3 approaches to marketing measurement

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The good news: Marketers can transform every customer connection into an opportunity for growth by updating measurement strategies, says Karen Sauder, vice president of sales at Google. Sauder offers three recommendations for improving marketing measurement.

Getting more specific with your PR measurement

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Others say you should measure impressions and unique visitors—but some argue that those metrics are just a starting point. If the Barcelona Principles say we should be measuring outputs and outcomes instead of inputs, what are those outputs? So, what should you measure?

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With the rise of social media, the changes in the traditional media landscape, the rapid succession of web-technology, and PR’s pressure to deliver more measurable contributions to bottom line company results, public- and media relations are in a time of continuous change.

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Metromile Content Marketing Strategy Increases Owned Media Readership And Drives Measurable Sales


Traditional PR measurement methods may give us a view into how popular certain content is, but not how it drives engagement, sales or brand reputation in the marketplace. COMPLETE FORM TO DOWNLOAD.

PR Measurement: A Pulse Check on How Communicators Show Value

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That’s why 2019 JOTW Communications Survey , which was conducted in collaboration with Ned Lundquist for the second year in a row and polled 223 communicators, included three questions about measurement. Is PR satisfied with their ability to measure effects? PR JOTW measurement survey

PR Measurement Course

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If you, like many other PR folk, are still a bit in the dark about how to set goals for a PR campaign, what to measure and how to track success, we;ve created a new PR Measurement Dashboard in Google Analytics. You can download and use the PR Measurement Dashboard.

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Measuring Results Across the Customer Journey

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Measuring awareness. Measuring interest. In this part of the journey, you’re looking for return visits, downloads, time on site, video views and traffic to goal pages set up specifically for building interest. Measuring conversion. Measuring advocacy.

How to measure your PR

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Just about every PR pro these days has figured out the importance of measurement in PR campaigns. A new report from Ragan Communications and Meltwater —” PR Measurement: 8 Benchmarking Benefits Crucial to Success” —lays out tips for successful benchmarking.

4 Ways to Measure Podcasting Success


Downloads & Listeners. Downloads is one of the few numbers podcasters keep tabs on, but it shouldn’t be the end-all be-all of your measurement strategy. Best Practices Featured content marketing measurement podcast

How to Best Measure Your PR Success

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PR teams have long deplored the challenges of how to best measure your PR success and effectively report program results. Yes, it can be difficult to understand how to justify your team’s hard work to management, or to measure PR’s contribution to the bottom line.

Inside Innovation: Smoking Gun PR’s innovative approach to PR measurement

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The award winners are all leading the way in modern PR measurement but when we saw that Smoking Gun PR from Manchester, UK won two awards we had to get in touch and find out their secrets. KPI: 1,000 downloads What was so good about the campaign?

Tracking News Releases and Measuring Success

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Do they click a link, visit your site or blog, download content or buy the product? What News Release Measurement Used to Be. How to measure News Releases in 2018. Measuring Earned Media. One of the measurements there is Direct Traffic.

New eBook will take your PR measurement to the next level

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To help you do just this and take your PR measurement to the next level we have teamed up with PR evaluation expert and head of ExperiencedMediaAnalysts.com Steph Bridgeman to launch a new eBook; #PRMeasurent : How to take it to the next level. Download your free copy now.

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Why measuring social media ROI still stumps PR pros

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Here’s how to measure the true affect of your efforts. Despite the rise in available data and an overwhelming number of third-party tools, measuring the bottom-line impact of social media efforts continues to be a major challenge for communications professionals.

How to boost PR measurement through benchmarking

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When measuring your public relations, do you compare yourself to past performance alone? A new, free download, “ PR Measurement: 8 Benchmarking Benefits Crucial to Success ,” offers tips for deepening the power of your PR tracking. Download your free guide now.

We Should Measure Content Marketing by Relationships

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The paper traces the use of pageveiws for measurement to online advertising, where CPM, or cost per thousand pageviews, became standard for advertising fees. The paper criticizes four other typical measures: unique visitors, Facebook likes, social media share sand conversion rates.

New eBook: Getting Started with Media Monitoring and Measurement

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Professionals in the PR, marketing, and communication industries often hear about the importance of integrating media monitoring and measurement into their work. Getting Started with Media Monitoring and Measurement is now available for free download.

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Monday Roundup: Classic Measurement Strategy

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A lot has been (and continues to be) said about measurement, but when you’re in the market for measurement strategy, it’s always smart to revisit some classics. Eight Great Myths Of Social Media Measurement. Communication Planning: Measurement Comes First And Last.

How to establish a measurement calendar

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One of the featured guests, Heather Whaling, pointed out that measuring over time generally yields more and better results than just end-point measurement. Trends, she noted, generally cannot be measured in the short-term. Setting up a measurement calendar.

Announcing: Simple Yet Smart PR Measurement (ebook)

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What do you do if you’re constantly inundated with questions on PR measurement, even if everyone seems to have written a book on them? Writing the book on PR measurement. And measurement. So much so that I keep a measuring tape in my handbag. Go forth and measure!

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15 Metrics You Should Measure in Content Marketing

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Did you know that 47% of B2B marketers and 34% of B2C marketers don’t measure content marketing ROI? And one of the main reasons is that they find it difficult to measure. Another reason why marketers don’t measure content marketing ROI is that they simply don’t know how to do it.

