October, 2014

Living in the world where #EveryonesACritic


FUN FACT ALERT: Did you know over 80% of consumers today now consult online reviews before making a purchase? This may seem #captainobvious to you in today’s smartphone-saturated world, but there is more than meets the eye beyond the number … Continued.

3 Ways to Get the Response you Want

Ronn Torossian

You have worth. You have value. And best of all you have an incredible idea you KNOW is going to be a huge success. Guess what. So does everyone else where you are and doing what you are trying to do. I don’t write that to discourage you. Just the opposite, in fact. I [.].

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Announcing #50Shows: Giving Women a Platform and a Voice

PR Expanded

Being a woman in business and a mom juggling family responsibilities certainly has presented many great adventures and challenges. They say, “Balance, balance, balance.”

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Panic Attacks on the Air: Helping Clients (& Journalists) Through Them

Rock the Status Quo

“ Mom, come get me from school. I’m freaking out and nauseous. ” “ Mom, I can’t get out of the car. I JUST CAN’T DO THIS. I can’t breathe! I think I’m going to pass out! ” “ It’s happening again, Mom, I hate this!

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Fortune Magazine Bites the Hand that Curates

Flack's Revenge

A funny thing happened on the way to the LinkedIn forum. PR Week covered their CommsConnect event last week – what caught my attention was the headline: Fortune’s Lashinsky: Branded content is ‘propaganda’ I’ll say more about this in a moment.

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Medium: A Peek At The Blueprint Of Publishing’s Future


On June 25th, Medium announced the hiring of Steven Levy, longtime technology writer at Wired, to be the editor-in-chief of an unnamed technology site associated with their platform. Back in April 2013, Medium acquired Matter. The publisher has since become … Continued.

An Introduction to Google Primer

Ronn Torossian

In October, 2014, Google released its newest Apple iOS app, “Primer.” ” Here is a brief introduction to the app, and why rookie marketing professionals should use it. What is Google Primer? Google realized that not all first-time marketers know [.].

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#PRStudChat Halloween Special: Nightmares of a PR professional

PR Expanded

Guest Post by #PRStudChat Co-Founder Valerie Merahn Simon. On Tuesday, October 28th at 8:30 p.m.

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Start Collecting Those 2015 Editorial Calendars, PR Peeps

Rock the Status Quo

It’s officially fall! You know what that means? Guzzling uber-fattening pumpkin lattes at a thousand calories a pop, yes. Dusting off Halloween decorations, um hum. Doing the mad happy dance when Phoenix sidewalks don’t melt your shoes, oh, yeah. Loving it.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Punch up Your News without Using Hype

Flack's Revenge

You know the feeling; you’ve written a pretty good press release, or so you thought – but the client or internal sponsor kicks it back to you because it “lacks excitement.” ” It can be hard to understand or respond to such subjective criticism.

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My Tour of L.A.’s Emergency Operations Center – So Cool!

Melissa Agnes

Last week, while I was in L.A.

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Getting First Dibs on the Future of PR and Media


When a writer for Fast Company agrees to write a “first dibs” article for your company blog, it is all at once flattering (OMG! She’s gonna do that for lil’ ol’ us??), but also – ah hem – kind of … Continued. Industry Insights & Trends future of PR journalism media media relations PR PR measurement public relations Wendy Marx

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Contentious FedEx fight is a PR albatross

Ronn Torossian

FedEx is headed to court and they may win their case. However, Ronn Torossian believes that, in the court of public opinion , a win might be worse than a loss. When it comes down to it, most people don’t quibble about their shipping preference. For the average consumer, the difference [.].

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

The Importance of Building Brand Reputation in Today’s Social World

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Jason Mollica. We’ve seen in recent months, and even in the last few years, just how bad things can get for brands on social media. Remember CelebBoutique’s tweet about Aurora trending on Twitter ?

The Uber-Awesome, Not-So-Secret Weapon For Making Your CEO More Visible

Rock the Status Quo

Sometimes it’s not about actually HAVING a secret weapon – it’s about grabbing low-hanging fruit when your competitor’s aren’t. tweet this ) LinkedIn is a perfect example.

Tech PR in Asia: Myths and Misconceptions

Flack's Revenge

As a tech PR agency - one with clients that sell chips and components to mobile and CE device vendors – we are often asked about getting media coverage Asia. That’s because most of the related manufacturing is done in places like China, Korea and Taiwan.

