Engaging employees during extraordinary times

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Learn how to preserve your workplace culture, keep stakeholders engaged in a time of crisis and craft messaging that inspires trust in leadership, all of which will make the difference in the months ahead. Customize your intranet so it caters to the needs of modern employee.

Astellas Pharma’s strong employee culture an antidote to the current crisis

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As vice president of communications for Astellas US, Moyra Knight’s team is helping to get the word out to employees, plus the patients, partners and other stakeholders, that Astellas is committed to their health and safety. The company’s vice president of U.S.

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Role of PR in Crisis Management

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With stories gaining traction rapidly, brands have found themselves dealing with widespread backlash due to failing to deliver on their promises, mistreating employees or delivering a faulty product to the market. The post Role of PR in Crisis Management appeared first on.

Chief empathy officers; Managing media requests; Employee burnout; and more

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Here’s a roundup of the week’s crisis communication news for communicators. Here are the top 10 tips and takeaways from the week ending April 10 taken from our Crisis Communications Daily newsletter. How should you prioritize media requests in the current crisis?

3 keys to keep employees focused while working from home

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In a July 2014 memo to employees, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated, “We are moving from a world where computing power was scarce to a place where it now is almost limitless, and where the true scarce commodity is increasingly human attention.”.

Addressing media inquiries when an employee has coronavirus

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Messages to clients, customers and employees should be clear and concise, showing you are in control and staying abreast of the hourly updates from health and government officials. Messaging should demonstrate compassion for hardships that clients and employees are facing.

Employee trust is changing during the COVID crisis—how communications can help

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The post Employee trust is changing during the COVID crisis—how communications can help appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. New research shows that more than a third of U.S.

How to engage employees with empathy around COVID-19

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Every organization must be ready to demonstrate how it is taking care of its workers during this crisis. Many have stepped up with liberal PTO policies, limited work hours, teleworking flexibility and employee relief funds. This crisis has flipped millions of lives upside down.

Instacart, Amazon employees strike over COVID-19, Macy’s furloughs employees, and Google thanks health care workers in video

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The video, which has been watched nearly six million times in less than two days, is accompanied by this message: As the world faces an unprecedented health crisis, we thank the entire healthcare community for sacrificing so much to save so many. Don’t treat your employees as commodities.

5 things business leaders need to be doing for their employees during the COVID-19 crisis

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In any case, employees have been sent into the isolation of their own homes and, with all the stress […]. The post 5 things business leaders need to be doing for their employees during the COVID-19 crisis appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations crisis

Return to work plans, HR risks to weigh, crisis lessons from Parenthood, and more

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Here’s a roundup of the week’s crisis communication news for communicators. Here are the top 10 tips and takeaways from the week ending May 1 taken from our Crisis Communications Daily newsletter. Address potential “people risk” in your crisis contingency plan.

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Report: How the COVID-19 crisis shines a spotlight on communications

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Many communicators say they are getting newfound respect in their organizations, but the crisis is also adding to heavy workloads and complicating workflows with remote collaboration. FREE GUIDE: 3 Proven Ways to Communicate with Employees During COVID-19 ].

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New Research Indicates a Positive Impact on Employee Engagement and Collaboration During COVID-19 Crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic has had positive outcomes on employee engagement and collaboration, but mixed results on productivity, according to a new study focused on internal communication by the Institute for Public Relations and Peppercomm. The importance of engaging employees.

Should your brand speak up during a global crisis?

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If you’re facing confusion around whether your brand has something to say in the midst of a global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. VIRTUAL EVENT: Keep employees informed, engaged and inspired ].

Crisis 168

10 ways to keep employees engaged and informed during COVID-19 disruptions

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Timely, thoughtful messaging can boost morale and make employees feel reassured, hopeful and uplifted. Right now, employees are weighed down by heavy questions such as: Am I going to get furloughed or laid off? How and when you should communicate with employees.

Shake Shack returns $10M loan, P&G embraces marketing during COVID-19, and grocery employees get asked to wear masks

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If this health crisis and the associated economic shock has taught us anything, it is that we are all in this together,” Garutti and Meyer wrote. Kroger, Walmart and Sam’s Club are asking employees to wear masks to stop the spread of COVID-19. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

How Phillips 66 uses its mobile app to keep employees informed and engaged

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While every organization has unique hurdles to overcome, all communicators share the need to keep employees informed and engaged through this ever-evolving crisis. Ragan: What strategies and tactics are you using to keep remote employees connected to each other?

How offering historical context helps in a crisis

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Your crisis communications should be able to lean on your past record. Context proves an organization’s resilience, its ability to navigate rough seas and manage through a crisis. VIRTUAL EVENT: Keep employees informed, engaged and inspired ].

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The next crisis: Why all consumer-facing businesses should prepare

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There are widespread public expectations that businesses of all types will take the necessary health and safety measures not only to protect their employees, but to also protect those who enter the establishments.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, employees have low trust in leadership to navigate through crisis

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Trust is in short supply these days, and there’s been no lack of skepticism during the COVID-19 crisis. employees say that their organization has trusted leaders and managers to navigate the crisis, while less […]. Public Relations crisis

Crisis Comms:  No one More Reliable than an Employee

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If there was an overlooked crisis comms story to bruising expose The New York Times published on Amazon , it was the impact Nick Ciubotariu’s rebuttal on LinkedIn had on the story. Given the opportunity, I believe most employees will act responsibly. by Frank Strong.

