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Click the button below to get an instant download of our media release template! Instant Download! For more great tips visit our website or download our free PR eBook [link]. Do you have an exciting announcement to make about your company?

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How To Create A Social Media Strategy Step By Step

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Digital Professional Ecosystem Builder #downloads #socialmedia #strategies #workbooks One of the most common questions I get is, how do you create a social media strategy?

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Social Media Strategy Template

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DOWNLOAD THE PDF social media template chart. Download the complete report on how to do a Social Media Strategy. Social Media Strategy social media strategy template

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A proper post is forthcoming, but be sure to download the long-awaited Top 10 Things to NEVER say to the Media. And be sure to tune in to The Rundown at 1:30 pm today. Richard Laermer and I will be talking with Luke "Under" Armour and answering your questions as well. More details here. We''re looking forward to talking with you! hint, hint

Landing Page Design: Rules of Thumb Your Boss Expects You to Know


A landing page is a webpage that encourages visitors to your site to download a digital offer (an eBook, tip sheet or white paper) or sign up for a free trial, a webinar or an e-newsletter—all in exchange for leaving their contact information.

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Jay Baer Asks [VIDEO]: Is Journalism About Building an Audience or Building a Community?


Now, this fascinating research from Cision, and really you should download the whole thing it’s terrific, underscores just how much the industry and the role of Journalism has changed. As I mentioned, you should take the time to download the whole report.

Free Issues Management Response Flow Chart (For Your Use)

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Here’s a preview (you can click the below image to download the.pdf version of this document): Remember! Download your copy of our issues management response flow chart. Download here: Issues Management Response Flow Chart by Agnes + Day.

Social Media Strategy Template

The Proactive Report

Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here. link]. In January 2014 almost three-quarters of all adults were active in social media, according to the Pew Research Center. 92% of marketers claim that social media marketing is important for their business.

Four Ways Technology Affects How Companies do PR

Ron Torossian

People download video games … READ MORE ». Technology impacts every area of our lives, especially in communication.

We Asked Today’s PR Influencers: What is #CreativePR?


The result, on average, is a 50% increase in the retweets, clicks on the landing page link, and, best of all, podcast downloads.”. This is post 1 of our 5-part #CreativePR blog series.

How I used SeeDepth to Improve PR Measurement


However, over time SeeDepth metrics revealed that the trend articles underperformed, while the company data articles were consistently the top performing pieces, and readers often visited the site directly from the articles in order to download gated thought leadership content. By Seedepth.

How New Journalistic Practices Are Influencing The News Release

Business Wire

They are available for journalists and other news consumers to download in a hi-res format.

Ten Awesome Free Digital PR eBooks to Put on Your iPad Tonight

Rock the Status Quo

Here are a few you can download to your iPad or smartphone tonight to read as time allows. Five Free eBooks (or Presentations) To Download Now Strengthen Your LinkedIn Skills: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn by… um… LinkedIn!

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Prepping your PR plans for 2016: What to look for, what to ignore


Aside from ways to integrate these tools into current strategies, you should be downloading these apps and learning how to use them. [By Jason Mollica]. Between now and Dec. 31, you will be inundated with emails, blogs, and podcasts advising you how to get ready for 2016.

Inbound PR vs. Traditional PR and Why Traditional PR Sucks


The software you choose to execute an Inbound PR Approach should tell you what they downloaded or embedded and when. That way, the phone call or email you make to them would go something like this: Hi John, I saw you downloaded our video of the new CEO shaking hands with his new employees! Since you only downloaded a couple hours ago, this is still a fresh story. Ok, maybe it doesn’t suck. But definitely ageing. Anyways… “Inbound?”

Book Review: Stand Out by Dorie Clark

PR Expanded

You can listen to my video review and then pick up / download a copy for yourself. In the spirit of learning, and reinventing yourself to find what’s next in your career and in your life, here’s a book that takes reinvention and the big idea to a whole new level.

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Social Media Strategy Template

The Proactive Report

Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here.

6 of the best online monitoring tools for PR right now

The Resolution Blog

Google News Downloader. Can download to CSV. You can download you mentions to a CSV file. You’ve worked hard to get that story out there, now you need to collate the coverage to show off to your client. But where do you start?

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Infographic: What’s the State of the Media in 2016?


For a taste of what’s in the report, check out our infographic below or download the 2016 version for free now!

Top 5 Books About PR You Should Read


I know it is tough to find time to pick up a book, or more likely download an eBook to your tablet, but it is important to take the time to expand what you know about the practice of PR.

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PR Measurement: How to Track Inbound Traffic from a Press Release

Business Wire

Are your news release readers downloading your promoted content? By Serena Ehrlich, Business Wire, Director of Social and Evolving Media What good is a news release if you can’t track the results?

Social Media Cheat Sheet for Image Sizes

Rock the Status Quo

Download a PDF of my Social Media Cheat Sheet here) Similar Posts You Might Like: Using Facebook Timeline – New Image Sizes Want Agency or Career Growth in 2014? I don’t know about you, but I’m always having to Google the size of images for various social media platforms.