How To Deal With Negative Online Reviews: 5 More Things to Consider

Melissa Agnes

By Whitney C. Gibson. Last month’s post discussed five considerations for businesses when dealing with negative online reviews. These five considerations were: Directly responding to reviews; The so-called “carrot and stick” approach; Lawsuits; Identifying anonymous posters; and.

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Nadella-gate: Men vs. Women? Allies Win The War


Shaking things up from time to time is always a good idea. To keep it fresh and funky, I’d like to kindly request your thoughts regarding this piece on my LinkedIn blog exploring the root of gender disparity in the workplace. In light of … Continued. Musings gender disparity gender inequality Grace Hopper microsoft Nadella Nadella-gate

What Beyoncé Can Teach Us About PR & Marketing

Shift Communications

Full Disclosure: Anyone who knows me has a 0% chance of being surprised that I’m writing this post. I am a proud member of the Church of Beyoncé, so I may or may not be slightly biased. Photo credit: iam.beyonce.com. Beyoncé is doing something right.

PRSA Expert Express Talk : PR Expanded ( Global, Disruptive Tech, Big Data )

PR Expanded

So mehow, trends, topics and making connections in social media ( PR Expanded ) sounds like it would take a lot more than 20 minutes to explain.

Well, Ello, Guvna – Is There a New Kid in Town?

Rock the Status Quo

New social media platform Ello is touted as an “anonymous Facebook with no ads.” ” Popping up in the limelight where thousands of other wanna-be in the majors platforms have failed, is it something to rave about, or do they just have a great PR team?

Confessions of A Foreign PR Student

Flack's Revenge

By Carmen Ren. We all know that in order to communicate effectively, PR practitioners need to understand the public well. In the multi-cultural context, this can be several times more challenging. (To To me, it is also fascinating!)

TCIP #020 – Managing The Ebola Crisis With Bill Boyd

Melissa Agnes

Welcome to episode #020 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Bill Boyd. As the Ebola crisis continues to make waves in the United States and around the world, the CDC, government, hospitals and countless others are being looked to to lead the public through this epidemic.

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Study: Effective Content Marketing Has One Element

Sword and the Script

Walk with me for a moment – to about 30 years ago. The setting is the 1980s sitcom Growing Pains and Mike Seaver’s teacher had found – after the conclusion of an exam – that Mike had written out answers to the test on the bottom of his sneaker.

Finding Your Own Work-Life Balance

Shift Communications

Not long ago, in a 1:1 meeting with a junior staffer, the subject of “work-life balance” came up. It’s an issue we are fiercely committed to always be tackling, so we ask questions about it a lot. In this particular conversation, the employee tried to call me out by keeping tabs on my own schedule.

Halloween On West 20th Street

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Just another day at the office for our founder Dorothy Crenshaw… We always knew he was a superhero! Creative meeting in DC’s office. We were very productive. And a fine spread for our Halloween festivities! The post Halloween On West 20th Street appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

Snack on This: Work/Life Balance

Rock the Status Quo

One of my favorite books this year was “ The One ” by Gary Keller. It puts forward the idea that work/life balance is a myth and that focus is the surprisingly simple truth behind achieving extraordinary results. I agree.

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NewCo Showcases NY Tech “In the Wild”

Flack's Revenge

I attended the NewCo New York kickoff event on Tuesday evening. It was a great opportunity to network with like-minded bloggers, journalists, marketers and entrepreneurs and hear from top tech influencers. As NewCo co-founder John Battelle (the search wonk and tech influencer who launched Industry Standard and co-founded the Web 2.0

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How To Meet the Demand for Real-Time Communication in a Crisis

Melissa Agnes

The growing demand for immediate and real-time communication and updates in a crisis can be overwhelming. This overwhelming pressure can lead to mistakes, or worse, unethical decisions. So how can you meet this demand while not compromising – but rather enhancing – your crisis management?

Super Original Thinking is Required to Topple Facebook

Sword and the Script

Market research, social engineering and a little bit of luck seemed to produce a spate of so-called “boy bands” in the late 1990s. It was a radical, if not unpalatable idea, that hit artists could be fabricated rather than discovered.

Healthy Socialization: What Can Social Media Offer Healthcare Organizations?

Shift Communications

When it comes to social media, the landscape today is more cluttered than a hoarder’s bedroom. Companies are faced with the challenge of standing out amongst the noise and finding new and authentic ways of connecting with their audiences.