527M in opioid damages, Popeyes’ Twitter spat creates viral win, and KFC tests plant-based ‘chicken’

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Also: Facebook floats a messaging app to enhance Instagram, a peek inside Starbucks’ branding and design, and how opinions are changing among consumer demographics. Popeyes racks up media coverage and viral buzz. The fake food fight heaped kudos for Popeyes, but it went viral from there. Related reading: 4 lessons from @justaconstructionguy campaign’s viral success. 7 hints to help create viral content. 5 tricks to help your content go viral.

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Learn, test, and execute: How to teach new innovative tactics in social media

Karen Freberg

I am talking about the new trend we are seeing on Instagram Stories related to the random filter generators. We see these now everywhere after the one featuring Disney characters went viral. Best Wishes, #SMprofs instagram random filter social media assignment teaching social media

Barbie’s bid to close the ‘dream gap,’ the perils of commenting on Hong Kong, and viral whisky ‘Tide pod’ gets jeers

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Along with the hashtag #McRibSZN, McDonald’s launched an online McRib locator and offered 16 GIFs that Instagram users can place in their Instagram Stories: Mark your calendars, #McRib fans, because soon #McRibSZN will be back and saucier than ever! McDonald’s is hoping to replicate the success of Popeyes’ viral chicken sandwich. Also: Kroger and Walgreens stop selling e-cigarettes, what drives consumer purchases, McDonald’s offers a ‘McRib locator,’ and more.

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The NYT’s headline gaffe, Instagram and WhatsApp rebrand, and Tinder’s harassment lawsuit

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The Washington Post reported : About an hour after the headline went viral, the Times announced that it had amended its wording. Instagram and WhatsApp get rebranded with ‘from Facebook’. Internal reports suggest the name change comes as Facebook’s execs are dissatisfied with the credit it has received for expanding Instagram and WhatsApp. The post The NYT’s headline gaffe, Instagram and WhatsApp rebrand, and Tinder’s harassment lawsuit appeared first on PR Daily.