The How and Why of PR Attribution


But with PR attribution, you can see how your efforts affect goals and metrics aligned with the lower part of the funnel, such as whether those articles prompt downloads, convert leads into customers, and so forth.

5 ways to translate your storytelling to PR

PR Daily

RELATED: Free download: 10 punctuation essentials. The world’s best communications pros are also some the best storytellers. They can translate a brand’s message into engaging and thought-provoking videos, articles, infographics and blog posts.

Chrome extensions to make your life better

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Here's the new plug-in in action: Download the 'Coverage Book Clipper' chrome extension here. Download the Pinterest extension here. Download the Grammarly extension here. Download the Sidekick extension here.

Copyright Compliance for PR Professionals: The Basics

Critical Mention

You may also be familiar with the legal actions around music downloads in the days before Spotify and Pandora. Music lovers were using online sharing services to download music for free, without paying the publishers. Copyright Act, fines can be as high as $150,000 per download.

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Get better at pitching media with these handy checklists


Download. Download. There are so many things to consider before pitching influencers. It’s easy to forget things or make mistakes. That’s why we created pitching checklists. They come in three flavours: A full-blown interactive checklist with plenty of in-depth content.

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Inside Podcast Promotion


Last year, Serial – a serialized whodunnit chronicling the arrest and conviction of Adnan Syed for the murder of high school classmate Hae Min Lee in 1999 – became the fastest podcast ever to reach five million downloads and solidified its reputation as “ podcasting’s first beakout hit.”.

Book Review of Outside Insight book: Understanding (and navigating) Data within the Media Landscape

Karen Freberg

First, you have the opportunity to download and use the Meltwater Outside Insight app , which provides additional features and resources here free to use.

Why Blab Should Be Your Channel of Choice for Thought-leadership


It’s also an app that you should be downloading now. [By Jason Mollica]. The last ten years have seen a seismic shift in not only how business is done, but also how marketers get the word out to influencers and followers.

21 Marketing Podcasts You Need to Listen To

PR 20/20

Publicly available data indicate a steady rise in number of active podcasts and number of download requests over the past three years. I’m huge music fan and it wasn’t long ago that everywhere I drove, I’d have the music blasting in the car.

TCIP #049 – What Makes a Good Crisis Message with Karen Freberg and Kristin Saling

Melissa Agnes

Download this file (right-click and choose “save as”). Download a copy of Karen and Kristin’s Situational Q-Sort Study (2013). Download a copy of Karen and Kristin’s article: “ Using value modeling to evaluate social media messages: The case of Hurricane Irene ” About host, Melissa Agnes. Welcome to episode #049 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes, Karen Freberg and Kristin Saling.

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Infographic: How Journalists Use Social Media in 2016


Keep scrolling for key insights and download the 2016 Global Social Journalism Study for the full results. It’s a PR fact of life that if you want to connect with today’s journalists, email is a must. As Cision’s 2016 Global Social Journalism Study notes, email continues to not only be the most common form of contact between journalists and PR professionals, it’s also the most preferred.

Jay Baer Asks: Is Social Media And Journalism Linked?


Take the time to download and read the entire report it’s fascinating. Recently, Cision published the 2017 Global Social Journalism Study , conducted in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University, which surveyed journalists on their social media habits, preferences and views.

Your Email Campaigns Are Generating More Leads Than You Think

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The response exceeded expectations with double the amount of potential clients downloading a specific white paper. For every person that filled out the form and downloaded the white paper, another person clicked on the link and visited the landing page. We shouldn’t assume the reason for not downloading the white paper was a lack of interest. I guarantee you that your email marketing initiatives generate more prospects than you think.

Creating a Content Strategy for B2B & B2C Marketing Success


Download it for free HERE. If you’re creating content to help market your business, you know there’s a ton of competition for your prospects’ attention. So how do you ensure your brand stands out?

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Attribution: The Most Valuable Tool PR Pros Aren’t Using


For a more in-depth look at PR Attribution, download our free eBook. For additional details, graphs, and insights on utilizing PR attribution in your business, download our eBook today.

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My Alternative to the Suddenly Expensive

Rock the Status Quo

After all, larger images take more time to download, significantly reducing website performance (and hence, SEO results). Until last week, I was a staunch supporter of At three credits for a low-res image suitable for blogging, it was my go-to resource for stock photography.

How to Turn Your Personal Story Into a Compelling Brand


Be sure to download our list of do’s and don’ts for your brand story. The most important part of branding is storytelling. And the most important part of storytelling is connecting with your audience.

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Content Marketing Lessons Learned From Our Best Performing Blog Posts


In July, I guest posted on Spin Sucks with an article explaining how Buyer Personas Are Critical for Content Marketing Success and included a call-to-action to download a Buyer Persona Template.