The Point of Measuring (Anything)

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And how will you know whether or not you’re benefitting from it unless you are measuring your work? This is why I put together my new ebook (which I hope you’ll download , if you haven’t already). The point of measuring (anything). Why bother doing what you do?

How to measure understanding with Google Analytics

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During our INBOUND15 talk on How to Measure the Value of PR in the 21st Century, one audience member raised this fascinating question: “How do you measure understanding, and where does it fit in the PR funnel?”

3 Ways to Measure Employee Communication

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That, my friends, is why employee communication measurement is in the state it is in. I know the rationale: Not a numbers person, got into this field to write, my boss doesn’t care about measurement, leadership understands our value, etc. Measurement is absolutely essential.

6 keys to successful social media measurement

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Social media measurement tools enable marketers to determine which tactics work best. Marketers use measurement to track their progress and contribute to meeting their organization’s overall goals. Without measurement, marketers often rely on their gut feelings instead of data.

4 measurement mistakes to fix now

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Over half of communicators say measurement is the leading PR skill gap, according to a PR Academy trends survey. The good news is you can close the gap by avoiding these common measurement miscues: 1. Measuring outputs, not impact. The biggest measurement mistake PR pros make is focusing on what’s easy to track,” says Julie O’Neil, director of the graduate program of strategic communication at Texas Christian University. Instead, use measurement to upgrade your work.

B2B Blog Metrics: 4 Effective Categories to Measure Success

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The first measure came from a business with a marketing automation system implemented. The second measure was largely a manual effort: going back through the deals closed at the end of the year and identifying which ones had downloaded gated for content featured on the blog.

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Unclear on execs’ business objectives? Set your own, and start measuring

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If that’s the case in your organization, my advice would be to make up your own business goals, present them to leaders (or the client), and tell him/her that unless you hear otherwise in the next few days, this is what you’ll be measuring against. Communicating Up Measurement

How to Develop Meaningful PR Measurement

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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” All of these statements are correct in their limited context, but are also misstatements meant to reconcile the difficulty of communications measurement. Measure what’s important (not everything is).

Measuring Metrics: What’s the Formula for Showcasing PR’s Value?


Measuring metrics in the social sphere is only half of the equation when it comes to showcasing PR’s value. Determine How to Measure Your Metrics. Don’t get stuck in measuring the tools. Want to learn about the seven deadly sins of bad measurement?

The Measurement Standard eBook: A How-To on Using AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework

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As a part of AMEC’s Measurement Month, CARMA’s publication The Measurement Standard published an eBook about AMEC’s new Integrated Evaluation Framework. This eBook, which is available for free download on The Measurement Standard , provides a comprehensive overview of the Framework.

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How I used SeeDepth to Improve PR Measurement

Mindful Marketing

As I wrote about in my last post , my approach to PR measurement has evolved over the years. In my last two jobs – one agency and one in house – I’ve used SeeDepth to monitor and measure results. By Seedepth. GUEST POST by Mikala Vidal.

Timeline For Selecting a Measurement Vendor

Katie Paine's Measurement Blog

If you want to download this table as a PDF, please click […]. The post Timeline For Selecting a Measurement Vendor appeared first on Paine Publishing. The Measurement AdvisorTo be frank, selecting a vendor is a process that requires patience.

PR Measurement: How to Track Inbound Traffic from a Press Release

Business Wire

Are your news release readers downloading your promoted content? By Serena Ehrlich, Business Wire, Director of Social and Evolving Media What good is a news release if you can’t track the results?

Garbage in, garbage out: the impact of Facebook’s metrics flub on PR measurement

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Increasingly, PR pros are relying on the metrics provided by social platforms as a core component of their measurement practices. Measure More. There should be more to any measurement program than simply looking at a single data point that was provided by Facebook or any other platform.

PR measurement by valuing intangible assets–brand and reputation

Stuart Bruce

If accounting is to give value it should learn to measure and report them appropriately. You can download the Global Intangible Finance Report (GIFT) 2016 here. corporate communications Measurement and Evaluation public relations Reputation Management

Measure PR Goals that Drive Real Business Results


The only way a PESO model can give PR pros a seat at the executive table is to measure, measure, measure. Without measuring your PESO activities’ effectiveness, you don’t know where to focus. Here’s a starting point for your measurement activities. When you integrate your content with this paid media tactic, you can track things such as downloads and shares. Do people download the content?

Chats with Chip: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

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The most recent episode of Chats with Chip featured a conversation about internal communications and measurement with Ryan Williams , a partner with Tekara Effectiveness. Measurement involves that, because people might disclose stuff that they didn’t intend to.

Measuring CSR: #measurePR with John Friedman

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Since anything green, CSR-related, or in the sustainability area is really hot right now, I was curious as to how John – who has worked in this field for literally decades – marries corporate citzenship and measurement. I know.

The Simple Truth Behind Measuring Content Effectiveness

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It’s free, and it’s the single most effective way to measure effectiveness of any content you create, assuming the goal is either to (1) drive traffic to your website, or (2) drive traffic to your website. How to Find Your Most Popular Content… So You Can Create More!