Why you should lead with values in COVID-19 crisis

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How can communicators protect reputations and preserve their stature amid the current health and economic crisis? RELATED: Stream our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference on March 31—without leaving your desk ]. Are you a company that puts employees first?

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How to stay afloat in the age of employee activism

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Employee activism has been rising for some time now. Every organization should undertake steps to quell an embarrassing employee demonstration of opposition to a company policy, decision or action. For years, companies have asked their employees to advocate on their behalf.

PR pros set the stage of the next phase of crisis response

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Engaging employees is crucial for long-term success, according to these communications leaders. Some in the PR industry see the world entering a new phase in its crisis response. We’re entering into a prolonged time when employees will feel weary, uncertain and more disconnected.”.

Crisis 164

66% of employees in the U.S. are working from home

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Just how many workers are working from home during the COVID-19 crisis? Only 17% of workers were remote five days a week before the crisis. The post 66% of employees in the U.S.

Why you should address the coronavirus with employees

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Even if companies don’t think they’re directly affected by coronavirus, the disease making national headlines is probably on their employees’ minds. Employees are a company’s No. Consider making travel optional if employees are uncomfortable.

Employee Evangelists: Your Secret Social PR Weapon in a Crisis

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Social media has redefined crisis response in three important ways: outlet options, messaging speed and employee engagement. Social media also has compressed the speed of information transfer from hours to minutes or even seconds as a crisis develops.

Employers and employees agree—there’s an upskilling crisis

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As work becomes increasingly digital and automated, this new environment obviously requires updated skills—yet both employers and employees alike detect a sizable skills deficit, according to new research from business and tech consultancy West Monroe Partners.

Younger employees don’t want to be regulated on social media

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When surveyed, almost half of employees between ages 18–35 said they did not want to be policed on political speech at work. Younger employees don’t want a social media policy when it comes to political speech in the workplace.

Amid COVID chaos, execs say employee engagement is up—but productivity is slipping

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The post Amid COVID chaos, execs say employee engagement is up—but productivity is slipping appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations crisis

Uber lays off 3,700 employees, Frontier Airlines’ social distancing fee provokes anger, and Kraft Heinz Canada offers ketchup puzzles

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The offering is a fun way to underline the brand while catering to the current crisis as people shelter in place. Here are today’s top stories: Uber lays off 3,700 employees. Dara’s note to employees: pic.twitter.com/6kxpstqhCc. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

APCO Worldwide’s Margery Kraus: ‘This crisis will expose what’s no longer relevant’

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That underlying philosophy has guided Kraus throughout her career as the founder and executive chairman of APCO Worldwide , a global advisory and advocacy communications consultancy with more than 800 employees based in more than 30 global markets.

Crisis 144

Zoom chief focuses on winning back trust, Hobby Lobby closes and furloughs most employees, and Apple makes COVID-19 face shields

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Good morning, communicators: Agency Berlin Cameron launched an effort to help small business owners struggling to stay afloat during the current crisis. How can you share your skills and expertise to help those struggling with their crisis responses? CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Build Tighter Emotional Bonds Now So You Emerge Stronger from the Crisis | Business Wire Blog

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One of the striking reactions to the crisis from many organisations has been to do nothing. In fact, an article in the Harvard Business Review shows that those who try to cut their way out of a crisis/recession perform worst after it.

How you take care of employees today crucial to future success

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When we come out on the other side of this pandemic, companies that have ensured their employees receive sufficient paid leave, bonuses or other support will be remembered favorably and those that don’t, won’t. It’s not just about protecting your employees.

The current crisis demands more external communication

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Often it is the difficult and brave decisions which come with the biggest reward—which means that external communication is a necessity during the COVID-19 crisis. VIRTUAL EVENT: Keep employees informed, engaged and inspired ].

Crisis 169

Twitter expands COVID-19 policies, Snap reports ad revenue growth, and Lowe’s highlights employees for the NFL Draft

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Also: Email is the preferred channel to communicate with employees during the pandemic, Wendy’s offers free nuggets, takeaways from the Ragan community, and more. Why it matters: Scams, false information and exaggerated claims are continuing to increase during the crisis.

Crisis Communications: 10 Steps for Building an Effective Plan


Social media has fundamentally changed how people communicate in times of crisis. This month, the Wall Street Journal outlined dozens of ways social sites and apps are being utilized during a crisis. Map out what is and isn’t a crisis, who needs to be alerted and who should respond.

How to balance PR and legal concerns in a crisis

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These crucial teams can find themselves at loggerheads, but their collaboration is essential for navigating through a crisis. Legal and public relations (PR) professionals often collaborate during times of crisis, making it crucial for the two to work in harmony when serving a client.

Crisis 143

Best Buy to furlough 51k employees, Carnival chief promises robust comeback, and Google reminds people to wash hands

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Here are today’s top stories: Best Buy to furlough 51,000 employees. The retail chain’s temporary layoffs will affect hourly store employees across the United States, with most of its part-time workers affected. Employees will keep their health care benefits for at least three months.