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How to create Instagram Reels

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The step-by-step guide to creating Instagram Reels for your company. Instagram Reels are one of the platform’s newest surfaces for brands to create content, attract new customers, and go viral. Instagram Reels are short video clips that emulate the layout of TikTok, a very popular social media platform.

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Social media updates: Instagram scraps square video, Facebook moves towards TikTok-style feeds & TikTok prioritises accessibility


Take a look at our round up below: Instagram changes it video layouts . Instagram is making a move on video, meaning that once the update is in place all videos will be uploaded as reels. Twitter has also been great for viral trends in July, from “They’re a 10 but…” to adopting the “Little Miss memes” in a simpler way.


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A brief guide to short-form video for brands


Instagram carousels lack the quick, “get to the point” advertising that so many want to see. followers, it’s in the same viral sphere as Duolingo. Instagram Reels After seeing TikTok’s massive success, Instagram launched a similar concept in August of 2020. The average consumer’s attention span is short.

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Did Zillow take advantage of its “viral moment” on SNL?

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A “viral” moment, to be clear. You’re telling me those wouldn’t generate a ton of engagement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? In case you missed it, Zillow had a moment last weekend. Because for about 24-48 hours, a lot more people were talking about Zillow. And, in a positive way (for the most part).

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Social media updates: Instagram extends audio function; Twitter undergoes blue tick chaos & TikTok releases more text-to-speech options


It’s been a turbulent few weeks for the world of social media, with Twitter taking the top spot for chaos… We’ve been awaiting the confirmation on Instagram’s native scheduling function (spoiler alert: it’s coming!). Instagram confirms native scheduling and expands audio function.

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Capture viral behavior with strange projects


They think of their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram as an extension of their very dry, very corporate website, or they view it like a magical chute they drop very boring, heavily branded things down, and consider the job done. What #ContentMarketers Can Learn from Hamburger Helper’s Viral Mix Tape #WatchTheStove Click To Tweet.

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The latest social media updates: LinkedIn changes it algorithm to tackle ‘engagement baiting’ and Instagram introduces a new story format


Instagram introduces a new story format. Throughout May, Instagram have started testing a new format on the home feed to prioritise video for mobile phone users. This appears to be moving closer to TikTok’s full screen format, which Instagram reels have already adopted. How effective is video on social media? .